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FIRST ISSUE . . . Which to me is extremely IMPORTANT, and should be IMPORTANT to you and every person in the USA and Canada.


I didn’t make this up . . . A Brand New Mosque of considerable size, almost ready to move-into, in the Suburbs of Austin Texas BURNT to the ground over the past weekend.


THIS WASN’T JUST A FIRE . . . It “COULD” have been a TERRORIST Attack on the local Moslem Community – SO WHY IS IT IGNORED BY THE MEDIA?


1 – The Media CONTROLS what they WANT the people to know, and what NOT to know.

2 – The Media is in Bed with the Government, which probably does not want to make this FIRE, which could have been ARSON, into an Issue for several Reasons.

a – The Media/Government does not want to draw attention to this POSSIBLE ACT OF HATE, because they do not want to draw SYMPATHY for the Moslem Community, which I seriously doubt.

b – OR . . . because the Media/Government does not want this Incident to Encourage other attacks on Mosques in the USA, that is, if this was indeed an Act of Arson, rather than an Accidental Fire at 3:00 o’clock in the Morning on a weekend, which left nothing more than a pile of Ash, which is far more likely than (a).

LET ME REITERATE WHAT I HAVE ALWAYS STATED . . . I have NO LOVE for Islam and Sharia. I personally believe that Sharia is the ANTI-CHRIST to our Judeo/Christian Beliefs, and a DIRECT threat to our FREEDOMS.

BUT . . . UNTIL ISLAM & SHARIA – are not countenanced to be acceptable in our countries, the Moslems have every Right to Build their Mosques and Pray as they wish . . . AND TO BE FREE FROM THREATS AND HARM.

THAT SAID . . . And don’t get me wrong – since I still believe that far too much of what is taught and preached in the Mosques of North America and World Wide, which are against WESTERN JUDEO/CHRISTIAN VALUES & LAWS, are Anti-Democratic and run COUNTER to who we are as a FREE PEOPLE, which is unacceptable.

I DO NOT WANT TO SEE AMERICA AND CANADA . . . go the way Europe has gone, under the YOKE of a Repressive Religion, which Subjugates Women, Jews, Christians and all others who are in the words of Islamists . . . NON-BELIEVERS.


And as far as I believe . . . THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN A HUGE NEWS STORY. But it wasn’t, because the Media Believes that they have the RIGHT TO KNOW, and you the people DO NOT, which to me, has become an even BIGGER NEWS STORY.

IF WE CAN’T TRUST THE MEDIA . . . To tell us the Truth, the WHOLE Truth, and NOTHING but the Truth, OF WHAT VALUE ARE THEY TO US?

WITHHOLDING an Important News Story . . . is NO DIFFERENT than LYING about a News Story, since withholding the TRUTH, says all that needs to be said about the Veracity and Legitimacy of the Media.

IF ANNE AND I WERE NOT HERE . . . to see the Mosque Standing on one Day, and the VERY NEXT Day to see the ASHES of what used to be the Mosque, virtually NONE of you would have even known this happened, because I wouldn’t have known this happened if I didn’t see it for myself.


SO PLEASE . . . The next time you Hear, See or Read some ARROGANT Main Stream Media Character DISPARAGE a BLOGGER like me, please ask yourself, WHO YOU CAN TRUST – the Main-Streamer who’s paid by some Gargantuan Corporation to do its Bidding, or me, who is 100% Self Financed with help from a few People who Support the Effort?

THIS FIRE . . . WHETHER YOU LIKE ISLAM OR NOT – should have been Front Page and the Lead-Off Story Everywhere, because it HAPPENED.


I’M WATCHING THE SENATE HEARING FOR JEFF SESSIONS . . . And let me tell you what I see. I see a roomful of OLD FARTS, who have been in government long past their DUE DATE, Grandstanding to make Speeches no one will remember past the moment. But it makes them feel good to waste the time and money of the American People, so I guess as always, that merits the waste.

I heard one Old Republican FART (Grassley) call another Old Democrat FART (Schumer) “MY GOOD FRIEND”, which they probably are good friends, since they’ve Shared and Feasted out of the same TROUGH for most of their Adult Lives. It’s not like I don’t like Grassley, because I do . . . but enough is enough.

I know that you send your kids to Camp to Make Good Friends . . . But I can’t imagine anyone voting for their Representatives to go to Washington to make Good Friends, especially since one side . . . in this case – the Democrat Side, lead by the Likes of Schumer, Pelosi, Reid . . . ETC, all of whom have CREATED this Socio/Political Disaster that is KILLING the American Dream.

I saw Diane Feinstein, the Old FART from California . . . doing her UPPITY I’m Special Routine, as she accepted the Accolades from her Good Friends on both sides of the Isle, for being the First Woman to Head something or other in the Senate, as if that’s what’s important to the people.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Obama calls it ISIL because it stands for the Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant. The region includes Syria, Lebanon, Jordon, Egypt… and yes Israel….

  2. I would have preferred if the media published the pictures of the 5 beautiful young Israelis who were mowed down in Jerusalem by the “pali” scumbag. That, in my opinion, is more important than the mosque being torched.

    Google DID report the fire pretty well.

  4. We need to change the time limit for all members of congress to one term only and with out the benefits they get like life time pay and free medical for their family’s.This should be on Trump’s agenda and if we send mail twitter ,face book ,etc
    to change the term limits maybe he will enact this. Make America Great again is one step to get rid of those who have ruined the country.

  5. Another possibility for the start of the fire is the Muslims them self started it. Why, they ran out of money and could not furnish it. The media may well have considered the fire a local story or at lest used that as an excuse.

  6. I just heard that Hillary is getting a pavilion at the state department named after her. She got contributions from Middle East countries, as well as Boeing and other liberal corporations. She is memorializing herself and also memorializing the fact that she accepted money to pay for a government building. I hope Attorney General Sessions investigates this illegal action.

  7. I don’t believe ANYTHING that doesn’t come from proven credible sources. Sharyl Atkinson is credible. Ditto the Gateway Pundit and the American Thinker. You are credible as well, but it’s very hard to know what to believe these days.

  8. I need to say this – PLEASE do NOT think that Trump can do all the changes necessary. First off – Term Limits has to be a Constitutional Amendment. The 22nd Amendment(the Presidential 2 term limit) was voted by Congress on March 21, 1947, and was ratified by the 36 of the 48 states(remember there were only 48 states) on Feb.27,1951. It is the States that ratify whether an Amendment is accepted or not. Constitutional Amendments are not approved or vetoed by the President.

  9. Great story about the mosque! Wish we knew who to thank. As for the OLD FARTS in Washington (both parties). The answer is term limits!!!

  10. 10 days to go! Then one thing will begin to get smaller: our preoccupation with skin colour. We’re all red inside!

  11. Howard, good article, but 1 correction: It was Barbara Boxer who said “Don’t call me Ma’m!” Not Dianne Feinstein! I was watching the hearings when that interchange went on.

  12. My husband and I no longer subscribe to newspapers or magazines and we rarely watch TV news broadcasts, all of which, as a former journalist, saddens me. Your blog tells us nearly everything we need to know, supplemented of course by comments from your readers, most of whom have some pretty darn good ideas.

    Susanne Sauer
    Douglassville, PA USA

  13. I have read that Ted Cruz has actually introduced a bill in Congress calling for Term Limits. Not holding my breath to see if any other Senator supports this bill, or if it will ever come to fruition and be voted on. A Convention of States (COS), not a Constitutional Convention, needs to be authorized by three-fourths of the States in order to call this type of Convention. This is according to Article V Section I of our Constitution. Several States have already petitioned to hold a COS.

  14. I have taken to watching NEWS from other countries. Talk about a DIFFERENCE? Other countries view of INCIDENTS are 180 degrees different from OUR MASS MEDIA. Quite enlightening and refreshing. They don’t appear to be putting their SPIN on things. Just reporting the news. 10 more days and Mr. Trump signs on!!!

  15. There are Blogs that are very lousy indeed. This blog is most definitely not one of them. I’m proud to have posted on your Blog Howard and always enjoy reading it.

  16. You say Moslems have the same rights old stock westerners do under our constitutional principles…I’m not so sure about that, given what Islam is and what it isn’t, and what Moslems are and what they aren’t.The threat to the entire world is implicit in their actions and literature (Koran, Hadiths, etc.) logic and fact dictate they’re our enemies…all of them!(Jihad, Taqiyya). Islam is the enemy! It must be contained or eradicated…Then there’s the aiders and abettors of the Islamic invasion!

  17. Career politicians are (to me) same as Hollywood actors/actresses – all ego who think they are smarter than everyone else & covet wealth & power. They will never vote to limit their wealth/power-providing positions. I hope & pray for a COS to do that. I doubt the Founding Fathers ever dreamed of much less intended for any public office to become a career. It became more acceptable after the Civil War where Reps were chosen as ‘pay’ for previous support for a higher office holder.

  18. All this blah blah about the Russians influence, the real influence came from the News Media in total support of Hillary.
    The Media, again, have diverted this away from them by all the Russian hype. Watching the Sessions circus one star
    stood out and that was Ted Cruz. He was a force to believe when he correctly went after the Dems. He is a good choice
    for the Supreme Court.

  19. Thank you for telling us about the mosque burning. Funny thing, I am 5 hours from Austin in Chireno, our local news is considered to be out of Tyler which is 2+ hours north of us and none of those stations reported anything about the mosque fire.

  20. You are so right Howard about the “old Farts”, they are the reason we need term limits. I will add another to your list of “old Farts”, that is John Mc Cain who I think wants to be like another senator from Arizona and that was Carl Hayden who finally didn’t run for reelection in 1968 when he was almost 90 years old. They shouldn’t be reelected just because they have been there so long.

  21. Maybe they’re making a “do-goodery” movie down there in Austin. Compassion for the poor muslims.

  22. Howard and all:
    I think that the use of the term ” my good friend” by members of the US Congress is the almost universally used term to refer to a member of the “other”party.
    Someone might correct me on this ,but I’m pretty sure that the term in this context has nothing at all to do with friendship.

  23. Thanks HG . good again, I was going to type comment then read you already did; yes it is # b, perhaps the pres.Obambed ordered for that reason, don’t give the ” fed- ups ” any ideas..the media stayed filming BLM and blocking freeways. Kept the BLM going more extreme. / Why do they keep electing the ole cronies in office , like Diane, Barbara, John, Reed. ??

  24. The ultimate BS. One of the bloviating bastards just congratulated another for being a first time member in the hearing room. What a waste of time and money. No wonder they can never get a budget approved. Too busy congratulating each other for NOTHING.

  25. Today news supports ur assertions. Most disturbing since the election: according 2 media, Russia has very damaging Trump video. Media said Putin congratulated him, happy he will be next President. Who do we believe now? Trudeau introduced new Cabinet, clearly not chosen for expertise but gender. Big boast, he has a balanced team, 15m, 15f. I’m at least very happy to see McCallum out of immigration and Dion gone. New Minister of Immigration n refugees, Ahmed Hussen, Somalian. ????? OMG

  26. If you depend on the media to be informed you are being miss informed,this is a sad situation today
    Ross holden ,Williamstown On

  27. I just found a reference to the fire on the net from the Dallas Morning News. Only source or reference I could find besides yours.

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