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I would like to say that I don’t get it, but unfortunately I do. The Women’s Marches throughout the USA and all around the Civilized World had NOTHING whatsoever to do with FEMALE RIGHTS, and everything to do with Failed Aspirations of the Women Who Marched.

NO MATTER WHAT THESE WOMEN AND MALE ACTIVISTS SAY . . . In the United States of America and in Canada – THERE ARE NO LAWS . . . preventing Women from doing anything men do within common reason.

There are NO Programs that EXCLUDE Women, where commonsense dictates that Women shouldn’t belong, like playing on the Front Line of an NFL Team. But when it comes right down to it, Women in America and Canada can reach as far and as hard as possible to grasp the BRASS RING.

What these IDIOT Women were marching for . . . had nothing to do with Equal Rights, and everything to do with wanting an UNFAIR Advantage by demanding FREE STUFF, and MORE Affirmative Action for themselves.

ANYONE READING THIS BLOG . . . can write a list of things Women do, where they’re at the TOP of what they do in direct competition to Men . . . INCLUDING Medicine, Sciences, Space Exploration (Astronauts), Corporate Leadership, Academics, Military Leadership, The Entertainment Industry (Acting, Directing, Producing) Sports, Extreme Fighting, POLITICS, AND ON AND ON.

WHAT THESE WOMEN WERE DEMONSTRATING . . . was simply how upset they were (are) because they DON’T MEASURE-UP, not because they don’t have the opportunity to measure-up, but rather, because they would PREFER to scream about why others were BETTER than them, rather than doing what has to be done to be as GOOD or BETTER THEMSELVES.

WHAT THESE WOMEN DID AND ARE DOING . . . Is an AFFRONT to all the Successful Women who have worked hard, didn’t burden themselves with Gender Self Victimization, and did whatever it took to get ahead.

AND IF ALL OF THIS CRAP COMES DOWN TO THEIR VAGINAS . . . Here are a few tips from an Honest Spoken Man. If you don’t want to get Pregnant – Keep Your Legs Closed. Take a Birth Control Pill at your OWN Expense. Take the “Day After” Pill at your OWN Expense. Insist on the Man you’re sleeping with to wear a Condom at his or your OWN Expense.

AND IF YOU DO GET PREGNANT . . . Don’t use Abortion for Contraception. And here’s a SPECIAL TIP . . . Don’t sleep around like a Cheap FLOOSY.


No matter how I felt about Trump before, during and after the Election no longer matters, because President Trump has already SURPASSED all my expectations for doing Great Things, even before he took the Oath of Office.


THE LEFT & THE MEDIA DON’T GET IT . . . and they might NEVER GET IT, because they were all educated to be LEFTISTS, and have spent their Media Lifetime thinking how much SMARTER, BETTER & INVULNERABLE they were to everyone and everything.

So how can the media get it right, when they were ALWAYS RIGHT, even when they were EGREGIOUSLY WRONG? How can they be held to be ACCOUNTABLE to Publish and Broadcast the TRUTH, when for generations their Star Reporters and Commentators have been CAUGHT Right Handed Disseminating Bald-Face LIES and Stories of their own Creation . . . And Still Keep Their Jobs? Or move from one Media Provider to Another?

How can the Media Reform itself, when for Generations, they essentially took the Side of the LEFT, providing all but a thin VENEER of Impartiality, who all of a sudden can become IMPARTIAL, and cover ALL THE ISSUES Fairly, Accurately, and Completely without BIAS? It’s like asking a Snake to Stop Being A Snake.


At 9:55 Eastern Time this Morning, as I’m Writing this Editorial, I heard Howie Kurtz on FOX News, giving us his Pearls of Media Wisdom about President Trump’s proclivity to TWEET against the Media every time the President feels that he was treated DISHONESTLY and/or UNFAIRLY.

And in Kurtz’s Mind . . . Attacking and Defending AGAINST all Lies is a BAD THING TO DO, because LITTLE Transgressions shouldn’t matter, which is as DUMB-ASSED a thing for a Media Self-Styled Critic to say, since the Media MUST to Held to Account 100% of the Time . . . and to tell the Truth 100% of the Time.

AND WHY CAN’T HOWIE KURTZ NOT GET IT . . . Kurtz can’t get it, because he has been one the Media JERKS who for far too long Played Fast and Loose with the Truth, from the days he wrote at the Washington Post, Broadcast at CNN, and wrote for the HEAVILY LEFT SLANTED Daily Beast. And now he’s LECTURING Donald Trump on how to let the LITTLE LIES SLIDE.


I loved the FACT that Plain People Performed at the Inaugural Balls, and not the Self-Righteous Entertainment Legends in their Own Minds . . . You know, people without the Star Talent, who got on stage and did the Best they could, which was MORE THAN GOOD ENOUGH . . . who were people like you and me. People like the MILLIONS who voted for Trump.

They Earned And Deserved Their Day In The Sun

I thought that the Trump and Pence Families, DANCING with the Troops at the Military Ball, was the Classiest thing I ever saw at an Inauguraal Event.


I won’t pretend that I WAS NOT BLOWN-AWAY with INCREDIBLE PRIDE, when the First of the Clergy to take the Prayer Pulpit was an ORTHODOX RABBI, who Recited the PRAYER all Jews are expected to Recite when First Waking Up, and the Last Thing Recited Before Going to Bed . . . was the Simple BLESSING we know of as the SHEMA. . .

Shema Yisoel, Adonai Eloheinu, Adonai Echad.

Hear Israel – The Lord Is Our God . . . The Lord Is One.

This was Indeed a Far Cry from the Slaughters, Gas Chambers & Ovens of the Holocaust.

Saturday . . . January 21, 2017 – another GREAT DAY since the Election of Donald J Trump.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I found it interesting that most of the protesters interviewed weren’t quite sure
    why they were protesting. It seems as if they are simply seeking attention. Unfortunately they get it.

  2. I agree with every word, Howard. Thank you for expressing the sentiments of true patriots everywhere. I was watching ol’ Howie right with you, telling him off while my dogs looked at me–trying their best to figure out why mama was upset. I may take up knitting to classical music and just turn the dang TV off!! Keep telling it like it is, my friend!


  4. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean to tell or write lies so if anyone can prove lies they can sue, it will put the media on the right path. Educators are paid to educate and not to brainwash with personal political opinions during classes, if reported and it is proved they should be removed. We know that if students believes are contrary to the lecturers, they marks are affected, if reported they should be removed. Part of education is also to learn to develop their choices. Education is putrid.

  5. I find it extremely interesting, but not surprising, that the liberal media is TOTALLY ignoring that the First of the Clergy to take the Prayer Pulpit was an ORTHODOX RABBI. I believe this is a first at an inauguration. Liberal Jews, please wake-up, as Trump and the Republican party are a greater friend than the Democrat party ever was, or will be.

  6. President Trump is quoted as saying or asking… “why did they not vote”?
    Read it at a local INTERNET Station.
    They voted and lost. They are playing with much more than what they can handle and one suspects the usual sources of money financing the stupidity.

  7. I was particularly dismayed by the small children holding obscene signs and the foul language I am sure was being used in their presence. Apparently the left does not protect, revere or respect already born children either.

  8. Spokeswoman Madonna so eloquently perhaps summed up the intelligent objective of this march when she said that she has always wanted to ‘blow’ up the White House. …in all fairness, hasn’t this porno-singer extraordinaire always been ‘blowing’ something?!

  9. It is reported that the Trump organization has more women than men as senior managers. Is that anti-misogyny? Must be bad.

  10. Spot-On as always Mr. G.! Way to go! The right given to all USA citizens is the right to peaceful protest. From what I saw and heard, the protests were peaceful. The BLM, hoodlums and thugs at the inauguration, I hope the 100 plus arrested for their behavior in burning cars, breaking windows and hurting police, will feel the full weight of our justice system. One of the best things I heard during the inauguration was the Clinton’s remain under investigation. Go Trump & Pence! M.A.G.A.!!!

  11. I too thought the Military Ball was outstanding. I particularly noted Melania who talked to her partner the entire dance. She is so first class. I am so excited for America, I think we really will be BETTER THAN EVER. I can see us becoming the America our founding fathers intended us to be. We’ve been on a downward slope for so long and only a man like Trump can make the changes.

  12. Elizabeth Warren is the Poster Child for this movement of Angry Women. The more she talks, constantly, the more people realize what a misfit she is. This moves on to her followers that we say yesterday. What a waste of time effort and expense which was a hopeless cause. Donald J. Trump is our duly elected President, get over it.

  13. I agree totally Howard…in fact, I would love to walk up to one of those women and tell them to take a look at a fetus (female baby) around 7 or 8 mos. waiting to be born and tell me she has no rights, if her mother decides to abort. SICK

  14. “The Left”, the uneducated, unhappy, “takers”, will, someday, become educated, happy, “makers”, thanks largely to you,
    Howard, Donald, and others like you and our fellow bloggers. Take it from me. Been there. Done that.

  15. I watched the Inaugural Prayer Service with awe and thought ; “maybe there is hope America will be a God fearing , following nation again and be blessed again .” Oh how my prayers go up to God that would be so, and the attack against Israel and Christians would stop in America ,and here in Canada. So much hope now .As for the protesters , a conformation America is on the right road now . God Bless America and the free world .,

  16. The Secret Service is at least going to investigate Madonna for terroristic threats, she’d be in jail already if she was an ordinary citizen. It’s also amusing that Obama pardoned every drug dealing convicted felon and their brother but NOT Hillary. That was stupid since when the FBI comes for her she’s going to sing like a flipping canary. CAN’T WAIT to see that!

  17. The left which includes first and foremost, the Democrat Party, black lives matter, the feminists, the occupy movement, and dozens of others are funded by the black hand of the kapo GeorgeSoros in concert with Islamic support.

    They are hell bent on taking down the west, and they will continue to use these useful idiots to achieve that goal.

    The hypocrisy and ignorance on display is so mind boggling that it defies description.

    Madonna threatens to blow up the white house.

    Can anyone

  18. All the women who marched should be ashamed to think they are democratic. They are losers, most of whom had no idea what they were marching for. If there was/is a purpose, it eludes me. Trump won, Hilary lost, suck it up marchers.
    The world is watching and some of the Leaders are lining up to meet PRESIDENT TRUMP; Theresa May is visiting USA this week. Trump apparently spoke to our Ski Instructor; wonder what he said to the Apprentice? God Bless America and the President.

  19. I love women and I think it is very difficult to fulfill the roles they and society expect of them. I, however, agree 100% with your assessment of this March. There is no lack of opportunity for women and the only women that I am aware of that are paid unfairly in relation to men were the ones working for Hillary Clinton. Is their biggest complaint really they want more free contraceptives at the taxpayers expense? It seems so! Maybe I don’t Understand Liberal women any better than Conservatives

  20. You’re on target again Mr. G. Thank you.
    Apparently Kurtz never heard of Mayor Giuliani’s “broken window” theory. Trump knows it and that’s what he’s employing when he attacks what Kurtz thinks is a minor transgression. A lie is a lie and must be squelched immediately.
    About those Dingbats on the march, wouldn’t it have been amazing if they had organized it as a fund raiser for all the needy causes they cry about, i.e. starving children etc. or even how about their own birth control devices.

  21. I was trying to figure out what those women protesting were protesting against. Finally I figured they must think they will loose their free birth control. I’m 65 year old woman who has an incredible number of accomplishments behind me. If I can do it anyone can, you just have to get out and do it.

  22. No way these women’s marches were spontaneous, they were planned well in advance, ‘just in case’ the terrible candidate, Clinton, lost. Imagine the logistics involved, arranging travel couldn’t be done overnight, who financed these gatherings, how did the thousands, maybe millions, of women afford to leave their homes and jobs to participate. Women demanding rights as a minority fails the sex test, men are the minority in the population and wouldn’t have marched if Clinton won.

  23. Thanks, Howard. As always…..YOU GET IT, and the traitors and “useful idiots” can stick it where the sun don’t shine. All we have to do is see Trump’s face and hear what he says directly with CLARITY…..HE ISN’T GOING TO TAKE ANY GARBAGE FROM A BUNCH OF LOSERS no matter who they are…and that includes the Socialist Pope. It IS a new day in America!

  24. These women were not marching against President Trump. Why did they suddenly crawl out of the woodwork and march without knowing or caring what they were marching for. Where have they been the last few years?

  25. RALLYING for WOMEN’S RIGHTS all boils down to women wanting to use ABORTION as a CONTRACEPTION METHOD! What they want APPROVED is the RIGHT TO KILL a baby–if UNWANTED for ANY reason! That is simply MURDER! Having RIGHTS to do SOMETHING doesn’t mean having RIGHTS to do ANYTHING! There ARE many differences between a MAN and a WOMAN and there is a reason as to WHY we were created DIFFERENTLY. As Hannity would say—where can I mail your coloring book, crayons, legos, etc… PRAY FOR TRUMP! AMEN!

  26. Women that have a goal move forward and don’t complain they just do their thing. These protesters are for the most part are losers and I wonder if this is a democratic stage event.Demacraps will continue to stage other type of protest and intelligent people will see that the dramatic party leaders and members are idiots.

  27. Thank you for another great post. I will say that I am very proud to be listed among the “Deplorables” and very glad that I am not among the “Despicables!”

  28. I heard many “protestors” interviewed on TV. Most didn’t know what they were protesting about. If they WERE protesting Trump, none could articulate a fix short of impeachment or even assassination. I think most were snowflakes who are still in denial over Trump’s election. Mark my words, he’ll not be able to walk across a room before leftists start criticizing what he did. He must ignore them and get on doing what he was elected to do-DRAIN THE SWAMP, in spite of dumb protests and bruised egos.

  29. I find those women who marched on Washington an insult to women like me who work hard for what we have gained without asking for any special consideration other than honest evaluation of our ability, worth, and merit. They make it harder for me to succeed. As for the inauguration, WOW, what a speech! The media wants poetry and soaring rhetoric. We The People wanted plain spoken honesty! We The People got what we wanted and President Trump hit it out of the park! God Bless the USA!

  30. Howard, all these world demonstrations have nothing to do really with women’s rights, as you stated. But, we all know that the Leftist/Socialists will always keep quite and say absolutely nothing against Russia when they bomb hospitals and women and children get killed. This shows you their true color. This time, we won and they should accept that as our way of democracy. Steve Acre, Canada

  31. Maybe these screaming, marching women should go march in Saudi Arabia or Iran. We’d be rid of them and those countries TRULY have discrimination against women. Maybe they deserve each other.

  32. It all comes down to “will he take away Roe vs Wade” with these marchers yesterday. Of course it depends on the supreme court that he appoints, I am willing to bet that he will appoint good followers of the Constitution and that item will go into the dust bin of history…..where women can kill their own children.

  33. I won’t comment on the supposed “rights” of women. Their rights are already therein in Canada and the US. Maybe these women just like bitching at something. I would comment on the mentality of the media tho’. Here in Canada, the media isn’ tso stupid, the leftist of the left are certainly the takers of note. The CBC gets away with murder in their leftist trash bias, AT OUR expense, 2 billion a year. Shut it down clown prince Trudeau

  34. I saw pictures of the mounds of trash left behind by the women marching in NYC; did anyone see pictures of the mall after Trump’s inauguration? After obama’s first, there were tremendous piles of trash left on the ground. Eight months later, when the massive tea party group disbanded, there was not even a paper cup on the ground. Just wondering about this inaugural crowd, if they were a bit cleaner than obama’s minions………………amw

  35. Why are these people not protesting Mohammad and his misogyny teachings? Teachings that are in place throughout Islam?
    Just asking . . . ?

  36. It takes 2 people to have sex, but one can merrily go on his way, the other has to suffer the consequences – 9 months of pregnancy, excruciating child-birth, then 18 years raising that child. This is fair & equal treatment? Why is only the woman ever expected to take all precautions? Heaven forbid a man shud be asked to wear a condom!

  37. If I had been on the side lines at the Woman’s March, I would have been yelling, “Her come the Women who murder their own babies, their own flesh and blood so they can sleep around and make sex a playtoy and not have responsibility for their actions, which are the actions of a street walker”. I am thankful the pro-life women did not march with this immoral trash.

  38. I haven’t heard the word “FLOOSY” since my grandma used it about loose women when I was a kid. I agree with you 100% about women’s rights movements and I am a woman. I voted for Trump, too, as I never agreed with some of these people who complain about NO rights. Why are they so silent about what is happening in the Islamic culture re: women…….?

  39. Again, you nailed it. Trump will not accept failure.

    My friend Alice (Alice Hinther Design), went down to DC from Ottawa. She had to leave her new pink knit hat at the border. Likely, she just wanted to participate in the excitement because I consider her to be very successful. Apparently, there was a bus load of liberal females from Ottawa. Likely, most were protesting the departure from ultra liberal policies in the US. Why they are so interested in US politics. It affects Canada!!

  40. As a won an born in the late 40’s, I was NEVER told I had to have special “privileges” to get ahead….I was taught that perserverance, hard work & a backbone were my ticket to whatever success I might achieve. Those stupid Liberals would not know HOW to work hard for their futures- that would be too much to ask. As for Pres.Trump…I feel more confident than ever that God will help him make America great again.!

  41. Good Bye, Good Riddance, and don”t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

    Norman Eichelmann, San Antonio, USA

  42. At the dawn of the feminist movement, the dumb broads burned their bras. Today they march in Fascism-First! parades while disguised as vaginas. I suspect that none of these goose-stepping thugs has a real man in her life. They clamour for abortion on demand in order to assert their independence from the male sperm donor. They’re even willing without mental reservation to terminate the life growing within them to assert that same independence. This is brute femi-nazi selfishness on steroids.

  43. I am just SO thankful that Trump won! And Hillary LOST! I sure am happy to see the last of her! Now, IF ONLY we could oust Justin!! Before he totally gives Canada away to his friends!! He should be removed! He is not fit to be the Prime Minister of Canada!

  44. Spot On Howard!!! Even though I am a woman – I have come to believe that many women of today are quite stupid!!! They seem to be marching for the sake of marching. We older women have already paved the way for them to be successful if they choose to do so. But it seems like they don’t have a clue about much of anything. This action only gets the media’s attention for about 15 minutes. In all honesty – Who cares??? I did love the prayers of Rabbi Heir, Franklin Graham & Bishop Jackson.

  45. Never could understand and don’t want to why women want to be men. Don’t they know that the one that rocks the candle rules the world. Real men would probably have nothing to do with such as these misfits. Maybe that’s one of their many problems. Billie

  46. If President Trump’s victory in November and inauguration Friday are not enough, I get to read the splendid responses of Galganov subscribers and my vision for America brightens immeasurably. President Trump’s inaugural speech was a promise to rebuild the wreckage dealt us by his unworthy predecessor, who sat, scowling, 10 fee away, listening to his 8 years of treachery and incompetence categorized as failures. It was a precious moment for patriots.

  47. What are they protesting? Everything I’ve done in my 85 years has been MY choice. I studied to be a professional opera singer.I decided on marriage and raising six PLANNED children. MY CHOICE. After my six children, I CHOSE to have no more.It’s called birth control!(See your druggist) I could have taught, but I CHOSE stay home to raise my children.
    So,what rights are they being denied? One was asked that, and after stammering said, “We are protesting about rights that MAY be taken away from us”

  48. I felt the prayer service evoked ALL of my feelings. ALL were united as ONE. As for the Women’s March…If half of them voted I would be surprised. I am PROUD of Mr. Trump and shamed by those who could not/would not attend. They were elected by the people. They have become presumptuous. They were elected to represent ALL the people, NOT themselves.
    God Bless Mr. Trump and his administration and let’s hope many things can be accomplished.

  49. hurry Howard, we need to get Ontario aroused and involved in our failed political system

  50. Starting tomorrow, patriots need to be contacting their senators to get their butts moving on confirming President Trump’s appointees. Tweeter the hell out of Chucky Cheese Schummer’s site, stop this Dem obstruction.

  51. God created the woman as a help meet according to the scripture. They are usurping their authority and their God given function. Our modern day women do not want to recognize the structure of authority as given by the Creator.
    Look out because God will intervene in the situation and the leniency man has given to them. I am not advocating that they are door matts. They are our equals when doing what they were created to do. I love them!

  52. Science deniers, women who think they are equal with men. The front line of the NFL is a perfect example. Women can do anything, even play football, but at some point when a man excels purely because of genetics, it is not opression or bigotry, it is science, or in plain ol’ English, reality. By the way I was the first woman Exchange Repair Technician (climbing poles and all) for Southwestern Bell in the state of Oklahoma, so I know a little bit about women’s rights.

  53. People don’t know this but if i am not mistaken the organizer of this woman’s march is a woman who firmly believes in Sharia Law. Not that that would make a difference to these followers when there is a nonsensical, political agenda at stake .

  54. All I could think of when I saw the march was that if all their mothers had chosen abortion then there wouldn’t have been a march.

  55. To M.S., of Royal Oak…Michael, I have a saying ‘a sound case for a retrospective abortion’. I can’t get over that child they interviewed, she had absolutely no idea why she was there. Also the grub who assaulted the reported from The Rebel what a hero, was shouting something about being in his face, he was the one who got into the face of the reporter, pathetic leftard! I am honestly so sick of the left, they have no morals, nothing, its a pity they are not like lemmings!

  56. they are all liberal left wing [DEMOCRATS]activist that lost,,,get over it,,,,i know they have the right to peace full protests,,,,,,also we have a New President for all the people winners or losers…GIVE HIM RESPECT,[not the MADONAS who want to blow up the white house wake up],GIVE HIM A CHANCE CANT BE WORST THEN WE HAD IN PAST PRESIDENTS,, ,Signed one of the Deplorables ,

  57. Howard, Your last two editorials were two of the best you have written. Notice how many people commented in a positive way. Keep up the great work.

  58. Great article. Has been a good weekend watching all the celebrations of our New President Donald Trump. Concerning the woman march what a joke. Saw a blog today that said (loosely quoted) “I WAS PART OF A 30 MILLION WOMAN MARCH ON NOVEMBER 8, 2016. WE MARCHED OUR SELVES RIGHT INTO THE VOTING BOOTH AND VOTED FOR DONALD J. TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.” Expecting many good things in the next 4 hopefully 8 years. Keep up the good work Howard.

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