Before I get into the Meat and Potatoes of this Editorial, I MUST THANK the People who have contributed to Because of you, it makes my life a lot less complicated, and easier to Do and Write the Things I do.


IN A TWEET ABOUT HOUSE MEMBER . . . John Lewis’ Despicable public position on the LEGITIMACY of President Elect Trump’s Presidential Victory, which Lewis Considers to be “ILLEGITIMATE”, is in Michelle Obama’s words, combined with Martin Luther King’s Example . . .

“May Their Example Be Our Call To Arms”.

By Including the Name of Martin Luther King Junior, especially on MLK Day (January 16, 2017), with John Lewis’ Sick Portrayal Of America’s System Of Governance, Michelle Obama CAMOUFLAGED what she was REALLY saying, which was that John Lewis’ POSITION on the Legitimacy of the Election of Donald Trump was indeed ILLEGITIMATE . . . Except, she didn’t have the “GUTS” to come Right-Out and Say It.

SO – WHEN MICHELLE OBAMA . . . Tweeted that THEIR Message, which was really the Message of John Lewis, who in my opinion, regardless of what Lewis did FIFTY YEARS AGO, is today, nothing more than a LEFTIST Race Baiter, who seems to see America MOSTLY in a Black and White Context, where the MAKERS are the enemy, is the message that should be to all of Americans, “A CALL TO ARMS”, says all that needs to be said about Michelle Obama, who in THREE DAYS will be able to Drop the Act of Being Everyone’s First Lady.


I LOVE IT . . . I think it’s just GREAT that so many of the Media, Academics, Elitists, Hollywooders, and Members of the Democrat Party are KICKING-OFF the 45th Presidential Inauguration by showing their TRUE COLORS.

It’s more than Time Enough for the Gloves to really COME OFF, so all people can see who the LEFT REALLY ARE, and for what they REALLY STAND.

THE LEFTIST IDIOTS ANTI-AMERICAN DISPLAY . . . only furthers their Demise as the Bad Losers they really are, when perhaps for the FIRST Time, the People are getting a REAL LOOK at their Sick Socio/Political LEFTIST Mindset, which has so Screwed up America and the Rest of the World over the past Generations, especially from the time of Democrat Woodrow Wilson, Democrat FDR, Democrat Jimmy Carter, with an Eight Year Respite by Republican Ronald Reagan, EXACERBATED & ACCELERATED by Democrat Barack HUSSEIN Obama, which brought America and the World to Where We Are All At Now.


BUT NOT TO ME . . . as I see it, the Insolence, Disrespect, and Rudeness Demonstrated against President-Elect Trump from the Highest Offices in the Land, to the Lowest Basement Dwellers in the Land . . . IS THE REAL CALL TO ACTION, nothing like the Call To Arms the Obama Princess (Michelle), who for 8-LONG YEARS Gorged her Ego at the expense of the People’s Hard Earned Money and Generosity, which would lead us to believe that according to her, there is a LEFTIST Counter Revolution in the Making.


For Years, I have been writing repeatedly about the TREE OF LIBERTY, written by Thomas Jefferson, one year before the Storming of the Bastille, while he was in Paris France, relating back to the NASCENT BIRTH OF AMERICA & AND ALL AMERICAN FREEDOMS.


The Tree of Liberty MUST be Refreshed from Time To Time with the Blood of Patriots & Tyrants. It is it’s Natural Manure.

This is a LESSON & TRUTH, which has been SORELY Lost on the LEFT, or has been taken for granted. But as I see it . . . The True Test of American Patriots and the American Dream, AS WAS SET-FORTH in the Declaration of Independence and the Subsequent American Constitution, is being FORCED by the LEFT . . . which will not deliver for the LEFT, the Results they EXPECT . . . But to the Contrary.

It’s one thing to Talk-The-Talk . . . BUT IT’S A DIFFERENT THING ENTIRELY TO WALK-THE-WALK. And as I see it, the LEFT are Great Talkers, while Conservatives have PROVEN REPEATEDLY BY EXAMPLE, that when it comes time for the Talking-To-Be-Done . . . there are no Greater Patriots to do WHAT HAS TO BE DONE, than those who don’t waste words pretending that they have Value.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. This is just OMG. When will we wake up? This president and his minions are on another planet and have no clue.

    I applaud Jordon for making the execution move but it not near enough. We need to engage at an alarming rate or face the ultimate violence of their making. We’ve spent billions, lives and trust only to be abandoned by DC.

  2. Donald Trump and the Americans who elected him to the Presidency have delayed the refreshing of which Jefferson spoke. May G-d grant President Trump the strength, wisdom, and courage to make America great again. About a dozen friends and myself (likely even my Rabbi!) will be at my home on Friday watching the inauguration and toasting Mr. Trump with Trump wine!

  3. Yes indeed! It is long overdue. But, as you know, we can’t assume all of the scum will be removed from the Marxist nests. Enjoy the celebration, Howard! And let’s hope Trump gets to work on the swamp very soon. 🙂

  4. Trump should ignore the small “individuals” such as Lewis. If he defends against all that critisize him he is ignoring the big things and wasting time. Lewis is a nothing but a lure to the media, here in Georgia he is a “nothing” except to his kind.

  5. ACCURATE & INSPIRATIONAL. After watching John Lewis call TRUMP’s presidency illegitimate, I emailed another of your readers (we are friends) that John Lewis is riding on long ago fame and is no better than any other lib taking a handout from the U S Taxpayer. Time to retire loser. He keeps racism in the forefront and does nothing to help “his people”. He does not have a grasp on how our system works,or like most Leftists wants to change the rules for themselves.

  6. May God show favor on soon to be POTUS Trump. Also pray that there will be no violence, nor anyone hurt at the inauguration.

  7. 72 hours and counting. It cannot come fast enough for me. God bless America! America turn back to God!

  8. I can’t wait to see you in the room with all the Newsless Media when Trump has his press conferences. Oh what a wild ride we are going to have with our America loving President.

  9. Were you, in your opening referring to the registered Republican who led a peaceful march in Selma and preached tolerance AKA Martin Luther King?

  10. During the French Revolution the aristocrats that were beheaded included the entire family, seven generations if need be, so that there was absolutely no chance of those despots or their families ever regaining power over the people. They had the right idea. . . . . . I still want to see all of Obama’s records and a DNA of the entire family.

    Viet Nam Vet. Remaining pissed off at Hanoi Jane (Fonda) and Hanoi John (Kerry)

  11. Michelle is being replaced by an Immigrant. After 8 years of intensive training, Oblama is doing what he has done best when he stumbles out the door on Friday…..GO ON A VACATION.

  12. Finally after 8 long Years we won’t have some one in the White House that doesn’t like America!! As far as John Lewis as they say there is “no fool as an old fool”, the only problem is there are way to many of them in office. It’s way past time for term limits. It’s going to be great having a president who loves America!!!!

  13. John Lewis is playing to his constituents much like the union leaders play their members. If it is good for the company, it can’t be good for you. They never realize that if the company does not make a reasonable profit, their jobs will be gone. He remains as important because he keeps adding fuel. Otherwise it could quickly become: “What have you accomplished recently?” He will continue as long as it works.
    I wish every young U.S. citizen had your knowledge of U. S. civics and history.

  14. Thanks again Howard. I hope the national b…h will also boycott the celebrations. I don’t think we want to see her there after all the nice things the Obamas have apologized and said about the great America. One thing for sure, they will never be forgotten.

  15. We will save hundreds of millions fo taxpayers dollars when Michelle and her girls stop touring the world in Air Force One. The new true First Lady is first a Mom, wife and homemaker. What a change! The pomposity will all be gone. The Hollywood trash will be gone, and the Left wing race baiters, bigots, “Elistists” and money grabbing politicians will soon be gone. Americans have risen up and we have a Leader.

  16. Lewis goes where there attention goes. I saw on Facebook of Lewis arms-to-arms with Jeff Sessions who, (appointed by the legitimate elected President Trump), march for civil rights, which Democrats constantly questionally his stand on equal rights for blacks. One thing that I have notice is, though is it small-but still better than none, black people are starting to stand-up and speak-out against the lie that the blacks have been under for so long. A little light in the long-black tunnel.

  17. What has john lewis done for the black people of atlanta ,his congress district, about the same as the reprersentives of
    the war torn city of Chicago, Poor living conditions ,gangs and drugs ,and crime out of hand. If lewis was white the only elected job he would have was dog catcher as his Atlanta distric is heavey populated by blacks. I put lewis in the same box as rev al.and jesse jack all ass holes demacrats.

  18. In less than 72 hours, Mr. Trump can start socking it to us Canadians, over our lax immigration controls for one thing;
    and he can approve the Keystone XL pipeline for another thing! Then he can have a “father-son” talk with our boy
    Prime Minister. By the way, Justin bears a remarkable likeness to Fidel Castro …

  19. You are on target Howard. The Democrats including Mr. Lewis will regret this day in His Story that they have done every thing evil and illegitmate NOT the Republicans like they would like us to believe. Let them stand with their hands out because the food chain is going away!

  20. Howard, 3 quick points: Lewis said much the same when Bush was elected and refused to attend that inauguration. He lies if he claims this is the first time he won’t show; Michelle had used $1.1 billion of taxpayer dollars for trips and holidays around the world in 6 ½ years of Obama’s administration. Imagine the final total; gov. security has been informed and shown videos by Project Veritas of groups planing to use chemicals to disrupt the inauguration. Will they do anything to stop this?

  21. Our work is just beginning … Keep blogging, keep tweeting, keep posting and sharing on FB, keep exposing … Stand United … This is war … It is good vs. evil … God has given our nation another chance … Get involved … Stay involved … We have much to do … For our children and our grandchildren’s sake …

  22. Howard at this time there is 2 and a half days to ‘POTUS TRUMP’, I only hope he puts the boots to Left wing PM Truedope and Ms. Winne of Ont. He will make America Great Again.

  23. It’s remarkable and laughable, at the same time, as to what the Leftists are planning, doing, saying, etc. Planned riots and anarchy at the Inauguration – and they call themselves Americans? The stash of arms and ammunition found in and around DC is frightening. It seems the Left will do ANYTHING to keep Trump from becoming our President. They are approaching this with such a psychopathic hatred that I fear for America’s future. I don’t understand why they can’t at least give him a chance.

  24. I can’t wait…. I’m counting the days as well! I am just so sickened by the undercover reports on FB re how they are planning to disrupt the Inauguration and balls and the streets, bridges, buildings…. It’s so sad. All I can say is Donald Trump must be one heck of a man to take all this hate and evil aimed at him and still stand. God Bless him and God Bless America!

  25. This “Black vs. White” thinking doesn’t help “unite” this nation! Trump truly wants to bring USA together, but many Americans and “foreigners” are intent on “dividing” this nation! Too many “takers”, not enough “givers” today- exactly what “Civil Rights” have accomplished: “Freedom” now means you can say and do whatever you please! “Call to Arms” (Revolution) won’t solve anything! Stop “entitlement” (“something for nothing”) attitude! Pray Trump doesn’t sacrifice his life to “sore losers!

  26. John Lewis shows himself is incapable of a serious thought. Did the Russians pull the lever in the voting booth? Had Hillary and John Pedesto did not write the things they wrote in e-mails, Russian would have nothing do regarding the election. Hillary’s computer was not secure. John’s password was “password.” Are these Russia’s doing. Hell no. John, do not treat us as idiots to cover up your racism!!You made a fool of yourself!!

  27. It is truly amazing how the Libtards out there have such a hard time accepting the drill of the American people.
    All the best for you people after the inauguration.

  28. The Democrats do nor want to take it that they are not in the lead. They were sure for very long time and suddenly shock of November 2016. They understand the democracy their way, otherwise boycott.

  29. The saddest thing about John Lewis is that he is not equally supportive of all plans that will help minorities. He is for those plans only of Democrats, no matter whether or not they will work, or whether the plans of a conservative will work. Our way of the highway, says Mr. Lewis, and his fellow minorities remain sitting by the side of the road while the rest of the citizenry passes them by.

  30. Michelle O. will have to pay for her own elaborate vacations now! Hooray! John Lewis has revealed to all the racist, bigot, he truly is. And – the REAL ILLEGITIMATE – B. O. can spend the rest of his days doing what he did for the past 8 yrs – play golf, give speeches to ‘community organizers.’ The ‘Left’ is going into cardiac arrest. The Secret Service will have a big job ahead to keep the ‘crazies’ away from President Trump.

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