I decided NOT to watch Obama’s FAREWELL performance last night, because . . . after listening to 8-Years of Obama’s Hollywood Style Scripted Written BS, I had ZERO need or inclination to hear even 8-Minutes of it.

SO . . . INSTEAD of listening and watching the Great Obama SWAN SONG, Anne and I opted to Gorge ourselves on an evening of Binge Watching a Multitude of Episodes of Prison Break on Netflix.

BUT . . . As hard as I wanted to – and as much as I am looking forward to seeing Obama’s Backside as he leaves the White House, I . . . like most people – just can’t seem to shake this guy. He’s like a Metastasizing Socio/Political Cancer.

So, after taking Stryker for his last walk at around 10:30 or so Texas Time last night, I decided that before calling it a night, I would read some International News and Reports on the Computer with the Television on Mute. And in the Background, FOX News was airing, and low and behold, there was the FACE of the man I would be happy never to see again.

SO AFTER GIVING IT SOME THOUGHT . . . I reasoned that I owed it to myself and to the people who read this BLOG, to hear some of what Obama had to say in his elaborate FAREWELL speech, which amounted to the SAME OLD SAME OLD, we’ve all had to suffer through for the past 8-Years.


Instead of the Greek Columns, and the Epic Hollywood setting that told us all that we needed to know about Obama Right From The Start . . . Obama’s SWAN SONG SPEECH was more like a NAZI RALLY, where Obama took to the Overwhelming Stage, Created, just like Hitler did, to make Obama appear LARGER-THAN-LIFE.

IN ALL TRUTH . . . Obama is NOT – and was NOT Larger than Life – He was PHONIER than Life. He was a Walking Lie, and an Extraordinary Purveyor of Propaganda, perhaps second to none, since his Minions have never stopped believing his LIES & CONTRADICTIONS.

AND THEN THE THOUGHT STRUCK ME . . . with the Staging, Presentation and All – that what I was watching had to be no different than the LIES & CONTRADICTIONS, which propelled a man like Adolf Hitler, who knew what the people wanted to Hear . . . True or False – Touching Upon All Of It.

DIFFERENT FROM HITLER . . . Instead of Screaming, Sweating, Gesticulating and Pounding his Fists, Obama Passionately Read from Carefully Crafted Scripts, where LIKE Hitler, he defined America’s Enemies, but in a far more Subtle Way . . . Yet No Less Targeted and Effective.

Hitler went after the Jews . . . The Communists, the Capitalists, the Trade Unions and his Political Opponents – Obama went after the Wealthy Industrialists, even though he surrounded himself with People of Wealth. He went after the MAKERS, the Entrepreneurs.

And even though Obama pretended to Champion the Working Class, it was with the Privileged and Elitist Class Obama Grasped and Allied Himself.

Obama created Enemies where no such Enemies Existed, and drove Hard Wedges between the Classes, the Cultures, and the Races, while PRETENDING to be everyone’s President.

MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT . . . Just as Adolf Hitler, who surrounded himself with Loyal Sycophants, drove Wedge Issues between the German People, to divide the Masses between Complacency, Good and Evil . . . Obama has successfully done the same thing in America, and around the World, but in a far more Subtle and “Civilized” Way.

SO, AS I WATCHED ABOUT 10-MINUTES OF THE GRANDSTANDER-IN-CHIEF, say his Tearful Goodbyes, much as he delivered his COMING-OUT-SPEECH, full of LIES & CONTRADICTIONS to the applauding audience that gave him SUCCOR, I saw what the World Also Saw going back to the early 1930’s, after THRONGS of Delirious Germans Cheered for the Man of Hate and False Promises, who delivered NOTHING more than Pain and Horror.

It was at about 11:00 O’Clock Texas Time, when it finally struck me . . . that the people who FAWNED over Adolf Hitler in the early 1930’s, were in effect no different from the Americans and even Canadians, who FAWNED over the American Narcissist, who Promised HOPE & CHANGE in 2009 when he took Office, until 2017, which he held until his time was up: Yet . . . just like Hitler – all he delivered was nothing more than Failure, Pain & Anguish.


Who I am worried about, are People who were too STUPID to see this Empty Suit, when the SEEING was as Transparent as Cellophane the first time when Obama ran for the Presidency in 2008.

And as hard as it is for me to truly forgive THEM for being Uninformed and Sufficiently Ignorant to have supported and elected this NARCISSIST the first time around, it is IMPOSSIBLE now, for me to forgive anyone who contributed in any way shape or form to his Second Election in 2012.

AND HERE WE ARE . . . 8-Years Later, at the FAREWELL SWAN SONG of America’s WORST President I know of, where the people still cheer for him as though he is their Champion, even after the Colossal Obama Lies, Failures and Pain He’s Caused Worldwide, who still DON’T GET IT. And that’s what scares me.


It was a BREATH of Fresh Air to hear the Soon-To-Be President (9-Days And Counting), tell it exactly how it was going to be. And to see and hear President-Elect Trump SLAP DOWN SOME MEDIA CRUD . . . NAMELY CNN.

I DON’T WANT TO BE GETTING OLDER FASTER . . . But like most of you, I too can’t wait for January 20, 2017 – when Donald Trump Takes The Oath of Office, and is No Longer President-Elect Trump, but is actually PRESIDENT TRUMP. It can’t come soon enough.


And I Pray For It To Rub Off On Canada.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, you are right on the money. I was born and raised in an Arab country, until I was able to escape in 1949. There is nothing in the Koran to show that Islam is a religion of peace. If you don’t submit to Allah totally, you are an Infidel. The fear and intimidation we had to go through was a nightmare. As long as we have a Muslim President in the White House who helps the Muslim Brotherhood, we are in deep trouble. God help us all. Steve Acre, Canada

  2. As I think I have state before, if you have to tell people how great you are, you aren’t

  3. And “Queen Michelle”, and her 21-person entourage will be gone!
    Sock it to us, President Trump! Canada needs you, too!

  4. How funny! I’ve not watched/listened to Obama for 8 years but did so last night because it was his last. Yep, same garbage as last 8 yrs. He had an adoring audience & he basked in it. I agree with all you said of him. On different note, I’ve listened to several videos made recently relating the very danger of assassination of Mr. Trump (before or after swearing in). Since he is antithesis to OWO, power brokers want him gone. I pray not; feel God had hand in his election. God can keep him safe.

  5. Well put Howard. Like you, I didn’t watch the Swan Song either and was content knowing it was his farewell speech. He has lied about everything to date and I had no reason to think this would be different. Suspicions confirmed apparently! His leaving without Hillary or some other socialist anti-American in his wake is tantamount to the doctor telling you the tumor is benign! Good riddance! Let’s get back to some genuine leadership! Thanks for all you do.

  6. I asked the dis-agreeable , fawning , Obama loving grandkids what that con artist did that was remarkable. They all sounded like Trudeau with their uhs, ums, duhs. Still can’t get through to them

  7. And “Thank God” Trump’s win, also keeps Hillary from appointing Obama as a Superior Court Judge, where he’d have still been ‘in-our-face’ and loving it!! Git him outta my government, Yes, Ma’am!!

  8. You will get no argument from me, Howard. As soon as Obama hit the campaign trail in ’07, I was on to him like a cheap suit on a bum. I tried my best to convince those around me what a fraud he was and, believe it or not, found that many had shared my opinions, but there were many who also poo-pooed the idea and that he was the savior incarnate. Don’t hear much from that crowd, anymore, unless they’re looking for a safe space to soothe their mutilated egos and spirits.

  9. A dozen or so educated people from B.C. told me they are unhappy Trump was elected. Their reasons: he’s not a politician, he doesn’t know anything about politics, he is an egotist. Not one brought up any reasonable reason like the effect NAFTA would have on their country. Each one was confident Trudeau is good for Canada. I started talking to my grand daughter about politics when she was 7 & she doesn’t agree with her liberal peers. Start young to teach them to think for themselves.

  10. This time I can’t perceive you. I would rather be stripped and tied in the Ontario woods, exposed to deer flies, than to be forced to hear his pontifications. Hitler was mesmerizing. Obama opens his mouth and bull defecation is emitted. Liberals are among the lowest, mentally. They just don’t reason logically except to envision their place in their new world order. .

  11. I don’t recall what occasioned the comment, “Our long, national nightmare is over” but that sage comment certainly applies to January 20. I am still in a state of happy shock over the presidential election results. I confess to having given up, but Mr. Trump did not and look what that got him! I have not been so happy since President Reagan rolled over the worst president (Carter) before Obama earned that distinction. Maybe I’m even happier now. Carter would have been better than Hillary.

  12. Was lucky to get some Edmonton Oilers hockey tix to last night’s game. The Oilers lost but even a lack-lustre game that the Oilers lost was probably more exciting than the “speech”

  13. So glad I missed ‘O’s LAST presidential SPEECH, not that I listened or watched ANY of his PREVIOUS scripted speeches!!!

  14. I cannot resist telling all here that we just lost a very decent man and Galganov subscriber, Dick Miller, who I flew with 64 years ago over North Korea in B-29s…a man whom an Obama or the likes of him would never understand or respect for his many attributes. Recalled from WWII reserves, for Korea and B-29s, Dick became a Sabre Jet fighter pilot and served his country for 20 some more years over Vietnam etc. Thank God Obama is GONE! Bud Farrell.

  15. AMEN, Howard!!! Outstanding as always. Over the years we have wondered just what kind of brain can support Marxist ideology. Common sense tells us it is impossible to accept their garbage. I would like to encourage those who need some meaningful info that gives us a possible explanation to read Nelson Hultberg’s most recent article. I have believed for decades these people are just not wired correctly and with some background in neurophysiology to rely on, I think Nelson has hit on it.

  16. Watched all of it thinking this is the last time we have to listen to all this garbage. Am sad for all those who can’t see through the 8 years of nonsense he has left behind. Glad it is over and we have a real president coming on the 20th. Great news conference today. Pray for the safety of President Trump. Now it is time to get started with MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.!!!

  17. Glenn Beck asked what was Obama’s biggest lie, & gave 4 options. The important option that was missing? Obama’s entire life was a lie!

  18. Didn’t watch either–more BS. Unfortunately he will live in D.C. in a pricy rental (curently building a fence around it😏Together, he and his wife are worth ~$25M. And will get $175K+ for a BS speech plus all the POTUS retirement goodies. My gripe is the slime left going after Trump’s appointees. Obama got most of his approved in 8 days. Dems are just slimy snakes (per Lou Dobbs😁

  19. I watched, it was the END of his 8 offensive yrs. in the OVAL OFFICE. He lied, took undo credit, turned his failures into wonderful events and his “friends” in CHICAGO applauded. He is greasing the way for the Dems in 2020. There will be many more of these brainwashed la la land people by then. He plans to stay around (in the spotlight) ORGANIZING which is all he is good for. Better to know what your enemies are up to, so I watched!

  20. Back in 2007 when Obummer announced his candidacy – I called a dear friend & said, “Evil is afoot!” I was scared & so was she. We both knew that he was evil & this didn’t bode well for the country. Our fears were proven to be correct. Neither one of us truly realized just how bad it would be, though. I am looking forward to the 20th with true hope. Now the Demo-rats are showing their true colors again – Being evil with their lies & concerns! God help the USA & Trump’s Administration.

  21. All I can say is Yippee! Good bye and good riddance to O and all his cronies. Let’s keep Sanity in the White House for at least 8 years. Maybe that will ensure sanity for years to come. Would help all of the USA, and probably Canada and ISRAEL, too.

  22. I did watch O’s LAST BS last evening…..ALL SMOKE & MIRRORS, AGAIN! WHAT A JOKE!! AND, the crocodile tears, my o my. I’m praying for Mr. Trump’s safety & for his family’s, as well. The LIBERAL LEFT is SO wicked & EVIL, that I wouldn’t put anything past them at this point!!! I hope, and pray I am wrong. To my Canadian brothers & sisters…..don’t give up before the miracle, I’m sure your day is coming, where Canadians will wake up, & you’ll be rid of Trudaeu as well!

  23. off topic. Why are wealthy, educated white Jewish women marching in support of Planned Parenthood. Have they not heard of the false science of eugenics created by the founders of PP and later copied by the Nazis. That PP used sterilization to limit the Black population of America and the same is true of their abortion and contraception programs. Very few of PP’s dollars go toward cancer screening. I guess that these are examples of the good Jewish values that these want to share.

  24. I didn’t watch Obama’s farewell ‘adieu’ …. I can’t stand the sound of his voice. I look forward to Trump. Besides, we Canadians are still stuck with ‘pretty-boy clueless’ Trudeau who has spent our money on 10 glamorous vacations in his first year of office! He is a DISASTER for Canada! I wish the next Canadian election was this week, to get rid of him! At the rate he’s going, he’ll bankrupt Canada in no time! Then what happens??? Yeah, I’m cheesed off! Dumb Libtards!

  25. All I saw or heard of Obama’s speech was that picture of him rubbing off a tear, if any at all, his face, on the front page of my local, (liberal), newspaper. SICK, of how much of an idol the media has made him.

  26. BHO, referenced himself 75 times in the space of 51 minutes. What a schmuck.

  27. No more shoes on a desk in the oval office and no sitting on a desk in the oval office. Respect for the White House and it’s treasures!! I don’t believe President -elect Trump will have anything but respect for all those treasures. I believe and hope he will as John Kennedy did–Challenge the country “Not what your country can do for you but what can you do for your country” as I heard it , he kept telling them “to participate”. Participate in what? breakdown of morality?

  28. Here’s a quote from Tuesday Jan 10th Santa Cruz Sentinel. Keep in mind that Commiefornia is the bluest of the blue and Santa Cruz wants to be the capital of the United Socialist States of America. “More Americans feel Barak Obama’s presidency divided the country than felt it brought it together… yet he leaves office held in high esteem by a solid majority”. Isn’t that an oxymoron? The truth is the dumbed down populace are so party aligned that they can’t see the forest for the trees.

  29. I’m hoping President Trump will be able to rein Trudeau in and toe the line, unfortunately I think Trudeau is too dense to see the writing on the wall. Stephen Harper couldn’t sneeze without the Canadian media jumping all over everything he did. Granted he made a bad deal with the Chinese that sold Canada’s soul to them for about the next 30 years but besides that he guided us through the big economic crunch so many other countries fell to. Trudeau is Canada’s Marie Antoinette- Let them eat cake

  30. Mr.Galgonov, thank you again for your wise words. As many here I avoided listening to Obama’s farewell speech last night. In fact I have tried to avoid any of his statements or decrees. Why waste my time on polished untruths. I do hope Mr Trump is able to keep the distrustful media in check. If only we could do the same here in Canada with our government subsidized CBC as well as most other news sources.The manipulations go on daily putting our inept Trudeau on a pedestal. Heaven help us!

  31. You can bet your boots that Mr. Trump won’t be sworn-in on a quran book, either! Just think: All the possibilities people can finally have, in America…And the World!

  32. Cheering???? They were yelling,”Four more years”. How absolutely stupid. And that’s what scares me most.
    You gotta admit, he is good at what he does. Watch for his next cushy job. Lots of $$$$$ involved.

  33. You are so brave to even for a minute to listen or watch him. I did not I watched something else that was entertaining.
    The speech he gave I am sure was not something he wrote, I just read his wife is one of the seven women on the planet who has done something wonderful for our country. That is a horrible thing to read 1st thing in the morning here in Ga.
    I did not vote for him the 1st time nor the 2nd time. Only the rich know who that man is for they are the ones who got him in office. Yuc

  34. Exactly!

    Obama referred to himself 75 times in his farewell address Tuesday night. Obama said “I” 33 times during the speech, “my” 20 times, “me” 10 times, and “I’m” or “I’ve” 12 times.

    Last July, for example, he mentioned himself 45 times over the course of a speech given at a speech for the slain Dallas police officers.

    I guess that’s what narcissists do. I am so very happy this piece of crap is almost out the door.

  35. I just could not listen to more than 5 minutes – it will be so good to have a Trump as our President. Carolyn and I will ride to D.C. For the Inauguration next Thursday to join Bikers For Trump! Will any of your readers be riding up so we could connect? Gary Burd, Amarillo TX

  36. Watched some, such a liar n Narcissist I flipped channels. Pathetic, crocodile tears, crowd cheer worst President ever. Don’t understand why half USA doesn’t get it. Anyone watch Van Johnson Town Hall show with Carly Fiorina, gave xcellent Trump support put VJ firmly in his place. Next show guest Whoopee Goldberg, all you need 2 know about VJ and CNN. Trudeau Xmas vacationed with Aga Khan, leader of 15 million Ismaili Muslims, HQ on Sussex Drive, Canada. Obama/Trudeau wot a destructive duo

  37. To all you poor unfortunates (including myself) who missed Obama’s farewell speech , lol. We should be thrilled to know that Mr. O. will be seen and heard on “60 Minutes” this Sunday evening. Better look ahead to see what else will be available in that time slot, maybe on the Disney channel?

  38. Mr. O. will go down in history; HAVE NO DOUBT. And that’s where he’ll ultimately rest.
    I think he accomplished at least 30% of what he set out to do inna foist place.

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