The MORE I read about Obama and the United Nations, the MORE I am 100% Convinced, NOT 99.9%, BUT RATHER 100% . . . that Obama is the SMALLEST MAN to have ever occupied with BIGGEST House in the WORLD.


SO HERE’S WHERE IT COMES DOWN TO . . . Obama couldn’t CLOSE GITMO, so he’s emptying it, sending the WORST of the WORST Moslem Terrorist Murderers back into the Battle Fields to KILL more Americans.

Obama couldn’t paralyze the Fossil Fuel Industry, as he wanted to, so he has RULED vast Areas of American Soil OFF LIMITS for Oil and Gas Exploration.

Obama couldn’t place ALL of America under the Thumb of the Federal Government, so he used the ANTIQUITIES ACT OF 1906, to literally Steal VAST TRACTS OF LAND in Utah and Nevada from the People, which he transferred to the Federal Government, forever keeping this land from common and private use, without the express permission of the Government.

THERE’S SO MUCH OBAMA COULDN’T DO AS PRESIDENT . . . even when he held the House and the Senate, that on his way out, when he can’t be touched politically, he is doing the things no other President has ever done in his waning days.


Obama was AWARDED the Nobel Peace Prize, BEFORE he did anything, because, according the Nobel Committee – for the things in their opinion HE WILL DO IN THE FUTURE . . . as the President of the United States of America, to make the World a better place.


1 – He DESTABILIZED the entire Arab/Moslem Middle East.

2 – He EMPOWERED the Moslem Brotherhood.

3 – He did MORE to create ISIS, which he chooses to refer to as ISIL, because ISIL Includes Israel in their LEVANT, than the Moslem Terrorists were able to do on their own.

4 – He drew a PHONY RED LINE in the Sand, Publicly Warning Syria before the Entire World, that if Syria were to use Chemical Weapons on its own People, there would be severe CONSEQUENCES to Pay.

So . . . SYRIA USED CHEMICAL WEAPONS on its own People, and Obama said that he NEVER said what he said, which is on Camera and is indelibly a Recorded Part of History. And as a result, Assad has MURDERED perhaps as many as 500,000 men, women and children.

5 – Because of Obama’s LIE ABOUT HIS RED LINE, Assad has not only BUTCHERED as many as a Half Million of his Own People, but caused an EXODUS and Migration of Syrian Moslems, many of whom are not the kind of people you want in your country, to INVADE Europe by the Millions.

6 – Under Obama’s Watch, during his Transition from Bush-43, Russia INVADED Georgia, with Obama instructing Bush to do nothing. Then Russia invaded Crimea and Ukraine.

7 – Also under Obama’s Watch, China BUILT ILLEGAL ISLANDS in the South China Sea for use by its Military.

8 – THEN THERE’S IRAN . . . Obama’s NEAR Crowning Achievement, which gave a Clear Roadmap for Iran to build Nuclear Weapons under Obama’s Specific Time Line, and then came the $150-BILLION from Obama, for Iran to support it’s vastly Financed TERROR NETWORK around the World, but specifically Targeting Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen, which has more or less fallen under Iran’s sphere . . . WHILE TARGETING ISRAEL through Hamas and Hezbollah.

IN THE PRECEDING PARAGRAPH . . . I wrote – “Obama’s NEAR Crowning Achievement” – because as I see it, Obama’s REAL Crowning Achievement will be his United Nations Thrust . . . TO DO-IN ISRAEL.


Obama can take his Nobel Peace Prize and Shove It Where The Sun Doesn’t Shine. He can let all the Moslem Savages out of GITMO, but GITMO will still be there. He is watching as OBAMACARE is being DISASSEMBLED before his eyes. And his PROMISE to make the World a Better and Safer Place is Blowing-Up in Everyone’s Face.

Obama’s SURGE to make Islam Great, is also Blowing-Up in his face, as “Moderate Arabs” and Moslems are FIGHTING BACK, until the day comes, when there will be a massive CONFLAGRATION, which will see ISLAMO/FASCISM put back into its Box where it Belongs.

MORE THAN THAT . . . Under Obama, the Democrats lost the House and the Senate. And because of Obama, the Democrats are down more than 1000 Legislators including Governorships America Wide . . . AND HE LOST THE 2016 Election for Crooked Hillary, while he DESPERATELY PEDDLED HIS LEGACY.

BUT EVEN MORE THAN THAT . . . Obama has created such a Mess for the Democrat Party, that like Humpty Dumpty, all the King’s Horses and all the King’s Men, will never be able to put the Democrat Party Back Together Again.


Before becoming President of the USA, Obama had been Scheming with his Palestinian, Moslem, and Arab Buddies . . . along with LEFTIST Anti- Israel Jew-Haters, INCLUDING LEFTIST AMERICAN JEWS, and Useful Jewish Idiots like the Kapos and Judenrat of the Nazi Era, to SCREW OVER ISRAEL, in a manner that would all but destroy the Jewish State.

AND THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO CAN’T OR WOULDN’T SEE IT . . . were the Jewish Sycophants who paid Homage at the Feet of Obama, who BETRAYED Israel and the Jewish People, not for 30-PIECES OF SILVER, but rather for a smile from the NARCISSIST, and the Self-Pleasure and Aggrandizement of knowing they were on the Inside, and SMARTER than everyone else who could see the Writing On The Wall As Clear As Day.

THE JEWS WHO SUPPORTED BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA . . . are Characterized in my mind, as Jews who stood within Sight and Smell of the Nazi Chimneys of the Crematorium, who convinced themselves that what they saw in the Smoke and Smelled in the ACRID Stench, was nothing other than that of a Bad BBQ.


The MOST Recent Security Council RESOLUTION, literally designed to DESTROY the Jewish State of Israel, didn’t happen in a VACUUM, and NEVER would have seen the LIGHT OF DAY, had it not been for the Acquiescence of Barack HUSSEIN Obama.


For anyone to Pretend that Obama and his Israel-Hating Sycophants didn’t CREATE this Security Council Resolution as their PARTING SHOT . . . to LITERALLY Destroy Israel, is living in the same WILLING SUSPENSION OF DISBELIEF, as the European Jews who Refused to Acknowledge the Holocaust, even as they Boarded the Trains to Perdition, and Stood before the Smoke Stacks of Despair.

THE ANTI ISRAEL RESOLUTION WAS THE FIRST SHOE TO DROP . . . The Second Obama Shoe to Drop will come AFTER the Paris Conference Scheduled for this coming Sunday (January 15, 2017), when a Global HOST of Israel and Jew Hating Countries will come together to SIGN THE “OFFICIAL” DEATH KNELL FOR ISRAEL.

AND WHAT DO YOU THINK THEY’LL DEBATE? . . . How about John Kerry’s 6-POINT Peace Plan that is totally UNACCEPTABLE to Israel for a HOST of Legitimate Reasons.

BUT MORE THAN THAT . . . As I see it, and I hope I’m wrong, which I don’t think I am, is from the Paris Conference . . . someone at the Conference will ASK FOR AN EMERGENCY SECURITY COUNCIL MEETING, in order to vote on a NEW Anti-Israel Resolution to RECOGNIZE “PALESTINE” AS A SOVEREIGN STATE, based on the LAST Resolution (2334 . . . December 23, 2016), and John Kerry’s 6-POINTS, which Obama will either SUPPORT . . . OR NOT VETO, which in either way, WILL BE A VOTE TO DESTROY ISRAEL.


BUT . . . I have News For Obama – Just as HUSSEIN Obama FAILED AT EVERYTHING ELSE, Obama will also FAIL at this TREACHERY too, because these Uppity Israelis in the Jewish Jerusalem Government, are NOT HOLOCAUST JEWS, willing to get on the Trains to Perdition, and Smelling the Burning Flesh, while Watching the Smoke Spew from the Crematoria Smoke Stacks, pretending all the while . . . that they are anything else . . . OTHER THAN WHAT THEY REALLY ARE.

JUST AS OBAMA SCREWED-OVER THE MIDDLE EAST . . . and infested Europe with people who HATE the West, Modernity, Christianity, Judaism and Democratic Freedoms . . . and all but DESTROYED the Democrat Party . . . this Obama FOLLY will Destroy any Chance the Arab/Moslems who call themselves Palestinians, will ever have to see their own state – PERHAPS NEVER.

And as for USING the United Nations to Fulfill his Goal and Dream of STICKING-IT TO THE UPPITY ISRAELI JEWS, this Narcissistic Stupidity will very possibly end in the Dissolution of the United Nations. And as I recently wrote . . . it could very possibly create a WHOLE NEW WORLD ORDER, unlike anything the LEFT Envisioned.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. What else can be said? Those above have nailed it before I got here.
    Thanks Howard and Ann for being Texans (even if for a little bit.)

  2. This is one of your great ones. And let us not forget, our “Peace Prize President” was the first president to oversee eight years of war. Now that’s a great feather he can put in his cap!

  3. Amen. Good riddance to the scum bag. He has a good case of “optical rectimus myolitis “

  4. Obama reminds me of some of the students I’ve had over the years.
    They goof off, have fun, and cause problems all year.

    Then during the last few weeks, of school, they try to convince me
    That they deserve an A for all they’ve accomplished!


  5. Spot on Howard. Obama is probably one of the smoothest talkers there is. He reminds me of the conversation Eve had with that old serpent the devil. She ate of the tree of good and evil and gave to Adam and He did eat also. Are we as a people so naive that we believe him in what he says? The proof is in the pudding!

  6. To: “O’Bummer” and his Cronies! Here is your legacy statement from KS; “The End Of An Error!” The biggest error ever made by the people of the US in electoral democracy. The good news is the Country is still here. The bad news is, the Country is way worse off than it was 8 years ago. Go back to Chicago where you came from. After all, your message of Hope and Change is alive and well.

  7. We don’t want HIM (O) in Chicago! We now have real “HOPE” (in Trump) FOR Change (undoing everything that rat bastard did to the USA and the World! Glad to see that arrogant, narcissistic, hypocritical, liar on his way out. Counting the days. Thanks Howard for all your insight. Change – good change – is coming. Obama is finally building a wall – around HIS new mansion. When will the African-Americans finally see him for what the fake he truly is??

  8. Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize BEFORE he did anything.Shouldn’t this PRIZE be RETURNED?OBAMA does not consider himself as a FAILURE because he HAS accomplished what he SET OUT TO DO which was to RUIN AMERICA and ESTABLISH a SOCIALISTIC SOCIETY!Thank God that HILLARY WASN’T ELECTED because it would have been a THIRD OBAMA TERM.Will OBAMA’S PAST be REVEALED when TRUMP becomes PRESIDENT?Obama and his CO-HORTS don’t FEAR TRUMP for nothing.Slowly but surely, the SWAMP is being DRAINED! AMEN!

  9. BO’s first problem is that the Bible he reads starts out with “in the beginning, BHM.” That ain’t the way it works. BO also never read it to the end, where he would find that He wins, and we win, with his chosen Jews and Christians.

  10. Obama is a cancer. Trump and our worthless congress should act immediately to reverse any and all Obama Executive Orders the minute he arrives in the White House and Congress resumes.

  11. Obamas parting shots are the equivalent of Nazi Germanys “Scorched Earth Policies”! Irony? I think not. Obama is an evil man in my estimation. I refuse to believe he is as stupid as his policies have shown.

  12. I have closely followed what o is doing regarding Israel. Never before has the U.S. acted so treacherously. Jan. 15 will be more of the same, I am in agreement. I think as you do Howard, ISRAEL wont abide by the resolution. Then the Arabs will invade as is states in Psalm 83. I believe we are seeing prophecy unfold.

  13. The fact that Hussein Obama is privy to all of America’s defense and intel secrets is scary as hell. Whose hands will this info end up in?

  14. Howard: I would love to have the United States withdraw from the United Nations because of the Israel flap. Mr. Trump has the fortitude to do it. Money talks. The US pays for 25% of the United Nations bill. We will see what happens as Mr. Trump likes to say. Fasten your seat belts.

  15. If anyone was listening at the beginning of his term, they would be aware that he has only done what he said he would do

  16. I had to laugh at your “give him a whack” comment, and thought of Lizzy Borden.

  17. Unfortunately he is still organizing the Conference in Paris as a last step / or rather stabbing.

  18. As I have said in the past Obama should meet the fate of Mussolini and now Kerry should be thrown in with him.

  19. Excellent editorials HG. How many know composition of ISIL – many think they do, but don’t. America would soon be part of Levant if HC had been elected. It’s incredulous how a departing President (a failed one) would seek to destroy the country that gave him so much power. Hussein O will be gone but North of the border we have Trudeau, takes Christmas, oops, Happy Holidays with Imam Aga Khan of world’s 15 million Shia Imami Ismaili Muslims. Best wishes DT on Friday.

  20. Excellent reporting as usual Howard. I just hope that O and the Demos will not succeed in foiling Donald’s inauguration. I hope his body guards are all well seasoned Republicans looking out for Donald and as you know not all members of his own party wish him well. Let’s hope he perseveres and makes a number of the changes he promised. Howard, enjoy the sunshine and keep well, we in Toronto are in the big freeze.

  21. The current King Assad didn’t use poison gas on his people, Mr. G. His father did so, targeting the Kurds. The recent use of poison gas in Syria was by the terrorists, who Obama calls “rebels,” and this was proved after much confusion. So Obama is to blame for that as well as all else you have here.

  22. Howard: I read many Blogs, but trust me, nobody says it better, than you!

  23. His comment to the Russians on a live mike, that after the 2012 elections he would have more flexibility showed the world what a snake he is. He was waiting until he was safe to wreck havoc on the U.S. And now because he is at the end he is going BIG. His legacy, which he is so concerned about, will be that he brought America to the brink…not over the edge but to the brink…..another failure. Loser needs a swift kick in the ass.

  24. Let not your hearts be troubled. Israel and Jerusalem ain’t goin’ nowhere. The antichrist will conquer Jerusalem and he’s not muslim, but will fight with them before King Jesus returns.

  25. Your statement about the dissolution of the United Nations is right on. For years, I have wanted the U.S. to drop out of the United Nations. A new organization is needed that will operate in a fair and democratic way. Secondly, give them 48 hours to leave our country. Let some other country hold their hand. We are paying 24% of their budget. This is too big a share. Make those anti-American countries pay a greater share.

  26. Howard, for once I must disagree. Obama is not a miserable failure. As a Muslim he has been quite successful in creating a 3rd world status for the USA; in massively strengthening the biggest threat in the Muslim world-Iran-to destroy Israel & all infidels; in setting the stage for Israel to be backed up to pre-1967 borders. Those were his true hope & change goals. Obamacare was nothing more than a tool to bankrupt the country, &from his view, never able to recover. He’s been very successful.

  27. One of the greatest failures of Obama was getting us on the same level as Third World Countries in order to make the “ONE WORLD ORDER” easier to accept. Just look at the eleven people who belonged to the ‘Trilateral Commission’ who are all for ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT who have (had) high positions in his administration. I think it is great that Obama who thinks he has done so much, will be shunned by those he promised to do so much for and was unsuccessful.

  28. What I hated most about Obama’s last stand, (And I had to take an Anti-bilious pill to force myself to watch it) was the stupid adulation of the crowd. It was like Beatle-mania. It didn’t matter what he said. He just raised his hand, and they fell all over themselves screaming and cheering. He had total control of the situation, telling one lie after another,to the thunderous cheers of those idiots.It was sickening!

  29. Obama has proven himself to be nothing more than a piece of putrid garbage. So much for the intelligence of those that put him in office to begin with then, incredibly, re-elected him. Kerry, in my opinion, does not even qualify to be called garbage. Quite a statement as to the quality of our Congress, that they took care of their old buddy by confirming him as Secretary of State. The legacy of both of these jerks is that they likely will have caused the end of the United Nations, a big positive

  30. Right again, Howard. Obama and Kerry are evil antiSemitic bottom dwellers and two of the worst traitors to America in our history. Kerry will probably disappear to count his wife’s money, but Hussein will undoubtedly prove time and again how much he hates the USA and Israel as long as he is alive and has someone who will listen to his lying, evil-speak! Like BJ Clinton he must get his face out in public to feel wanted and needed, a true sick Marxist and narcissist.

  31. Obama gone. No more goons-and-thugs-show at the UN. Israel secure…securer. A good man at the helm of America. I like your hopeful optimism! What President Trump ought to do on the day after his inauguration is to have Obama arrested for high crimes and treason, held without bail until his public trial, then a state sanctioned, public execution by hanging…then go after the rest of the Democrat, RINO and MSM criminals, traitors and 5th columnists. We know who the guilty are…no more BS!

  32. I personally want to be civil – if I had a personal conversation with Obama, it would probably be something like “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out” and “Please don’t go away mad – just go away.” And that would be the extent of my civility. I would have to bite my tongue on the other things I would WANT to say to him – but decorum prevails. I would not call him an Alpha Hotel – but I’d sure as hell be tempted.

  33. Obama wants to be a great “Muslim hero”! His (bought) elections allowed Muslims to come live in USA to: “collect freebies”, reproduce as fast as possible, and promote Sharia Law! Islam teaches to be “two-faced” towards those who aren’t Muslim. That’s exactly what this man has done to Americans because he believes we must “change” our ways, not respect and honor them! (“Make the world a better place” means everybody is Muslim in Obama’s mind!) Pray for Israel! Trump will protect Israel and USA!

  34. So if a sovereign state of Palestine is recognized, then with the next missile Fatah launches at Israel this should be construed as a true declaration of war allowing Israel to go in and effectively erase any suggestion of said sovereign state!

  35. You & Rush ARE THE SMARTEST EVER Political Minds. But WHY HAS NO ONE Successfully Executed Obama’s Puppeteer? G. Soros DID put obama in office for the PURPOSE of DESTROYING America & Israel. Why don’t more people discuss obama’s spending OUR TAX money to defeat the Real Hero; Netanyahu when all are so upset by the phony story that Russia meddled in our election?

  36. Howard, I love your comment about the “petulant little bastard . . . “. You really do have a way with words.

    Susanne Sauer

  37. If you like your plan you can keep your plan. If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. Black LIES matter

  38. Now let’s hope Trump watches his back and the left wing hornet’s nest commonly called the CIA does not bring him any harm. This would allow Israel the support they need from us. We now need to ‘fundamentally transform’ the ‘petulant little bastard’s’ progressive agenda and return to supporting our allies and not appeasing our enemies. Howard, love your descriptions of this fraudulent little twerp.

  39. I hope President Trump treats the Obama “legacy” like a termite-infested building on property that Trump manages. Smash it, obliterate it, build a new and better conservative legacy on the ruins. Leave no trace of this Marxist Muslim’s evil deeds.

  40. Hopefully isreal can hold forb5 days, mr. Trump is sworn in and
    can get their back. And ghen Mr. Trump can build his wall
    around Chicago after Obama goes home. America will be great
    again. God bless. Jeff

  41. The next objective, we all must have a roll in, is to overhaul mass media and academia. For now the political power has shifted in favor of Flyover America. The same must happen with the media and education sectors. So biased and corrupt they are!

  42. Whack him is a mafia saying when they wont to have some one disappear. There are millions including me that wish
    that would happen now or in the very near future. Maybe some one can infect him with Ebola and he can have a long suffering end too a evil mind.

  43. I hope someone of substance can forward this great editorial to DJT to ensure that he rescinds, with a stroke of his pen, all of BHO’s dirty deeds first day as PRESIDENT TRUMP, …this week cannot pass soon enough!

  44. With all all this that you wrote is correct. I will have to give notice that Obama WILL do just one correct thing in his entire 8 year holiday at the White House. He will walk out the door for the last time. I hope that President Trump will never allow that scum to walk, (vandalize), the grounds of the White House. 5 – DAYS AND COUNTING.

  45. Nice to see the reason Bama uses the term ISIL, the Levant and Israel. He has a few days left to do even more damage. Interesting to see how many see him as the one who saved the USA. Sad to say he will remain in Washington rather
    that Chicago the biggest item in his (laughable) Legacy.

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