The HARD LEFTIST Assault On Democracy . . . GOOD!


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When the LEFT are in CHARGE of Everything, which for the last Number of Years they have been, anyone who DARES or DARED to Stand in Opposition, was (is) Labeled an OBSTRUCTIONIST, who in the Opinion of the LEFT and their SUPPORTIVE Media Partners, Is Really Akin To Standing In The Way of Democracy.

Well now that the Shoe Is On The Other Foot . . . but in this Case, unlike the Propaganda of the last Decade, the CLAIM of being OBSTRUCTIONIST, which has finally fallen upon the LEFT is True. And not only do the LEFT NOT LIKE IT . . . They Can’t Deal With It.


All I can say to the LEFT . . . Is That They Shouldn’t Let The Door Hit Them In The Ass On Their Way Out, because Like it Or Not . . . they are very much on their way out. And if they don’t Smarten Up Any Time Soon, and I do really mean ANYTIME SOON, LIKE RIGHT NOW – they will become as IRRELEVANT as the Flat Earth Society.

While the LEFT is Bitching and Scheming to make life Hard for the Republicans who Control the House, the Senate, the White House, and soon to be the Supreme Court . . . President Donald Trump is Shaking-Up the World, while Easing the Regulatory and Suffocating Burdens placed upon the USA by the LEFT, while simultaneously bringing back Jobs to Americans, for Americans and by Americans.


Well . . . we’re NOT Kids anymore, and NOTHING has changed. And the MORE the LEFT Spends Spewing their BS, the MORE the People who used to buy their Drivel, are now seeing perhaps for the First Time, How Far and How Complete they were Sent Down the River by Incompetence, Lies and Corruption . . . From The Highest Levels.

I’LL GO ONE BETTER . . . There Is No Fury As The Fury Of A Woman Scorned. Now JUXTAPOSE the Word Woman with the Word NATION, and NOW we’re DEFINING where the American Nation is HEADING, since the LEFT has been SCORNING the Nation for Generations. And NOT ONLY The LEFT, since the RINOS ARE NO LESS CULPABLE, the people are WAKING-UP from the Misery they were led to believe, was how it should have been . . . And there will be consequences.


The MORE the LEFT Screw with the Workings of Government, and the MORE the LEFT Ignore what the people Elected them to do. And the MORE President Trump keeps on REDUCING Taxes, OBLITERATING Ridiculous and Anti-American Regulations, the MORE Jobs the President KEEPS in the USA, and BRINGS to the USA . . .The MORE DISDAIN The People Will Accumulate For The LEFT.

So . . . I encourage the LEFT to keep it up. And I hope the LEFT won’t figure out how much of a CIRCULAR FIRING SQUAD they’ve created for themselves before the LAST LEFTIST or LEFTISTS STANDING . . . Runs Out Of Bullets.

If they are Good-Enough to keep it up, the World will not see another LEFTIST Government in the United States of America FOR A VERY LONG TIME.

AND THAT’S WHY I LOVE . . . The LEFTIST Assault on Democracy.

PS – The Choice Of Judge Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court is just the Beginning of a New America, going back to where it began some Two And A Half Centuries Ago.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I think too many people have turned their backs on God. For Americans, all of this turmoil is just happening in another place far, far away. Bad stuff on TV they really don’t have to pay attention to. I agree with the first commenter. Sadly, “the only way for things to change is for America to be visited by the truth, on main street…”

  2. A definite bullseye Howard. I haven’t been this happy in years, as I watch these Democrat IDIOTS make complete fools out of themselves, and show what complete A-holes they really are.

  3. They sure are embarrassing themselves, and the whole world can see. Will be interesting to see how Hillary attempts to stage her come-back for 2020. Assuming she’s not in prison, of course.

  4. Thank you, Howard. It’s pure irony that the left prefers to think of themselves as paragons of virtue, benevolence, altruism and concern. Yet, they are mean, angry, rancorous, hateful people and seem to think it is they who are taking the high moral ground! However, more and more people are waking up and seeing liberals for what they truly are.

  5. Living in blue, liberal state like OR, the leftist marches in Portland are even pissing off some Dems. In today’s local lib newspaper, a Dem wrote an editorial complaining about disruption caused by the marches. She wanted them to go the boonies and go after the few Republicans. Portland is the most UNCHURCHED city in America, doubt things will change. On DJT’s SCOTUS pick, he needs major support to get him through without the nuke option. GOP needs to become street fighters, maybe MMA;-)

  6. Howard…When you wrote a few blogs back…That everyday—- Was like going to your favorite Fishing Hole and catching a fish on every cast..CONCURRENTLY….Waiting every day…for your Blog ..and Seeing Trumps everyday fulfill his Words with Action’s…actually makes our Eye swell up with Joy and our Hearts Pump Harder…..Yes…YEs..YES.. The Getting better and Better…every Day..How is it that one Man——Can– with Action… Can Make such a Difference????!!!

  7. I love the CIRCULAR FIRING SQUAD!!!….we conservatives are enjoying the show! Thank you again for another perfectly stated editorial…

  8. Here’s to a new America!!!!! Thank you PRESIDENT Donald J. Trump for your service!

  9. Yes!!!! I actually enjoy seeing what each day now brings under President Trump. My concern is two-fold. First, even though DJT can withstand the onslaught of the left, I fear many Repubs will want to appear “reasonable” and may fight DJT by not supporting him as they should. Second, the Left, even though a minority, always seems to successfully portray themselves as more reasoned and fighting for the little guy. Left has successfully indoctrinated generations of fools. Fight will never be over.

  10. “Ditto” On every written comment to this wonderful blog. I couldn’t have said it better. I wait every day for Howard and the comments from really intelligent people Thank You!! “GO TRUMP”

  11. She is called “Lady Liberty” and she still holds high the Light (Torch) for those who abide by the law. God has truly reacted to our prayers

  12. Sweet Madame Blue, gaze through the looking glass, you’re not a child anymore!



  14. You nailed it, Howard. Remember?…”Elections have consequences – we won, you lost…get over it.” From the ugly lips of the Communist-in-Chief. He’s going to have a whole lot of street walking to do in an attempt to re-organize. 🙂 Americans have finally said…enough is enough, and how sweet it is with the help of some Divine Intervention.

  15. Methinks the “Animal Farm” of the last 8 years is burning to the ground. The animals are scattering all the while leaderless…as even they know Nancy Pelosi can’t find her marbles!

  16. I’ve said often that Obama did America a great service. The left has been patiently, quietly reshaping this country for decades. From a horribly partisan media brainwashing it’s readers, to television doing the same, to the educational system indoctrinating our youth the US has been systematically changed. Then came Obama. Through a radically leftist belief system and pathological narcissism, he went too far too fast. A complacent America woke up before it was too late. Bill

  17. This is why we need TERM LIMITS. The Dems are acting for themselves, not their constituents. The Dems will continue until those who voted for Trump start writing letters and making phone calls. We wanted Trump. I started writing letters and I am making phone calls.

  18. You are so right but what worries me is the past experiences in America: Americans have a very short memory. Unless the educational scum is cleaned up we will reverse back to the disgusting lefty brain washing of our youth.

  19. Sure we know dems will try to obstruct TRUMP at every term….WE do have control over the RHINO’s who will join their ranks and fight TRUMP….That power is our VOTE…just take names and kick them out at the next election. I cannot stand McCain. I live in AZ, but had to vote for him because I sure was NOT going to vote a dem in. This is why some of these RHINO’s stay in office so long…LISTEN UP…TERM LIMITS!!!!

  20. Lets make a bond to keep Donald Trump and our nation in our prayers. We can all see now how vigilant to left is and will remain at doing everything they can to bring him and our nation down. Maybe with Gods help and Howard’s insight we can all make a little difference.

  21. I must echo profoundly the sentiments expressed above by my friend of 45 years, Judith Kay Ash, regarding the need for congressional term limits. I believe that all House and Senate members should be elected to ONE SIX YEAR TERM, with 1/3 of each body turning over every two years, as the Senate now does. I do not care how effective a conservative politician is; we must drain the swamp of ALL “lifers” in federal elective office.

  22. The left are showing everyone with a brain what bigots they are. The exact opposite of what they try to portray.
    It is truly a joy watching the meltdown. Keep up the very good work so far Trump and company.

  23. Justin Trudeau is the complete antithesis of Donald Trump, He is taking us where the USA is coming from.
    I guess that means we will continue to go the route of the pre Trump era until we have a Trump of our own to guide us back to what Canada used to be. Our welfare system will implode with the added burden of Muslims unlimited just like Obamacare was heading South before Trump came along. USA be forever thankful you have a business man for President and not a politician.

  24. I have to admit, I am very dismayed with the actions of the young people and the Democrats (Of which are many of my family members) in my country. I never imagined the crazy things they believe and how crazy people are acting.

  25. As usual Howard, great article. It’s amazing to me that most of these organized protesters, regardless of their age, seemed to all be wet nosed kids. I feel so bad for them and the idiots that put the mind bending ideas in their heads… NOT! I imagine that George Soros may be funding some of this nonsense. Peaceful demonstrations are about their freedoms of speech, but if they start destroying property, burning, looting, and damaging anything, put their ass in jail!!! Enough is enough.

  26. I’m still laughing as I have the visualization of the “circular firing squad” in mind. On a more serious note how STUPID can they be? Not to realize they lost the election because true Americans, who believe in our land, our Constitution, and other things like the second Amendment, the fact that we are “one nation under GOD” and many more have spoken, i.e. Voted and they “poked the hibernating Bear”,…and it ain’t happy!!
    WE THE PEOPLE, believe in our founding documents and love it!

  27. Pelosi had the lying nerve to tell a woman whose son was mutilated, and burned to death by an illegal immigrant that –..”nothing bad happens in my sanctuary city of San Franciso.” What a HUGE lie. Kate Steinle was KILLED by an illegal immigrate who had be deported SIX times and came right back. That she is STILL in Congress and the minority head of the House – is a good reason why the ‘DIM’s’ are in quicksand of their own making. It will eventually suck them in and out of political life.

  28. Howard, the left media in Australia are still trying to portray President Trump as a fool. Reporting a conversation that was had with our Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull (Turncoat) over a rubbish deal the Australian Government did with obummer and now all the behind the scenes to get this deal through. President Trump apparently hung up on our Prime Minister, I would too, a weak so called right wing politician. All Trump is doing is exactly what he said he would do…looking after America!

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