Obama has PROVEN Beyond a Shadow Of Doubt . . . that America is NOT a Racist Country, BECAUSE – If the USA was a Racist Country, as Barack and Michelle Obama keep on suggesting it is, and because of how much Damage America’s FIRST BLACK President has caused Domestically and Globally, Americans WOULD NEVER in a Gazillion Years ever Contemplate Voting for another Black Man or Black Woman to Occupy the White House if they were RACIST. AND THAT’S JUST NOT TRUE.

IF ANYTHING . . . Barack HUSSEIN Obama, who might not have been Born in the USA, because I’m not convinced he was, since so much of his life has been Shrouded In Secrecy, was the MOST Racially Divisive President in my Lifetime. Yet, WHITE People still voted for him. TWICE!

WHAT WE DO KNOW . . . is Obama was Born to a Moslem Father from a real SQUIRRELY Hippy Mother, who photographed NUDIES of herself, and was later remarried to ANOTHER Moslem man, who adopted Obama, who moved the family to Indonesia, where Obama was Educated in a Madrasa, which is an Islamic School.


Because Obama was Born to a Moslem Father . . . to the World of Islam, Barack HUSSEIN Obama, will be a Moslem until the Day he Dies. But so will his Children. And, if Obama decides to leave the Religion (Cult) of Islam, he would be considered an APOSTATE, and sentenced by many factions of Islam to DEATH, since leaving the Religion Of Peace is NEVER an Option.


The FACT that OBAMA’S Step Father who ADOPTED HIM, was also a Moslem . . . only serves to SEAL THE DEAL. And that Obama attended a Madrasa at his most Impressionable Age, where Islam is the Main Focus of Education, kind of says it all.

SO WHEN YOU ADD EVERYTHING UP . . . including how many Moslems Obama has brought into the White House and Government. And how many times Obama has said at home and abroad, how Islam has made INCREDIBLE CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE USA. And how many times he has USURPED Israel. I have no doubts. And I have no questions.

Yet . . . knowing all of this – the WHITE Christian and Jewish Communities still Elected this man TWICE, and the Obama’s and their LEFTIST Cohorts still try to sell the TRASH that America is a Racist Country.


TRUMP AND THE PEOPLE . . . Not the House and the Senate – BUT THE PEOPLE, and it’s critical to make that distinction, because it’s the Government Of the People, By the People and For the People, who can make this 8-YEAR WRONG – RIGHT. Certainly not the Politicians on their own volition.

And as President-Elect Trump so often Reiterates . . . IT’S TIME TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.


THE LEFT ARE NOT OUR FRIENDS . . . They are not WELL-MEANING as they pretend they are. They are not the Cute and Cuddly People with Good Intentions as they Portray themselves to be. The LEFT are the ANTITHESIS of all that went into Making America the Greatest Country that has ever been.

IF THEY HAD THEIR WAY . . . America would CEASE TO EXIST, as the LEFT would move America towards George Orwell’s 1984 and Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. The LEFT would sell out all the things that Made America Great the First Time Around, to steer (FORCE) America to MELD itself into a New World Order, TO BECOME PART OF A ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, Ruled by men and women like the Obama’s, Clinton’s, Pelosi’s, Soros . . . ETC.


The LEFT couldn’t convince enough People THEY WERE RIGHT . . . and Everyone Else was WRONG. And in spite of all the LIES of the LEFTISTS Propagandists, Including the Media, the World of Academia, Hollywood and the Entertainment Industry – THEY COULDN’T SELL THEIR AMERICA IS A RACIST COUNTRY MYTH. And the GOOD GUYS WON.

And more than that . . . THE LEFT couldn’t successfully Peddle their LIE that Islam is as American As Mom’s Apple Pie . . . and Islam is a RELIGION OF PEACE.


Do NOT Fall Back into the LEFTIST BS OF “BEING NICE” . . . and being “OPEN” to all sides of the argument, because, when we cut though all the BULL . . . there is ONLY One Side To The Argument that Matters, and that Side is OURS.


So . . . Let Me Tell You Who John Lewis Is:

John Lewis is a Black Man, who more than 50-Years Ago, Marched for Civil Rights. He was one of the men who was beaten on the Selma Alabama Bridge. HE WAS INDEED A HERO. But that was then and this is now.

But, so were Millions of other Black Men and Women who also STOOD Against Segregation, and for Equal Rights, INCLUDING WHITE MEN AND WOMEN, who too were beaten, abused, AND MURDERED for standing with Black People like John Lewis. So why aren’t they so publicly lauded as Heroes?

TODAY . . . And for the last 30-YEARS, John Lewis has sat in the US House as a FIXTURE who is very much past his DUE DATE. Being a House Member is NOT and should NOT be considered an Entitlement.

And every time a REAL Issue arises, which deals with Government and National Abuses, even when the Abuse is critical to National Security, such as Crooked Hillary’s LIES about Benghazi and her ILLEGAL Emails . . .

John Lewis turns it into either a Racial Thing or a Right-Wing Witch Hunt.

It seems to me, that John Lewis never learned the MESSAGE of the Civil Rights Sacrifices, because if he did, he would do EVERYTHING he could to Stand For Real Justice in America, instead of the Political HOKUM, which has long Discredited the Congress. RIGHTFULLY SO!

There are a great many BRAVE People who’ve done Incredible things for Freedom, but at one point, you can live only so long on your Past Laurels.

SO WHEN I HEAR . . . The LEFTIST Media, BERATING President-Elect Trump for Standing-Up For Himself, against Lewis, because LEWIS has Publicly Declared that Trump is an ILLEGITIMATE President . . . You’ve got to know that the LEFT is NEVER going to STOP . . . AND NEITHER SHOULD WE.


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  1. A few years ago, I had a very close friend of mine from Jordan ( a Christian). In about 2002, he commented during the Iraq war, that these radical Muslims only understand brute force. They don’t want to negotiate, they don’t want peace, they want us gone and dead! This is true everywhere in the world. There is only one way to do away with cockroaches!!!

  2. I dont disagree at all with your comments on john lewis, he was the darling of so many Jews here in Atlanta and looks like he deserted them on his support of the anti-Israel stuff. He is a member of the house not senate. In other words one of 450odd and not 1 of 100 senators. as bad as it is, he is not nearly as influential if he was a senator.

  3. Again Howard you are right on. Only one small error.John Lewis has never been in the Senate. He is in the House of Representatives. His attack on Trump is disgraceful.

  4. Howard, I am so glad you brought up the point about Obama being a Muslim because his father is a Muslim. What I don’t understand is how come that nobody in the Arab world said a thing about him that he allegedly became a Christian? I raised that question many times, when and where did he ever convert into Christianity? No record of that either. Good riddance and thank God that the 8 years are over. Steve Acre, Canada

  5. Thank You for sharing your knowledge with me and as a vocal person, I pass lots on to others who are not ever going to be a part of what happens unless the main stream media does a 180. I wish I could put pen to paper like you do. Good message as always.

  6. Lewis, McCain, et al…..those that have been in Congress for tooooo long, no new ideas, just recycling their same BS year after year. Drain the swamp!

  7. Howard I look forward to reading your editorial ever day. It’s so nice to hear good thing said about Donald Trump. The media, radio, newspapers, television etc. all seem to think Crooked Hillary won. I’m hoping that President Trump comes out swinging hard at all of them after he is officially in the White House. You are doing a great job Howard, and my cheque is in the mail!

  8. The Left will never change their stripes. The want to rule the world their way.
    I have never known our government to not be able to check the records of any student, or the birth records of his daughters,.
    Who in the heck has made this possible that “we the People” are kept in the dark? Hopefully after Jan 20th, his records will be made public. The real Americans are getting in control

  9. Before President Elect Trump even takes office this racist, Lewis, has decided he won’t work with the POTUS for the betterment of America. With that kind of attitude perhaps it is better for the country if he doesn’t add any more of his prejudiced beliefs to the problems we already have. Remember he was one of the whiners who were part of Pelosi’s sit-in protest about gun control last June. This is not the 1st time Lewis has shown poor judgment.

  10. The pictures of the 3 monkeys ,( hear no evil, speak no evil ,do evil ) Obama is just the revers of the monkey’s . t took me 1 year to understand the danger this lying muslim was to the U .S. and the world. He will still be a problem and we can only hope for his early demise.

  11. I’m retired but donated what I can afford to support your efforts. Trump won but the real fight against the left has just begin. The evil rich like Soros, Bloomberg, Etc., plus MSM, will do everything they can to attack DJT. I have my liberal Reps on speed dial to push back every chance I can. Also Tweet daily to the liberal nut jobs. We must defend our new president any way we can. Last but not least, pray for him, such that God will protect him.

  12. Howard, you are superlative, thank you. I believe your list of the Left, One World Order, group of ineffectual politicians should include father and son Bushes. They weren’t out to destroy America as Oidiot has been, but they did not crush our enemies when and how they should, they were cozy with the Clinton crooks, didn’t embrace the Tea Party patriots or Trump with support. Republican old guard is complicit for our present demise. If Trump fails, blame the Republican establishment.

  13. Yes indeed John, keep praying … we are asking God to raise a mighty hedge of protection over DJT, and guide him with His infinite wisdom.

  14. Will the GOP once again snatch defeat from the jaws of victory? Please forgive me for being cynical, but it comes from being old and a lifetime conservative. The GOP has never been comfortable being anything but the underdog. I pray that President Trump will change that. As Rush Limbaugh says so wisely, “You won because your supporters expected you to do certain things. Do them and don’t wonder about what the other side thinks. They won’t cooperate with you, anyway, so do what is right”.

  15. Thank you Howard. You are a True Blessing for all you share with so many of us. I hope enough folks get the True Messages you send so they too can enjoy peace of mind, along with the freedoms our forefathers had set for us. May God Bless You, Anne, April the Cat, and Stryker. Be well & safe.

  16. After doing our own vetting in 2007 BHO has done everything possible to prove to us who he was. It didn’t take any genius to know him from his own background…Fully indoctrinated: Muslim, Marxist, evil American-hater, Alinsky-ite, Soros lover. “In just five more days we will begin the transformation of America.” He was so obvious, he was like a slap in the face! Sean Hannity was among the few who saw right through him, yet it took years for some of the “experts” to get on board. Pathetic!

  17. As usual you are spot-on.
    John Lewis, and Hank Johnson, are both worse than a very bad joke.
    I only wish the media, including Rush Limbaugh, would actually say those same words: BHO is a MUSLIM! Many Americans are not aware of the danger of Islam. They do NOT understand the Islamic word: taqiyya.
    For some reason the media refuses to utter the words Islam. Hopefully, after Friday, we will hear Trump state that fact.
    Thx for all you do.
    We are on a fixed income & can’t spare too muc

  18. Howard, great article.
    A question for you. Do you think “the truth” about Obama will come out, after he is no longer President?
    I think it hasn’t because anyone who would expose him while he is President would be branded a Racist, or worse!

  19. I believe Adam and Eve carried all the genes of the Races upon creation. It was from the Tower of Babel that all the Races were scattered throughout the earth. All men are created equal regardless of how much “Melanin” they have in their skin. Skin color has nothing to do with intelligence. Truth is “truth,” and you have presented Obama’s story as I see it.

  20. EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT EDITORIAL–especially about Obama’s background! ALL Liberals FEAR Trump because they know that he will completely DRAIN THE LIBERAL SWAMP! He’s already begun to do so! Obama FEARS Trump much more than anyone could ever realize because he KNOWS the type of POWER he will have as President. Also, CROOKED HILLARY is in for a RUDE AWAKENING in the near future! BENGHAZI and her EMAIL SCANDAL WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN! More surprising future events will be announced by Trump. AMEN!

  21. HG, you’re “spot on” as usual……hit it OUT OF THE PARK! That Congressman Lewis is a REAL JERK, & way overdue to being voted out-of-office!! He’s absolutely RUDE, & DISGUSTING in my book. Also, you described BHO to a tee. Worst prez., ever! Why are there NO RECORDS of him ever being @ Columbia???? Also NO RECORDS about his daughters ever being adopted????? We need to pray, unceasingly for the Trump family, & their safety. DJT has surrounded himself with awesome folks! DRAIN THE SWAMP.

  22. Howard, 3 men(2 white & 1 Black) who were part of the Civil Rights movement were murdered outside of Meridian, Miss. in June of 1964. When the news of the men behind these murders came across the TV, my Hubby about fell out. He knew 3 of the killers since he was a kid. I asked him, could they really have done this? He said, in a heartbeat they could!!! Not one person named any of the men murdered, heroes. My Hubby was born & raised in Meridian, Miss., as were the killers. True story.

  23. From a first quick read, I agree with everything you have written, but unfortunately it won’t make that much difference as I already agrees with you.
    I’ve only just found your website, and it has struck a chord with me because as a Canadian living in America, you are in a somewhat similar position to myself.
    I am Israeli but not Jewish and so think I can view the World’s Anti-Israeli stand reasonably objectively. For me the Obama lovefest/Israeli hate are two sides of the same debased coin and

  24. The one thing Obama has proven is that he is as anti semitic and useful an idiot for the despotic and corrupt arab oligarchs and spineless european western leaders as they come.

  25. It was inspiring to see Dr. Alveda King niece of MLK on fox and friends this morning say that John Lewis should spend his time bringing people together in Atlanta and America much like he did back in the civil rights days.
    She also boldly said that she voted for Donald Trump and that he’s reaching out to all to sides trying to make America a better place. What an endorsement for Trump it was mid way through todays show. Maybe an exception to post that link here and go viral

  26. Great editorial, very educational and informative, confirms my belief OB is a Muslim. How can he be Christian, an Apostate, and yet has not been targeted for the usual punishment? Simple: Muslims can invoke TAQIYYA to further the cause of Islam clearly to becoming President of the USA, the rest you know. Regarding Lewis – utterly disgraceful to say anyone who became President Elect is an illegitimate choice. DT is in the final straight, roll on Friday.

  27. John Lewis is living in a “Groundhog Day” dream. He thinks it’s still 50 years ago and every day he marches across the Edmund Pettus bridge. Georgia District 5 keeps reelecting him because they revere him as a civil rights hero. No one can ever run against him and win. Dr. King would be so offended if he knew of Lewis’ antics.

  28. Mr. Howard:
    With all my heart I wish I could send you money to help you keep your ediortial going each day. I live on my own S.S. as I think I have told you before.
    What you write sir to me is good and great news. As for John Lewis the man should have been retired long ago as so many others should. They have made their millions they have done nothing for our country it is time for fresh new people to come in and help our country. Go Mr. Trump make our country what it use to be sir.

  29. John Lewis may have been a civil rights leader some time ago, which I admire and appreciate. But by the same token, today he looks for “racists” under every rock he can find. To me, such an attitude is racist in itself, as it only serves to force a wedge between segments of our society who should look to work together for the betterment of the U.S. Howard, although I’m mostly living on Social Security in retirement, I sent another donation to this blog today. Keep up the great work!

  30. If there ever was a rationale for term limits, it’s the likes of John Lewis! “6 and 12” says the Donald, works for me, how about the rest of you! Drain the swamp, start with congress!

  31. The left will never die because there are so many PollyAnnas out there to buy the tripe. Unfortunately it looks like Canada with our idiot boy child PM will lead the left world for an extended period of time. Between Dumbdeau selling us out on a completely false Carbon Tax, Quebec leaders roadblock ing progress and bankers laughing at the hardships in Alberta we are hooped

  32. Obama was selected to run and win the White house, put there after being groomed by his ‘boss’s’. He did every thing he was told. worked hard to destroy America, being under handed as he went. SO,, more than a few learned and voted for Trump,, Thank God. He is very sad that he let his Boss’s down, not getting copy- cat Killary win. He sat in that church to build his fraud person as planned. I knew this after 3 years of his propaganda.
    So happy you Howard, wrote the truth, you saved us.

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