So Let Me In Just One Word Describe The Inauguration


Because of the Inauguration, I have been so SWAMPED with Emails . . . so many, that I simply could not RESPOND to all of them. So please don’t take this as a personal comment on what you wrote.

AND YOU SHOULD KNOW . . . unless you sent me what amounted to a book-full of information, or a link, I did my very best to Speed-Read what you sent.



PRESIDENT Donald J Trump’s Speech, brought one thought to my mind, which was in my opinion, the MOST Important Presidential Comment ever spoken since JFK said . . .

“Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You – Ask What You Can Do For Your Country”.

I can say without question . . . not that this was the BEST Inauguration Address I ever Heard – BUT PERHAPS, THE MOST IMPORTANT INAUGURAL ADDRESS EVER!

PRESIDENT Trump reaffirmed EVERYTHING he PROMISED in his Campaign to win the Republican Nomination, and then the SAME PROMISES he made during his Presidential Campaign AGAINST Crooked Hillary, the LEFT, Insiders, Elitists, Bureaucrats, Academics, Hollywooders, Entertainers and the MEDIA.

TO ME . . . PRESIDENT Trump’s Inaugural Speech . . . was in its own way as important as were the words of President Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. Since it DROPPED THE GAUNTLET, and made absolutely clear, what America and the World can expect from this 45th Presidency.


It is unbelievable how the Media JUST DON’T GET IT . . . They say they do, but they’re FULL OF BEANS, so you can only imagine how I felt, when Brit Hume said on FOX News, immediately following PRESIDENT Trump’s Inaugural Speech, that PRESIDENT Trump’s Speech was “NOT POETIC” . . . as if a Speech of Prose is what the American People and the Rest of the World WANTED or NEEDED to HEAR.


CHUCK SCHUMER . . . Leader of the Democrat Senate, delivered a Speech before the Inaugural Address, which was so TELLING of the LEFTIST Mindset, that virtually nothing he or any LEFTIST could have uttered, short of the unblemished TRUTH, could have so perfectly displayed why the USA is in such DECLINE.

1 – It seemed to me . . . that Schumer NEVER heard the JFK Speech, about ASKING WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR COUNTRY, opposed to what your Country can do for you.

2 – The other MOST HORRIBLE thing Schumer said in his speech, which DEMONSTRATED how the LEFT is the MOST DIVISIVE FORCE in America, was a History Lesson about the Civil War, describing the death of UNION Major Wallace Ballou, at the Battle of Bull Run, ILLUSTRATING how the NORTH DEFEATED the SOUTH . . . SAVING Freedom and the Union from the Scourge of the SOUTHERN STATES.

TO ME . . . Schumer’s Speech was nothing short of a KICK TO THE GROIN AGAINST all Southerners, whose Proud Ancestors Suffered and Died Fighting the Northern Intrusion into Southern Affairs and Freedoms.

Especially, since Southern and Fly-Over Americans, are POUND-FOR-POUND, Man-For-Man, Woman-For-Woman . . . amongst the MOST PATRIOTIC OF ALL AMERICANS.

AND DON’T BOTHER TO WRITE ME . . . That the Civil War was all about Slavery, which was a Great and Noble Reason to Fight, but HARDLY the ONLY Reason why the North went to War against the South.

AND WHETHER YOU AGREE WITH ME OR NOT ABOUT THE CIVIL WAR . . . This Inauguration of the 45th President of the United States of America, was Neither the Time, Nor was it the Place to Open This Still Festering Wound.


There was a Catholic Priest, Protestant Pastors and a Rabbi, all of whom BLESSED the new President, as they also Prayed for Light and Greatness for America . . . BUT THERE WAS NO IMAM.

THE DAYS OF THIS PHONY – Obama’s Rhetoric . . . That Moslems Helped Make America Great ARE OVER. The BS that Islam is a GREAT Contributor to the American Dream IS OVER.


What PRESIDENT Trump said today, but ALSO the things he did NOT say, SAID EVERYTHING about how America is going to MOVE BACK to Judeo/Christian VALUES under his Presidency.

I HEARD TAMMY BRUCE . . . on FOX Business News early this evening, which by the way is a Far Superior News Channel to FOX News from NOON until 7:00PM Eastern Time, especially since FOX News brought back Bob Beckel to THE FIVE (which I don’t Watch), knowing that Beckel BRAGGED On FOX News, that he is a recovering DRUNK, a DRUGGIE, and a MISOGYNIST, to which I somehow I doubt he is doing much recovering.

Beckel ALSO Boasted on FOX News, when he was initially a REGULAR on The Five, how as a Political Activist for the Democrats, he FIXED Elections, PADDED Ballot Boxes, CONTRIVED Polls, Got People who were not by Law Permitted to Vote . . . TO VOTE ANYWAY, and did whatever it took to get his Person Elected.

If that’s the kind of Person FOX News wants on their Air – SCREW THEM!

BUT BACK TO TAMMY BRUCE . . . who is more than Worthy of all of our Time and Respect, who said on FOX Business News that it wasn’t the Billionaire Trump who won the Election, who has the LEFT all Tied-Up Into Knots – IT’S THE WALMART GREETERS, and people like them, who helped get PRESIDENT Trump Elected, WHO THE LEFT RESENT THE MOST. And how right she is.


From Time-To-Time, Anne and I both shop at Walmart, where amongst other things, we buy all of our 9mm Ammunition, which is great AMMO at a Fabulous Price. So there’s another reason from the Galganov’s . . . WHY THE LEFT CAN SIMPLY SHOVE IT.


GOD Bless America. GOD Bless President Trump. And GOD Bless The People Who Elected Him.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. If you want to beat SAVAGES you must wage war against them as even WORSE SAVAGES. It is a simple as that. Bomb and punish WITHOUT MERCY any country that harbours and supports our enemy MUSLIMS in any way. All else is just Band-Aid WARFARE!

  2. We have gone from mourning in America to morning in America again. God bless President Trump. Thank you God for rescuing our country from the precipice. It’s a brand new day.
    You get the message Mr. Ayatollah?

  3. Howard, At last we have a person with courage and vision to take the helm and steer the American ship back from the abyss that Obama was steering it to. Let us wish him and his Government good health and wisdom. Steve Acre, Canada

  4. I loved the inaugural address. I don’t understand the snide comments about it being a campaign speech. It was a speech to encourage the American people and laid out what we can expect from PRESIDENT TRUMP (feels so good to say that!) and he expects us to hold him to his promises.

  5. I said a prayer this morning that God would indeed bless our new President with the wisdom to know how to do the things he said he would. And for the wisdom to know it was God who will lead all of America back to greatness. Looks like from his speech, Trump is aware of all that. Thank heaven!

  6. Well I sure needed to hear that about the POTUS’ policy re-affirmation, I was wondering if he’d even be allowed to make it this far. Hope is building – but the left is nuts…even the Canadian MSM is screeching about him incessantly…Is someone checking the WH for booby traps and what not? I can’t wait for Justin to get an LBJ like Lester B. did, for pissing on Donald’s rug…or anything else. LOL

  7. At first, I thought the Trump speech might have been too much celebrating the win, rather than a message of unity. But then I remembered Obama’s first speech full of platitudes like “not a red nation or blue nation but a purple nation of one people”. Bullshot! He became the most divisive president in modern history! So I’m glad that Trump tells it like it is and doesn’t mask WHO he is, what he stands for and what he intends to do. I respect Trump’s honesty and hope he doesn’t disappoint.

  8. I am so happy! What an awesome day! Our President, God I love being able to say that, is always so thankful and appreciative of all, all the time. I thought his asking Hillary to stand was a great healing gesture on his part, but I also know he meant it. He’s a good man with a huge heart who loves America and all its people. I think he’s going to go down in history as the best President or pretty close to.

  9. Today was like lifting the Empire State Building from my shoulders. His speech to congress and politicians must have sent shivers down their spine, about time!!! About your comment on FOX Business, we have switched completely to FOX Bus. I enjoy very much from 7pm to 8pm Lou Dobbs, great and very informative.

  10. Everything I expected from Trump today, congress better get ready to sleep only four a day if they don’t get things done. The Donald has decided to end his career draining the swamp for the American people. I wish he would have added draining the swamp to his speech today. It would have been priceless. God has blessed us with a special person at the right time in American history. He will get the job done. By By Barry don’t let the door hit you in the ass

  11. At the end of Trump’s inaugural speech, I wanted to stand up and cheer. He KICKED the ESTABLISHMENT’S ASS! It seems that the days of cronyism, self-serving political maneuvering, and obstructive BS are OVER, if Trump gets his way. His daughter says that whatever he says he’s going to do, he DOES. Message: Power to the PEOPLE, NOT the politicians. Oh, and Obama – wincing at every word – BYE BYE! YOU’RE FIRED!!! The press? ‘White man evicts black family from public housing.” Same old spin.

  12. Within 10 minutes of President Trump taking the “Oath of Office” all reference to climate change vanished from the White House website. That’s almost as fast as Jimmy Carter being told at 12:01 the day of Reagan’s inauguration that he no longer had clearance for information from the situation room

  13. Just think how close out country came to being completely destroyed before middle America woke up and elected Trump.
    I’m not a religious person but maybe God had a hand in making Trump our President. If Hillary was elected our country would of gave up any hope of ever being a great country again. We need to all work together to make America Great Again.

  14. There are no words, only tears to my eyes when President Trump and Vice-President Pence took their oaths. I said to the TV, “Goodbye Obama & Biden, you are relieved of your duties. GOOD RIDDANCE! Now get the hell out of here!” Hedid everything he could to destroy our Country. When the Justices asked Trump and Pence to recite the oath, I said to my wife that is the same Obama took and he did not live up to his commitment. He lied! I hope he keeps his trap shut while in retirement.

  15. Even I woke this morning and the air smelt fresher! Monumental….President Donald Trump!

  16. Had to miss the live inauguration, but watched the replay later today. I sat, spellbound, as President Trump ripped apart the last 8 years of “Make America Insignificant” by the departed disaster. Trump pulled no punches, gave no broad, lightly-uplifting comments. Nope, President Trump blew away Obama and everything he stands for.
    I sat and clapped until my hands hurt. And, it felt great!

  17. Obama, getting ready to board Air Force One for his all expense paid trip to Palm Springs couldn’resist patting himself on the back…..again. Glad he is gone and we will not see a lot of them from now on. So, am I the only one who noticed Michele did NOT sing the National Anthem during the inauhguration? She must have concluded that to sing the NA of her country would be below her stature. Nothe a nice evening display.

  18. Schumer mentioned the word “sacrifice” as if he, as a self-hating Jew, has ever sacrificed anything for anyone except himself. I suppose Trump thought he should allow a Democrat Senator to speak but some good came from it, Schumer made a fool of himself.

  19. It was an awesome day Howard. But how come the Supreme Court justices can administer an oath, based on swearing over a Bible; how come ministers can pray; how come a religious choir can sing…all in a government building, and yet those same justices say we cannot have prayer in our schools?

  20. I thought that President Trump’s inaugural address was a genuine breath of fresh air!! And as such, it was long overdue!

    And Howard, you and Anne buy ammo at Walmart ? You are lucky as they NEVER seem to have an .22WIN/.22Mag rimfire.
    More power to you !!!!

  21. Wow, I’m 86, but I cried tears of joy today to welcome our 45th President of the US of American, Donald J. Trump
    , Amen!

  22. Here’s a perspective given by fellow judoka Gary Berliner on facebook:

    Try : inclusiveness, instead of divisiveness; infrastructure development, instead of social program expansion; job expansion in the private sector, instead of in the government sector; inner city revetment and investment, instead of ‘shovel ready jobs’; military consolidation, instead of expanding foreign wars; securing borders, instead of supporting … (to be continued)

  23. You summed it up better than anyone I’ve been speaking with about Donald Trump over the past 12 months…the phrase that hits the chord perhaps even better than Make America Great Again…THE BIG LIES ARE OVER…!!!!!

    I shall sleep very soundly tonight.

  24. Now, more than ever before, we Americans need to vocally support the President, heart and soul. The forces of new age divisiveness are arrayed against us as never before. Trump must not be allowed to fail – this may be our last chance to save the republic from the one world hoards, from the inclusionists, from the morally confused..

  25. This is GREAT! Trump as a humorous character and a wonderful family. And Schumer, you continued to make a clown out of yourself.

  26. It was a great speech and everything I expected from him. He’s determined to fix the problems plaguing this country. People are going to be called upon to pressure their Democrat reps to help get bills through. The Senate is barely a majority and it’s not a filibuster proof one. We will need Demo Senators to cross the aisle. The good thing is 20+ are up for re-election in 2018. Their people need to make sure they vote for what the people want – not the party. The left will fight 24/7.

  27. Giving credit where credit is due. Thank you Howard. You came onboard the Trump Train in time to influence MANY with your editorials. Now, we ALL need to Thank and Praise GOD!

  28. Howard, just a couple of lines to say ‘we’ really do appreciate you’re clear & insightful input over the past many weeks of this ordeal to stomp up even more socialism (Marxism) in U.S. government. We (with your help) and some others of course, won a crucial battle on the 20th. (actually November 8th.) But the internal war with Americas leftists will continue – as even before the 20th we all heard the cadence of their ominous drum beat. Thanks Howard & to all patriots everywhere! – HI-FIVES!!

  29. Before, all through and after CNN repeated a poll claiming that Trump only had a 38% approval rating. Was this the same polling company that showed Trump losing against to a Clinton landslide? NBC made the riots happening after police sprayed mace, not the other way around, so distorting the truth. CNN keeps trying to show how few showed up for the Inauguration: 200,000 bikers came, hundreds of thousands came, but a photo comparison at 7AM in the rain shows how “unpopular” is Trump.

  30. I totally agree with your evaluation of Brit Hume. Also Fox business news is much truer than the regular Fox. Beckel is a disgrace. Shame on Fox for putting him back on. Lou Dobbs is terrific every night on Fox business news.Well worth watching.

  31. I, too, thought the speech was WOW. Makes me think we have a chance of rising from this cest pool the leftists has left us in for 8+ years.

    God Bless you and Anne, Howard.

  32. Melania looked beautiful and classy. Trump gave an amazing speech. Obama is gone!! It’s a beautiful day in America!!

  33. Howard, your observations are spot on. I can say with conviction, yesterday was one of the best days of my life. And in my minds eye, I could hear President Trump finish his speech by saying – And don’t get in my way or screw with me, because if you do, YOU WILL REGRET IT. America, for Americans is back. Also, the cops didn’t take any crap from the protesters. Things will definitely change for the better.

  34. It is GREAT to have Christian back in our WH again … as opposed to the Muslim that has been there for the past 8 years!
    Thanks Howard for your insight and ability to communicate so clearly. No doubt, you helped get this done.
    Lee Norman, Sharpsburg, GA

  35. I hope that President Trump “socks it” to Canada soon … approving The Keystone XL Pipeline first.

  36. It is obvious that Christianity was elevated to a prominent role in the inauguration. This is how Mr. Trump planned it: When you put God in His exalted place, DemonRat politicians are put in their place, subservient to the devil.

  37. Our job to help Trump is to man the phone lines and require our representatives and senators to get on board with Trump. No. 1 should be term limits! There will always be a swamp as congress cozies up with donors. Trump is unique in not having to cozy up with them, but no one else can afford to not have donors, so term limits are so necessary to avoid intrenchment.
    VIckie McCoy

  38. Another word for the INAUGURATION is “CLASS”. Pres. Trump spoke to the PEOPLE and his speech reflected what he stated he would try to fulfill. Very surprising to hear the word “GOD” mentioned so many times during the course of the day. PRIDE is back in AMERICA! Many FOX hosts were on an EGO TRIP–all about them! BRIT HUME appears to be a KNOW-IT-ALL! Preferred watching FOX Business News. Also WAVED “BUH-BYE” to Obama, et al! Good riddance! GOOD LUCK PRESIDENT TRUMP! AMEN!

  39. I can’t help but be amazed how God was reintroduced into our way of life at the inauguration. I wonder why we swear on a Bible in court. People are sworn into office with their hand on a Bible. There are religious quotes engraved in our government buildings. Yet a child in a public school is forbidden to read a Bible or pray. This verse from the Bible needs to be posted every where in America. VP Pence placed his hand on this verse when he was sworn in..2nd Chronicles 7 : 14. It is the solution.

  40. God is still in charge. Thank God President Trump was elected President of my beloved neighbors to the South . I am one Canadian who prayed Trump would win. Perhaps America will now return to God and be Blessed again by Him . Canada needs to do likewise….. They must be humble themselves under his hand, must pray for the removal of the judgment, must seek the face and favour of God; and yet all this will not do unless they turn from their wicked ways, and return to the God from whom they have

  41. Thanks HG.. His Speech was all I wanted to hear, it was great. and all the rest that voted, God Bless you all.

  42. The Civil War like most modern wars, was an economic war. The south was looking at the loss of $3,000 per black. If you owned 10 slaves, that is $30,000, a cost that no business could take. In the north the new Republican party was formed to get rid of slavery as as long as there was “free” labor, the total economy was sucked down. Today Trump is trying to remove that same problem with the cheap labor of the illegals.

  43. The nightmare is over, but there are repercussions ahead as the liberals will fight to take over again. Trump is the answer to prayer; Hillary is done. Thank God for that! We will again honor the Constitution, the promise to Israel and for our descendants. We must keep praying for Trump and Pence, esp. in light of CNN advocating the assassination of Trump.

  44. WOW! exactly I blurted few times in admiration. No dubl talk, admonished enemies all around him.
    God, mention many times. Great day, speeches, Trump family serene & supreme. Cudn’t elp feel tad sad for OB walked away tail between his legs, and MO didn’t look at all happy, no 1 cared.
    HG, Ur thoughts on early dayTrump, the reverse of wot U think today about O’Leary. I have grave doubts about him
    This we know, he’s pro immigration (Muslim), pro carbon tax, anti gun, very rude. Really

  45. WOW indeed. Sat watching for couple hours with a huge smile from ear to ear. So proud and excited. All who will, continue to lift our President up in prayer for God to direct him and keep him safe.

  46. My email was checked regularly, looking for your thoughts re the events of yesterday. You did not disappoint. Those who chose not to attend were not missed. They missed out on the most inspiring event of my 88 years. Re “civil war”, the CSA had a government including a currency. It was not an insurrection by the people but was fought by two governments. It was “The War of Northern Aggression”. My great, great grandfather voted on secession in the Georgia legislature.

  47. President Kennedy’s “Ask not . . . ” spoke to an external threat. President Trump’s inauguration confronts an even more sinister, internal threat. We are all familiar with the symptoms. At the core is a corrupt government. Corrupt because too many of us failed to hold it accountable. Corrupt because we allowed ourselves to be believe the lies of the left. Corrupt because we wanted something for nothing from government other than to protect the rights of the citizens. Forgive us. Forgive me.

  48. Great day for patriots. Pissed that Chucky Cheese holding up confirmations, a real snake. Also these rioters (paid by Soros) need to be convicted felons–no breaks. As usual Portland, OR had more rioters than DC. This leftist city is the most unchurched in the USA, so no surprise. 3/4 of OR congressmen didn’t attend the inauguration–called them out on Twitter. We patriots need to fight for President Trump, as the left will never stop their BS. Twitter like crazy against the leftist MSM, celebs!

  49. Yep, you and I were on the same page – WOW!!! I was duly impressed with all of it. I was so glad to see President-Elect Trump, his family, Vice-President Elect & his family going to the Prayer Session! Presidents of the past were noted for going to church, with many of them went to the National Cathedral, which has been called the “President’s Church.” Things are beginning to look normal. Thank G-d for what He has done & for what gifts He has given us. G-d Bless America!!!

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