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FIRST OFF . . . when I began writing this BLOG, about a dozen years ago, I did it exclusively for my own psychological benefit, and I didn’t care one bit what people thought about what I wrote, what I thought, and what I said.

THEN . . . as the years progressed, and people by the HUNDREDS, and then by the THOUSANDS began reading what I wrote, I changed my attitude to begin writing more for the People who visited, who reached out to me with their Comments via Email.

AND AS THE NUMBERS went from HUNDREDS to THOUSANDS, I spent a considerable amount of money recreating the GUTS of this BLOG to provide Internet Safety, Privacy and a COMMENT SECTION, where the people can Publish their Opinions.

AND TO PAY FOR ALL OF THIS – ALL THE TIME . . . it came out of our POCKET (Anne And I). AND THEN, at the insistence of an Older Friend (John), who is Financially Well Off, and Politically Astute, who was also very generous in helping me fund the Freedom of Expression Law Suits I was Waging Against Several Levels of Government, who after I lost an EXTREMELY expensive case, which should NEVER have been Lost, which cost a total of just under ONE HALF MILLION DOLLARS . . . my Friend said THE FOLLOWING:

1 – That because I can . . . it does not mean that I should or have to FIGHT the FIGHT for everyone else.

2 – Because there are people cheering-me-on to FIGHT the GOOD FIGHT, because others can’t or won’t, doesn’t mean that I have to bear the Entire Financial Burden Alone.

In other words . . . if others won’t ANTE-UP, neither should I. But I did anyways.

3 – Even though there was John and several of his Rich Friends, along with Kim McConnell of the CLF (Canadians For Language Fairness), who helped as much as they could with the Financing of these Court Challenges, the BURDEN Fell to Anne and Myself. And we are not even close to being rich by any standards.

4 – Then John said that he will no longer Financially SUPPORT what I do, not even a little bit, unless I start CHARGING People who read for the Privilege of Reading what I Labor to Write, and that was BEFORE I paid for the Comment Section.

But I told John . . . that I didn’t feel right about CHARGING anyone for reading what I write. And besides, if I charged, just about everyone who reads the Editorials would simply stop reading the BLOG, which to me would be a major disappointment, since I am a TRUE BELIEVER in an Honest, Affordable, and Accessible Media.

SO I MADE A DEAL WITH MY FRIEND JOHN . . . Whether he continues to support what I do or not, I will ask people who want to support this BLOG to do so WITHOUT CONDITIONS OR COERCION, since I agreed with him that there should be NO FREE RIDES, especially for people who could afford to pay, which would be the choice of each Reader.

John was pleased with this compromise decision, and still continues to support the things that I do and write. It isn’t a fortune, but it helps to make a difference.

I think perhaps, the most important aspect of this decision to ASK FOR SUPPORT . . . was that for the first time, I was able to Quantify the VALUE people placed on what I wrote.

I certainly do not raise a TON OF MONEY from And out of the THOUSANDS of People on the Galganov Directory, and the THOUSANDS MORE who read what I write, there are only between 75 To 100-People who regularly contribute, which is fine for me, since they lighten the load.


THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO . . . with me asking you for money, I’ll do that in Mid February. But it has everything to do with RESECT & APPRECIATION.

I SPEND AT A MINIMUM . . . 4 To 6-Hours almost every day writing this BLOG, usually starting as I drink my First Cup of Coffee as the sun comes up. I spend HOURS every day researching what I write to make certain that whatever I put on this BLOG is as ACCURATE & JAMMED PACKED with pertinent information as is possible, so you can know something most people have to wait a Day or More to Learn from the Main Stream Media.

I can’t count the number of times I declined to go Shooting, to go out with Friends for Lunch or Supper, to NOT go to see a movie because something just happened that I felt COMPELLED to put on the BLOG for you to Read.

I even passed a GREAT Canadian Thanksgiving Supper with Close Friends, because there was a Live Debate during the Campaign that I was not going to miss.

I LOVE walking with Anne and Stryker, but I rarely ever have the opportunity to do this during the Morning or at Lunchtime, because I’m writing. So we walk at Supper and around 10:30 at night.

AND AFTER THAT LAST WALK . . . which many of you can attest, because you’ve been the recipient, that I return Emails long into the night, and very often into the early morning, so I can respond to what you had written to me, because I didn’t have the time to do it during the day. And because I RESPECT your efforts.

SO WHEN YOU WRITE TO ME . . . In the Form of an Email or in my Comment Section, that I SHOULD CALM DOWN. RELAX. EZ DOES IT . . . ETC. Because you don’t agree with what I said about Trump, Jerusalem or Whatever . . . I THINK YOU ARE READING THE WRONG BLOG. Because I think I have EARNED better than that.

I CREATED the Comment Section of to read your opinions, and for others to read Opinions from People Across North America and from around the World. So I have no reservations with People who disagree with what I WRITE . . . as long as they are NOT LEFTISTS and are CIVIL.


I am not part of the Mainstream Media . . . and I do whatever I can to provide a DIFFERENT Perspective to how we see the World and Politics, which is much different from the LOAD OF CRAP we have been fed for generations.


I NEVER Wrote that President Trump is NOT Going to move the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. What I wrote . . . is that if he DOES NOT Follow Through on what I consider to be his SECOND Most High Profile Campaign Pledge, I WILL BE MORE DISSATISFIED THAN JUST SOMEWHAT!

I NEVER Wrote that I would stop supporting President Trump if he DIDN’T Honor his PLEDGE to move the Embassy. TO THE CONTRARY . . . I wrote that I would still DEFEND his Presidency, whether he moved the Embassy or not.


AND HE DIDN’T WIN ALONE . . . so when People write to me, saying he’s ONLY been President for 2-Days, so we should give him a chance, That’s A Crock, since MORE THAN 60-MILLION Americans gave him a chance with their VOTE. Now it’s Time For The Goodwill To Be Over.

SOME OTHER PEOPLE WROTE . . . That President Trump has so much on his Plate; that he needs time to make good on all of his Promises. If President Trump has the TIME to send out his Tweets (which I approve of), about Crowd Sizes, Dishonest Media . . . ETC – then he certainly has the TIME to Reassure EVERYONE that his COMMITMENT to Moving the USA Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is GOING TO HAPPEN.

Instead, what we are hearing . . . is how COMPLICATED the Move is going to be. And how they are involved in SENSITIVE Negotiations. That’s Also A Crock. It’s ONLY as Complicated and Sensitive as the Trump Administration wants to make it.

Someone also wrote to me, that President Trump would run into serious Problems pushing this Embassy Move through Congress. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!

The US Congress PASSED the Jerusalem Embassy Act in 1995, DECLARING that all of Jerusalem (Undivided City) is the Capitol of Israel, and that the United States of America MUST Move its Embassy to Jerusalem.

NOT ONLY THAT, the Congress set aside the FUNDS to make it happen. And if you think the Congress was DIVIDED on this Legislation . . . THINK AGAIN. The Vote in the Senate was 93-FOR, 5-OPPOSED. In the House, the Vote was 374-FOR and 37-OPPOSED.

President Trump already has everything he needs from the Congress to simply MOVE the Embassy to Jerusalem – EVERYTHING! All he needs to do now, is take a few SECONDS out of his busy schedule, and make the Declaration that the US Embassy is moving to Jerusalem. Where and how the Embassy is going to be built is SECONDARY.


Ray Hansen of Luverne Minnesota made a Comment in the last Editorial. Len Shier of Regina Saskatchewan in a following Comment TOLD Ray Hansen to “CHILL AND GET A GRIP”.

This will NOT happen again on

COMMENTING ON GALGANOV.COM IS A PRIVILEGE . . . IT IS NOT A RIGHT. And there is ZERO Tolerance for people to Slander, Insult, Disparage or TEACH anyone who Comments on MY BLOG A LESSON.

NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT ON GALGANOV.COM . . . to tell another person to Chill And Get A Grip, or anything of that sort. Everyone’s “HONEST” & CONSERVATIVE opinion is welcome with Neither Insult or Condescension.


I LOVE WHAT PRESIDENT TRUMP IS DOING THUS FAR . . . But that does not mean he gets to have a FREE RIDE. No Politician GETS to have a FREE RIDE, no matter how popular. Because, if you DON’T keep President Trump’s FEET TO THE FIRE to Honor all of his Promises, you will have NO RIGHT to Bitch and Complain when he decides that his Presidency is Bigger Than The People Who Elected Him. And don’t think that can’t happen.

Power Corrupts. Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely!

RIGHT NOW . . . It’s Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice; and unless you’re there to CONSTANTLY REMIND PRESIDENT TRUMP, who got him to where he is and why, that Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice . . . will sooner much rather than later turn to Vinegar.

It Always Starts Great . . . So Do Your Part To Make Sure That’s How It Ends.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard: Your editorials comprise MY bible/quran, etc. If the world referenced your principles, we would easily achieve nirvana! Kudos!

  2. Buddy you rock! This Editorial best exemplifies the foresight that you have & that I respect so much!! There’s so much drama everywhere around which is why I enjoy your Site; I can rely on the facts without drama & mudslinging. Don’t ever change.


  4. I agree about the Jerusalem embassy Many of his voters voted for him on this the most important campaign promise

  5. I imagine that Messrs. Donald and Bibi, wisely, are preparing for the safe move of the U.S. embassy. You can bet that
    Hamas and Co. are planning attacks.

  6. I do agree with all your comments. You are writing and giving us info and I also agree for someone to tell you to chill out. We all have our opinions and if they don’t like yours then don’t read them. I most always agree with you and if I don’t it makes me stop and think and you may change my mind or you may not. I, too, agree with moving Embassy to Jerusalem. Anything that Obama did should be reversed! I am on a fixed income but will try next month to send some money.

  7. Howard, please continue to boldly speak the truth to those who have ears to hear.

  8. WOW – Right out of the gate & you are more than correct in your blog!!! I daily watch ILTV, a Jewish TV station in Tel Aviv. All of the moderators speak English, which helps greatly. I have come to realize that many Israelis are secular & leftist. It does seem as though many Israelis don’t want our Embassy in Jerusalem. Many of them are upset that Netanyahu signed the order to build 2500 buildings in the East Jerusalem. Personally, I am for it, as I am for putting our US Embassy in Jerusalem.

  9. If my comments yesterday offended or upset you, please forgive me. That was not my intention at all.

  10. Trump’s Train is getting crowded, more and more people are believers. The best line so far, “Trump did more to get overweight people walking than “Lady” Obama did in eight years.

  11. Thanks, Howard for your inspiring words. We pray that President Trump makes the Declaration that the US Embassy is moving to Jerusalem and that nothing impedes that process.

  12. HOWARD I just emailed you a way to raise $$ that does not cost anyone anything BUT it is limited to Canadians though there are similar offers in the US (that I have heard about).

  13. Thank you for coming down on “interactive bantering”! Everyones comment is what it is. Don’t like it, follow a different blog.
    And Howard, keep up the GREAT WORK!

  14. Howard, I read you mostly because I like a different view presented to me. Sometimes people see things in a certain light never imagining an alternative. Thank you for providing that alternative. I have high hopes for this presidency. I only hope that the Congress can embrace some of his ideas and work with him to get it done. I don’t want another 4 years of “by the pen and phone.”

  15. Howard-When reading the comments in your last BLOG, I viewed them very differently.I felt that people were genuinely trying to SUPPORT you, as proven by the multiple SIMILAR comments.Yes, I agree that many could have delivered their message more appropriately.I also agree that your BLOG should NOT be a DEBATING FORUM.I may be naive, but I truly believe that TRUMP’S PLANS are already in place to MOVE the EMBASSY to JERUSALEM.We ALL appreciate your BLOG & your DEDICATION to it. THANK YOU! AMEN!

  16. Howard.
    This blog of yours hit a Home Run! Unfortunately, there are individuals in our country who take issue with the least petty
    issues and then use social media to blow that issue up even more. In my opinion, there are many people out there who begin
    writing their opinions on social media post that after a while are just repeating like a parrot would and this is the very reason
    my spouse and me look forward each day to read your comments. We appreciate the great sacrifice you make.

  17. Look at all the leftist politicians and terrorists groups around the world who don’t want the US embassy to move.
    REASON ENOUGH to move it!!! Get it done Trump! Get it done!

  18. I agree with you 100%
    Thanks for what you do for me and
    May God Bless you.
    Please keep up the great work!!!!!

  19. Howard, Personally I think it will be better if Trump issues the following declaration about Jerusalem. Jerusalem was the City of King David and Solomon. it was always a Jewish city and just because due to wars, the Jews were scattered, the time has come for them to go back home and reclaim their land and Jerusalem as their undivided Capitol.
    Steve Acre, Montreal, Canada

  20. So enjoy your articles. Thankful that we have them to read and know that we are getting the news straight and not leaning left. Thank you for the many hours you put into your writings. Keep up the good work. Do believe that Pres Trump (OH THAT SOUNDS GOOD) will do as he has promised. Know that relations with Israel are very important to you and to the rest of the world. Blessings to you, Anne, and your wonderful pets.

  21. Howard, consider this. First Trump is a negotiator. His statement / promise is a negotiating position. Does not mean that he will not move the embassy but rather he wants to see how much his son-in-law can get from the other side. Second, the PM will be here next month, lets wait and wee what comes out of that meeting. While Trumps statement on the embassy could be a signal to Israel that he has their back but you are right it now needs to be backed u
    p with action

  22. Mr. G – you do what you do, the way you do, and nobody does it like you (apologies to Carly Simon). I have read your column for years, and I not only learn more about politics, but about the man who writes these columns. You firmly believe what you write, and clearly demonstrate a passion for truth, warts & all. I most sincerely appreciate and respect your efforts – I know that you will keep on keeping on. Thank you for your words & thoughts. Best to you, Anne, and Stryker!

  23. Howard, great article and I am sure 99.9 percent of the readers enjoy what you write and that what you say in your articles. I believe they are from the heart and of course well researched and accurate. I heard Trump has approved the pipe line from Alberta to Texas, it means I believe about 20,000 jobs immediately in the US and of course many jobs for those in Alberta. Not sure of the number who will be employed but it will really help those in Fort MacMurray.

  24. Thanks for your candor. I know you want to emphasize things but you have a lot of UPPER CASE. So, do you take PayPay as a donation? They do have PayPay in Canuckland–right?

  25. Depends on the quality of the “sugar and spice”. Trump was raised to be like he is. He is not phony. He is a working man’s man. He is a Middle America Champion. He greets people with sincerity, kindness and interest. Obama was gracious, but cold. Those are learned manners and they taught and groomed him well enough to be our President for 8 loooong years. Trump is the real deal. He will also work Wash DC to exhaustion. He sleeps 3hrs at night.

  26. Howard, I look forward to reading your blog each day. My highlights of each day are listening to three hours of Rush Limbaugh and reading your blog. I agree with all that you say and I have learned a lot on many subjects that you write about. My best to you, Anne, Stryker and April the cat.

  27. Mr. Howard, You’re doing just fine. But as us caregivers know, if we fail on taking care of ourselves, we can’t take care of the patient. So as you know, and indicated the quiet walks with Anne and stryker are precious times. More important than..well anything else I can think off. I do like your viewpoints, on the culture of the world. Often catch myself saying out loud, “Yeah, Howard is right on!” So you do, what you know to do, and I’ll just guard the gate down here in Sourdough, Fl..peace.

  28. Howard you are doing what I have always had faith you would keep on doing
    never give up

    David MacKAY

  29. Hi Howard, I like what you are writing about politics, about Jerusalem / Israel; it is my taste of words. I like your readers reactions, I like your blog!!! And I am happy that I am not alone. Keep it up

  30. Howard!! I am sure now that Pres Trump reads your blog!!! Look how fast we got action on the immigration and border issue. As of yesterday there was still 880 coming across our southern border everyday. Hope he shut that down today also. Border guards said all they needed was the word from Trump and they would get it done. Now lets get the word on that embassy move. GO DONALD TRUMP!!!

  31. The Embassy will understandably take a little time to materialize but I’m sure it will be done. When the first shovel hits the ground the s**t will hit the fan. It’s has the potential to be quite dangerous but Netanyahu will not be deterred and neither will Trump. $10 will be off to you tonight and on your behalf am asking all you readers to pony up for HG to keep writing his superb editorials that unlike the media is not fake news.

  32. If my response quoting our newly nominated ambassador’s statement in any way offended you, please forgive me. I do not see Mr. Trump as a politician buy rather, a very competent manager that the people have selected to take over the management of our country and to rectify the rotten policies of former political leaders. He took over our burdens at almost zero salary. This week I received another survey over his signature re what I thought was the most immediate need for him to accomplish.

  33. The move will happen! Let’s just chill and let it happen. I’ve been to Israel many times and have served with Sar El, the volunteer arm of the IDF twice, so I have an inkling about how complex this it. Even my Israeli friends who are staunchly in favor of the move aren’t esxactly sure how to go about doing it. T’ain’t as simple as moving a bunch of file cabinets!

  34. May God bless you and all the work you continue to do to spread truth. So many of us have dedicated nearly a decade to try to turn this country back toward God. No matter what, evil will always rear its ugly head, and justice will not take place in this world, only in the next. Keep the faith and know you have far more support and appreciation than you could ever imagine.

  35. Thank you, Howard, for all the time you put into this blog. I appreciate everything you write! And you have more than earned my respect. Keep up the good work.

  36. Mr. G, I enjoy reading your blog and support when I can. Seeing some of the crap people post on facebook and twitter makes perusing the comment section here seem like safety with friends. Thanks for keeping check on folks here, and thanks for writing your blog!

  37. Howard, you are true to your word……I congratulate you for telling Sidney Conn that it was his last comment on your blog.
    Some people read but don’t believe that it means them…..I see this all the time in life as people see signs and think that it means everyone else but me. Good reply to your last blog….if people don’t understand it, that’s their problem. Keep writing as you do….but take care of yourself first so that you can continue to do it for a long time.

  38. Kaboom! Thanks for sharing, Howard. You have taken on an enormous responsibility!!! We assumed it was big, but this info really brings it into focus, and you’ll never know how much we appreciate your dedication. We would be surprised if Trump ignores his promise about the embassy. Might he be waiting to announce the move until Netanyahu visits the USA and they can shake hands on it in front of the illustrious Marxist Media? How sweet that would be.

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