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I watched in DISGUST as Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer CRIED, while on Camera, for the Trump Policy that bans PEOPLE, who are coming into America from Moslem Countries, where Violence, Hate and Incitement is their way of LIFE.

I wonder how many Tears Schumer has CRIED for the THOUSANDS, and Perhaps TENS OF THOUSANDS of European Women and Girls who have been ACCOSTED & RAPED by Moslem Men?

What about the Girls and Women who have been SCARRED FOR LIFE, even though European Countries, whose Governments and Media are WORKING Overtime to BURY the Truth about the RAPES of European Girls and Women? Where’s Schumer’s TEARS?

Is Chuck Schumer going to CRY A RIVER for the Young Moslem Women throughout the World, INCLUDING IN THE USA, who live in FEAR of SHARIA, who are BEATEN for misbehaving according to the Koran, or are MURDERED by Family in what the Moslems call HONOR KILLINGS?

OR HOW ABOUT FORCED & BRUTAL FEMALE CIRCUMCISION . . . which is nothing short of Human MUTILATION, perpetrated on Teenage Girls in Moslem Nations, and even ILLEGALLY in Canada and the United States of America? WHERE’S THE TEARS FOR THEM FROM SCHUMER?

Where’s Schumer’s TEARS for the TENS OF THOUSANDS of Brave American Men and Women who have either DIED or lost their LIMBS and MORE, while Fighting and Sacrificing in Islamic Countries, to keep the TERROR there, instead of coming here where we live?

SCHUMER IS CRYING HIS CROCODILE TEARS . . . to show how he CONFLATES what’s happening to the Moslems, to what Happened to the Jews over the Centuries, but specifically from the Time Of The Holocaust.

THIS COMPARISON IS DESPICABLE . . . The Jews NEVER Waged War in Modern Times on ANYONE for any reason where Jews weren’t ATTACKED First. We NEVER Blew-Up Buildings in Times Of Peace and for No Reason. We NEVER Crashed Planes and Vehicles into Innocent Bystanders to Create as much Terror as Possible. We NEVER Murdered Innocent People at Restaurants, Movie Theaters, Shopping Malls, Street Gatherings, Christmas Parties . . . ETC.

WE NEVER TRIED TO FORCE OUR RELIGION ON ANYONE . . . and we NEVER came to anyone’s Country with our Hands Outstretched, DEMANDING Charities and Entitlements we didn’t Deserve.

In fact, there has NEVER been a more WILLING CULTURE than us Jews, to ASSIMILATE to the country where we chose to live. ALL OF WHICH CANNOT BE SAID ABOUT THE MOSLEMS.

AND LET SCHUMER POINT-OUT . . . to just ONE Jewish NO-GO-ZONE anywhere. So . . . for Chuck Schumer to Lay-On the TEARS, in his UNDERCURRENT, that the way Moslems are being treated by President Trump, is akin to how he sees how the Jews were treated some 70 to 85 Years Ago . . . and certainly from 1935 (Nuremburg Laws), is nothing short of a DISGRACE!

The Last Time I Looked . . . Jews Didn’t Press A Button & Yell God Is Great!


Thus Far . . . Trudeau has Taken-In almost 40,000 Syrian Refugees and Counting. And to ACCOMMODATE the Syrians, Trudeau had CANADA’S Military Barracks Emptied of Canada’s Military Personnel, and given to the Syrians INSTEAD.


Last Night . . . SIX MOSLEMS WERE MURDERED, with many more wounded at a Mosque just outside Quebec City in Sainte-Foy, while they were at prayers. The Two Shooters have been arrested and taken into Custody. I have no idea if the Shooters were Moslems, French Quebecers, or English Canadians . . . but it really doesn’t make a Difference, since all that Matters to Me, is how EXTREME VIOLENCE always Accompanies Islam.


IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER . . . How come – whether it is in Egypt, Sudan, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Libya, Pakistan, Afghanistan – and on and on . . . Moslems are MURDERING EVERYONE, including other Moslems who don’t agree with their Specific Style of Islamic Fanaticism?

HOW COME . . . About ONE HALF MILLION SYRIANS have been Slaughtered, including Civilian Men, Women and Children at the hands of other Moslems, yet the World’s BIGGEST CONCERN is Israel Building Some Apartments in and around Israel’s Capitol. Where are Schumer’s TEARS for the Half Million MURDERED Syrians?


Does Schumer CRY A RIVER for the vast Areas in Major European Cities in France, Germany, England . . . ETC, where Moslems have CREATED their own Unofficially Sovereign Territories, where if you aren’t Moslem DON’T-GO! Which also includes Local Police?


I certainly don’t want to see MOSLEM NO-GO-ZONES in Canada, which, if Trudeau Persists, it will very much not be just a POSSIBILITY, but will indeed be a PROBABILITY for NO-GO-ZONES in Canada.

And even in Toronto, a Group of Moslem Builders recently decided to Construct a Condo High-Rise, in an upscale part of North Western Toronto, that was to be UNIQUELY & ONLY AVAILABLE TO MOSLEMS, which is not ONLY Illegal in Canada, but the EPITOME OF DISCRIMINATION & A NO-GO-ZONE!


Justin Trudeau . . . Canada’s “Boy” Prime Minister, will soon be reviewing a Motion Set Forward by Liberal Members of Parliament, to MAKE IT ILLEGAL for someone LIKE ME, to Write DISPARAGINGLY About Islam . . . EVEN IF WHAT I WRITE WILL BE TRUE AND ACCURATE, which in my way of writing . . . is ALWAYS the Case, unless I make a TRULY HONEST MISTAKE, which I do everything to avoid.

TRUDEAU IS SUCH A DUFUS . . . That he thinks he can RUB President Trump’s Face, in President Trump’s Own Policies WITHOUT Consequences for Canada, because the LEFT in Canada, which is substantial, and the REST of the World will EGG Trudeau-On to go at Trump, while they stay a SAFE Distance Away.

Well I’ve got News for Trudeau and Canada . . . We Better Buckle Our Seat Belts, because we’re heading for One Hell of a Rocky Ride.


I will write the TRUTH . . . PERIOD! And I will WRITE about anything I care to write about, INCLUDING the Threat & Dark Side of Islam.


BUT NO MATTER . . . I will Write Whatever I want to Write – and I will Speak Whatever I want to Say, AND THE GOVERNMENT CAN SHOVE-IT.

In my Forthcoming Editorial . . . I will be writing about the PRIVILEGE Anne and I have to Visit the USA, OPPOSED to the NON-EXISTENT RIGHT so many think they have to be in the USA at their own discretion.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The West will continue to do nothing. Millions will die before there is any hope of a meaningful response.
    Our leaders are a complete joke. The US President is one with our enemy and that enemy is Islam.

  2. Anyone who reads the history of Muslim immigrants in Europe and now in the United States must regard Schumer as a fraud and a hypocrite. Your editorial is right-on, Howard. If a Democrat president had banned Muslim immigration, Schumer would be praising him/her to high heaven. The left’s complaints have no substance in fact. They are merely evidences of disappointment since Hillary lost the election.

  3. Schumer is a total radical Democrat scumbag who thinks Americans want to give all our money to the rest of the world when we can barely afford to pay our bills NOW thanks to radical Democrat communist Obama not bothering to enforce the law. Also, I hope that boob Trudeau realizes that Islamic terrorism has come to Canada and he might want to rethink that refugees welcome policy since the citizens of CANADA are the ones to decide, not the idiot PM and his moronic policies.

  4. Trudeau may be our PM, but he does NOT represent me and those bleeding heart Liberals are a joke. If they should come after you, then they in reality are coming after me. I’m with you 100%.

  5. Howard, if things really get strained on your continuing to give your opinions and thoughts about Islam, along with any other subject matter, is there any way you could channel your blog through someone in the USA?

  6. It has just been reported that the 2 shooters, one of whom was named “Mohamed”, at the Montreal mosque yelled “(“God is great”)” as they killed. Stay tuned …

  7. Right on Howard. I am behind you, because whenever I write letters to the Editor, the Gazette does not publish them. They probably think that I am radical, which I am not. All I want is to tell the truth about Islam and their Sharia laws. As for our teenager Prime Minister, I would like him to go back and get that job when he was a Bouncer in a Bar, or a Drama teacher. Steve Acre, Montreal

  8. All the divide in the USA is created, perpetrated, & fueled by liberals from Congress, Hollywood, ACLU, etc., on down. It is the result of decades-long indoctrination of students in colleges for the very purpose of destroying the USA from within. Gov’t grants & student loans put many more in colleges to be brainwashed by socialist professors. They don’t outnumber us yet but they get more attention (thanks to media, $$ from Soros & OWO manipulators from Europe). Only God can stop it-pray 4 Trump.

  9. As usual Howard you are right on target and you tell it as it is, and I support you 110%. If you are ever incarcerated you will not be alone my friend, I will be right beside you in the jail cell because I share the same passion and views that you do. Yesterday on Facebook, I made a comment that because of Trudeau’s immigration policies there would be some serious shit in my country, and guess what?? Last night in Quebec, * BINGO *….

  10. Schumer’s TEARS were CROCODILE TEARS! He belongs in HOLLYWOOD with the rest of the PHONY LIBERAL ACTORS! Question–“Why do LIBERALS always have to DESTROY things to try to PROVE their STANCE?” Last night’s crisis [those who were murdered and wounded at a Mosque just outside Quebec City] is very sad. Under TRUDEAU. “things will get much WORSE before they get BETTER” because he’s just another OBAMA! Wish there was some way you, your family & pets COULD MOVE to the USA—for your own safety! AMEN

  11. I was speaking with my 95 yr old mother-in-law last night and she told me that all immigrants in Canada were now prohibited from going to the States. She was concerned about her German friend who has residency in Canada. I know that she got this from other relatives who are Liberals and don’t ever get the facts straight before going off on a tangent about them. That is the problems with Liberals – they never get the whole story before they give their 2 cents. I am behind you 100% Howard.

  12. Just a thought. I am 83 years old and will legally adopt you Anne and Stryker. I am totally serious IF this would be possible, and I do not have Alzheimer’s and you would love me, as I already love you two. I live in Wyoming but you can live any place you choose.

  13. Every year, for the last several decades, I have visited Stratford and Niagra on the Lake in Canada to enjoy the plays and offerings of the cities. Trudeau’s actions are causing me to rethink my plans of crossing into Canada. As for Schumer, what a buffoon. He’s so apparent in his bias he outdoes the liberal media in brazenness…

  14. HG: another superb editorial! You said, “the LEFT in Canada, which is substantial, and the REST of the World will EGG Trudeau-On to go at Trump, while they stay a SAFE Distance Away.” It reminded me of a famous Southern US saying, “Let’s you and him fight it out!”

  15. Knew after yesterday you would have a really great article today. Well you did. Schumer is a fake and could see right through him and his tears. Political only. Sorry for all the woes in your beloved Canada. Just to let you know that if you are arrested WE WILL HELP BAIL YOU OUT! Keep up the good work and God Bless

  16. I was just reading about FGM abuse yesterday, and they said it should not be called circumcision as it is much much worse and IS mutilation. Yesterday I googled FGM and got lots of info. Those who are trying to stop this have thus changed the name to mutilation rather than circumcision. It is awful and every woman should read about this abuse. Made me so thankful to be in the USA but it is getting more common here in recent years!!! Can u imagine why?

  17. I hope you know 90% of your readers will bail you out…..if we all wrote in today, the comment section would be too long and should be a “given” for you to know the answer in your heart!!

  18. Quebec authorities were surprisingly very quick to call the attack at the mosque a ‘terrorist act’ that was preceded by shouts of ‘Allahu Ahkbar’, as opposed to calling it a hate crime. Were the attackers disgruntled citizens, or did they perhaps purposefully enter Canada with evil intent as ‘refugees’? There is likely more to this story than authorities are willing to let on.

  19. Unfortunately we conservatives in NY are stuck with Schumer and Cuomo-and that derelict Bernie Sanders who Cuomo brought in to hyp one of his socialist programs. Keep on writing your great editorials. If you get arrested we’ll help bail you out.

  20. Chucky Schumer is a phony radical leftist, who will make Harry Reed look like a good guy. Twitter the hell out of this nut job, such that he gets the message, we are not buying his BS. Also it sickens me that the Muslims have been able to pull the wool over the eyes of the left. The left will pay the price in the end, as they will not be able to defend themselves (think 2A).

  21. schumer is a disgraced to the Jews religion. With all the muslins that Canada is letting in with out proper venting you have to
    wonder how many are isis and will cross the boarder to kill and wound in the US. Thank GOD Obama is gone or we would see thousands of non venting muslins. Go Donald do your thing.

  22. Thank you Howard for always saying it as it is and being a voice of reason. I for one will pledge to support your cause. Just think what good all of the marches could have done of they donated to their cause the exact amount of money that they spent being there. Not to mention the cost of protecting them or keeping them from doing damage. The mayor of Portland spoke at the airport march and supported it. They breeched security and caused major delays being righteous. the law did not matter.

  23. Keep writing Howard , if they come to arrest you for telling the truth millions will help you get out of jail.
    Not to worry The Strongest Warrior is on our Side God. You and Anne take care can’t wait to hear about your great trip to the states again. Hope it was lots of fun. Gods blessings to you both.

  24. When entering the US whether by land or Air ( about 108 times a year ) When probed I always “ask permission” to visit THEIR Country . It is not a right but a privilege to visit the US , based on THEIR rules of admission . Re Canada’s latest “terrorist act” SURELY the response from our BETTERS will be more GUN CONTROL not immigration control , nor criminal control . Our Dumb ass leader will appease the Moslem throngs before addressing any of the REAL issues. Immigrants all vote Liberal !

  25. Howard I have been waiting for your editorial today as I knew it would be good. I just heard that Obama is saying he is supporting the so called protesters (big surprise) from a community organizer. Keep writing and telling the truth because we sure don’t get the truth from the democrats and media which is one in the same. GO TRUMP!!

  26. Howard, what you do is awesome and you give voice to so many of us that just aren’t as succinct and spot on as you are. Let me know where to send the bail money! 😉

  27. Typical Leftist Fascism. The implementation of leftist, “progressive” ideologies and will by brute force, whether others agree or not. Leave it to the progressive lefty to throw freedoms and free thought out the window when it suits and eventually resort to fascism to get their way.

  28. Maybe someone should enlighten the PM that the US went to war (French Indian War). How did that turn out? Me thinks the PM will be dealing with a guy that doesn’t suffer fools lightly. Billie

  29. The 6 kills and 19 wounded at the Saint Foy, mosque had Canada’s media gobsmacked, not to mention the QPF who are all aligned with the CBC/Trudeau narrative that Moslems are victims. How will they spin the story? The situation at St. Foye started when one of them Mohamed Khadir shouted Alu Akbar and opened fire. Nothing new here this is the typical situation – moderates being purged by Islamists and a promise to all mosques across Canada of more to come or submit now.

  30. Again.. Well done. The appearance of Schumer on TV raises my blood pressure and when he utters sound, it goes out of sight. Please continue to keep us informed.

  31. “To hold a pen is to be at war.” – Voltaire. Howard, you brandish a Mont Blanc Masters for Meisterstück Firenze Alligator Fountain Pen, and you use it eloquently and with verve. Pen on!

  32. Schumer is Jewish, at least, by birth. I suppose in his case, his political affiliation TRUMPS the religion of his birth. So we have a Jewish person supporting Moslems. GOD IS GREAT!!! He is disgrace to America and to the Jewish religion!@#$@

  33. Entry to a foreign country is a privilege. Most Muslim countries bar Israelis. Trump was merely keeping an election promise. It would be nice to see Muslims standing up to their Islamist brethren, and marginalizing them, instead of playing victim, all the while promoting Sharia law and feminine genital mutilation. Trudeau would rather pander to these folk, instead of granting refuge to Christians, Kurds, Yazidis, who are REALLY being persecuted in the Middle East. It’s in his DNA.

  34. Great editorial Howard, as always, and I wish I had the means to spread your word to every television in the world, along with a rule for mandatory reading and a tiny wake up slap on the face. The Right won, but you said steadfastly a year or so ago that if we didn’t, there would be a revolution. I have never forgotten that and even though we won, here we are. A revolution may be the only choice we have. This is ridiculously twisted and very scary out of control. I’m back to prepping.

  35. Schumer and about 70% of all Jews in the US vote to destroy their own country when they cast a vote for so-called Democrats. They live in the greatest country on earth and are given every opportunity to thrive and be successful. And they show their appreciation by voting for the Communist Party USA (“Democrats”). What do you call these kinds of people? What kind of a party supports the murder of millions of babies in the womb and has cast God aside, also? Sounds like a Rx for anti-Semitism.

  36. Shumer must have taken drama lessons from Trudeau. I have made remarks since the women’s March that their time would be better spent on marching against sharia law. However I have not received much response, I assume these brain dead women do not see that it would ever be a threat to anyone in their families.Regarding bill 103 this is ludicrous . Did you see Justin yesterday in Vancouver marching for Chinese New Year, a total imbecile, the look on his face was grotesque. These are scary days.

  37. Thank you Pres. trump for moving to defend this nation. There are killers who justify their actions in the name of religion. They need to be defeated now and in the meantime we need protection. Howard as you say I don’t hear Schumer crying for those who have been murdered under his and Obama’s watch. Why should his beliefs on how to protect our people be given any credence? Reporters report the whole truth.

  38. Well said Teri Newman from Illinois. I’m out away from home working my butt off paying 50% tax bracket so Trudeau can give it away. I’m fuming every time I hear this stuff. Let them have it Mr. G, I’ve got a job that is supposed to last a year. I’ll set aside BAIL money!!!!

  39. Some 20 years ago or so I happened to look at a map at all the trouble spots around the world and not to my surprise they all were caused by Muslims. From the Philippines to France from Australia to the mid east all 28 muslim problem spots. When I pointed this out to my morning coffee klatch I mostly got the same reaction of them filling their drool cups while staring starry eyed at my statements. Well those drool cups are about to overflow in today world and the outcome will not be nice.

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