FOR ALL THE JUG-HEADS . . . from the Democrat Party, 68-And-Counting, who’ve decided to BOYCOTT the Trump Inauguration, and all the LEFTIST JERKS, who are either in Washington now, or on their Way to PROTEST the Trump Inauguration . . . ALL I CAN SAY IS KEEP IT COMING!

In a Nutshell . . . the MORE these DUFUSES show the American People, through the Mainstream Media, and through the new Medium over the Internet, including Face Book, You Tube, Twitter . . . and many other BLOGS like this one, – just how STUPID they really are, the faster the Transition will be from a FAILING & DEMORALIZED USA, to a New and VIBRANT America, which will once again have a BOUNCE In Her Step.


For any of these JERKS in the House, and or the Senate, who are on either side of the Great Divide between the Democrats and the So-Called Republicans (RINOS) . . . who for a just a Moment DON’T think or realize that the TRUMP-TRAIN is about to Leave The Station WITHOUT THEM . . . They’ve been in Government and on the Take from Lobbyists for so long, that they have no idea, or have forgotten how the REAL WORLD WORKS.


In the REAL World, you WORK for what you want to GET.

In the REAL World, you are beholden to your EMPLOYERS.

In the REAL Political World, your EMPLOYERS are the People who VOTE for you.

In the REAL World, taking BRIBES and getting PAID-OFF is CRIMINAL.


In the REAL World, EMPLOYEES DON’T Live better than their Employers.

In the REAL World, People who take a SALARY are the EMPLOYEES.

In the REAL World, EVERYONE who takes a Salary is ACCOUNTABLE.

I CAN GO ON AND ON . . . but I know you are all getting the point, which is as simple as this – If President-Elect Trump DOES what he is CONSISTENTLY saying he is going to do; these Fake-World Bastards, who have been living in their OWN WORLD of Wealth and Privilege, by FEEDING at the Public Trough, while getting PAID OFF by Special Interests (Lobbyists), are about to ENTER the REAL World of THE PEOPLE.

AND IF ANY OF THESE BAD ACTORS . . . have any doubts, they better STOP DOUBTING NOW, just by having a close look at the People – President-Elect Trump has Surrounded Himself with in his Cabinet.


The MESS that the USA finds itself in today, didn’t just all of a sudden HAPPEN over the Past 8-Years with Barrack HUSSEIN Obama. It was a NIGHTMARE in the Works for GENERATIONS, which was allowed to reach CRITICAL Mass through the Combined Three Years of the Two Bush’s, the Two Terms of Clinton, and the Two Terms of Barack HUSSEIN Obama, who pushed for the DEMISE of the United States of America, with Barely a WHIMPER from the Republicans, even when they CONTROLLED the House and the Senate.


We are all CONNED by the Political Marketing People, to believe whatever it is they want us to believe about the Politicians who PAY them SERIOUS Money to Create any IMAGE the Politicians want and NEED, in order for the Politicians to WIN & STAY WON.

We might one day go back down the Road, to where the People will ONCE AGAIN become easy Marks for the Political Smoke & Mirrors, but not right now, and if I was someone like a PAUL RYAN, Speaker Of The House, I would be just as worried about keeping what I have, as any Democrat has to Worry about Regaining Power anytime soon, since President-Elect Trump doesn’t have REAL POWER Over Paul Ryan and the Democrats, BUT THE PEOPLE DO, and in just TWO YEARS, Ryan, the Democrats, and RINOS will have to stand before the People to KEEP THEIR JOBS.

And if the People believe that Ryan was at ODDS with the MAN, they CHOSE to be the PEOPLE’S PRESIDENT, how much chance do you think Ryan and the rest of them will have at the POLLS, especially if President-Elect Trump does much of what he continuously PROMISES to do?

AND IF YOU’RE CURIOUS . . . As to whether I’m right or wrong about this . . . just ask Eric Cantor, who too thought he was in Office Forever.

SO . . . Let them all Protest and Make as Much Noise as They Can . . . Because, as of High Noon ON Friday, the REAL Noise will be coming from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


Canada . . . with the exception of the Province of Saskatchewan, has the WORST Governments at all levels; Municipal, Provincial, and National, in our 150-Year History (1867-2017) . . . BUT – We might have our own Trump on the Horizon.

KEVIN O’LEARY . . . Is a self Made Millionaire Businessman, Radio and Television Producer/Entertainer, Investor, and NON Politician, who has just announced as of yesterday, that he is in the Race for the Leadership of the Canadian Conservative Party.

I haven’t been a Member of the CANADIAN CONSERVATIVE PARTY for a Long Time, not since they decided to be the PROGRESSIVE Conservative Party, but with O’Leary in the Race, both Anne and I will join once again, and I will use, just as I used this BLOG to do whatever I could to help President-Elect Trump after he won the Nomination . . . TO DO NO LESS FOR O’LEARY.

Besides . . . Why Should American Conservatives Have All The Fun?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Dear Howard: At 86, I doubt if I’ll be around when Obama meets his maker. I wish him no harm,…but I’d bet my shroud that he won’t be buried in a Christian cemetery. He was born a Muslim and will depart as one. Regards & Stay well. Mort.

  2. Well said, Howard!

    As far as I’m concerned, the whole idiot famous crowd we could do without. Asking them to appear, perform etc at anything political just encourages them in thinking that the whole world even gives a rip about their opinions on things.

    The idiot famous from Hollyweird and the music industry just need to shut up and sing or shut up and act and otherwise, just shut up.

  3. I’m with you Howard. The more the disgruntled leftists (the swamp!) that show their hands the better. They are now on full resplendent display for all the world to see and they are too stupid to see it. Think 16 years is enough time to turn this Titanic around?

  4. These are exciting times & I believe real change is finally in the midst. In Canada with Kevin on the campaign trail, I’m optimistic & he will have my support.

  5. I trust Mr. O’Leary understands that the federal Liberals are fascists and thus are not worthy of bipartisan cooperation. He must develop a strategy to COUNTER them, not to WORK WITH them. He must also appreciate the fact that the biased enemedia will pull out all stops to thwart his MAKE CANADA GREAT AGAIN agenda. Does he have the FIRE IN HIS BELLY to take the battle to the fascist Liberals and aggressively push through his SMALL GOVERNMENT vision for the country?

  6. Well, it won’t take too long to DRAIN THE SWAMP because those who need to be drained out of it are EXPOSING themselves for WHO they truly ARE! The REAL WORLD also consists of the RULE of LAW and the TRUTH which is EXACTLY what will be RE-INTRODUCED in our GOVERNMENT. TRUE & POSITIVE CHANGE is not an easy task and many times, require SACRIFICE! When Trump “draws a red line”, he MEANS it–as will be PROVEN. One more day to go….BUH-BYE, Mr. & Mrs. Obama, et al! Good Luck, President Trump! AMEN!

  7. Regarding John Lewis, et. al — It is possible to be psychologically addicted to anger.

  8. Draining the swamp begins tomorrow! Woot! Woot! Can’t wipe that silly grin off my face for nothing. And those liberal whining snowflakes can take a hike. Hey, weren’t some of them promising to move to Canada? Just for once I wish they would DO what they say they will do! Good grief. But Howard, you probably want them there about as much as we want them here! LOL! Happy days are here again. Hallelujah! Happy for Israel, too.

  9. Have you ever noticed that the difference between the those crying the blues say that those who “have” were just “Lucky”?
    My Grandparents were not so Lucky, so they came to Canada, and worked. My Father and Mother were Lucky, and they worked. I was lucky because I started working at Steinbergs at age 15 as a Bag-boy, and continued working through Sir George. Judy’s parents were lucky, and worked forever. Judy was lucky and worked continuously from 17 till retirement.
    I guess we are just “Luck

  10. I wouldn’t be so fast to heap praise on O’leary, he doesn’t seem to understand the trouble we are in in the world with the Muslim hoard. He seems to think we are a nation of immigrants and all are welcome, he is a businessman true but without understanding the world in which we live. He could be the leader of the Liberal party as well which he has said many times. He has said he is nothing like Trump which he is not. We happen to be at war with Muslims and Lefty’s whether we like it or not.

  11. Less than 24 hours to go! Hooray! By the way, Howard, I think that I’m with you regarding Kevin O’Leary.

  12. I will not give up my social conservative beliefs just to put a Liberal-lite ‘Conservative’ into the PMO! I’m sick of voting for the lessor of evils, I want to vote FOR something. Unless the CPC can field a leader and a conservative I’m voting with my heart and not my head, for a truly fiscal/social conservative party next election, The Christian Heritage Party! Besides, being one of the disenfranchised rural minority, my vote don’t count for shyte anyway…

  13. Hi Howard, for some time now I’ve been pronouncing the word ‘Politician’ with an emphasis on the first syllable using closed lips, sort of like spitting. I know it’s not very nice, but it does seem appropriate. Back in the UK politicians may be more discrete than the ones over here in Israel, but to my mind they’re effectively all tared with the same brush. Admittedly there may be one or two honest ones, but not many!

  14. Just when you think it cannot get any worse, O’Bummer does the “Sgt. Manning” move. WTF? The “End Of An Error” is less than 24 hours away. Don’t know anything about O’Leary. On the other hand, can he do much more harm to Canada than goofy Trudeau has? Although that was something the US said about O’Bummer and the Dumbocrats 8 years ago. The US folks were duped 2x. Hope that does not happen to Canada in O’Leary. Can we repair the damage done to Israel by the Left? We must!

  15. I tweeted every one of them asking if I could have their inauguration tickets since they weren’t using them. I expect to get donation requests from them forever. I had a blast enlisting my twitter network to help with trolling them for tickets. I’m so ashamed….NOT.

  16. Mr. Howard, this editorial is most refreshing. I said 2016 is one of the best years . Because it was the year STUPID went Public. Now we know, almost, from Hollywood to Dogwood, this weird mindset of the liberal, ignorant lazy mouthy unpatriotic folks. The Democrats paid big bucks to stay in power. Fortunately for America money didn’t produce their intended results. The citizens with backbone saved the day…23 hours to go…Chin up, we’re back in the main event, center ring, top card…

  17. Excellent commentary today, Howard! While I love living in the state of Oregon, I am sorry that it is represented by liberal idiots. 3 out of 5 Representatives will not be attending Trump’s inauguration. I plan to remind these representatives who they work for.

  18. Howard, now is the time to start a revolution to change the law that a senator or congress rep .serve one ( 1 ) term only with no retirement ,health or any other benefits. Our founding fathers never intended for those elected to make it
    a continuing job. Howard you can start the ball rolling with this blog and the readers of GALGANOV TO PASS THIS OPN.

  19. Great blog Howard. I hope everything goes of well tomorrow. Donald Trump is going to need lots of help to drain the swamp but it looks like he has chosen many good people. Will be glad to see you rip into Canadian politics again, things seem to be going from bad to worse. Jet setting Justin is too stupid to have any place in government. Now we have this Trudeau foundation reaping in lots of money. For whom ? God Bless Howard.

  20. Any politician not respecting or supporting the final vote/decision of any election is in fact not supporting the will of their people that they represent nor respecting how they voted. And if they feel that strongly or cannot conduct themselves then they should bow out of politics. It is the one trait all politicians of a free society MUST have; Respect of the wins and losses/winners and losers of their system.

  21. Well said, Howard. The mess we find ourselves in today began in earnest after Reagan retired. Most of the GOP has been comprised of people without balls. It has been Socialists lite. Trump has already begun to clean the swamp. Let’s hope he continues in a big way when he has the bully pulpit. We are so sick of spineless wimps and traitors, it makes us sick to our stomachs to even think about them. We are concerned about some of his left leaning cabinet members but remain hopeful! Time to move!

  22. Sir
    Once again you have written wonderful things to read about. I pray for your beautiful country as well as I do our America.
    May the dear Lord be with all of us on this journey of life we are on. Take care you and your beloved Anne.
    May our Mr. Trump be safe and kept well. God bless America and Canada as well as Israel.

  23. American voters, remember the names of the 68 congressmen who boycotted the inauguration. They think they are safe because they live in blue states, I hope and pray that changes. Also, contact them & give them a piece of your mind.

  24. In the REAL World, all judges, sentors, represenatives, bureaucrats and ALL public servents are employed, for the people, by the people and with the people. “SO LET ME GIVE THEM A REFRESHER . . . . . . ” 20 HRS; 31 MIN, to launch!

  25. Howard, I am ready to celebrate tomorrow the inauguration of a good and true American. Its about time that a new broom is needed to sweep all these slimy cobwebs and the fat cats. Go Trump go. Steve Acre, Canada

  26. If these elected democrats wish to prove how unimportant they are to our system of government, let them continue to do so. Perhaps their constituents will use better judgement the next election.

  27. So well said Howard!
    I remember so well watching the indoor President Ronald Reagan on January 20, 1980. Even as an adult it brought tears of joy to my eyes.
    I only hope that President Trump’s inaugural address does the same thing all over again

  28. I cant wait to help Kevin O’Leary get elected It is a disaster now with Trudeau not to mention the queen of Ontario

  29. Hello Howard,

    Am not convinced that O’Leary is the way to go….he’s NO Donald Trump. I’ve “heard” that O’Leary is liberal Lite and that he is: pro immigration, pro carbon tax and anti gun…..???? Can you confirm, either way???

    If this is true, then me and mine will NOT support his nomination. Thanks:-)

  30. I will look at the platform for ALL the Conservative candidates but with that said, would LOVE to see O’Leary take on Trudeu. Congratulations to Mr. Trump and looking forward to calling him President Trump tomorrow.

  31. Most of those boycotting are from California & New York – no surprise there. Thing is, it will be two years before that part of the swamp is up for re-election. I figure Calif reps will get back in. Note Pelosi hasn’t said she is not attending, so reckon as Minority Leader she has to bite the bullet. I won’t miss seeing their faces, full of venom. They were likely looking for an excuse not to attend anyway and Lewis gave it to them (baiting Trump as he knew it would).

  32. Tomorrow the worst President, exception to the despots, that this Country or any other has ever experienced will stumble out of the White House. For those that think this is the end of him, you are mistaken. He has only begun. His mouth will continue to spew out the garbage that we have hear for 8 years, that is all he has to offer.

  33. OMG Howard, O’Leary may be rich, but he’s no Donald Trump. Trump loves his country. O’Leary, if he has a concept of Love, he reserves it for himself!

  34. Yes Howard, get on the O’leary train as I will also be and let’s ride it to victory in our next federal election, but first we need to get rid of Ontario’s liberals..

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