One Man Changes The World In Less Than One Week


So . . . many of You in the Comment Section, and in Private Emails came to Two Similar Conclusions about my Detestable Wednesday Supper:

1 – Our “Friends” set me up for whatever reason, which I think is true, but not for Nefarious Reasons you’ve suggested, but rather, because they thought it would be Fun and Entertaining.

2 – These are NOT really “Friends” . . . so we should just drop them.

These “Friends” Dropped Anne and Myself like Hot Potatoes, before we had the opportunity to speak with them, and especially after they Read my last BLOG, which didn’t really matter, since after that NIGHT, it made no difference who was going to Drop whom First, since one way or another . . . the relationship was DONE.

I’m neither distressed, saddened, nor upset that the relationship is DONE, but I am disappointed with the language used in an EMAIL the wife of the couple who hosted the supper sent to Anne’s Cell Phone, which read . . . “Her husband would SHOOT ME if I stepped on their property again, and she probably would too.”

I don’t take this kind of Statement Seriously, but the fact that they have more Guns than many Gun Shops . . . is not really the smartest thing for them to put in writing, which says more about them than I realized.

Besides . . . it’s not as if I had any intentions whatsoever of Visiting their Property, because why would I? But it certainly shows a Specific Mindset, which I should have recognized earlier in the relationship. Anyways . . . it’s over, and just Another Life Experience for me to Remember and Write About.


How come . . . in just one sentence, I can State in Writing or Verbally, exactly what I mean, which pretty much everyone listening to or reading understands? Yet, when a LEFTIST SPEAKS or WRITES, he or she needs to Write and/or Recite Volumes of Words, and still no one understands what the meaning is or was.

ASK ME A YES OR NO QUESTION . . . And I will give you a YES or NO answer. But I won’t give you a Soliloquy, as is the custom of the LEFT, which after the fact, will neither answer the question nor even define the answer.

SO . . . IF I WERE TO ASK YOU – What REASONABLE Rights Men have that Women DO NOT HAVE, it should be a Point by Point Answer. But, with the LEFT, that’s not the way it is.

IF I ASKED A LEFTIST . . . What makes President Donald Trump an ILLEGITIMATE President, the answer is going to be a Great Deal of Verbal Blather. But there will be NO answer. And even if there is an answer, it will be wrong, an exaggeration, or an outright CREATION – AKA . . . A LIE.


That said . . . the FACT that President Trump is TWEETING to reach the American People, the Bureaucrats, the Congress and Ultimately the World, is not just a Brilliant Strategy . . . but a great display of Patriotism, putting the People ABOVE AND AHEAD of the Politicians and the Media.

A PERSON WITH THINGS TO DO . . . doesn’t have time to waste debating BS. And seeing how much President Trump has already done IN LESS THAN ONE WEEK as President, Says That He Doesn’t Have A Second To Waste.


IN LESS THAN ONE WEEK . . . President Donald J Trump has done MORE to Reestablish American Pride and Enthusiasm, than the last FOUR Presidents (Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama) COMBINED.

BEFORE PRESIDENT TRUMP . . . the only News Americans Heard over the Years, was BAD NEWS, and how the Congress and the Current President were going to make Things Better, WITHOUT EVER TAKING THE BLAME FOR MAKING THINGS WORSE.

BUT NOW WITH PRESIDENT TRUMP . . . Everyday is like a Day at your Favorite Fishing Hole, when with each Cast, you’re pulling-out a Fish. And who besides the Fish Can Complain?


I can understand why the Media have a VISCERAL Dislike, bordering on HATRED for Donald Trump, because President Trump has EXPOSED them as the MEDIA EMPERORS WHO HAVE NO CLOTHES.

Candidate Donald Trump . . . and NOW President Donald Trump, has SHONE A very Bright Light, on the Media’s DECEIT, COLLUSION, ARROGANCE & IRRELEVANCE FOR THE TRUTH. In essence . . . Donald Trump has done Two Things To The Media:

1 – Trump showed their DISHONESTY.

2 – Trump is making the Mainstream Media IRRELEVANT.

If you were the Media, ESPECIALLY THE ALL POWERFUL MAINSTREAM MEDIA, how would you feel about a Man (or Woman) who would come out of NOWHERE, and have the AUDACITY to EXPOSE you and your entire Industry as the WORTHLESS and ANTI-DEMOCRATIC Pieces of Work you Really Are?


The ONLY Reason I can see for the LEFT, namely the Democrats . . . wanting to BLOCK every Initiative to making VOTING MORE SECURE, is because the LEFT DON’T want voting to be MORE SECURE.

AND WHEN YOU KNOW . . . That in States like California, virtually everyone who wants to VOTE, American Citizen or NOT, can VOTE . . . what is it to make ANYONE BELIEVE, even for a Nanosecond, that ILLEGALS won’t vote En Masse for the Candidate(s) who will keep them from being Deported, while protecting their “UNDOCUMENTED” Entitlements?

AND IT’S NOT JUST CALIFORNIA . . . And it’s NOT JUST ILLEGALS. Bob Beckel, who is regrettably back on FOX News on THE FIVE, has made it CLEAR while speaking PUBLICLY on FOX in the past, that he PARTICIPATED, AIDED & ABETTED all kinds of Voting SCAMS for the Democrats over the Years. And why shouldn’t we believe him?

There are no shortages of LEFTIST ZEALOTS who have already been caught voting more than once. Voting in the name of a DECEASED Person, or Voting Multiple Times in Different Districts or States.

SO . . . When President Trump PUSHES for a Full-Throated Review on Potential Voter Fraud, instead of the Media and the LEFT attacking the Initiative, I would think, that if they really LOVED their Country and the FREEDOMS which Fair and Honest Elections Provide, they would (should) be 100% on board with wanting to find out the Truth. BUT THEY’RE NOT. I wonder why?


ANNE, STRYKER, APRIL THE CAT & I . . . Live In A Sanctuary City – It’s in Canada, in the Province of Ontario where we Pay Our Taxes, and Benefit from the Services we’ve Paid for over a Lifetime of Personal and Corporate Taxes and Social Contributions.

And even though Anne and I would like to Live Year Round in the USA . . . it’s not our country, and the American LAW says we CAN’T, and we personally understand that we have NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER to make Demands on the Charity and Well-Being of the American People.

THEREFORE . . . After spending our LEGAL amount of Allotted Time in the United States (182-Days) per year, we return back to Canada, to our “Sanctuary City” where we are Citizens and ENTITLED TO ALL THE BENEFITS.


I am looking at YOUR PRESIDENT WITH EXTREME ENVY & SADNESS . . . that he is not our Canadian Prime Minister, and will do for YOUR COUNTRY, everything our Prime Minister Won’t And Can’t do for Ours. And That’s A Tragedy For Canada.

In my NEXT Editorial . . . I will write much more about what Canada can expect as a result of our Prime Minister and Your President’s Interaction. And I don’t suspect it will be Pretty for Canada.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. This goes back to Ismael (the basaard son of Abrahom) and Isaac. The arabs were nothing but desert camel riders until Americans discovered oil in Saudi Arabia. John Mecom from Houston went over there and built (at his expense) refineries. Then they nationalized the oil. They broke Mecom. They have no regard for americans, Jews, Christians. Only Muslims will rule the world and if you don’t submit, off with your head. WHEN WILL WE GET THAT THROUGH OUR HEAD???

  2. During the Obama administration, I woke up each morning in dread of whatever Barry would do next that would throw another wrench into all that had made America great in the past. And he never disappointed me – there was an almost daily barrage of nefarious actions that made me want to regurgitate. All that has changed – I now wake up looking forward to hearing about the latest Trump actions that are designed to IMPROVE things for America! The liberals are howling and squirming – and I love it!

  3. LEFTIST will never give up the attacks on Trump mostly because they are so stupid and brain washed. So Trump will have a very rough 4 years if he pays any attention to these people, but Trump is very tough and in the end he will make fools out of the leftist.

  4. On Facebook I just had a discussion with a cousin about abortion and the march. Her response was that abortions are needed in case of rape. I responded that every abortion then had to be because a woman was raped and that is improbable. I haven’t heard back. They get themselves into a hole and can’t get out.

  5. Howard,
    Another excellent commentry.
    Question … would you have any comments on Arizona senator McCain? It really seems to me he’s sitting on the wrong side of the house.

    I look forward to your comments on Canada and “sunny ways”!

  6. Trudeau the pathetic ass and his contemptible government sicken me to the point where I am ashamed and embarrassed to be a Canadian. Since my wife and I are victims of involuntary servitude and taxation without representation, we are contemplating seeking legal citizenship status in the United States as refugees fleeing a fascist tyranny.

  7. Democrats all know: “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit!! They have told many lies (they believe), so don’t want to hear the truth anymore! Time we taught people how to fish instead of getting free fish! Time we make people do what’s best for our nation, not keep asking what our nation could do (free) for them! Yes, Howard, there are “two-faced friends” out there! (We are “Politically Separated” from some relatives and friends!) Trump is “Proud to be an American”

  8. Any Voter fraud investigation must look into Mail-in-Votes; from how the mail-in was verified as legitimate, to matching signature on the ballot, to the person still being alive, to whom it is counted. Significantly, that the number of ballots cast do not exceed the registered voters of the district, which has occurred in a number states. With todays technology reproducing the mail-in ballot is child’s play.

  9. Today’s editorial, from my POV, is one of your best ever written Howard! Your objectivity with conclusions are nuggets of sound rational judgment. They are spot on. This is one of your best ones yet! The host and hostess for your dinner the other night may still be talking to themselves. Hope they listen to their consciences. An opportunity to befriend a true patriot was cast aside. What a shame. Still think my wife and I need to learn French. GO TRUMP/PENCE!!!

  10. We can never forget that to be a Leftie/Marxist that it is a SEVERE mental illness. These people who are not wired correctly from birth are totally incapable of logical, reasonable thought or expression. They are unhappy losers and hateful toward anything in life that brings joy. Bob Beckel personifies this. He readily does expose who the Left is. THEY REPRESENT THE ENEMY WITHIN!!! They want us destroyed, and you cannot be any sicker than that!

  11. LBJ was elected on a corrupt ballot. A late box from Duval County,Texas had enough votes to win the election. It took seven years for them to prove that there were more votes in that box than people of all ages and tombstones in that County. I never understood why it took so loooong. LBJ was too powerful by then to take him out and it was swept under the rug with all the other corruption in DC. The dead and aliens also vote!!!! We need citizenship cards.

  12. One thing we can count on is that President Trump will not bow to the Saudi King. Or any one else for that matter. Nor will go on any apology tour.

  13. A bit of fuel for Mr. Zucker in case he is again told that babies from rape should be aborted. My son married a girl who had a 3-year-old daughter from a rape. The girl became our granddaughter, an endless delight and a girl with a drive for life. She is now married and has two little boys and a happy husband. Her life has given so much love & joy to us all. Her life has made a difference and all for the better. I understand the argument; it’s just not always right.

  14. Anyone with a modicum of intelligence, including the media, knows the US population is fraught with illegal voters. That said, the media can easily feign ignorance and fool the half wit sycophants on the liberal left. Regardless of a preponderance of facts to the contrary, these people will believe only what they are told to believe and vote accordingly. Let’s hope their proclivity for irresponsible procreation doesn’t overwhelm the system in the next election.

  15. Howard if you were in Arizona, my husband and I would be delighted to enjoy a dinner with you, Anne and Stryker. Those fools don’t know what they will be missing. Keep up the good work.

  16. Thank you for another great read. Love the point that, if the Leftists want fair and balanced elections, why dig in their heels? Am curious about your slant on whether or not Trump will have the Clinton Foundation investigated (although I’m sure he doesn’t want to show his cards yet). As far as your “supper” with those despicable hosts, I hope the dessert you left behind was crow. Voter ID is a MUST. Canada needs a Trump, too. Rant on, Howard!

  17. Howard – I’m sad for you that you and Anne and the pets live in sanctuary cities in 2 countries – 12 months out of the year. I’m grateful for your blog and all the sound reasoning of your articles. Keep it up, as you inspire us!

  18. In Georgia, our newer driver’s license has a star on them. This star indicates that the person IS a US Citizen!!! When I voted in November I was talking with the volunteers who check each voter in & gives them the voting card. I showed them my star. I asked them if they knew what it stood for? Not one of the volunteers knew the answer. I told them, to get the newer driver license, you must go through notable hurdles to get it. I still am wondering why they didn’t know what the star meant???

  19. I enjoy asking liberals I know why they are liberal when IMHO they’re conservatives
    They live within their means
    They agree and follow the laws
    They have jobs
    They save and have retirement accounts
    They pay for their own housing
    ]They buy their own food with their own money
    They pay for their children’s school expenses
    they pay for their children’s college or use a school loan
    They don’t want illegal people in America sucking up tax payer $$$
    So I ask them how they think they are a D

  20. People of this mind set have no joy or happiness in their lives or they would not be so despicable to another human being.
    Sad but LOSERS can’t help themselves they want everyone else to be as miserable as they are.Not gonna happen.It’s a wonderful world and I love it. Billie

  21. It is said to “never debate an IDIOT when you find one”. Hence, why would you, AGAIN, place yourself in that previous predicament?That SO-CALLED FRIENDSHIP is DEFINITELY NOT A LOSS!When LIBERALS are questioned they very seldom answer YES or NO. Instead, they DEFLECT and RATTLE ON with NONSENSE. When I asked a Liberal to name ONE THING Hillarious had ACCOMPLISHED, the person WALKED AWAY! Enough said!AGAIN, the ESTABLISHMENT FEARS TRUMP, especially NOW that he is PRESIDENT. GREAT JOB, Howard! AMEN

  22. Please tell me how being shot down then held captive makes one a hero.
    A student loan is a loan not a gift and anyone having one knew or should have known that before hand, so stop complaining and pay up.

  23. Right on Howard. I am like you a Canadian. I wish we can get someone like Trump as Prime Minister. I am hoping that Trump will uncover the lies of the biggest Hoax ever about Palestinian refugees and stop their funding. Go Trump go.
    Steve Acre, Canada

  24. Every one should have papers or proof of citizenship, if people can by with out it then we shouldn’t have to prove who we are. this country has not been strict enough…Ardella Simacek, Waseca,MN

  25. If Mr. Trump is anything, he is tenacious. He is getting extreme vetting, he will get the wall, he will find out How immigrants without citizenship get to vote by obtaining a drivers license and somehow, Hillary is going to get Hers. He does NOT give all of his reasons but sooner or later he divulges then. I think he may not figure ALL of it out, but he does get to the POINT…he will get it done. Even his staff and Administration and cabinet can’t keep up! Go Trump!! God Bless.

  26. Like John Marshall, for a change, each day I look forward to see what is being achieved in Washington. Our country is no longer progressing backward. Re Canada, I have lost friends who have raised money to support Syrian families. I pointed out Faith Goldy’s reports on the horrible, disruptive impact of Syrian males, up to 20 years old, being place in class rooms with Canadians as young as 12 years old. They are intimidating/harassing etc. the young citizens of both sexes.

  27. Howard:
    Nothing lost by leaving the house of the people who invited you for dinner. The left uses every opportunity to attack no matter how inappropriate it may be. I went to a wedding in California where usually the clergy officiating talks about two two families coming together and how wonderful the two families are.Not so at this wedding where the clergy talked for 25 straight minutes about gay rights. I have nothing against gays , but it was inappropriate.

  28. The true women’s march was in DC today. The liberal’s women march was just about crying over the election results. The inclusive, tolerant, left is anything but. Their actions along with the MSM and the braindead celebs, speak volumes of their hypocrisy.

  29. Why do you think Obama and the democrats allowed millions of illegals into America? It was to increase democrats votes. That is besides cheat voters dead people, Disney personalities and so on…
    Solution: a national (NOT STATE) ID. Everyone in the US has a photo ID card with individual #, whenever the # has voted, it is not allowed to vote again, when a holder dies it is removed from the list and cannot be used again. To describe Trump’s first week performance “A SUNAMI”. The perfect medicatio

  30. Howard your editorials are a prelude to the comments that follow. You have us all thinking.

  31. The mention of conscience along with liberals and leftists, especially elitists is an oxymoron. They killed their conscience a long time ago likely because it was against what they wanted or chose to accept.

  32. Mr. G., Trump is the real thing. He doesn’t care about the BS in DC and just wants to make things “right”. I, for one, am tired of paying taxes only to see most of the $ spent on crap and benefits for the political stars. He’s done more in a few days than most during their tenure. I’m impressed and just hope he gets 4 years to fix this mess. The left and the media don’t get it and will continue to screw with him but they have no idea who they are messing with!

  33. Well, I hope California secedes. We’ll just have to build a longer wall and make them pay for it.

  34. Hopefuly Howard, maybe what takes places down here in the USA will trump the crapp out of PM Trudeau’s head and trump some common-sense, which he has never had, into his head to fill the void or the people in Canada will get some common-conservative-sense, that we have in America and trump Trudeau out-of-office for good, next time the election comes.

  35. Here is a question that I’ve been dying to ask an American. Why does the USA not have a voter registry? Is it so complicated to have a voter registry controlled by the Federal govt so that you don’t have fraudulent voters? Is your driver’s licence controlled by the Feds? Would it not be a worthwhile thing to use that to start a voter register? I’ve heard that in some states, the # of voters outnumber the citizens – how is that even possible?

  36. Although a Californian, I hope this wretched state does secede and builds a wall. I’ll slip through as the last brick is set into place. I got two tires for our 1998 car today (I refuse to upgrade and pay all the taxes) and for that I had an added charge of $9 for hazardous waste disposal fee and environmental impact, etc. I’d laugh if it weren’t so ridiculous. Go Trump! Cut off all sanctuary cites from federal funding of any sort. We already pay plenty for illegal aliens.

  37. Howard, please let me address my remarks to those ‘things’ pathetic leftard grubs! None of the people there were worthy of Yours’ or Anne’s company. Her comment that she or her husband would shoot you etc really shows the low forms of life we deal with when we deal with leftard fools! Do they realise that if it ever hits the fan they will probably be among the first to go?

  38. Shepherd Smith Reporting, on Fox News Channel, dismissed President Trump’s assertion of illegal votes by saying, “There is no proof.” I find this ridiculous because that’s what an investigation is for – to find proof! Even this Fox News host has revealed himself to be on the side of Liberals, and this isn’t the first time either.

  39. Shepherd Smith is a liberal in conservative’s clothing. L. Dobbs said tonight that there is evidence of 800,000 illegal immigrant votes that went for Hilarious. In Chicago, there are ALWAYS dead people voting and don’t tell me you can’t take them off the rolls when social security is notified. It is all colusion. Sorry to hear about that ‘trap’ dinner but better to know the ‘friendship’ was bogus all along. Onward Howard. Hooray, we have a Pres. who works from 6:00 am to 12:00 am!!!

  40. Re: rape.
    I can only imagine that how difficult and heartbreaking it would be to carry that baby to birth, but victims of rape account for less than 1/2 of 1% of abortions. That means 200 babies must die to save that one woman the heartbreak. Is that just?

  41. You’re better off not having those folks as friends. You met some of the folks that make Austin Texas the most despised city in Texas. Lots of libs there and they have no idea what the rest of Texas does to make it the great state that it is. While some are home grown a lot of them migrated in from California after destroying it. Common story is they sell their house in CA and have enough $$ to buy multiple homes here. But they bring their liberal mentality with them. Not a good thing.

  42. When leftists ‘blather’, it is nothing but evidence of their narcissism. They envision themselves as intellectuals and try and prove that by spouting endless BS. I subscribed to twitter just so I could get Trump’s msg without wading through leftist media spin! Watching him stand next to Theresa May made me feel something I haven’t for 8 long years… pride. Pride to see an actual American President with character standing next to, and being respected by another world leader. I had forgotten…

  43. Just as Pierre Elliot Trudeau was said to be ‘our JFK’, my fervent hope is that Kevin O’leary turns out to be ‘our Donald J. Trump’. 🙂

  44. I agree with you. I think it is brilliant that Trump goes around the media with his use of Twitter to communicate to the people rather than depend on the media. It reminds me of Samuel Adams Committees of Correspondence during the American Revolution. He did basically the same thing by using patriots on horseback to get correct information to the people because the papers were not getting correct information to the masses. Look it up – but not in the revisionist history books.

  45. I tell people that I have ‘friends’ and I have ‘acquaintances’. Many ‘acquaintances’ have passed through my life, but there are a few ‘friends’ who are in my life for years, often a lifetime. Howard, those people at the dinner party were never your ‘friends’. Good riddance to them. I would be thrilled to call you and Anne my friends. Maybe someday when I visit my brother who lives a few miles outside of Austin, I could arrange a meeting with you two! It would be a highlight of my life. 🙂

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