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I’m watching a Congressional Hearing as the person speaking is telling how much Congress is prepared to Hunker Down and do the HARD WORK they were ELECTED TO DO.


THE GUY OR WOMAN HOLDING A JACKHAMMER . . . who works for a privately owned company, earning a few bucks in comparison to the ENORMOUS Political Salaries with CRIMINAL Perks, Partial Tax Free Income, Time Off, and Grotesque Pensions, who’s standing in the Middle of a busy, noisy, dusty, and smelly intersection, doing the work to keep the PEOPLE’S infrastructure viable so everyone can travel . . . IS DOING THE HARD WORK.


THE FAT-ASS POLITICIAN . . . FLAPPING his or her Lips in Overstated and Usually WORTHLESS Debates and Pronouncements, who somehow thinks it’s HARD WORK TO TALK, TALK, TALK . . . is to me – ALL-TELLING & REPUGNANT, for him or her to even think that what they do is HARD WORK.

THESE POLITICAL INGRATES . . . don’t go to bed at night worrying about having a JOB in the morning, since there’s no-one to FIRE them between elections. And even then, they’re almost FIRE-PROOF.

They don’t worry about paying the CRIMINAL COSTS of Healthcare, since that’s taken care-of for them by the REAL HARD WORKING PEOPLE, through their Taxes who don’t have that Luxury. The Politicians and the Bureaucrats don’t Panic about working long past their RETIREMENT YEARS, because they will “EARN” as much, or even more money in Retirement, than the REAL HARD WORKING PEOPLE earn while working, who pay for the Politicians’ and Bureaucrats’ Pensions with their Hard Earned Tax Dollars.

REAL HARD WORKING PEOPLE . . . Don’t get any portion of their Income – TAX FREE, but the Politicians do. And MOST HARD WORKING PEOPLE don’t get MONTHS OFF for Summer, Spring, Autumn, Christmas, Easter and Whatever other Occasions they can find NOT TO WORK.


Unless you’re a LOBBYIST, and/or someone paying MILLIONS of Dollars towards the Election and/or Reelection of Members of the House and Senate – you are more or less nothing but NOISE in the Background, until they need your vote on Election Day.

AND UNTIL SUCH TIME . . . as LIMITS or CONTROL is placed on the Influence of LOBBYISTS, the people who PAY THE ENTIRE SHOT for the running of the ENTIRE Government will always be BACKGROUND NOISE.

AND UNTIL SUCH TIME . . . as there are TERM LIMITS Imposed on the House and the Senate, Congress will Represent the LOBBYISTS, opposed to the People, who the Politicians Beg Every Election Cycle for their Vote.


Citizen Donald Trump PROMISED TWO IMPORTANT things when he announced his run to win the Leadership of the Republican Party . . .

1 – Build The Wall.

2 – Move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to JERUSALEM!

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, PLEDGED to Build the Wall, and Move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to JERUSALEM!

President-Elect Donald Trump RE-PLEDGED to Build the Wall and to Move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to JERUSALEM!


During the Inaugural Festivities, it was still ASSUMED by all People, INCLUDING ME, who really pays attention to these things, and CAMPAIGNED HARD for Trump, who were excited, that FINALLY, the United States of America was going to LAY DOWN THE MARKER . . . that JERUSALEM is the UNABASHED CAPITAL of Israel & the Jewish People.

SO WHAT HAPPENED BETWEEN SEVERAL DAYS AGO AND NOW . . . that all of a sudden, moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem has become a SENSITIVE NEGOTIATION.

THERE IS NOTHING SENSITIVE ABOUT IT – AT ALL . . . Donald Trump made the PLEDGE as Clear as Glass, as the Republican Nominee, that if he won the Nomination, he would Campaign to Move the Embassy to Jerusalem. WASN’T THAT PRETTY STRAIGHT FORWARD AND SIMPLE?

Trump won the Nomination and Campaigned HARD WITH A KEYNOTE PROMISE that if he won the Election and became President of the United States, that he would Move the Embassy to Jerusalem. WASN’T THAT ALSO PRETTY STRAIGHT FORWARD AND SIMPLE?

AND AS PRESIDENT-ELECT . . . Trump reiterated that he KEEPS ALL HIS PROMISES. So what happened on the Road To Jerusalem?

THE FACT . . . that President Trump Surrounds himself with Influential and Successful Jewish People, and that his Favorite Daughter is Married to an Orthodox Jew, and that she herself has Converted to become an Orthodox Jew, and she raises her 3-Children as Orthodox Jews MEANS NOTHING TO ME, If President Trump DOES NOT LIVE-UP to his Second Most Significant Campaign Promise, which was to MOVE THE US EMBASSY TO JERUSALEM.

THE FACT . . . that Jared Kushner, President Trump’s Son-In-Law, and Unapologetic Jew and Supporter of Israel, who is one of the President’s Closest Advisors ALSO MEANS NOTHING TO ME . . . if the US Embassy is NOT MOVED TO JERUSALEM.

TO BACK OUT OF THIS PROMISE . . . I can see how President Trump can IMPOSE Tremendous Pressure on the Israeli Government to side with the President about NOT Moving the Embassy for some “TRUMPED-UP” Reason, in Exchange for some Special Benefits to Israel, to take the HEAT off President Trump for NOT MOVING THE EMBASSY.


If the US Embassy is NOT MOVED, and moved expeditiously as EVERYONE WAS PROMISED & EXPECTED, as far as I will be concerned, Trump will have lost a Supporter in me.

I will defend his Presidency . . . because there is nothing better on the Horizon. But if he doesn’t KEEP HIS PLEDGE TO MOVE THE EMBASSY, all I will see in Donald Trump will be a Presidential Bull-Shitter . . . whose word isn’t worth the Time of Day.

AND WHAT WILL THE WORLD SEE . . . Another American Political President Whose Word Is Worth CRAP.

The Clock Is Ticking . . . I Hope Trump Can Hear It. Tick Tock – Tick Tock.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. ISIS, ISIL, Hamas, Hezbollah, Al-Quaeda, this Islamic cell here, that Islamic cell there, Britain, US, Israel, France and so on, and so on; Its all the same horse, same colour, same goals, same motivations, same intent, same cause, with the same enemies.

  2. Well stated Howard. Now that the entire city of Jerusalem is in Israeli hands there is NO reason for NOT moving the U.S. Embassy! The Palys and the Arabs are just blowing smoke with their threats and backing down shows weakness.

  3. Donald Trumps predecessor (******) signed a waiver that keeps the move of the Jewish Capital to Jerusalem until May.

    Norman Eichelmann, San Antonio, TX

  4. Amen! Life is quite simple…..A man’s word is EVERYTHING….no matter what the circumstances at hand. Many thanks, Howard, for making this clear to everyone….again.

  5. I felt the same way regarding The Keystone XL Pipeline, Howard. I wasn’t disappointed. It’s only “Day 2”. I imagine that
    before the announcement of the moving of the U.S. embassy can safely be made, some security arrangements are having
    to be made, to protect against the inevitable Hamas, etc., attacks.

  6. Did anyone else catch the Fox News story this morning that on his last day the former President gave the PLO $221,000,000 of our taxpayer dollars? We have now become a major sponsor of the terrorist organization Hamas. OUTRAGIOUS!

  7. I agree that term limits needs to put into place, but, I’m sure we all know that our Congressmen won’t vote for it.

    The only way that will happen is with an Article V Convention of States. It is more probable now that any other time in our history because of the large number of Republican state houses and governors. Will it? At least there is a groundswell of volunteers seeking to make that happen.

  8. As of today, just 4+ days into his Presidency, please know from my POV Howard, I trust him to keep his word on moving the Embassy to Jerusalem. There will be battles to come as he settles into his new leadership role. But now is not a time to pre-empt or nurture a belief or skirmish that he may not fulfill this promise from my perch. Give him some time and some space. Everyone please chill! It will happen!

  9. There is consideration as to what would happen if the Embassy was moved – would there be more riots, more killings, more protests and put Jews in much more danger. Please consider the pros and cons. Trump gets it and will do the right thing about protecting Jews and Israel. The Embassy location is not as important as Jewish lives.

  10. Hmmmm….so far have we seen TRUMP back down? I plan on giving him some time to get to ALL of his campaign promises. I believe he will get the embassy moved to Jerusalem. I believe it will be a fight though. Many in Congress will fight him just because they are LEFTIST’s…no different than the paid for LEFTIST protesters throwing rocks and burning cars. I am enjoying every moment watching him remove the stain left by the Muslim in Chief. Keep the faith. :))

  11. I read in another conservative website that President Trump was asked by Netanyahu to not move the embassy immediately. The article alluded to Israeli security concerns related to the PA/Hamas/Hezbolla. I’m thinking the embassy move will be announced within the first 100 days of his presidency.

  12. This is the first time I ever taken exception to anything you’ve written. Trump has only been president for two business days. At least give him a week before you throw him to the wolves.

  13. I am betting that Trump has every intention of moving the embassy to Jerusalem. Obama enacted a waiver, preventing the move of the United States Embassy to Jerusalem for at least another six months. Trump will have to wait it out…then hold on to your hat!

  14. Howard ,why don’t you start a potion to have one term only with no benefits for members of congress .I am sure all the
    followers of your blog will sign and pass it on to their list of e/m friends . There was a attempt by senator Cruz of Texas
    about 10 years ago for one term only to members of congress, bad move ,who would vote to lose there jobs.

  15. Amen! That embassy better be moved or I am in total agreement with you Harold.

  16. I agree with you 100% but I think you are jumping the gun a bit, he has had only 4 days two of which were weekend. It sounds as easy as changing your shirt the way you put it but there is a bit more to it than that. He has already done more than the past president did in eight years, I have faith that the process is already in motion.
    Gordon Bosley

  17. Trump’s first move to defund the UN, I thought, was excellent. This could easily way in to the move of the UN. I may stand corrected at a later date, but as of this moment I an in a wait and see mode. I am NOT upholding anything until I see results. I am holding Trump to his campaign promises. They all may NOT be at LIGHT SPEED.

  18. 95 Days and counting:-) Patience and lots of other positive things are happening. Can’t wait for the Prissy Canadian PM to get shat upon in spades! Where is OUR pipeline to the Atlantic Provinces?

  19. According to The Guardian”, In early December Obama renewed the presidential waiver until the beginning of June. It is unclear whether Trump would be able to legally override that waiver and go ahead with the relocation of the embassy. But said they are in the early stages of talks to fulfill Trump’s pledge to move the US embassy. Obama tried to do everything he could to screw up whatever Trump would do when he took office, so it looks like we’ll have to give President Trump more than 2 days.

  20. Thursday, our newly nominated Ambassador to Israel, David M. Friedman, stated that he looked forward to doing the job “from the U.S. embassy in Israel’s eternal capital, Jerusalem.” That was the announcement of the move. Logistics must be totally in place before any such move can occur. Israel’s long term existence and strength is somewhat dependent on the long term strength of the U.S. Trump’s immediate focus should be on repairing what Obama intentionally and treasonously destroyed.

  21. Look what he has done in only two days. It may take a little time, but I believe he is a man of his word and will move it.

  22. Mr. G, I believe Pres. Trump knows what he is doing. I will not second guess him, and I’ll wait, with optimism, to see what happens with the embassy.

  23. Israel is the only nation on Earth that is ordered by other nations as to what its capital city should and must be. Israel is a sovereign nation, not a colony. And even if it were a colony, it would have the right to choose its own capital city. For other nations to think they have a right to tell the Israelis what they can or cannot do is egregious at best.

  24. Howard, relax!!
    You know as soon as Trump announces this, all he’ll will break loose. Rockets from Hamas and their backers who as ass Obama kissed, Iran.
    So Trump has to make sure he has all his retaliatory weapons in place to shut this down the minute it starts.
    Give him a week or 2, and then we can all sit back and watch the fireworks. Take out Iran’s nuclear bases while he is at it. Should be quite a show!

  25. Howard. Calm down. Moving to Jerusalem will happen. He has not been president for a week. There are other things happening in the world that need attention also.

  26. I wasn’t even half way through your editorial only to discover this is one of the best you have ever written. Definitely not “fake” information regarding congressmen. The content of this editorial should be communicated as “fact” to those who have mental disorders or are morons – not that they can or will ever figure this out! No one has ever had the guts and said it better! But, just be patient and time will tell. I too will be disappointed if he doesn’t follow through with his promises.

  27. EZ does it, Howard. Please give Prez. Trump TIME! His Cabinet officers have not even yet confirmed, thanks to the libs “dragging their heels”! He will get to it, & the embassy will be in Jerusalem. I’m sure there are far greater things that need to be done, so give time, time and please show some patience & prayers, Mr. G

  28. As stated above, Obama signed legislation that indicates he cannot move the Embassy until May. On the other hand 3 architects/contractors are already in Israel scoping out land for the Embassy. It takes a considerable amount of time to build it. Trump has so much on his plate. I feel confident it will happen.

  29. HG–Pres. Trump has scheduled a MEETING with Netanyahu [? next mo.], so they may be waiting for that PARTICULAR MOMENT to make the announcement of moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to JERUSALEM!He will be well received and respected by Pres. Trump’s administration.History has shown that whatever Trump promises, he carries through.This is only DAY 2 and we KNOW how the LIBERAL MEDIA THRIVES on spreading RUMORS!Let us ALL be a little PATIENT and give him some TIME to carry out his agenda. AMEN!

  30. Amen. He made the promise, evangelicle Christians voted for him. And he defintely has to do it. Again, ‘God will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who doesn’t.’

  31. Obama sent $221 million to Mahmoud Abbas on Friday that should have waited for Trump’s presidency.
    One of the march’s organizers is a cousin of the Queen of Jordan, a country that helped ISIS and their king is a Muslim Brotherhood supporter. Perhaps when Trump moves the embassy to Jerusalem he can move the Arabs in Judea and Sumeria to Jordan and at the same time get rid of the King?

  32. Howard your absolutely correct. Trump has not fulfilled any of his immigration promises yet either. i will give him this week to do that or I will join the impeach Trump movement and lets get Pence in. Maybe he will do something.

  33. Hey Ray — chill and get a grip … !!
    Seriously — you expect the President to perform miracles within a week — only God can do that!!
    Impeach??? Really?? You’d throw all his chances in the garbage in a week, even after all you’ve seen him do in the first two days??
    I smell a troll … !!

  34. I am very pleased to see an overriding consensus urging you to calm down and be patient, Howard. It is not that we do not share your goal of seeing the capitol of Israel moved to Jerusalem. Out call for patience acknowledges the brevity of President Trump’s time in office and the enormity of things he is doing, has done and has yet to do. I do not believe President Trump will fall victim to the politician’s rude awakening, “I can’t do what I promised”. Yes, he can.

  35. Abbas and Co. is but another murderous, lying, sneaky gang. In the years of Prohibition in the USA a business developed by the mobs was called insurance. In other words give me a monthly sum and I won’t break your windows. With Jerusalem and the embassy, Abbas is playing the same game – do it our way and keep the embassy in TA or we will throw the biggest temper tantrum. Trump cannot give in to this BS.

  36. I agree with you somewhat, DJ Trump did campaign on moving the capital to Jerusalem. However there are many things he campaigned on that are as important, if not more so in my book. 1. Drain the swamp. 2. Build the wall. 3. Repeal and Replace Obamacare 4. Jobs in the US. 5. Rebuild the Military. 6. Eradicate ISIS. ETC! He has been the President for a whole 4 days now. How much can we expect to be accomplished in 4 days? Give him a little time.

  37. Seems there have already been plenty of readers/commenters who urge PATIENCE; I agree. Am in total agreement regarding term limits for Congress. But was more than a tad surprised you jumped all over Trump regarding the embassy. I wasn’t aware of the delay signed by Obama either but was aware of planned meet with Netanyahu in Feb, figuring the move will be discussed in detail. Also want to see defunding of UN & serious consideration of moving them out of USA. Takes time.

  38. Howard.. Please give him a chance. If he can’t do it, no one can or will. I believe God put him in office and He will get the Embassy to Jerusalem. God’s hand is all over this election and this new President. Remember his words over & over… America first… In just a few days he has taken on many of his promises to Americans. Give him time.. He will keep his promise to the Jewish people.. Stay calm. Put your trust in God, not just Pres. Trump. Mary Bemis

  39. I agree with previous remarks. President Trump has already shown us he means to fulfill his campaign promises. Be patient. It’s like someone promised you $100 and then when you only got $98 the first couple of days you are going to throw him under the bus? Give me a break….. He already has fulfilled WAY more promises than any president has in the past…

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