When The Disgracefulls Meet The Less Than Deplorables



I just heard and watched the SPEECH on YouTube, or more succinctly, I should refer to it as the VERBAL DISGRACE on You Tube by Ashley Judd, as she spoke against Donald Trump, and by extension, against Conservatives EVERYWHERE, who don’t agree with her Perception of the Conservative ASSAULT ON WOMEN & MORE.

BEFORE YOU READ-ON . . . you should know that Ashley Judd has delivered what I consider to be the ULTIMATE & DEFINITIVE Dissertation of who THEY ARE.

And after Watching and Listening to Ashley Judd’s Narrative, which Truly Represents TENS OF MILLIONS of People . . . Men, Women, and Children, who’ve been educated to believe what she believes – you should take the few minutes it will take you to watch the You Tube Video of her VERBAL DIARRHEA, before reading this Editorial.



FINALLY . . . there is no longer the FEIGNED Truth about who the LEFT is, and what they want. They are EXACTLY who Conservative Commentators like me have been saying they are for YEARS.

In a Nutshell, these LEFTISTS are FASCISTS, no different than Groups throughout history, who have successfully used LIES & FEARS to Create Propaganda amongst the Masses between the Masses.


THESE MISCREANTS WHO CREATE DISCORD . . . to achieve their Ends, which always result in Human Tragedies. And even though they use Every Facet of Public Relations through Propaganda to Justify their Means, as if they are somehow the Good Guys, they are no different than the Nazis of Adolf Hitler, the Communists of Stalin and Mao Zedong, the Castro Brothers, Pol Pot . . . and a Litany of other Bad Actors, all of whom have left LONG and Bloody Trails of Suffering, Death and Dystopia in their Path . . . to achieve their Disgraceful Goals.

NOT ONLY HAVE I MADE MY LIVING & SPENT A LIVING . . . Writing, Speaking and Debating Against these LOWLIFES, I have been on their RECEIVING END TOO, so I really know of what I am writing.

FIRST . . . They Paint themselves as VICTIMS. Then they convince as many People as possible, that the People are VICTIMS TOO. Then they INVENT Non-Existing Realities; such as the WAR AGAINST WOMEN, and that all of a Sudden, BLACK LIVES MATTER, as if from the 1960’s forward . . . Black Lives Didn’t Matter.


The Nazis Blamed the Jews for being Anti-German Germans, even though there was no shortage of German Jews, who fought on the Side of Germany in World War I, who were Distinguished Publicly for their Commitment and Bravery.

The Nazis Blamed the Jews for being Communists. Then they Blamed the Jews for being Capitalists. Then they Blamed the “Rich” Industrialist Jews for taking advantage of German Workers.

And then they went after the Unions, Gypsies, Mentally Handicapped, Unsupportive Media and the Political Opposition.

And by the time the people figured it all out . . . you know the rest.

THE LEFT CREATED the Narrative that the Police . . . you know – the Men and Women in Blue, who put their LIVES On-The-Line Everyday to protect all of us, that in spite of it all, they are really our ENEMY.

THEY PAINT THE MAKERS . . . the Entrepreneurs who Create Jobs and Maintain Jobs, as EMPLOYEE ABUSERS, Wicked Men and Women who do all but Suck the Life-Blood from the people they employ.

I’M NOT GOING TO CONTINUE ALONG THIS VEIN . . . because it would be forever. But make no mistake about it, this is who the LEFT really are, finally exposing themselves as they really are, for all people to see, who have enough sense to understand how Deceitful and Dreadful these ABUSERS OF OUR FREEDOMS REALLY ARE.

AND NOW THAT THEY’VE CRAWLED OUT FROM UNDER THEIR ROCKS . . . we have the Golden Opportunity, like never before, to meet them Head-On and take them Head-On, and deal with them with the PUBLIC DERISION THEY DESERVE.


FIRST STEP . . . Arrest Madonna for Advocating Violence Against the White House. Next Step, EXPOSE all the Entertainment Miscreants for the FALSE things they Say and Write, by making these DEFAMATIONS Public on You Tube, and throughout the Blogosphere, as I’m doing right here and now with the Insanity of Ashley Judd.


START LEGAL PROCEEDINGS . . . for Defamation and False Claims against Individuals and the Public, since EVERYONE must be held to Account to TELL the Truth.

AND GO AFTER THE MEDIA WITH ALL GUNS BLAZING . . . More than any other Group in North America, since the Media, which seems to be Defined as a Special and Privileged Entity, which is given Particular Protections under the LAW not accorded to you and me, MUST BE HELD TO A MUCH HIGHER STANDARD, and MUST be FORCED to Pay a MUCH Higher Price for UNTRUTHS, either Published or Broadcast, than anyone else, who is so less privileged with the LEGAL Rights Enjoyed EXCLUSIVELY By The Media.

AND THROW THE BOOK AT DEMONSTRATORS . . . who use Violence and Obstruction to make their Point, because they can. These Troublemakers need far more than just a SLAP on their wrists, because they attack the FREEDOMS everyone has, by ABUSING their RIGHT to DEMONSTRATE WITHOUT PERMITS & PERMISSION.

AND THEN THERE ARE THE “ANTI-HEROES” . . . with money-men like George Soros, the Self-Hating Hungarian Jew, who AIDED & ABETTED the Nazis in World War II, by STEALING (Confiscating) Wealth from Fellow Jews on behalf of the Nazis, who were rounding-up Jews for EXTERMINATION.

When asked by Steve Kroft of CBS News, many years ago . . . whether Soros had Guilt or Remorse for Profiting on the Blood of Fellow Jews . . . Soros’ answer was Simple and Succinct: If I didn’t do it, someone else would have.

I’m not a lawyer. Nor am I a Constitutionalist . . . But I know enough, that any Person who Aids, Promotes and Finances a CRIME in any FORM, even a CRIME with Political Overtones . . . IS IN ITSELF A CRIME.

THEREFORE . . . For George Soros and all the others who think their FAME and or FORTUNE places them above the LAW, might reconsider the Things they Say and Do. And the ILLEGAL Events they Promote through the Financing of Hate and the Costs they Cover of Criminal Activities that should put them all behind Bars.

So . . . Now That They’re In the Open – Let’s Blind Them With As Bright A Light As We Can. AND NOT STOP UNTIL THEY’RE DONE!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard…..I just heard this from a ‘former’ muslim this week. When Mohammad wrote the first part of the Koran…which is a picture of ‘poetry and peace’, it was during the first part of his life. Then….as time went on, he evidently became somewhat deranged and wrote the last half of the koran. In their ‘law’ the most recent writing (the last half which is observed today) superceeds the original writing. In other words, what was “peace and loving” is no longer relevant, but the later.

  2. Sorry Howard but I couldn’t watch the entire video (I gave a try though). Ashley Judd used to be attractive too me. Thanks for spoiling the fantasy, LOL.

  3. Ashley Judd is a mental case. She’s got some kind of disorder that turned her reasoning ability to mush–I forget what it’s called but Liberalism will do as well as any I suppose LOLOL

  4. The Donald administration’s first press conference this afternoon was illuminating, refreshing, and well-managed by Sean Spicer(?) … a great start.

  5. I couldn’t even watch/listen to all of Ashley Judd’s diatribe! It sickened me. For the present, I want to celebrate Trump’s fantastic win! I believe he IS the man for this hour. I have heard him described as a ‘modern-day Cyrus’. God used Cyrus in his day, and God will use Trump in this day! HalleluYah!

  6. Whew! We talk about it and you seem always to state it so eloquently! BINGO!!! Until the evil, filthy scumbags all feel the sting of justice, nothing will change. And Sean Spicer must STOP almost begging the treasonous news media to stop being negative about this new administration. THEY ARE THE ENEMY!!!

  7. What a sad commentary to our society. Any woman who endorsed this does not deserve the freedoms that have been extended to them since “womens sufferage” when women were allowed to vote. It is because of this mind set that our children are being neglected, divorce is rampent and the list goes on. I do know that the God of heven certainly be happy with this setting it is not becoming of what a good woman of God is supposed to represent. Look out woman! You may wish you had not shown such disr

  8. The Clinton campaign used the Trump/Billy Bush conversation in their attack ads against Trump complaining about children hearing this vulgar language.( I never understood the continued use in adds that children would hear constantly) Then, Madonna and Judd stand in front of a group of women WITH THEIR CHILDREN and use language worse than Trump. What hypocrites.

  9. The light is coming on in America. Now we are seeing just how foul and vile the true left actually is. Nothing like the reactions of any civilized group. They are spewing hatred, making threats, rioting, and since they no longer are in charge want to destroy everything for everyone. Very sad.

  10. I’m with Mark Hall – I couldn’t watch the entire video, either! I was so disgusted & was raging at my monitor, I knew that I had to close the video or I might have a stroke!!! These people are really dumb. They honestly think their opinions matter! I remember the days when movie stars just kept their opinions to themselves. Many of these stars were legends. They knew where the line was drawn & respected the line.

  11. Talking about convoluting the truth. Who does she think pays those unequal wages? No one but the studio heads, directors and producers who supported Hillary and other Democrat candidates. These people can’t get out of their own way to see the truth about anything. There are good actors out there support them, go to their movies, buy their recordings and leave the dreck to figure out what happened.

  12. You are so right, Howard. I’ve never seen such a disgraceful, disgusting, diminted display in my life. The way these hateful witches rail and cuss, it’s a good thing they called it a “women’s” march instead of a “ladies” march, cause I doubt any of those speakers would qualify for the latter.

    Saturday was a downright nauseating display of vile, hate and dumbness.

  13. I think the women’s marches were another example of the Left gone too far to maintain its base. Moderate Americans, some who voted for Trump and some who did not, are likely to have watched these cranky shenanigans and have come away with feelings similar to Galganov readers; these people are CRAZY!. As many street interviews have shown, most marchers had no well-defined idea what the ruckus was all about. It was an excuse to party, to let off steam, to enjoy their manufactured victim-hood.

  14. Howard, I heard the comments on Rush Limbaugh today and was sicken by the lunacy of both Judd and Madonna. You are absolutely right! These people along with the violent protesters need to be held to account. The fallacious reporting by the media is disgusting. They need to be held to account as well. Also, Sessions, when he get in office needs to investigate how Soros is fomenting violence in our Country by trying to influence the elections or the destruction of our President as a foreigner

  15. I really feel you are right in saying these purveyors of lies should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Also, Madonna, a has been, should be arrested by the Secret Service on Terrorist Threats to the White House and President Trump. If you or I had said the same things, we would probably been arrested shortly afterword. Soros should be deported or his citizenship revoked for all of the hate and lies he has used in the near past. I think he is trying to subvert the United States.

  16. We all must be noticing that a wider divide has emerged. Leftist liberals (Dems or otherwise) more & more use foul language, images, etc., to demonstrate their displeasure, anger, hate. Conservatives seldom use such tactics (tho some do). It’s almost looking like evil vs. good; intolerance vs tolerance; protests vs moving on; nasty behavior vs temperance. Ms Judd’s speech was disgusting & embarrassing. In your word, shameful. Obvious show of what hate breeds. Satan was laughing at his success.

  17. The leftists, represented by the democrat/progressive/socialist party, are the purveyors of hate. Hate spews from every part of their bodies.

  18. I think the leftards along with the religion of peace invented ‘islamaphobia’ as well.

  19. Way to go Howard, keep it going, these so called Liberals are nothing but scums.
    Steve Acre, Canada

  20. They are showing you a taste of Hell, “Lake-of-Fire”, ultimate evil-point, with no-end. And boy, do they need prayer to be snatched-up before it is ‘litterly’ to damn late.

  21. When she was talking about a Hitler mustache traded with a toupee, I had to laugh at her ignorance of the person she hates. Real hair dear, real hair. But these are all products of a sinister educational and media machine to take America down and destroy our values, distinctly Judeo -Christian values. They hate God because they don’t want to be told that killing your own unborn child is evil.

  22. I stopped going to watch movie years ago for the following reason,most were crap,many actors could not act,and the local audiences talked ,used cell phones and some smoked. Todays performers are over paid and some studios are jap or chines backed. If I want to see a movie I have my TV ,if I don’t like it there is always some thin else to watch.If people were smart they would boycott these performers who act as politicians to inflame the stupid.

  23. Like a previous poster, I could not make it through Ms. Judd’s diatribe. It’s almost as if “we” take 2 add 2 and get 4, while “they” add 2 & 2 and get infinity…a whole range of problems attribute to “dead white guys” who crafted the initial concept of our nation that provides them the opportunity & capability to lambast everything & everybody they don’t “like”, whatever that is. The outright and utter hypocrisy is stupefying – if we hold them to the same standards – they scream foul.

  24. The more these ditzy loons reveal of themselves, the better the Republicans look. Keep marching, fools: You’re turning fence-sitters into Trumpers. At this rate The Donald will hold the People’s House for 8 years and the DemonRats will end up a spent force.

  25. A friend was working on a film in Montreal. He was asked to go to Ashley Judd’s trailer and tell her that she is needed on the set. Before he could get his sentence out she put up her hand and told him that she doesn’t speak to the crew. This is the warm and fuzzy person she really is, feeling her “privilege” as a “star”. Brando on the other hand would take the crew out for dinner, lunch, and so on. Ashley Judd is really a small person inside.

  26. I could not watch it to the end, either. She really made herself look stupid and I was embarrassed for her. Too bad, as I once thought she was so pretty and decent. My Mom always said, “Pretty is, is pretty does.” What Ashley did on the part I DID watch, was not very pretty, and I bet it got worse as it went on to the end. No real content, lies, hatred, bitterness and emotionalism is what was seen very soon. This behavior is exactly why in the past many did not want women voting…

  27. Why can’t you argue with a progressive? Is it due to their irrational evaluation of reality derived from a delusional ideological bent or philosophy that results in deniable facts or conclusions that are in their mind irrefutable?

  28. Howard, after appx. 7 minutes of Ashley judd screaming I had to throw on the towel. Horrible person !!!

  29. What they did accomplish was to make the word “pussy” acceptable. Can’t wait for the jokes about the Pink Pussyhaters.
    Add me to the list of those unable to watch any more than 2 min.

  30. Speakers Corner, Hyde Park, any 1 cud speak, radicals like AJ, arrest only 4 misdemenor or vilence. It’s wot we striv for, “Free Speech”. Let them spek n we see who them or they go underground. AJ spews filthy garbage, ability to control a crowd n we see th enemy, disgusting, a raving lunatic n maybe mor people will avoid her movies. Liked Streep until her anti DT, won’t watch any mor of her films. Don’t understand women marches. RE DT pussy: female friend sed, ever heard women locker room talk

  31. Ashley Judd is bizarre and I, too, couldn’t get through her rant. These women are brainwashed nuts and they must of had a horrible life to be talking this way.

  32. I know it is within the law for our law enforcement officials to act against violence, burning the American flag, setting fire to autos/limos, etc. Therefore we need to enforce these laws and have huge fire hose water trucks at the sights of these demonstrations and not only to put the fire out, but to hose all the demonstrators around the place and hose them down good. They want to demonstrate – we can also.

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