IT ESCAPES ME . . . How a Country like the United States of America, which is without Question the Greatest and Freest Nation that has Ever Been, which CREATED the American Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution, which in my opinion, are second ONLY to the Torah/Bible and the Magna Carta, and Second to the Magna Carta, ONLY because the Magna Carta came First . . . which BEGS the Question, as to how so many people could possibly and RELENTLESSLY BE ATTACKING the Country that has given them so much FREEDOM?


It REDEFINES Lunacy . . . that People who have the REASONABLY ABSOLUTE Right to Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Assembly, Freedom of Religion, Freedom FROM Religion, Freedom of Association, Freedom of Self Determination, Freedom of the Press, Freedom to OPPOSE their Own Government, and Literally EVERY OTHER FREEDOM WE CAN IMAGINE . . . who want to simply PISS-IT-ALL-AWAY ON BS.

The other day, while walking with Anne, Stryker, and a Friend of ours, we were discussing why I was so FURIOUS with the people at the now INFAMOUS Last Wednesday Night Supper, and why I DON’T Debate With LEFTISTS.

So, while speaking, we came upon a very Large Boulder, which was strategically placed on a curve in the Road for Architectural Effect, when I pointed to the Big ROCK, and said to our Friend, that to the LEFT, this Big Rock was a TREE.

NO HE SAID . . . This is a ROCK. No I said – to the LEFT, they would argue until the End Of Time, that this is a TREE. So how much should we DEBATE with the LEFT, over whether this was a ROCK or a TREE? . . . AND THAT SUMS IT UP.


BUT AS WE CAN SEE TODAY . . . It’s not quite the same, as when the Other Side Is Calling The Shots. Because all of a sudden, the LEFT became not just Political Obstructionists, but DEFILERS of why they were Elected to Office, where HONOR and COMMITMENT go out the Window, because they can’t get their own way.

WE CAN SEE HOW VIRTUALLY EVERY CITY/STATE . . . Under LEFTIST Control, has declined towards DYSTOPIA, where in Places like Chicago, it’s a WAR ZONE, and in Places like Detroit, they’ve become DESOLATE.



NO ONE IS BETTER POSITIONED THAN I . . . to write about being a GUEST in someone else’s Country, since Anne, Stryker, April The Cat and I spend almost 6-Months of every year in the United States of America.

Anne and I both Recognize, that as much as we LOVE the USA and the American People, and the American Constitution, and the Unfathomable Sacrifices America and Americans have made for the Betterment of the World, and the UNBELIEVABLE Contributions the ENTIRE WORLD has received and Benefited from the United States of America, and as COMFORTABLE as we feel being in the USA, whether it’s in Texas or Elsewhere . . . WE ARE NOT AMERICANS – and thus are NOT ENTITLED to anything in the USA other than Protection under America’s Constitution, while we are in the USA.

WE ARE NOT ENTITLED TO . . . SQUAT In The United States.
WE ARE NOT ENTITLED TO . . . FREE American Healthcare.
WE ARE NOT ENTITLED TO . . . EBT (Food Stamps) Cards.
WE ARE NOT ENTITLED TO . . . VOTE In Any American Elections.
WE ARE NOT ENTITLED TO . . . The Presumption That We Are.


And if you want to Listen to . . . and Believe the LEFTIST DETRITUS – that America should have OPEN & GENEROUS Borders . . . let them explain how.

HOW MANY PEOPLE . . . regardless of their Definition of Social, Religious, Economic & Political Refugee STANDING – should America ALLOW into the USA?

Is the number of People the USA SHOULD Welcome into America 1-MILLION, 10-MILLION, 100-MILLION . . . A BILLION – UNLIMITED?

How much in TAX DOLLARS Charged to WORKING Tax-Paying Americans should be spent SUBSIDIZING Immigrants to the USA1% of GDP, 10% of GDP . . . UNLIMITED?

How much more Watered-Down should Education become in American Schools, to Accommodate a HORDE of Immigrant Children, who could Neither Speak, Read, Nor Write English? And who’s going to pay for it?

IN THE CASE OF MOSLEM IMMIGRANTS . . . How do the LEFTISTS Propose to Balance the American Constitution’s SECULAR LAWS, with all of America’s Constitutional Amendments, to the Moslems’ Demand & Allegiance to SHARIA LAW?

AND WHEN THE IMMIGRANTS ARRIVE . . . in God only knows how many numbers according to the LEFTISTS Promotion for Open Borders . . . who’s going to PAY for the IMMIGRANTS’ Welfare? And how many Americans who have PAID DEARLY for America’s Incredible Social System, should be PUSHED to the Back of the LINE to ACCOMMODATE People who’ve Contributed NOTHING?


IT’S HAPPENING IN CANADA . . . Because in Canada, we have no Political Instruments to Control or Resist the Policies of a Majority Government, other than for the RULING Party to throw out and Replace it’s Leader, which won’t happen until it becomes so SERIOUS . . . that when the Party does Respond . . . IT WILL BE TOO LATE.

BECAUSE OF OUR IDIOT PRIME MINISTER . . . What I see in Canada’s NEAR FUTURE, is that which is already happening throughout Europe.

AND MARK MY WORDS . . . Once Canada becomes a SAFE HAVEN for Sharia Moslems, which is well on its way to happening NOW, the United States of America will soon enough be Talking About The Wall On Their Northern Border.

And Who In Canada Could Blame Them?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov


  • The world we live in today, is not the world I grew up in! I’m 72 years old and am very concerned about my kids and grand kids future. It’s high time we Americans, and Canadians, have a SERIOUS intelligent discussion about how we are going to survive the coming serious impending problems we face. We can NOT continue down the path we’re on any longer. I pray we can survive the next two years!!!

    Winston "Flash" Gordon, Corpus Christi, Texas, United States
  • The level of ignorance and then obstructionism from the out-of-power to me is unfathomable and unforgivable. This is a product of our education system and media.

    John Ross

    John Ross, Vero Beach, Florida, United States
  • Thanks, Howard, for being so logical, factual and rational for those of us who love to read your editorials. It’s a shame the insane Marxists who just might attempt to read them and understand them…..are TOTALLY INCAPABLE! 🙂

    Don and Jeanne Glass, Sun City West, Arizona, United States
  • It’s a crazy time…facts don’t even seem to matter. This moratorium is for 90 days, not a lifetime. Just time to get the vetting right. All this BS is splitting families because some do not care about the facts or what reality is. With a $20 Trillion debt that cannot be sustained we are in real trouble….no way to “pay” for the free crap anymore. God help us…Trump will help but the left is trying to screw with him at every turn.

    Terrance A. Shively, Whitehouse, OH. USA
  • The American Right strongly opposed many of the Obama administration’s policies and ideas, but nothing like what we now see. Of course, the Right didn’t have the media backing us up. The Left is living in a Utopian mindset, whereas reality says there is no such thing.

    Bob Ernst, Gillette, Wyoming, United States
  • They say, “ignorance is bliss,” who knows this better than what you have just proclaimed! Those of us who know the Truth, know that we are a blessed nation and should not take it for granted. You have told the TRUTH and I thank you for that.

    David L. Rice, Scottsbluff, Nebraska
  • Great article again, Howard. The people on the left, accustomed to acting on whims and wishes, are now in a big mind-warp in which they are incapable of perceiving reality for what it truly is. As well, their mental processes are so dysfunctional that their moral compass is 180 degrees out of sync: the see bad as good and if something is good for society, they hate it. And liberal politicians are just protecting their turf. But the sleeping giant is waking up!!

    Joe Leach, Palm Desert CA
  • I applaud this editorial completely. As a matter of fact, I have sadly realized as of this a.m. that I cannot have a dialogue with liberals any more, because we see issues diametrically opposite. And this is someone I’ve known since junior high days. We are now both many many years down the road and she wants to think that in 1 week Donald Trump has set the country back 300 years (her words). I’m incredulous at the stupidity of people who refuse to give Trump a chance to do as he promised.

    Sherrye E Schwarz, Hidden Valley Lake, CA., USA
  • If people have enough smarts they can see what happens when a city or state is ran entirely by the left, the liberals and the Democrats. They would have to look no farther than Chicago and the whole state of California. There are also other areas that these people control which are too many to mention. The Democrats that I know, their elevator don’t go all the way to the top floor when it comes to being reasonable and no-one can be that uninformed if they had some smarts.

    Dale E. DuBois, Poland, Indiana
  • Another editorial, not only worth reading, but the thought provocation will surely last for days.

    Thanks. SNG King City, Ontario

    Solette N. Gelberg, King City, Ontario
  • As a old Immigration Officer who worked across Canada and in South America, I share your opinion on the “ideology” of Islam. There is no way to easily determine the convictions of a member of the Muslim community. If I were an agnostic Muslim, and did not want to be killed as an apostate, I would “go along to get along”. Our ignorant, or cowardly, politicians will not address the fact that no orthodox Muslim can accept the legitimacy of our laws. Nor can they be true friends with evil Kaffirs.

    Kingsley Beattie, Ottawa, Ontario
  • Howard, have you tried getting your message to any newspaper? May I have your permission to copy and send it to the so called “Austin American Statesman”? Your message should be read by ALL Americans not just we who have lucked onto your column. Keep up the good work and we here in Texas will miss you and yours when you return to Canada. God bless. email me your answer.

    Charles Matheson, Sr, Elgin, Texas
  • The first part of your article about arguing with a leftist reminds me of a Jewish joke. “Get two Jews together and you have three different arguments”. Anyway, I agree with how pathetically stupid the Left is. It reminds of how people will cut off their noses to spite their face. I strongly support and appreciate Trump taking a stand. It is amazing, Obama created this mess in Syria with over 500K murdered because of him and he supports the protestors? Obama is the evil incarnate himself.

    Charles Zittin, Fleming Island,FL
  • This Muslim ban outrage is total BS. It’s the left going mad & evil Geo Soros & his paid minions subversion of America. We must fight back against these nut jobs who want to destroy us. Tweet, fax, e-mail, etc. each day to Senators calling them out.

    John Dawson, Hillsboro, Oregon, United States
  • I cannot insert a copy of “U.S. Code 1182, Inadmissible Aliens. sub paragraph (f) Presidential…
    Suspension of entry or impositions…” due to limitations of space. It is critical that we all study that Codified application of the US Law and Constitutional Chief Executive special obligation in to confront the persons in question. President Trump has used precisely his mandate and the Law.

    SHmuel HaLevi, Karmiel, Israel
  • I’m very sorry to witness what your fool Prime Minister is doing to Canada. Being from Detroit, just across the river, I have spent a lot of time exploring your country. I even hitchhiked all the way to Vancouver Island years ago. I developed a deep affection for Canada and its people. I never thought one man could seriously damage a country until Obama. Now Canada is facing the same dilemma. It’s hard to watch…

    William Poole, Roseville, MI
  • HG-If you remember, OBAMA advised us to SHARE THE WEALTH;however, he never told us it was to share it mainly with the MOSLEMS!Those LIBERALS who RALLY to support the ILLEGAL ALIENS don’t have ANY WEALTH to share because they’re already using our WELFARE SYSTEM to survive.Isn’t it nice to give away other people’s money!Doesn’t one wonder how these people would survive in OTHER COUNTRIES?Many people DON’T REALIZE that Pres. Trump has only been in office for 11 DAYS, but is moving quite fast! AMEN!

    PAULINE M DEMERS, Woonsocket, RI - USA
  • FREEDOM like MONEY, if you did not work for it yourself or fight for it yourself means very little….until it is gone.
    At some point in time the teaching by fact and by example of FREEDOM has gone by the wayside.

    Judith Kay Ash, PRESCOTT VALLEY AZ
  • Most Democrats “already have their minds made up”, so please “don’t confuse them with any facts”! Democratic Party is now the Socialist/Communist Party (what “Progressives” are really all about)! “Conservative” Democrats have no choice but to embrace Trump and thank God Hillary Clinton didn’t win! Our youth is learning how to get “something for nothing” or how to become “disabled”! They no longer want to get jobs or serve in the military! Perhaps they need to visit a Socialist/Communist nation?

    Mollie Hejl, Austin TX
  • Canadian and US Customs interrogators should ask every refugee, regardless of religion these 3 questions:
    1) Do you support Sharia law?
    2) Hypothetically, if the tables were turned, and the Israelis were granted refugee status in your peaceful country, would you support it or not?
    3) If your home had ample space, would you invite an Israeli refugee?

    John Smith, Toronto, ON

  • We have no clue as to how many Illegals have flowed into this Country during the rein of Oblahma mostly bad guys.
    They were shocked when Trump won, never crossed their mind. They had planned to continue to destroy this Country
    and turn it into another Muslim haven. They lost and cannot understand why. Trump is doing just what he said and
    quickly, they do not know where to turn. Should have included other Countries in the Ban.

    Paul Branch, Osprey, Florida USA
  • Since California does not want to enforce fed. law….we should do the following. Not only take away all fed. funding, but keep all feds out of the state. No FBI. No Fed. assisiance for things like fires, mudslides, and earthquakes. All refugees should immediately be sent to California and its open-arms….because they seem to want them so badly. Hollywood movies should be taxed and tariffed when they leave the state. Lawbreakers deserve no breaks.

    William And Vickie McCoy, Leander, TX
  • Joe, you are so right…”THE SLEEPING GIANT IS WAKING UP”…love it 🙂 Susan from Buckeye, AZ

    Susan Hughes, Buckeye, Arizona, United States
  • The only good thing Obama did in 8 years was stop the Cuban illegal entry of 20 years through the wet/dry foot act set by bill clinton. We need to stop the immigration from china,central and south America as issi has plants in these and other european countries. Maybe in time Trump will sign executive orders to this effect, Canada may soon have more mosques
    then church’s as france does by letting in muslims ,and with out venting .

    Larry Lehrman, Aventura, Florida, United States
  • You ask how so many who live in the freest nation on earth can be so ignorant about the destruction of their ideology. Judith Ash had a good answer. If one doesn’t have to work to get the things he has, he never appreciates it until it’s gone. Liberals are so angry/filled with hate, they see nothing else. Schumer & Pelosi are stirring the anti-Trump cauldron. As career politicians, they never had to worry about how to pay for what they have either. Libs are a spoiled people, or brainwashed.

    Patricia Robinson, Waynesboro, VA
  • I am 100% positive of the opinion that this pushback nonsense is directed more against President Trump personally than it is against what he has done.
    Former US president have banned immigrants from various problem nations in the past without all of this garbage being thrown at their decisions.
    Hopefully it will blow over sooner rather than later.
    Howard, PLEASE keep up what you are writing.

    Wallace Day, Plattsburgh NY
  • Mr Galganov
    Although you are Canadian by birth you are more American than many that reside in this great country. We are all North Americans as I look at it. Maybe except Quebec. They are as delusional as some in this country. The force be with us.

    Billie F Luchi, Fountain Hills, AZ
  • Borrow a page from the hand-wringing “progressives” and let Soviet Kanuckistan overdose on morphine in the form of absurdly bloated entitlements and a reckless foreign policy that exposes us to untold numbers of stealth jihadists who hate our guts. Since our Confederation is beyond hope, the only compassionate thing to do is to put it out of its misery. The makers and producers will rebuild it as a monument to free enterprise. I would ship the fascist destroyers off to marxist paradise: Cuba.

    Barry Jackson, St. Lazare, Quebec
  • Mr. Galganov, I just finished reading your commentary and I am very sad. Not at what you have written because it is the truth, it is logical, but all the negatives espoused are too real and the pattern for the future if we, in America, do not wake up as a country. Too many Americans would rather be detractors than builders of a great society. Their idea of a great society is that there is no great society….we are all one…and yes, that is also BS. Thank you for your commentary!

    Stephen A Kujolic, West Hills, California, United States
  • Right on again Howard. These leftists piss me off all the time. Just because they have a PhD or some higher education, they think they have the answers to all the worlds ills. To them, open borders should be a right for anyone that wants to come in, no exceptions. They don’t seem to understand that this could be the biggest Trojan Horse ever. Think what the aboriginals said when they welcomed the ships from across the Atlantic. They said what harm can they do? Let them in. Steve Acre, Canada

    Steve Acre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • You’re 100% correct Mr. G!! I have the same thoughts and when I tell my friends some look like a deer in the headlights and a small number are informed. I can’t believe how many of “my”friends are ignorant of what’s going on in OUR country. They watch CBC and/or CTV/Global news and so they know nothing, they know less than some of my American friends. I was shocked and appalled. I veritably spew this type of information and it seems it must go in one ear and out the other. What hope is there?

    Kelly Tkachuk, McRae, Alberta
  • Earlier in our history we stopped ALL immigration for 20 years….to allow those that came to assimilate. This is nothing new. How can a school teach American citizens when they have 20 different languages in their classes and translaters have to be hired? Why are we giving away free stuff in the first place. Stop the freebies and they will stop coming!
    I am glad, Howard, that you and Ann have found a second home here in the good ole US of A. Proud to have you in our midst.

    Linda Gibney, Dayton, Ohio, United States
  • EXCELLENT description of Liberals!!! The Senate confirmed Elaine Chou yesterday. She is now our Secretary of Transportation(SOT). The vote was 93-6 – See Bipartisanship can be done. However, the SOT is not an important Cabinet position. The Liberals once again are – Picking their battles. Back in 2009, Obama’s Cabinet was confirmed rather quickly. After all, the nominees are the incoming President’s choices for his Cabinet, be they be Dems or GOP.

    Mickey D Watson, Douglasville, GA, USA
  • Might I add that if you don’t agree with the leftist that the rock is a tree, you will be loudly and repeatedly called a racist and a bigot. You must be prejudiced against all trees.

    Betsy Markman, Marietta, Georgia, United States
  • Talkin with PC leader candidat about interrogation of Muslim immigrants, he said, waste of time becus of TAQIYYA. Bloggers luk that up n you will understand major problem dealing with Muslims. People in Cornwall, Ontario talking more about nearby GlenWalter becoming Muslim Enclave. Quebec government n Ontario Provincial have book of condolence for Quebec Mosque shooting. Compassion for Muslims way & beyond that shown for Canadian soldier shot by Muslim at Ottawa Memorial site. 100% with you HG

    Ken Davies, Cornwall, Ontario

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