LAST NIGHT . . . January 25th, Anne, Stryker and I were invited to a Friend’s Home for Supper, with the understanding that their other Supper Guests leaned to the LEFT.

The Husband of the other Couple was somewhat Neutral, while his Wife was a FLAMING LIBERAL, who can only be described as a LEFTIST PIECE OF CRAP.

Anne and I agreed to attend this supper, especially when our Hosts asked us (ME) not to speak about Politics, because it could lead to a vigorous debate that could kill the evening.


We met the other Couple, sat over appetizers, and spoke about mundane things like our Lifestyle, their Lifestyle, Stryker (who is never mundane), where they moved from, to where they currently are . . . and how Anne and I chose the Lifestyle we are now enjoying.

In essence . . . the conversation was pleasant enough. It was banal. And it was non confrontational in the least. That said though; Anne and I both knew that these people were not our Cup of Tea.


Before we were able to put a forkful of food from the plate to our mouths, the woman started Probing about what I do, what I think, what I write . . . and on and on. To which I refused to take the bait. So I asked her husband about his Military Service in the Air force as a Vietnam Era Fighter Pilot, which was really interesting.

AND AS HARD AS I TRIED TO KEEP THE EVENING APOLITICAL . . . this LEFTIST Piece of Work wouldn’t Stop. AND THEN OUR HOST, the Husband of our Friends, who knew this was not going to end well if it persisted, threw gasoline on the smoldering embers by pursuing her focus, to the point . . . that I INSULTED THIS WOMAN in ways that I hardly use on this Website.

SHE WAS THE ULTIMATE LEFTIST . . . Self-Victimizing IDIOT, who was PROUDER than Punch to have Marched in one of the Women’s Freedom Crap Demonstrations, because in her mind, WOMEN WERE OBJECTIFIED and Treated UNFAIRLY, and not given EQUAL Treatment by Men, who it seemed to me, she saw as ABUSERS of the HIGHEST ORDER.

I’VE MADE IT ABUNDANTLY CLEAR . . . on my Past Radio Show, and in the this BLOG, that I have ZERO Willingness to debate with LEFTISTS, which is as far as I’m concerned, is akin to Debating with Lunatics Outside The Asylum.

AS JUST ONE EXAMPLE OF THIS “CONVERSATION” . . . I asked this Piece of Work to tell me, which Laws Prevent Women from Doing what Men can Do? And which Laws PREVENT Women from Reaching For The Top?


And From There . . . She Started Speaking About Her Vagina And My Penis.

I leaned over to Anne while this LEFTIST’S Lips were Flapping, and in French, so our Hosts would not understand, I told Anne that it was time to leave.

Anne and I bought Two Delicious Desserts, which we brought to the Supper, which we left on the Table, after we Choked Down Our Main Course.

I am NOT upset with the IDIOT LEFTIST, because she is who she is. It’s like stepping on a pile of Dog Crap in a Dog Park, and being upset with the Dog who left it, because we weren’t paying attention to where we Placed our Feet.

BUT I REALLY HAVE TO RETHINK . . . my relationship with people who placed Anne and Myself in this position, and then Threw Fuel on the Fire. This is not what Friends do to Friends.


I’M NO ONE SPECIAL . . . My Influence in the World is Infinitesimal, which doesn’t mean that I don’t have a VOICE and that I am UNABLE to EXPRESS Myself, which I am more CAPABLE than somewhat of doing.

I look at the Amount of Limited Influence this BLOG has to the number of People who Read it, as a PRIVILEGE & REAL RESPONSIBILITY . . . to be recognized by many of you as your VOICE. And I don’t want to let any of you down.

SO UNLIKE ALMOST EVERYONE IN THE MEDIA . . . who says one thing in Front of the Cameras, Over the Microphones, and in Print . . . and then a whole DIFFERENT THING behind closed doors, as they Rub Shoulders with the people they Publicly Criticize . . . I AM NO DIFFERENT WHEREVER I HAPPEN TO BE.

If anything . . . I am somewhat MORE Articulately Reserved on this BLOG, where I resist using the kind of Language I have little Problem using with someone FACE TO FACE . . . who deserves it.

LAST NIGHT WAS A REMINDER . . . Of how SICK-MINDED the LEFT really are. And when we got home EARLY from this supper, I felt in need of a shower, just to wash this sickness off me . . . And Then Anne And I Had Dessert.


1 – Don’t Mistake Honest Opinions CONTRARY to my Opinions as being UNWELCOME on this BLOG in the Comment Section, because I welcome all HONEST Conservative Opinions. Just don’t engage in Debates. And don’t be Insulting.

2 – Sidney Conn of Birmingham Alabama DIDN’T Get the Message. And in the last Comment, he said that we all have to “CHILL”. So I got his message, and he can no longer Comment on Nor is he in the Directory, from which he has been Permanently Removed.

I might not have much POWER in this World. But I do have all the POWER I need and want to control what happens on my BLOG.

3 – Several People, since my last Editorial, sent Money through PayPal to help SUPPORT, which is very much appreciated, but Uncalled For, since I will ask for Support in Mid February, and I DID NOT mean to “GUILT” anyone to send Money. BUT ALL THE SAME . . . THANK YOU!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I follow your comments closely. Thank you for your plain spoken analysis of reality. However, I am now convinced that the only way for things to change is for America to be visited by the truth, on main street, that Israel and other parts of the world have seen daily. I am sorry to say that my country has gone from great to close to a third world entity in my life (69 years). Too many Americans have drunk the Kool Aid I am afraid.

  2. Next time…pee in the bathroom sink before leaving. It’s relieving..!

  3. Sounds like an ideological Holocaust. NEVER AGAIN! Come to the Birman Steak House in Boca Raton for a much more pleasant ambiance!

  4. You handled the situation very well. I have a hard time talking to Liberals because most of the time they are using “talking points” and usually don’t even understand what they are saying. Now as the people who invited you, they did not help the situation at all so they would be off my list!! It was almost like they wanted to see a big “blow up”.

  5. I agree with Martin!! LOL The world is full of idiots Howard–and they are all obama voters. Hang out with me and John instead LOL

  6. Howard, I, too, have been the victim of verbal diatribe because of my Conservatve views…as most of us who read & understand this blog are. I love showing a LEFTY just how wrong they are…& watching their discomfort when they have no response. I say we should ALL have at least 1 dinner to remind us occasionally how stupid the Left really is. What a great story! Keep it up. We love you here in Dewey, AZ!!

  7. Howard you and your bride just went thru thru dinner from Hell no desert too!! Iam not Jewish but have two Jewish friends. One a conservative and one liberal. With the conservative friend who I spent sometime with at her home in north CA. The other friend who I just spend time with email and is the liberal we made a pact years ago not to mention and politics and have kept it that way. Time enjoyed by all.

  8. Losers all…let ’em dress as vaginas, march, bitch, moan and complain…but keep ’em off the damn roads, I’m trying to get to my job!

  9. Last night at dinner, I sat with a folks involved with a patriotic church group. One of the wive’s said she voted for the green candidate because neither Clinton or Trump were viable. When I said that Trump was pro-life, she started the liberal rap about voting based on one issue. I’ve heard this one before & realized I was dealing with liberal think. I live in Oregon, so enough said. BTW, our Portland snowflakes are having another march, this time against the police for using pepper spray.

  10. I found your column to be a hoot…couldn’t help but laugh just picturing you give the fool “what for”. I know people just like this and I wish I was there to see the Leftist “Lady” wilt under your fire. It is, however, a bit disheartening to see how many vile and stupid creatures the election of Pres Trump has unearthed. I really didn’t think it could be this bad, but it is. Heaven help us.

  11. Each of our voices is an Infinitesimal whisper but together we roar.

  12. I never debate with leftist people and as you say it’s like debating with lunatics outside the asylum. Being a leftist is a sickness. If the leftist bring up politics I never argue with them, I just let them go on as this is good entertainment for me.

  13. So gently and professionally handled on your dinner experience. Friends do not skewer friends over dinner or “T” them up for pot shots while breaking bread. Well done Howard and Anne! My takeaway…, perhaps both my wife and I need to learn a second language?

  14. Howard! You were having some really bad astrology last evening! Things will improve!

  15. “BUT I REALLY HAVE TO RETHINK . . . my relationship…”
    Nothing to rethink at all. He screwed you and Anne. He s not your friend AT ALL.
    He is a friend of the “Self-Victimizing IDIOT”!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Many years ago, Rush Limbaugh uttered a phrase that I still remember to this day: “You can’t have a rational conversation with an irrational individual.”

  17. Been ther Howard, U handl it well. Know a screaming leftie in Cornwall, n avoid talk with her; voted for Trudeau, becus he’s gud lookin, sez Islam n Muslim invadin Canada is myth. No right person understand Y women marched, simply anti DT instigators like Judd leading Lemmings. I remember your debate with Lauzon, you’re a real fighter, no politically correct nonsense and we admire you for that. No guilt feeling sending HG $10, he deserves it. C’mon bloggers, send $10, less
    than coffee n donut

  18. Your approach is similar to mine, Howard. When I am confronted by a Leftie, I keep asking “gotcha” questions, as you did.
    When a silent, or irrevelent, response results, I try to remain silent for a while, hoping that the Leftie will begin to

  19. One great concern is our schools teaching what to think (“politically correct”) and then to react with emotion (“how does that make you feel?”) to anyone who thinks differently. My technique is to calmly ask leading questions, not so much as to win a debate but rather to force the other person to think, and not just emote. If they follow me there, we can have a reasonable conversation – literally. If not, don’t throw any pearls to pigs. Isaiah 1:8 “Come, let us reason together . . .”

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  21. 40 years of unchallenged Alt-Left teaching in our schools coupled with the denial of the truth of past totalitarian societies has resulted in the ascension of the Pagan Nazified Left. You were at an evening meeting in such a home – the conversation would have been the same with any of their otherwise agreeable guests that they normally host. Her husband is the typical neutered male living with the rad/feminist who will destroy him should he ever hint a challenge. Welcome to Justin’s Canada.

  22. If it were 20+ years ago I would have chided you for not holding your ground and putting this woman in here place. But I have learned with many of my current and former friends and/or associates that when the other side doesn’t know nor care that they don’t know trying to show them the light is like trying to describe a blue sky to a blind person. I found that I simply cannot, no do not, tolerate stupidity in the form of liberalism any longer. Not that I am all that perfect either.

  23. I hope you and Anne read my fb post “women march toward Islam”. Really something to think about. Also you’ll have a better meal when you come here soon I hope. VIckie

  24. Oh, gracious, your experience sounds like our typical family holiday with my sister and her kids—all Leftists of the highest order. Smug and oh, so proud about it all. We are seen as the religious bigots, deplorables of the worst order and downright idiots. Since my husband and I are the only conservatives at the table, it can get ugly. One Christmas in particular we got into a shouting match. Not good! I have learned to keep trap shut and drink lots of wine.

  25. I make it a point not to engage leftists verbally – their heads are stuck in the sand. The last time I deviated from this rule was in Hawaii, where my wife and I were enjoying our 50th anniversary. A woman asked me why, in Arizona, I carry a firearm concealed – was I paranoid? I replied: “Ma’am, do you have a fire extinguisher in your home?” (Yes) “Are you expecting a fire?” (No) “Then why do you have one?” (Silence). And then my logic dawned on her… it seems logic TRUMPS stupidity.

  26. Perhaps the liberal woman was schooled by leftist criminal educator Donna Hylton? That would explain her mental deficiencies! It’s truly sad how leftism evaporates any semblance of logic into a lost vortex!

  27. Suggest Ann Coulter’s book, “How To Talk To A Liberal (If You Must).

  28. Progressivism splits families, I have a sister who is impossible to interact with due to her incessant need to debate and disparage our solid our Conservative position in politics. Schadenfreude! She’s not a happy camper right now. My brother got broadsided with her salvos about POTUS Trump just yesterday. We’re all in our 60s and 70s. Too bad.

  29. I think what your unfortunate host may have experienced was a light manifestation of the beginnings of the Conservative Spring. The right finally reacting appropriately to the left’s delusion, insanity, self righteous hypocritical chauvinism and hysteria.The time of a complete lack of ANY MORE tolerance for people who should rightly be under psychiatric care is upon us. Nor should we tolerate that lefty acting out! Liberalism is a mental disorder…If we don’t fix ‘them’, who will?

  30. Howard, our mayor, a very genuine person, signs all of his writings with his mantra which you might want to adopt: “I am who I am; I am what I am; and I am who I am and what I am wherever I am.”
    Pat Millett
    Vicksburg, MS

  31. Anne and you did what decent human beings would do. These liberal miscreants simply embarrass themselves when they bloviate about the virtues of their beliefs among those who do not agree with them. Decorum is learned at an early age. Not everyone is exposed to the lessons or able to understand them if they are. At this juncture, their opinion is not worth consideration. The liberals were soundly defeated on November 8! Tough! Live with it! Blessings to your family and you!

  32. Howard, I deal with these type of folks by repeating to myself tht they have no standards.. If you listen to them, especially in the way that you reported above, it becaomes apparent very soon that their frame of reference is what is of the moment. Looking back, I can remember the “situational ethics” movement which followed the “God is dead” crase. When liberals progressives rejected God, maker of the universe, they removed all stnadrds and and in their mind anything goes.

  33. Dear Sir
    I love everything you do write on your Blog and I thank you each day I read it. If it were not for your writings about what is going on in the world I would be more dumb than a bucket of worms. Your a great teacher wish I had, had you in school growing up. You would have made a wonderful one. Thank you again to you and to Anne for all that you do for us.
    My best to you both. Gods blessings to you each.

  34. Received 2 unsolicitated emails from family member. First a link to her daughters blog page wher she was crying and could not sleep and blaming white women. I answered and said American women. Then I was accused of being everything in the book. Then came another to close to 50 family members. I answered and suggested that if this email was forwarded by anyone, that thousands of people would have it. I was then accused of threatening her. It’s sad because the couple has 3 daughters.

  35. There is an old expression: “To those who understand, no explanation is necessary. To those who do not understand, no explanation is possible.” Attempting to reason with a liberal is a waste of time. This fall , my former liberal lady friend, retired manager of recruitment and training, “Public Works”. emailed, asking if I was going to vote for “that clown”. My response was that I was not voting for a criminal nor a clown. Finally it was resolved by a response to never contact her again

  36. I feel your pain. In a similar note, I was with family and friends. One family member sings in the choir and has a stellar attendance at church (Christian). We started talking about religion. I mentioned that I could not understand a Christian being anti-semetic when they worship a Jew. This man got livid and red faced and screamed at me “JESUS WAS A CHRISTIAN”. I informed stupid that the word Christian was not invented until 50 yrs after Jesus was crucified. He stormed out of the room.

  37. I felt comfortable reading this article since I got lamblasted this fall also by a sisterinlaw.I realy felt bad since I was going tell a joke. One word out of my mouth and she went rabid and said she did not want to talk to me and to stay away from her.and then she took off across the room. I had been in Texas and Colorado about 20 years. I didn’t realize that Minnesota has become liberal. I do not understand the womens March and can not figure out how any woman can feel so deprived. Ardella Sim

  38. Sounds like you were set up. You did a great job handling the situation. Just hoping your next dinner engagement is much more palatable.

  39. WOW what an evening. There is no reasoning with them and seems like this election has them crawling out from under every rock. Too bad they are so blindsided. Keep up the good work and take care. We love reading your articles.

  40. In my previous life (previous) marriage, my wife had a group of girlfriends who were school teachers. We were asked to a get together once with some of them and their husbands, some of them also school teachers. Talk about a bunch of leftist zombies! I somehow managed to zip my lips, but vowed never to go there again. Also were singing the praises for our own taxpayer funded CBC (communist broadcast network).
    My Dad was a smart, Conservative Christian. He taught me that you “can’t fix stupi

  41. You hit the nail on the head. It’s like we’ve crossed back and forth between two parallel universes. Where did these left loonies get their beliefs from. Is it these college campus’s that spew out their dribble? I have a very close friend of 50+ years that works at UT, and we can not hardly communicate any further because of this great political divide. It’s a little scary, reminiscent of the civil war. God help us.

  42. You and Anne make a beautiful team couple to endure the dinner with ‘friends’……I applaud you for showing your great honesty and this is exactly what the world needs! The blogs sent show we are all behind you one hundred percent! God Bless you both.

  43. It’s hard to communicate with this type of personality because the “Japheth part of them — the intellect” is not engaged.
    I am glad she did not engage the “Ham” part because it sounds like she could have become pretty physical. At least you engaged the “Shem” part and stayed cool, calm and collected. You did well! Genesis chapter 9

  44. I’m only to where it says….”So here’s how it went down”, and I’m laughing hysterically…..Be right back…stand by! 🙂 WOW….That was like an accident ready to happen. It was nice of you and Anne to accept the invitation, Howard; and it is a shame you had to be reminded the hard way, but so it is. Bet it will NEVER happen to you guys again! I really don’t know if there are adequate words to describe how TOTALLY screwed up in the mind these kinds of people are. There is ZERO hope for them!

  45. I found a weak spot in the armor of a Catholic lady friend of ours.She was spouting off all of her dislikes about DJT.Then I mentioned that because he was elected, he will probably appoint 3 pro choice supreme court justices. SHE GOT VERY QUIET AND THEN SAID, AFER A PAUSE, YES THAT IS ONE GOOD THING ABOUT HIM. Try that on the opposition when it is appropriate, I suspect that DJT won the evangelical and Jewish vote because of the pro life supreme court justices he may appoint.Not Hillary.

  46. Again – An example of “Stupid is as stupid does!!!” I have a friend of 60 years & she is a Leftist. I try not to talk politics with her, simply because she feels secure in her thinking & feelings. She is NOT a Leftist from Hell, just a Leftist & Democrat. She honestly thinks the government should take care of us & that they know what’s best for us. She is still very naive & has been since I first met her back in 1956 when we both were in 8th grade. I love her dearly, like a sister.

  47. I live in a town that is infested with liberals there were Obama signs everywhere in the last elections. My Trump yard signs were stolen. As usual my political yard signs always disappear. I don’t cowar I have a 25ft flag pole in my front yard with old glory flying at the top then don’t tread on me flag and Trump Pence flag flying proudly underneath illuminated at night.My liberal neighbors know who I am it’s too bad they don’t respect my first amendment rights.

  48. Many years ago I sat in on a sales meeting that has stuck with me all these many years. Much topic matter was touched on having to do with rapour building, but the most remembered was “NEVER speak about politics or religion”! and added was the comment – “sometimes you must come to the realization that ‘some people’ are just no damn good”! Roy Shoemaker – RIP & thank you!

  49. They asked you not to talk politics however must have not told her not to, either that or she just ignored their request. You did the right thing you just can’t argue with them, might as well talk to a wall.

  50. Howard, pick your hosts from the commentators in the Response section of your articles. You’ll know you are among friends and admirers.

  51. Howard, leftist or rightist, liberal or otherwise, you may love them or hate them, debate with them until you’re purple, but you do have to love their democratic right to choose. You have always fought for democracy and everything that it represents, so the only thing that I hope for now, is that your desert together with Anne had a happy ending. ( Hope that brought a smile to your face)

  52. A guy I used to work for, good tradesman, great boss, had my wife and I for lunch with him and his wife. All was great until after lunch when he and I were alone and the wives were also alone, both he and his wife unloaded on us by discrediting Harper and co. They praised the NDP to the nines.I felt violated as I respected him. Left their place and will never talk to him again other than to tell him to fo. Don’t need friends like that.

  53. I probably wouldn’t have anything to do with the friend who invited you to dinner who didn’t change the subject or tell the liberal to let up and let it go. I have to listen to the liberal teachers at the lunch table every day who carry on about how they hate Trump and any conservative policies. I just have to keep my mouth shut and listen to the drivel. With the exception of the Sabra Riders, most of my Jewish friends are liberal, but they know I am not and we just don’t talk about politics.

  54. I have come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as a civil conversation with a leftist.

  55. I haven’t read all the above comments so this may be a duplicate.
    I sure hope you’ve distanced yourself from those so-called “friends”!
    And yes, you can’t argue with a lunatic, a waste of time as they only hear what they want to hear.
    God bless you Howard.

  56. I admire your candor, Howard, and you did not, in any way, influence my small contribution to your site by any “non-existent” guilt trip!!!!….
    I love your editorials!….

    Joe Magdall, Markham Ontario.

  57. HG–You were “FOREWARNED” by your so-called HOST MALE FRIEND that “their other Supper Guests leaned to the LEFT”. You were also asked “not to speak about Politics, because it could lead to a vigorous debate that could kill the evening”. Now, WHY in the world would HE throw “gasoline on the smoldering embers by pursuing the other guest’s LIBERAL focus”? Sorry to say, but I, personally, DON’T consider the HOST a FRIEND–especially after being given such a WARNING! Enough said! AMEN!

  58. Progressive march was a united hate-fest of “useful idiots” & Hollywood Has-Beens. Control the children, control the world – Dems may lose their best brain washing victims through school choice. Each Trump victory will ignite more rage. They are already mounting campaigns for 2018 & 2020. Their computer BOTNET fake news Twitter feeds and FB posts spew hate making their numbers seem larger than they are. We must keep our momentum. “Rise & rise again until lambs become lions” (Robin Hood)

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