CASUS BELLI – The First, Last & ONLY Warning To Iran



Candidate Donald Trump . . . STATED REPEATEDLY, that he has no intention, if he should become President of the United States of America and Commander-In-Chief of the still Greatest Military that ever was – that he would use American Military Power TO GO TO WAR, but rather as a warning to all Nations – NOT TO SCREW WITH AMERICA.

President Trump ALSO made it as clear as possible that America’s Enemies should FEAR the United States, while America’s Allies should feel COMFORT, in the knowledge that America under President Trump will have their Back.


But, just in case you might need a reminder, the FONZ was a main Character in a Television Series Starring Ron Howard called HAPPY DAYS, where the local Tough Guy was Arthur Fonzerelli, AKA Fonzie, AKA the FONZ, portrayed by Henry Winkler.

The FONZ was a Tough Guy with a Big Heart, who always wore his Black Leather Motorcycle Jacket on all occasions, who was also always seen in the Opening Credits Riding-In on his Motorcycle. No one MESSED with the FONZ.

The Legend of the FONZ, was that he was so TOUGH, no one messed with him . . . EVER. So no one did. Then one day, Richie Cunningham, played by Ron Howard, found himself having to stare down some BULLIES, who wanted to beat him up. So Richie turned to the FONZ for advice on how to Stand-Up to the BULLIES.


RICHIE – THE FONZ SAID . . . If you want these Bullies to Back-Off, Stand up to them. LOOK TOUGH, SOUND TOUGH, AND ACT TOUGH . . . And Don’t Back Down. Which Richie did, as he showed up to Face the BULLIES, swaggering in a leather jacket much like the FONZ.

Richie was PRAYING – that the Image he portrayed, and the Tough Talk he presented, would sufficiently Intimidate the BULLIES to Change their Minds, which they didn’t. And just before the BULLIES were about to give Richie Cunningham the Beat Down they intended . . .

A STRANGE THING HAPPENED . . . As the BULLIES Faced Richie Cunningham, and before Richie was about to go to Fist City, the BULLIES ALL OF A SUDDEN, became Polite, Contrite, and Couldn’t Wait To Get Away, to which Cunningham took as a Sign of Victory . . . THAT HIS TOUGH GUY STRATEGY ACTUALLY WORKED.


ARTHUR FONZERELLI . . . looked at Richie and said to him . . . Looking Tough, Walking Tough, and Talking Tough AREN’T ENOUGH . . . At one point in your life – YOU ACTUALLY HAVE TO HIT SOMEONE.


The way I see it . . . and I have no Inside Information, other than what I read, see and hear from reliable sources . . . I BELIEVE THAT PRESIDENT TRUMP IS THE FONZ.

And until he REALLY HITS SOMEONE . . . AND HITS HARD, there will always be a BULLY to get in his and America’s Way.

When President Ronald Reagan went to War against Grenada, because Communist Troops were Moving In, Reagan went at Grenada with what amounted to an ELEPHANT GUN, to swat a Mosquito. And people criticized Reagan for using EXCESSIVE FORCE.

But After Grenada . . . No One Thought To Question The Resolve Of Reagan.

When Margaret Thatcher went after Argentina over the Falkland Islands, she sent her War Ships, Air Force and Battle Hardened Combat Troops to EXECUTE AN ALL OUT WAR AGAINST ARGENTINA, which no one ever thought she would do, including the Argentinians, who assumed the War would be Fought at the UN.

And after Margaret Thatcher UNLEASHED HER DOGS OF WAR . . . No one Screwed With the UK or Margaret Thatcher Again.

When George HW Bush (41) . . . went after Saddam Hussein in the First Gulf War, Saddam and other Arab/Moslem States understood . . . as a result, that it was not in their Best Interests to Screw with America or America’s Friends and Allies.

When Bill Clinton RESPONDED in absolute WEAKNESS to Multiple Attacks on US Territories, Including a Battle Ship (USS COLE) in the Gulf at Yemen, US Embassies in East Africa, and a US Compound in Saudi Arabia, Clinton’s Response was to send a Cruise Missile to Hit a Tent in the Desert of Libya, WHICH TO MY MIND INVITED 9/11.

When Bush 43 Responded to the 9/11 ATTACK on the USA, it was inevitably with SHOCK & AWE.

AND THEN CAME BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA . . . who in just 8-Years – undid all the Hard Work, the TRILLIONS of Dollars Spent, The THOUSANDS of American and Allied Lives Lost, the THOUSANDS of American and Allied Limbs and Minds Destroyed, by Drawing Red Lines in the Sand, which Obama NEVER had any Intentions of Defending or Enforcing.

AND AS A RESULT . . . Everything America Gained in the Longest War, or Accumulation of Wars, has Virtually been for NAUGHT . . . as American Allies have Fallen, New and Regurgitated Tough Guys have Emerged, a whole new Gang of Islamic Thugs are Terrifying the World, Assad of Syria is Responsible for the MURDER of as many as a Half-Million Men, Women, and Children, the Moslem Refugee Crisis that is Paralyzing and Forever Changing the face of Europe, the Slaughter of Middle East and African Christians, the Surrender of a Strategic Mediterranean Military Port to Russia . . . AND THE SPREAD OF IRANIAN POWER.


I SERIOUSLY BELIEVE . . . President Trump is LOOKING to Create a CASUS BELLI . . . AN EXCUSE FOR WAR, which once Iran . . . which is STRUTTING Around the Middle East like a Vengeful Peacock takes the Bait, Iran will take an ASS-WHOOPING the Likes of which, the Iranians, the Middle East, and the Rest of the World . . . Russia and China Included, will have an Awful Lot To Think About, BEFORE they make decisions they might very well come to regret.

THEN THERE’S ALSO THE POSSIBILITY . . . that Iran might be smart enough not to Take the Bait, which will make Iran look very much like a Paper Tiger, which I am all but Positive IRAN WILL NOT WANT.

SO WHAT I’M BETTING ON . . . is that the Iranians don’t want to be DIMINISHED in the Middle East by Towing-The-Trump-Line. And they don’t want to look as if they’re Backing Down in any way to President Trump, since they’ve come out of 8-Years with Obama . . . as the Clear Tough-Guy-Winners.

SO . . . AS I SEE IT – The Iranians are most probably going to be Betting that the American Tough Guy is Richie Cunningham, only PLAYING THE PART OF THE TOUGH GUY . . . instead of the FONZ.

I’m Figuring We’ll Know Sooner Rather Than Later . . . I’m Betting On The FONZ.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. You are absolutely correct. There should not be a moooslime in either Canada or the USA. They are not going to assimilate into the culture. They will keep their own while destroying ours. Send them packing. Period. Destroy every mosque and while at it give the united nuts 72 hours to clear out of America. Then destroy the united nuts complexes. They are not the friend of Canada, the USA, or Israel.

  2. Howard, You are right on..Trump is the FONZ, and you don’t mess with the FONZ..Trump will call Iran’s bluff ,the sooner the better.

    Grant Crawford
    Los Lunas, NM

  3. Very good anology. I look forward to a devastating attack on the Revolutionary Guard forces/equipment followed by a long overdue short civil war and the end of the theocracy. Hopefully not too many Hezbollah rockets will be fired before Hezbollah is destroyed!

  4. i”m hoping that we show our resolve against isis and rid our world against this scourge and then leave enough soldiers in iraq and afghanistan thereby surrounding iran so it knows we’re close enough to immediately take action if they are stupid enough to cause us or israel harm. still very concerned about saudi arabia and its shiny face which unfortunately has produced the ideology that supports isis.

  5. Excellent analogy. Trump is the Fonz, and I would bet on an ass whooping.

    Bill Larson

  6. Yes indeed! They might feel compelled to act sooner rather than later, thinking we are weaker now rather than later. That could create an awfully large parking lot.

  7. Absolutely one of the finest analogies I have seen!
    Sooner than later Gary Burd, Amarillo TX

  8. You state the facts very well and I agree with the treatment of bullies. One line just broke me up; I BELIEVE THAT PRESIDENT TRUMP IS THE FONZ. The image that popped into my mind was that both have interesting quaffs. The Fonz with his long black hair and his comb comb and the President with his unique hair style.

  9. Couldn’t agree more with opening analysis. Showing thoughtless people that improper actions can have grave consequences is a lesson we all need to learn. And overwhelming retaliatory force is both the most effective and humane response. But I still wonder if Mr Trump proves to be up to the task you are laying out, particularly given his recent comment on Israeli settlements. I sincerely hope I’m wrong and you are right ….our world desperately needs the leadership you advocate.

  10. Entertainingly written. In HUMOR there is TRUTH!
    I believe that TRUMP’S actions (phone discussions) with Australia denying the deal O made with them regarding immigrants is a great step in showing them that they are dealing with a different America. We KNOW the WORLD is watching him….PAY ATTENTION IRAN!!! :))

  11. Excellent reference back to the Fonz. I remember that particular show very well. If you’re thought to be weak you’ll be weak. Ronald Reagan personified that with his strengthening the US military and besting Russia who couldn’t keep up. He also ‘hit’ people twice that I recall, one being Grenada and the other being Kaddafi. After killing one of his kids Kaddafi got the message and behaved till Hillary had him killed. Reagan was a respected leader and nobody else wanted to mess with him.

  12. Unfortunately, the US is left with a military that was diminished and feminized tremendously by Obama. In 2015, Obama purged many top and strong leaders in favor of political type yes men. They would not agree to fire on U.S Citizens if ordered. Our equipment has been allowed to become unusable. The air force has had to scavenge for parts while he gave fortunes to other countries. Trump is changing our priorities but it will take time to undo the damage done by Obama.

  13. I think President Theodore Roosevelt said it best: “Speak softly, but carry a big stick.” If one or more of our “big sticks” are used decisively to counter a provocation, I suspect that will be the end of it for a long while. When Islamic Moros became unruly in the Philippines, John Pershing put a number of them before a firing squad, filled their graves with pig entrails, and let one go free to tell the rest what happened. There was peace from the Moros for many, many years after that.

  14. Reagan was the consummate dealer while the left did not acknowledge his strength. Until star-wars was ‘unleashed’ regardless of its then ‘true’ credibility, did the Russians seem to take notice and hedge their pre-established plans. Everything then fell into place which I believe like you that Trump is a step up and ahead of the rest of the world. Hope Trump keeps his agenda moving quickly while the left here in the USA seems to want to find a way to crash. Isn’t that what we are witnessing?

  15. Your opening quote re: dogs of war is one of our favorites. While we most often use it to refer to our big dogs and their outside needs, more than once we’ve applied it to Trump. Thank you.

  16. Howard, I love your blogs and look forward to them each time. This was a great analogy and I wish there was some way that President Trump could see this. Think he would get a kick out of it. Too bad he couldn’t read all of them.
    Karen Leahy
    Tequesta, FL

  17. At long last, a President worthy of the title and I look forward to the Ass-Whooping should it happen. Little chance that Iran will ‘Toe the Line’ so let’s get it done earlier rather than later. Great article Howard.

  18. You are right Howard, that’s the only thing a bully understands. Iran will say “now that you explained it we understand”.

  19. I hope that Fonz will give Richie the bunker buster bomb. Then Richie will tell the mullahs to come at him for the very last time.
    Actions speak louder than words and we had enough of the threat of wiping Richie off the face of the earth!!!!!


    Andy the Pledge Rider from Toronto

  20. Howard,you left out n.korea which tested a long range missile this week.We know that n.korea have nuclear bombs . We have not heard from Trump refer to this and I wonder if and when he will send a warning to them . China is a supporter of the n.korean’s ,will they intercede and advise them to cool it ? U.S. speak softly but carry a big stick.

  21. An absolutely excellent analogy Howard……I would highly recommend that the Iranian bullies, zealots and fools not mess with the new “Fonz”, he’s tough enough on his own……but the guy looking over his shoulder is called “Mad Dog”.

  22. I have not been able to erase that picture in my mind of our sailors on their knees under the control of the Iranian military. Hope that mental impression changes soon.

  23. Like it. Reinstate the draft since the crybabies want to march. No better place to learn what real marching is like. Besides it will keep them off the streets. Billie

  24. Excellent analogy Howard, now I would like to see Trump keep Obama’s promise to Australia by moving the 1250 prisoners into Gitmo until they can be vetted properly. Edgar Sellers

  25. I Love It. He went from The Donald to The Fonz (with an inauguration in between). Hooray!!

  26. Great analogy, Howard (as always!)
    Why don’t the refugees go to other muslim countries, like Saudi Arabia? At least they would fit in better than here in America! They’ve been killing each other and people in their neighboring countries for nearly 2,000 years.
    If they really want to find out if President Trump is a “Paper Tiger”, they might soon see First Hand! (And if Obama hadn’t supplied ISIS with armament, we wouldn’t still be in this predicament!).

  27. GOOD ONE, Howard!!! Great analogy!!! ISIS was formed during Obummer’s Administration & Hildebeast’s being Sec. of State & America was showing great weakness, due to Obummer’s inaction. With Muslim nations, you must Look Tough, Sound Tough & Act Tough! Perfect words for today’s world. Thank you Howard, for having excellent insights of this world’s greatest troubles & problems.

  28. It’s sickening how some legals and the Media are doing their damnedest to bring the President down.
    Digressing, re the Quebec Mosque shooting and the funeral today. When you think you’ve heard it all there’s always something to surprise you. Addressing an assembly of Muslims in Quebec, Premier Philippe Couillard finished his speech with Allahu Akbar. Imagine the Jihad if he had said “Lord Jesus”.

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