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SO – MY GOOD FRIEND PASTOR GARY BURD . . . of the M-25 (Mission of Hope) Christian Motorcycle Riders, who lives in Amarillo Texas, commented in the Last Editorial, that he and his Beautiful Wife Carolyn, will be RIDING all the way to Washington DC, to be there with BIKERS FOR TRUMP, to help celebrate the INAUGURATION next Friday on January 20, 2017, looking to see who wants to join him in this Incredible and Historic Event.

Like Gary Burd . . . I too am in Texas, and I too RIDE, but not nearly to his extent, and unlike the Good Pastor who RIDES all year long, I leave my BIKE at home in Ontario Canada, when we come to Texas for the Winter, which makes me ponder whether I might have to rethink not bringing my BIKE to Texas for next Year.


It’s exciting to see REAL People, like Gary and Carolyn Byrd mobilizing to go to Washington DC to WELCOME the Rebirth of the American Dream, embodied by the least likely Champion, about one Year Ago, in the name of Donald J Trump, who has already RESURRECTED the True American Spirit, from the moment President-Elect Trump was declared the WINNER of the 2016 Presidential Election.

IN LESS THAN ONE MONTH . . . from the Trump Victory, we can see the SLOUCHED American Shoulders, which had for far too long carried a Defeatist Burden under the Yoke of the LEFT, whose greatest Accomplishment has been to FEED OFF THE MAKERS . . . almost overnight, STIFFEN-UP the Resolve of the American People.

WE CAN ALREADY SEE . . . the Nervousness of the World Community, which for far too long REJOICED at the FADING American Flag under Barack HUSSEIN Obama, as the American Eagle once again begins the Rapid Ascent Carrying the Flag held Firmly within Its Grasp . . . AS A NEW AMERICAN DAY APPROACHES.


If I was a Sovereign State that celebrated Barack HUSSEIN Obama, because he made the EXCEPTIONALISM of America ORDINARY, I would be very concerned for the TSUNAMI that awaits me, in the knowledge that the PATSY better known over the past 8-Years as the United States of America . . . Is Yesterday’s News.

I WAS THRILLED TO LEARN THIS MORNING . . . that Senators Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz, who are Polar Opposites of each in the Senate, and don’t even like each other, even though they are technically playing on the same Team, have together TABLED a Bill to DEFUND American Participation, to the tune of 100% in the UN, until the United Nations’ Security Council FULLY RESCINDS ITS CURRENT ANTI-ISRAEL RESOLUTION, which declares that much of Israel, INCLUDING Jerusalem, does NOT Belong to Israel, and any Israelis who live and work there are doing so ILLEGALLY.

I CAN’T FOR THE LIFE OF ME . . . see this Bill NOT Passing in the Senate or the House. And neither can I see the UN Security Council Reversing itself, since that would be a TOTAL ADMISSION of a severe Anti-Israel Bias, which to me, is no different than an all-out Declaration of Anti-Semitism at the Highest Levels.


The Senate and House will PASS the Bill. PRESIDENT Trump will SIGN the Bill. The Bill will become LAW. The UN Security Council will NOT REVERSE Itself. The UN will LOSE more than 25% of its funding . . . AND A NEW WORLD ORDER WILL BE UPON US.


Canada’s Prime Minister at that time . . . was Pierre Elliott Trudeau, the Father of Canada’s Current Prime Minister. The likeness of Father to Son . . . is that they are (were) both Full Throated Socialists. Both were (are) Pro One-World Government Advocates. Both Despised (despise) Israel no matter what they claim Otherwise. And both have (had) a VISCERAL HATE FOR CONSERVATIVE AMERICA.

BUT THE HUGE AND INCONTROVERTIBLE DIFFERENCE . . . between the two, is that the Elder Trudeau was a Vicious Snake, who was Exceptionally Smart at what he did Best, who was in my mind, Canada’s Machiavelli.

AS FOR THE SON . . . Justin Trudeau is an Idiot, born with a Silver Spoon in his Mouth and a Storied Canadian Political Name, who couldn’t find his way out of a bathroom without someone to guide him.

ALSO . . . Justin Trudeau is NOT his Father, who screwed with America, costing Canada Dearly, but nonetheless, still managed to have kept it together. This Trudeau, without his Father’s Smarts and Guile, will probably try the same as his Father did, which will cause President Trump to Pass him and Canada-by, as if we are nothing more than a BUMP in the Road to Trump Making America Great Again.

AND I’M ALL FOR IT . . . because Canada has become so Socially Broken and Laden with LEFTIST BS, that nothing Short of an Economic Disaster will end the Impending Misery . . . with which to set the Canadian Ship Right Again.

SO HERE I AM . . . Championing the Man, who can, and probably will Kick us in the Teeth, because that’s what it will take for Canadians to wake up and Consider Making Canada as Great Again as we once were.


THREE YEARS AGO TODAY . . . I suffered a TIA; more commonly referred to as a Mini Stroke. It was INSTANT and TERRIFYING, especially when I realized that I couldn’t remember most of the words needed to Formulate a Coherent Sentence.

I couldn’t TYPE . . . even though I pounded the Key Board knowing what I wanted to “say”. But when I was done hacking away at the Key Board, all I got were Nonsensical Unintelligible Letters on the Screen.

I can’t begin to relate to you the HORRORS that went through my mind . . . First, was DENIAL, since this is the type of thing that happens to others . . . BUT NOT TO ME.

But It Was Happening To Me.

Then I panicked at the thought that I would no longer be able to make a Living and Take Care of my OBLIGATIONS.

And The Last Thing I Want In The Entire World . . . Was To Be A Burden to Anne.

But . . . I can’t even begin to tell all of you how lucky I am. I am on medication, which is not exotic in any way. And even though I never imagined it, I really had to retrain my Brain to Think and Write Coherently, while putting my thoughts on paper (computer).

THERE IS NO WAY IN THE WORLD . . . for me to ever properly THANK the Legions of people who wished me well, and Prayed for Anne and Myself. I am truly BLESSED that my Thought Process has NOT been damaged, and even though I find it somewhat more difficult to Type, I can still get the Job done better perhaps than most.

SOME OF MY FRIENDS . . . have even suggested that my Writing Style has Improved somewhat, since the Mini-Stroke which might be true, but since I cannot judge for myself to know, I’ll have to take their word for it.

BUT WHAT I CAN JUDGE . . . is that I have become More FOCUSED on the things that I find to be FAR MORE IMPORTANT than the Noise that Surrounds us from the Media, Bureaucrats, Educators, and Politicians.

THE MINI STROKE . . . also reminded me that LIFE IS TOO SHORT, Fragile and Important, to allow the BASTARDS to deprive us of even just one moment of Pleasure and Happiness, just so they can get what they Want.

Your Life And My Life Are Not Anyone’s Business To Mess With.

SO PERHAPS IN A WAY . . . the TIA was a RUDE AWAKENING for me, and a SECOND CHANCE for me to do . . . perhaps what I do Best, which is to EXPOSE THE BASTARDS AND CHAMPION THOSE WHO NEED A VOICE.

It’s a Good Anniversary.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Most Americans have not read the Koran. Of those that have, few understand that Mohammad did not make the mistake of the Jews and Christians. There are no contradictions in the Koran because when there is a contradiction, Islam declares the last mention chronologically is the word of God and any contradictions earlier are nullified. Sura 9 is last chapter, the true face of Islam. It is not PEACE AND LOVE. Free English Korans are available from Project Gutenberg.
    Marvin A. Hodges
    San Diego, CA

  2. We so appreciate all you write and wish you good health. Unlike liberals, who somehow cannot see the truth of reality, you truly cut through all the BS and tell it like it is. Thank you.

  3. My middle son is fighting cancer at St. David’s Austin South today so I can well imagine how when something happens that might take away what makes us us was like for you. Hopefully he will weather the storm (42 and fairly strong) as you did. Keep up the good work. I remember the old Canada (am 71) and that was the one I liked the best. Maybe The Donald’s win will help the regular Canadian to see just how over the top his/her government has become. Sure hope so. Good Luck.

  4. Greetings Howard: Thanks for the passion with which you set forth your convictions on many subjects, particularly politics.
    You help us all to think more cogently about what is going on. Given the confusion in both the USA and Canada, I have a question for you: Why do our governments allow their leaders (President or Prime Minister) to make crazy, dictatorial decisions with little or no apparent corrective by the elected members of the government? Are we actually dealing with dictatorship?

  5. Isn’t it exciting. He is not even in office yet and has done more in a few weeks than Obama did in 8 years. What is great also is Israel will be able to count on us for the first time in a long time. Can’t you and Anne apply for dual citizenship? I just have to say I absolutely love you Howard. Tell Anne not to worry I am 83 and I love her also. HAPPY NEW YEAR toast to you both. “May your best yesterdays be your worst tomorrows.”

  6. Howard my prayers go out to you and Anne it as you said must have been very frightening to have had the mini stroke.
    Please do take care of yourself & your darling Anne. God be with you both always on our journey in this life time.
    Bless you both.
    Always Friendship sharing smiles with you both.

  7. Finally would you believe that obama the muslim has done something right. Starting next week the cuban wet/dry foot policy ( over 20 years ) is over,this allowed cubans who arrived on U.S. shore could stay., receiving free Americans could not get. The cuban smugglers (also drugs and other illegals ) who charged $10,000 will now cost $25.000 for a fast boat ride. Our prisons population is abut 33% cuban,this stoppage will help reduce our cost for prison upkeep.

  8. Hey Howard…I am so excited about the possibility of the U. S. no longer funding 25% of the U.N.’s operation. Something has to be done about the evil manipulation of it’s leaders and underhanded member countries It is a numbers game. When the Arab countries became separate members and gained so many votes and the U.S. only had one , we were doomed. Diluted power, with the U.N. dragging us all to ONE WORLD ORDER…time to just say NO! Very powerful writing today.

  9. Blessings to you, HG, & your delightful Anne… are ALWAYS a voice of sanity in my day! Stay well & safe!!

  10. I am fascinated by the contrast in media coverage of Trump between Fox News ( and they are less right wing than they were 3or 4 years ago) and the babblings of Lester Holt et al on NBC News.
    And then there is the darling of the morning, the Today Show, which I refer to as the puppy “poop” ( but poop is a synonym of the word I use) show. The output of the show is soft and warm and it stinks, but my dear wife loves it. She grew up in a college town in Massachusetts, perhaps that explains things!

  11. The Cruz/Graham Bill to go before Congress should have a degree of compromise, 100% is not the answer. In any event our financial contribution should NOT be any more than our nearest member participation or an average of all members contribution, we could start there. Then, place the funds in Escrow until the matter is resolved. Members can do without their fancy meals and fun and games for a while, they will wake up quickly.

  12. Thank you for this editorial, Howard. I read them all. My wife has had several mini strokes. Since, she can no longer walk or talk (Aphasia). Can you tell us more about your remarkable recovery – mind-set and medication. Krist was formerly a very active women – twin turbo jet pilot, certified professional ski instructor, and stadium jumper. Her condition has got to be very difficult for her. Not easy for me either, after a close relationship over 63 years – no longer able to communicate.

  13. My heart beat quickened when you wrote “as the American Eagle once again begins the Rapid Ascent Carrying the Flag held Firmly within Its Grasp . . . AS A NEW AMERICAN DAY APPROACHES.” That hopeful image has been in my mind throughout the past eight years. We saw an enormous revival of true American spirit right after 9-11, and then, somehow, that spirit was squashed. Thank you, Howard, for sharing your writing talent; and enjoy life and your third anniversary.

  14. Congratulations on your mini stroke recovery—your editorials are as hard hitting as ever. I had a similar problem as yours—except in the jaw and lips. All of a sudden I could no longer play in the upper register on trombone—could not whistle for the dogs—nor crunch almonds in my breakfast cereal. A former US Marine doctor friend advised “not likely at your age” for recovery—but I just kept trying—and trying—God has been gracious. Carry on Howard—carry on—we are with you.

  15. It appears you now have the ability to write the way you want, thanks be unto the Father. Hope is about all we have left. It seems all else has been stripped away in the last eight years. May His will be done and may we in the United States and Canada accept His will. There is a lot of catching up to do and your comments are well received. Thank you.

  16. Thank you, Howard, for the inspiration that your words give to all of us conservative- minded people who want to know the truth. We pray for your continued good health and success.

  17. Less than 7 more days, 168 hours, to go! Then The Donald can start socking it to us! Yes, please. I hope that he includes
    the climate alarmists when draining the swamp. They’re killing us, literally!

  18. I had a wonderful older neighbor who moved away last year. During one of our many conversations, I called her a “Tough Texas Broad”. Being of sound mind and body with a wonderful sense of humor, she laughed and said, “Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

    Howard, after reading todays editorial, I just thought of you as the male equivalent of my neighbor: “A Tough Texas Man” – a survivor who keeps on keeping on. And all of us readers are very thankful for that.

    And we’re glad to have you here in Aus

  19. I can relate to awakening in hospital after a big op, many years ago, to be told I didn’t have cancer – sort of changes your thinking about life as HG describes. Nothing wrong with your brain or typing Howard and I admire your command of words and language. Keep up the good work and please come back to make Canada great again.

  20. Good luck to you Howard. You are my champion. I hope the day will come when here in Canada we will find the guts and the resolve to stand up again and make Canada great again. Keep on with your honest approach and we shall overcome.
    Steve Acre, Canada

  21. Yes, it is great to see the excitement of the past few weeks! I am worried about the confirmations of several of Trump’s choices for his Cabinet. I personally think his choices are great, but, I know what the Dems are trying to do – Completely undermine Trump Presidency. The Dems don’t give a sh** about anyone, but themselves. They are planning demonstrations & complete disruption on Inauguration Day from the Swearing In – To the balls that night!!! Canada is also in my prayers.

  22. May For continue to bless you and thus bless us with being able to read what you have to say. May He who created life as we know it and all His people wherever they may reside bless and keep them safe from all harm. Amen

  23. Must have been absolutely terrifying beyond belief, Howard. Yes indeed, life is a precious gift, and if you have studied anything about anatomy, and especially physiology, you quickly realize each of us is a MIRACLE! Daily we are amazed at your ability to comment so beautifully about so many things. You were blessed with a wonderful mind and we thank you for sharing your unique ability to communicate with such eloquence.
    Any doubts about Tillerson or Wilbur Ross?

  24. Bikers for Trump Congratulations Howard
    You are a Fighter and Defender of peoples rights.
    This will be the Mission of your life, you have been chosen to protect Freedom.
    Many fear an assassination attempt will be made by those who fear Freedom. They did it to JFK.
    My prayers go with you and may GOD protect.
    Nick Zaferis

  25. Ten years ago I underwent a quadruple bypass operation. Today, thanks to diet and exercise WITHOUT DRUGS I am a new man looking forward to a long, happy, productive life. It’s a question of ATTITUDE and that you have in spades. I’ll be thinking of you next Friday, imagining the two of us hoisting a few in honor of the new president, a courageous, tenacious patriot who has gladdened my heart by making politically correct idiots search for safe spaces in which they can CRY ME A RIVER. God bless.

  26. Justin is his father’s son but is definitely lacking the smarts his father had. He is a disaster for Canada! I for one can hardly wait for the opportunity for Canadians to vote him OUT! Hopefully (if we still HAVE a Canada) the Libtards (as I have seen them referred to) will comprehend the damage he is doing! As for Trump … he is a breath of fresh air in comparison to Obama and Hillary! Maybe Justin can learn something from him! So glad you’re on the mend, Howard! We need you!

  27. I just hope that the Cruz/Graham bill will be the beginning of withdrawing completely from the UN. Then send the parasitic playboys back to their own countries. First collect all the back parking fines, etc. they owe us.
    i like the idea of Trump turning the UN building into condos>

  28. Does anyone besides myself find the complete change in the GOP on Capitol Hill almost laughable? Think back how they were for years under an Obama Admin, & how they’ve been since Trump won. The complete turn-around to me only shows what they really are. There are a few exceptions, those who have been strong conservative proponents the whole time. But the rest (including Paul Ryan) are so transparent in that they swim with the tide, whichever way it moves. Trump knows who/what they are. Happy #3

  29. I am a newer reader but sure enjoy seeing r ing the world from a different perspective. Keep on writing.

  30. I wish you many more anniversaries! Also wanted to let you know that the more the media, etc. goes after Mr. Trump the more I like him. Keep up the good work.
    Madelene Gilligan
    Plantagenet, Ontario

  31. As you describe your TIA, so too the USA had a TIA in 2008 and Canada in 2015. The USA appears to be recovering…Canada?????

  32. I am so thankful that you not only survived the stroke, but it appears to have made you stronger. Please continue to be yourself.

  33. It sounds as if your TIA was not as transient as would be hoped. I was not reading you then and add my thanks to God that you have made a recovery. I often think of driving down to Austin just to shake your hand and express my gratitude for your tireless work. I will also add to my prayers the hope for the good people of Canada to awaken and throw the socialists out so that they can Make Canada Great Again. May God continue to bless you, sir.

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