For those few of you who might not be familiar with the word SMORGASBORD, it is a large and diverse Buffet Meal, designed to offer a huge variety of foods to satisfy all Tastes. And hopefully this Editorial will do the same.


Before you get TOO Excited with the Trump/May Meeting this past week, please understand this:

1 – Theresa May is NO Margaret Thatcher . . . NOT EVEN CLOSE.

2 – May was NOT Voted-In as the Prime Minister of the UK in a General Election, since she was Named In The First Round of Conservative Party Voting, to replace the outgoing Prime Minister, David Cameron as Party Leader, who resigned because he Backed the Wrong Horse on BREXIT.

3 – Theresa May is by American Parlance a RINO, who also didn’t Back BREXIT, and did all she could to DEFEAT England’s SECESSION Referendum to leave the EU (European Market). And even though it is now her DUTY to ACQUIESCE to the WILL of her People, I assume she will SLOW WALK England’s Exit from the EU as best as she can.

4 – IN SPITE OF A VAST MAJORITY OF BRITS . . . who have had MORE than enough with England Turning into an Islamic Influenced State, this British Prime Minister is as much an APOLOGIST for Islam as one could Stomach.

5 – In ESSENCE . . . Theresa May is almost the POLAR OPPOSITE to Donald Trump, and what Real British, Canadian and American Conservatives would NOT want to Celebrate in a Leader.

6 – AND FINALLY . . . The Lovey-Dovey Joint Press Conference between the two, was Great Theater, since it terminated with close to Hugs and Kisses, when both Leaders, Trump and May declared how much Both Countries NEEDED EACH OTHER, which became the Talking Point for much of the Media, where in all Honesty, England NEEDS the USA far MORE than the USA NEEDS England.


PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP . . . is soon going to be meeting with Canada’s DUFUS Prime Minister Justin Trudeau . . . SO, JUST TO SET THE STAGE:

1 – President Trump is a SELF-MADE Billionaire who wrote the Best Selling Book “The Art Of The Deal”. And has constructed some of the Great Buildings and Structures around the World, while Employing and Giving Employment to TENS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE.

2 – President Donald Trump, in about One Year’s time, Beat the HOLY CRAP out of SIXTEEN of some of the Worlds Most Famous, Best Connected, and Battle Scarred Politicians, to win a BRUTAL Nomination Process.

3 – In the same extended Period, President Donald Trump MASSACRED The Clintons, the Bush’s, the Obama’s, the Political Insiders, and the Media to Become the 45TH President of the United States of America.

4 – And even NOW, his enemies in his Own Republican Party, Walk on Eggshells in how they Stand Up To The man who WON the Trust, Hearts, Minds & Souls of Conservative and Independent Voters THROUGHOUT America.

5 – AND WHEN PRESIDENT TRUMP SPEAKS . . . Markets RESPOND. Captains of Industry at the Highest Level SNAP TO ATTENTION, and no one but the LEFTIST Media takes anything President Trump says for Granted.


1 – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was born with a SILVER POLITICAL SPOON IN HIS MOUTH, by being the son of a past Prime Minister (Pierre Elliott Trudeau), whose Anti-American, Anti-Israel, Pro-Communist . . . SUPER LEFTIST Policies going back to the Late 60’s through to the Early 80’s, created the Fiscal/Social Disaster that Canada has become.

2 – To the BEST of my knowledge, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau NEVER Built Anything of Consequence, NEVER Hired Anyone other than to serve Him and his DIVA Wife, and NEVER did anything to benefit Humankind to make a Unique Impression on Anything.

3 – Trudeau’s Educational Experience is simple. He NEVER FINISHED any substantial course he started, and dropped out of University with NOTHING to Show For It.


4 – Trudeau was a Nightclub Bouncer, a part time High School Drama Teacher, and a Ski Instructor before becoming a Member of Parliament.

5 – ONLY BECAUSE OF HIS POLITICAL PEDIGREE . . . Trudeau was CORONATED with the Crown of Liberal Leader, because the Powers Behind the Liberal Throne correctly figured-out that the Name Trudeau would be enough to win the PMO (Prime Minister’s Office) for the Liberal Party.

6 – SO . . . WITH ZERO EXPERIENCE and No Business or Negotiation Successes Whatsoever, which can be ATTRIBUTABLE to Justin Trudeau, he became Canada’s Prime Minister, whose Greatest Success to Date as Canada’s PM, is to Raise Taxes, Reduce Services, Spend Money, and Travel all over the World with his Entourage and DIVA Wife on the People’s Dime.

And Now Trudeau Is Going To Negotiate One On One With President Trump.


ON FEBRUARY 5, 2017 . . . The Atlanta Falcons will be Meeting the New England Patriots in Houston Texas to decide which of these two Incredibly Talented Football Teams will be able to Claim, which of them will be BEST FOOTBALL TEAM IN THE ENTIRE WORLD.

And Just In Case You’re Wondering . . . Go Falcons!

Now . . . just imagine if A Third Rate High School Football Team, was somehow placed in the position to play the Winner of the Super Bowl . . . It would be a perfect Juxtaposition, Tantamount to the same RESULT of Justin Trudeau VERSUS President Donald Trump.


I Can Hold My Head-High In Real Pride . . . for how over the years, I DEFENDED Freedom of Expression In Quebec and Ontario, where the UNRESTRICTED use of the English Language is under Constant Attack.

I SPENT just about all of our Household Money Defending Court Challenges, several of which went to the Supreme Court – NONE OF THEM FOR ANNE OR MYSELF. And because of my PRO-EQUAL RIGHTS ACTIVISM, Anne and I were FORCED to live with ARMED BODY GUARDS on and off for weeks and sometimes months on end, over a period of more than a year, because the LEFT Can’t Take it When Someone Fights Back.

WHILE BEING AT MEETINGS AT A HEARING . . . at the US Congress in Washington DC, I had to Cancel Lunch with several House Members, because the Police back home whisked Anne out the House, and placed her in Protective Custody, because of Viable Kidnap Threats Against Her. And that’s just a sample of what our Lives Were Like.

But . . . The Harder They Pushed – THE HARDER I PUSHED BACK!


I spent about $150,000 on our Lawyers who gave us a break on the costs. The other side ran-up about $300,000 in costs, which were paid through PUBLICLY FUNDED TAX MONEY. No surprise there.

And because of DESPICABLE Court Decisions by French Language LEFTIST Activist Judges, who didn’t even know the Law, who in their RULINGS WROTE: that even though the Municipal Language Laws were indeed in Violation of Freedom of Expression . . . But Because They Favored The Minority French Language, and because of a CLAUSE in the Canadian Constitution, which the Father of Canada’s Current Prime Minister Included as an ESCAPE CLAUSE to THWART our Freedoms at the Whim of the Courts . . . WE LOST.

And when we presented our case to the Supreme Court of Canada, they decided NOT TO GRANT US LEAVE for them to hear it, because it was too much of a POLITICAL HOT POTATO.

SO . . . NOT ONLY DID I HAVE TO PAY FOR OUR LAWYERS . . . which I did In-Full, I was ordered by the Court to Pay the $300,000 the Other Side Spent, or whichever portion of the TOTAL we could Negotiate.


There was no way in Heaven or on Earth . . . that I was going to PAY EVEN ONE CENT of the Cost for the other side of a Legal Battle THE PEOPLE OF CANADA SHOULD NEVER HAVE LOST.

And even though the Other Side kept making what they considered to be “reasonable” offers, I WAS NOT GOING TO PAY ANYTHING . . . PERIOD! I would sooner go to Prison.


When I became as Active as I did in Socio/Political Activism almost 20-Years Ago, which was NOTHING I had ever planned to do, but accidently discovered I was really good at, I worried enormously about how vulnerable Anne and I were to Legal/Financial Attacks from all Levels of Government and NGO’s, which could spend Tax Dollars to literally STEAL whatever wealth we were able to accumulate over the years, which wasn’t really all that much. BUT IT WAS OUR NEST EGG.

SO . . . When Anne and I realized that we were in the Middle of a Storm, I sold EVERYTHING I owned or had my Signature on to Anne, where by Marriage Contract, we were (are) 100% SEPARATE AS TO PROPERTY.

IN ESSENCE . . . Except for my Motorcycle and the Shirt on my Back, I owned NOTHING, NADA, RIEN. GORNISHT – So when they offered me the FINAL ULTIMATUM, I told them where they could go, saw a TRUSTEE, and went Bankrupt. In Canada, Bankruptcy Laws Resolve you of EVERYTHING BUT FRAUD.

NOT ONLY WERE THEY OUTRAGED . . . They wanted FULL Investigations, hoping to discover Fraud, since they could never imagine how I Planned Ahead by nearly 15-Years, to Protect Anne and Myself from this Type of ASSAULT, which also got them NOTHING, because Anne and I knew that it was only a matter of time until someone came after me, so every financial dealing we had . . . Was As Squeaky Clean As Possible.

That was a bit more than THREE YEARS AGO, from which time I have long been released from Bankruptcy, with nothing in my Life Changing, except . . . I’m Smarter, Wiser, Tougher, More Grizzled & EVEN THAT MUCH MORE DETERMINED TO FIGHT FOR FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION EVERYWHERE!

YOU CAN’T SCARE A MAN TO TAKE AWAY EVERYTHING . . . Who has NOTHING You Can Take Away. Especially when the WIFE LEGALLY HAS IT ALL . . . and is PROTECTED by Contract, which is why I can FIGHT with all I have, through The Federally Chartered Non Profit Corporation Galganov Dot Com, of which I am JUST a Director, which is also Far Removed from the Risk of Government Retaliation.


Quebec is more than 85% French Speaking, but the Rest of Canada outside of Quebec is about 97% English Speaking. And without the many HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of Dollars the Rest of Canada has GIVEN to Quebec over the Years, QUEBEC COULDN’T SURVIVE. Yet Quebec HATES English Canada. And I’m not through with Quebec, not even by a Little Bit.

SO PLEASE PICTURE THIS . . . Justin Trudeau was speaking about a week ago, at a Town Hall in a Part of Quebec, which used to be a Mostly English Speaking Community, and still has many English Speakers, when a Woman asked the Prime Minister a Question in English, about Freedom of Expression, WHICH THE DUMB-ASS ANSWERED IN FRENCH.

And when this Woman INSISTED that Prime Minister Trudeau answer the Question in English, as it was asked, and since Trudeau is 100% Bilingual and Supposedly Represents all Canadiana from Coast to Coast, he said that we are in Quebec, and Quebec is a French Province, AND IN QUEBEC WE ONLY SPEAK FRENCH.

Backlash From Across Canada For This Unbelievably Linguistic Insult Was Furious.


THIS IS AN ACKNOWLEDGMENT I should Have Done Long Ago . . . While Fighting this Multi Year Battle for Equal Linguistic Freedom of Expression, there was one Man (John), who as a result of his passion and loyalty, I am PROUD to call my FRIEND, who along with some of his Friends, helped enormously to Lighten my Financial Legal Load.

AND THEN THERE WAS AN INCREDIBLE WOMAN, by the name of Kim McConnell, who was Born in Malaysia, and IMMIGRATED to Canada, who is MORE Canadian than 99% of the Canadian People who were born in Canada, yet do nothing to defend our Freedoms. Kim, along with other Passionate Canadians organized all sorts of Events to Raise as much money as possible, also to Help Lighten My Legal Load.

Kim HEADED . . . and still HEADS, an Activist Group, with Incredibly Devoted People called the CLF (Canadians For Language Fairness), who have True Conservative Values, whose AD, which they Paid For, even though I insisted it should be FREE, you can see on the Right Hand Side of this Editorial.

Between John and Kim, they covered about 30% of my Legal Costs, which Inspired me, no matter how tough things got, to always PUSH FORWARD. Anne and I paid the balance.

I Apologize If This Editorial Is Too Long . . . But it offers some INSIGHT into where I am Coming From, and How Far I Am Willing To Go, And Sacrifice To Get Where I Want And Need To Be.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I wonder how long the Democratic West will allow these bloodthirsty radicals to go unchecked. It reminds me of when Hitler started, the world ignored him until it was almost too late. We barely won that war because of idiot socialists who believe, as they do today, evil can be stopped by diplomacy . The world had better get off their asses and turn that place into a parking lot.

  2. For our US friends your rendition of “facts” in Canada is probably astounding . Nevertheless it is as stated and probably more of a “sore point” with some than you describe . However what you are not saying is that “most” Canadians though in agreement with the “facts ” simply accept them , kiss ass and ask for more of similar from our leaders . Trudeau Sr was the only PM to declare Martial Law in our fair land … Jr will be the first to declare Canada Bankrupt followed by Martial Law .

  3. Short comment to say I just saw on CP24 , that a mosque in Texas was burned down. First reference to the fire that you referred to a few weeks ago. Assume it is the same mosque.

  4. Your post today reminded me of a University of Texas Longhorn Band yell we used back in the 70s and it applies to you: “Go – Go – Get ’em – Get ’em – Uh – Uh”! Based on your past work and that which you will continue, it perfectly fits that you. Thanks for all you do.

  5. Justin is your obama. You have my sympathy.
    I’m a born and raised Miami Dolphins fan with no love for the Patriots, but they’re going to wipe the field with Atlanta. Brady and Belichick are wicked torqued over being screwed by Goodell and the NFL (and they were–as painful as that is for me to type) and a torqued Brady/Belichick is a very dangerous combo. They are coming to kill while Atlanta is coming to play so Patriots by 10+ (I picked the Giants to beat Patriots perfect season in 2008 SB)

  6. All I can say is your are Great!!! I can understand why you have such good friends. You do a service and are an example to all of us!

  7. What a battle you & Ann experienced. Traveling only once on business to Montreal with 3 professional cohorts some years ago, we spoke English.., our hosts spoke a form of it. When we returned & de-planed, we each looked at one another and collectively said, what country did we visit again? We could not believe the arrogance, isolationism and disconnect of our hosts. Thanks for the info on Theresa May. I did not know. Looks like Canada’s Trudeau is a piece of work. All the best.

  8. Howard, so very well said as usual. I can’t wait to see President Trump hand Trudeau his ass on a platter.

  9. I loved the smorgasborg…lots of info. I am so impressed with and proud of both you and Anne. Great examples of Patriots anywhere for all to see. Your TRUMP section, item 5 brought both tears and goosebumps as I read it. I cannot remember ever seeing a POTUS act so quickly and accomplish so much and put in motion so many line items so quickly. I wish I could be in the room with Canada’s P.M. and TRUMP!!! I wonder if TRUMP speaks French?

  10. The late, great William F. Buckley Jr., said, “The trouble with fascism is that it always makes war on its own people first.” He could very well have been alluding to present-day Canada under the fascist Justin Trudeau. It pains me no end to think that we won’t get a chance to heave his butt out of Parliament until 2019. In the meantime, what damage will be wrought under the totalitarian rule of this ignorant narcissist punk?

  11. Sounds like you have a Prime Minister from the same mold as California’s Governor. Son of a Governor who set California 8 billion in the hole. Reagan got them in the black to about 8 billion in 8 years. Then they elected that Governor’s son who had to get out of the priesthood to run. Some experience. Now look at California. They are getting what they deserve. Voters are easily brainwashed and shoozed.

  12. Glad you let our American friends know about Trudeau….it’s embarrassing to think that President Trump will have to meet with him and afford him undeserved respect. Thanks also Howard for mentioning Kim McConnell….she is genuine Canadian Patriot and Hero.


  14. Powerful blog, Howard!!! You are an example for all of us. You remind me of our Founding Fathers, who actually fought the Fight for Freedom. We gained loads of Freedoms when the Revolutionary War against England was done & over with. We have had to fight often, to protect these Freedoms. Our Civil War, the Spanish War, & World War I & II. The rest were conflicts, not wars proclaimed by our US Congress. The War on Terror was approved by our US Congress & is still being fought. It is a real war!!!

  15. Thank you for sharing this with us, Howard. It really means a lot! Isn’t it terribly sad to have to buck such scum. You and Anne are truly to be admired for never giving up. We do not see that kind of principle these days. Your info about PM May is a bit shocking. We had no idea who she is until reading this. After the way the Brits treated Churchill, we shouldn’t be surprised. What ever happened to doing the honorable thing? Thanks for being relentless in your mission!

  16. The French people of Canada being the way you describe is no big surprise when you look at how the political and elite of France itself behave. They have no real respect for USA either, not really, regardless of what we did for them during WWII. It’s that elitist attitude that they know and are better than most others, but willingly live off what the ‘common man’ works for. It’s an attitude of royalty entitlement but without the title. Does that seem to fit?

  17. The Trudeau name has done nothing but screw Canada over, the old man so ,far worse than the clown prince there now. If I am not mistaken, Trudeau Sr.put the Human Rights Tribunals in place through his legislation, that included multiculturalism, a crutch that foreign immigrants can be sworn in in Immigration Court through interpreters. So much for bilingualism. Trudeau scams, all.

  18. Thanks for the information on Theresa May. Had no idea of what she represented. You are all so LUCKY in Canada because you have your own “OBAMA”–just joking. How DISCOURAGING! Let’s hope that Canada will get someone like Pres. Trump in the future because America now has HOPE! You and Anne went through a terrible time, but your COURAGE has made you much STRONGER–as DENOTED by your EDITORIALS. Keep up the good work. We all appreciate your dedication & commitment to your writings! AMEN!

  19. I am a big fan of Donald Trump and love how he has taken the reins for what is going to be a wild ride. Nevertheless,
    let us not forget that he started out with enough $$$ to retire from the beginning. He sure built on a nest egg from Dad.

  20. Howard, you forgot one other thing about Theresa May, she believes that global warming is man-made and should be controlled through reducing carbon emissions. The lady is a lunatic. I hope that Trump sets her straight with her stupidity.

  21. Howard, you put up a good fight, but you lost. Why? Because our Govt has much more power than it should have. It is not for the people, but for the Politically entrenched. I think the Conservatives try to represent the will of the people, but the Liberals represent the will of the elite. I have had many dealings with Govt at all levels, including legal matters. As a result of my experience, I have no use and no respect for any elected trough feeder, or any Govt employee. They are all scum.

  22. Trudeau vs. Trump…like Bambi vs. Godzilla. I am looking forward to their meeting with amusement. The outcome will be predictable but entertaining. I will follow it with interest. Matt Salenius, Laval, QC

  23. I am sure my MP is tired of hearing from me, there is little that can be done at this point since the Liberals have a majority, my MP is Conservative. Trudeau is going to be eaten alive by President Trump and it will look very good from where I sit. Unfortunately Canadians are going to suffer because of it. Maybe it will smarten up some of the people when we LOSE huge economically because of Trudeau. I won’t hold my breath. You are the best Mr. G. Thank you to you & Anne.

  24. Congratulation …for taking the necessary precautions in a complacent society that indifferently funds their destroyers. you could not do what you are doing without taking those steps to protect yourself from those who will quash free debate at any cost.

  25. Very interesting that we spent a week in Quebec last summer and the businesses had no problem speaking English when they wanted our US $’s.

  26. SMH … have to assume Trudeau has the same love for Canadian Citizens as Obama had for American Citizens: ‘Trudeau reacted to Trump’s ban of Muslims from certain countries by tweeting Saturday: “To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength #WelcomeToCanada.” ‘

  27. I look forward to Trump’s meeting with Trudeau …. the ‘pretty boy’ doesn’t stand a chance! Can you just imagine all the”‘Uhs” and “Mmmms” because he won’t have a clue what to say?? He is an embarrassment to Canadians and to Canada!

  28. Howard, lets not forget the Baby Doc Trudeau is pushing a law to criminalise “islamophobia”, even if the criticism is truth. Remember, his brother/advisor Sasha worked/works for Iran’s Press TV. Then there is the budget (which he believes balances itself); he came into office with a $7.5 billion surplus and now there is a $38+ billion deficit. Six billion so far given to “Climate Change” and (Islamic) dictatorships around the world. This is a “don’t get me started” subject… Airhead supreme.

  29. Howard, another insightful article. You certainly opened my eyes on Theresa May, seems she is pretty much the same as our Prime Minister here in Australia.

  30. Thank you, Howard, for all you’ve done for English-speaking Canadians. Ever since PE Trudeau introduced socialism to Canada, our national debt has risen from $20 billion in 1968 (under Pierre as PM) to $580 Billion in 1998 (under Chretien’s rule). Once a society accepts the Welfare State, it is almost impossible to roll back the costs – no govt. dares to cut anything back. My prayer is that Trump will correct the extravagance of previous govts. (mostly under Obama). Don’t make our mistake.

  31. Thanks for the very informative dissertation – your tenacity is vicious! Now, the Super Bowl – I’m a New Englander and HAVE to back the Pats. Looking forward to a fun day without politics. Hope you get to enjoy the game with good friends.

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