How Stupid Can We Be?


AT CLOSE TO 67-YEARS OLD . . . and having been involved and aware of a whole host of Social and Political Issues on the inside and outside over the years – VERY LITTLE SURPRISES ME, so when I became aware of the Latest LEFTIST Gripe, all I could do was shake my head in wonderment.


THE LATEST SMEAR AGAINST PRESIDENT-ELECT TRUMP . . . is that in his QUEST to bring JOBS Back to America by causing Major American Manufacturers like the Auto Industry, Air Conditioning Manufacturers, and Food Processors to Produce the Products, which they sell INTO the USA, to be made in the USA . . . IS COSTING THE PEOPLE OF MEXICO TO LOSE JOBS! And that just isn’t Fair.


I don’t have to spell this out, certainly NOT to the people who read this BLOG, but, because of the height of INSANITY that accompanies this latest Anti-Trump GRIEVANCE . . . I really feel compelled to.

SO HERE IT IS . . . The LEFTISTS in America want Foreigners – in this case Mexicans, which have already FLOODED the USA with perhaps as many as 20-MILLION ILLEGAL RESIDENTS, which has cost Americans Millions of Jobs and HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of Dollars per year in Social Costs, INCLUDING FREE Education, FREE Healthcare, FREE Social Assistance, and FREE EBT Cards (Food Stamps).

Then there’s the other ENORMOUS Cost America is paying, courtesy of Mexican Gang Violence and Mexican Crimes . . . INCLUDING Illegal Drugs, Robbery, Prostitution, Rape and Murder, by way of Drunk Driving or Crime in General.

And then there’s the COST of INCARCERATION, where American Prisons are overrun with Violent and Criminal Mexicans who are ILLEGALLY in the USA.


The LEFT would rather see that Mexicans have FULL EMPLOYMENT in Mexico, at the EXPENSE of Hard Working Americans, who would love to have JOBS, who are PAYING-OUT Hundreds of Billions of BORROWED Dollars every year, in place of People who SHOULD HAVE NO RIGHT TO BE IN AMERICA IN THE FIRST PLACE.

THERE IS NO DEFINITION WHATSOEVER . . . that I am aware of, that could possibly describe just how STUPID these LEFTISTS are. AND WORSE than that, most of these JERKS comprise the Army of LEFTISTS who Teach our Children from Kindergarten through University, ALL OF WHOM LIVE ON THE PUBLIC PURSE.


CONSERVATIVES . . . like me, whether in Canada, Israel or the USA, have for Generations been taking it on the Chin by the LEFT, with a brief Respite every now and then, because of a Conservative Politician who gave us some hope. In the USA, it was Ronald Reagan. In Canada it was Stephen Harper. In Israel it is Benjamin Netanyahu . . . but these were all fleeting moments, when we were able to catch our collective Breath for a very short period of time, but now, with Trump at the Helm, and with the VOICE of REAL Americans HEARD on November 8, 2016, IT SEEMS LIKELY TO ME . . . THAT WE ARE AT THE RUBICON.

I WAS LITERALLY CERTAIN . . . That if Hillary Clinton would have won the 2016 Presidential Election, America would have started to come apart at the SEAMS, with Conservative States, certainly in FLY-OVER Country, perhaps starting with Texas, to begin the process of SECESSION.

BUT I WAS EQUALLY CERTAIN . . . That if Trump won the 2016 Presidential Election, the LEFT would Rise-Up and Riot in the Streets. AND I AM NO LESS CERTAIN OF THAT TODAY, than I was on the day BEFORE Trump won.

I think we’re just seeing the Calm Before the Storm.


I won’t waste your Time or my Effort . . . LISTING the Lies, Innuendoes and Slants, which we are all Overwhelmed with by the Media, since you’re probably as much aware of them as I am.

And I won’t bother Highlighting the ABSURDITY of our Entertainment Industry, with their SELF-ABSORBED, Self Image, and Self-Importance . . . as they LECTURE all of us from their Wealthy and UBER Comfortable Lifestyles, which have been created for them by YOU AND ME . . . who consume their Talent.


A few Days Ago, we were “TREATED” to a Horrendous Video of TWO BLACK WOMEN & TWO BLACK MEN Torturing a White Man, because he was White and supposedly a Trump Supporter, which is BS . . . HE WAS TORTURED BECAUSE HE WAS WHITE AND THEY WERE BLACK . . . FULL STOP. Trump had nothing to do with it.

THE CRIME WAS SO EGREGIOUS . . . that even the Main Stream Media couldn’t AVOID it, yet, it took them forever after much debate, to finally call it a HATE CRIME, and even though the Mainstream Media Acquiesced to call it a HATE CRIME, it was as MEALY MOUTHED AS YOU CAN GET.

TO ME . . . Not only was this “Incident” a HATE CRIME, it was an ACT OF DOMESTIC TERRORISM. But this wasn’t the ONLY Incident of BLACK ON WHITE Intimidation and Violence, which more or less goes unreported by the Mainstream Media.

NOT ONLY THAT . . . Where’s the LEFTIST Outrage about the BLACK ON BLACK Murder Rate, BLACK ON BLACK Violence, Black Crime, Black Unemployment, Black Illiteracy, Black Inability to Speak Well, Black Lack Of Job Skills, Black Teenage Pregnancies, Black Lack Of Responsible Fathers, And Black Men And Women Incarcerated . . . WHILE THE DO-GOODER-LEFTIST SHMUCKS are worried about Jobs NOT GOING to Mexico, so Americans can get JOBS AT HOME?


IF YOU THINK FOR ONE SECOND . . . that the Americans are about to LIE DOWN & ROLL OVER, so Moslems can do to the USA, what they’ve already done to Most of Europe – THINK AGAIN.

Last Year, before Anne and I left to return back to Canada in the Spring, we were told that Moslems were about to begin building a Substantial Mosque, almost Immediately Behind where we spend the Winter, in an Area Called Hudson Bend, which is as a Semi Suburb of Austin.

This is a very Mixed Area of Topography and Sociology, where the Lower Land Meets HILL COUNTRY where Anne and I stay, where we live on the CUSP of Conservative Country, compared to where the LEFTISTS live almost amongst us.

So . . . the More you head into Texas Hill Country, the More Conservative Texas becomes, which Pleases Anne and myself, since we really enjoy the Old Fashioned Texas Hospitality AND Texas NO-NONSENSE, which is what has made Texas Famous.


Within minutes of where we live in the Winter, are many exceptional Multi-Million Dollar Homes, surrounding Lake Travis, where there is an abundance of Upper Scale Shopping, Restaurants, Health Services and More.

AND TO MY UNDERSTANDING . . . there are not that many Moslems who live in this area. And again to my understanding, the reasons for the Construction of this Mosque were Two Fold:

1 – The next Closest Mosque where Local Moslems could Pray . . . is about an Hour’s Drive.

2 – By building this Mosque, the Local Moslems would attract many More Moslems to come to this area to live.

SO . . . As Anne and I arrived at Texas this November, we brought our small Travel Trailer to the Compound where we store both of our RV’s, one for the Winter and one for the Summer, which is not much more than a Stone’s Throw from the New Mosque. And as we drove by the Mosque, which was nothing more than a Hole in the Ground 7-Months Prior, it was by the time we arrived, a Full Fledged Structure, literally days from final completion.

AND THE DAY BEFORE YESTERDAY . . . When we went to visit the Small Trailer to check it out because of the Freezing Temperatures, we once again drove by the Mosque.

BUT YESTERDAY . . . as we went to check on the Small Trailer again, THE MOSQUE WAS GONE, literally BURNT to the Ground, with nothing left other than Ashes and the Foundation.

DID YOU READ ABOUT THAT IN THE NEWSPAPERS? Was it a headline News Story on any of the Big Media, including FOX News, ‘cause if it was, I certainly didn’t See or Hear about it outside of Texas Media.


The people have had more than enough of this Political Correctness CRAP, and are willing to take no more of it. So, as I’ve written in the past, if the LEFT have any Brains, they will be very careful who they PROVOKE and how.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. You are correct Howard. islam is a violent cult. Nothing more nothing less. It certainly is not a religion of peace as the airheads on Fox claimed. Should they be in the arab world they would have already been raped and then charged with immorality and on their way to the stoning pit.

  2. Howard: Well said, but I think we should be careful when asking “How stupid can they be?” It seems to be a challenge to them to see if they can ‘top’ the last extremely stupid thing. All the best!

  3. The problem with leftist thought is that it is based in unsteady, unsubstantiated and irrational ideologies. It is therefore not consistent and most often makes no sense. It also very shortsighted and hypocritically does all the bad stuff to people it claims to stand against. And people somehow can’t see that. This is the primary reason I am opposed to most of it. That said, in answer to your question of how stupid are we. The answer is very stupid.

  4. Round Trip. Recently I had heard that employers were complaining that Mexicans were leaving to return home with so many jobs now available due to USA building plants in Mexico. With Trump on the move and work moving back here does that mean they will now return? We must end the freebees if we want locals to get back to work.


  6. Howard, you said it all!Thank GOD that TRUMP WON because we would ALL be heading for DISASTER!The MULTIPLE CRIMES which are occurring is because there has been very little GOVT. OVERSIGHT & PUNISHMENT for those crimes.Obama only seems to comment when BLACKS are the VICTIMS!This will be OBAMA’S LEGACY–creating a DIVISIVE COUNTRY!WHY isn’t his family moving back to CHICAGO, his HOME TOWN?Oh yes, HE’S now having a WALL built around his new MANSION.How “sweet it is”!Wonder who’s paying for it?AMEN!

  7. Hallelujah! It is long overdue!!!!!!!! This “Age of Insanity”, as I have called it for decades really began in 1960 and has been relentless. The election in Nov. was our last chance to see if enough had actually become enough. The Lefties and Islamo-Nazis began this war….and it is war, and it is time to take it to both of them. Be done with it once and for all and get back to the America where I was born 83 years ago! NO MORE BS!! My prayers are being answered. The insanity must end!!!

  8. Howard, what do the Liberals want us to do, should we cry that the Chinese are going to lose jobs because the USA has woken up at last to manufacture their own goods? You can never satisfy these leftists. The only way that they will be satisfied is if they can take over the world and have One dictatorship of a Government to run the planet. I hope and pray that Trump will be able to accomplish some of the things he promised to do. Good luck to him and his team.
    Steve Acre, Montreal

  9. A pity we can’t exile all of the “libtarded” SOB’s to Mexico and keep them there.

  10. In the words of Bill Engavall, “You can’t fix stupid.”

  11. I know it is hard, but lets ignore these people we are discussing today. They are just noise. We will have probably 100 days of this noise. Take off your hearing aids, pleeze!! They no longer have power in Washington or throughout the majority of the 50 states. All they can do is filibuster and make noise.

  12. With regard to the mosque, it must be remembered that these folks are the perennial victims and martyrs.

  13. Howard, there is NO other word for this stupidity in the Western world – another word would be suicidal!! The whole of the West is suicidal & it is very hard to understand. Then you turn on the TV & you see the Hollywood stars, dressed in all their fineries & not a care in the world, criticizing Trump for attempting to bring sanity to the USA!! The push-back is happening & I’m very happy to read about it in your blog. We’ve allowed them to intimidate us long enough!! America must wake up!!

  14. Well said Howard. Like you said, we; we being Conservative America, keep getting preached down to by the hollywood elites. Possibly what all of us conservatives should do, is pay attention to whom is saying such things and then boycott those films, concerts, personal appearances, etc. I know most of them are already wealthy beyond anything I can imagine. But, maybe hurting them in the box office is a good first step by showing them by our actions how much we appreciate their rants.

  15. In 11 days The Donald will start to make America, North and South America,
    The United States of America and Canada, great again; in spite of the left’s
    stupidity, abundant in Canada.

  16. Forest Gump got it right: “Stupid is as stupid does”

    Ted Walker
    Oakville, Ontario

  17. I prefer “When you’re dead, you don’t know you’re dead, and it’s uncomfortable only to others.
    It’s the same way when you’re stupid!”

  18. You hit the nail on the head, Howard.

    I did an Internet search that showed not one story about the Austin mosque fire; only the one in Houston.

    And here in Austin, the most liberal city in all of Texas, no story whatsoever. Amazing!

  19. The shooter 5 dead at the airport in Ft. Lauderdale was not a muslim but a Iraq vet who is mentally sick. The law say’s you
    can not send him to death .The nut that killed 9 blacks church, members because he hates blacks Americans supporting
    isis are traitors.They all deserve to die. It would be easer that they are killed when confronted. If guilty send them to their maker fast ,no appeal, no aclu I have no compassion any more for murders or traitors. GOD BLESE AMERICA

  20. Thanks, Howard, another excellent editorial. These leftists are no more than immature teenage brats in adult bodies. And when I was in high school biology class in the mid 60’s we were taught that caucasion and negroid were races. It had nothing whatsoever to do with black and white. Political correctness be damned. God Bless America.

  21. HG, another superb enlightenment! I looked up 3 celeb’s net worth: Meryl Streep’s net worth is $75 Million. Jimmy Fallon’s : $35 Million. Jimmy Fallon’s Salary: $11 Million Per Year. Michael Moore’s net:$50 Million. Look up the rest of the super rich Dems, who mock(ed) Trump long before he’s in office, and cried when Hillary lost fare and square. With extremely rare exceptions, they and the wealthy Left coast can Hardly relate to Trump’s blue collar campaign of the Forgotten voices!

  22. It is becoming more & more obvious that people (conservatives that is) are speaking up, speaking out, & braver about it as the time for Mr. Trump to take over the helm of this country draws near. Fox is more direct, police were less hesitant to call the assault on the mentally handicapped teen a hate crime. Obama’s earlier statement that it was too soon to make that judgment (even with Facebook live streaming for all to see) was all but ignored. The turn-around has begun & gaining steam quickly.

  23. WOW excellent blog today!!! “Stupid is as stupid does” is the best statement of them all. The Leftist Stupids just keep getting more stupid as time goes on! Hollywood is the grooming grounds for the title of the Most Stupidest Celebrity!!! I didn’t read or hear about a mosque that was burned in Austin, Tex. Howard, are you really sure you saw what you saw?! ROFLMAO!!! Sorry, could NOT resist. One less mosque in the USA. I wonder if, the Moslems will try to rebuild? Can I say, stupid if they do?

  24. To change the subject. Building the wall to Mexico could easy be paid by asking people, groups and corporations to sponsor a section, just like Lady Bird Johnson did with the highway beautification. Second stage would be the maintenance same way. No need to ask congress to pay or Mexico to pay. It would not cost the country or our neighbors. People will be happy to see their name on a plaque on the border.

  25. Bravo to Anne. Corporations WILL sponsor a wall if we do it by sections AND put their name on it. As for Lefties, all I can say is, “YOU ARE FINISHED!!” Get over yourselves, come back into the REAL world. Howard, we love you- you are the BEST!

  26. Howard, great article and superb observations ..
    The phrase ‘don’t mess with Texas’ comes to mind (I AM a proud Texan)
    I did see mention of it in the Dallas paper, some of the Austin local TV stations and I notice that CAIR has posted a Youtube so they can stir up some ‘stuff’ ..
    If you aren’t familiar with Mayor Beth in Irving, she’s a true warrior too.
    Enjoy your wintering in TX and be safe.

  27. I live about 60-70 miles (San Antonio area) from the area you’re referring to and until I read it here I had heard nothing about the mosque having burned to the ground. A check of the Statesman showed no story. Interesting to say the least.

  28. The Lunacy I have watched my country accept is daunting. I had to look up the definition of “Liberal” just to wrap my brain around the Lunacy I’ve witnessed. “Liberal”: OPEN TO NEW BEHAVIOR OR OPINIONS AND WILLING TO DISCARD TRADITIONAL VALUES”! Discard the sound foundations that sure up anything, IT WILL COME TUMBLING DOWN! HEY Hollywood, you guys are just ACTORS that’s your job!I think if any job, that we can do without, it’s that job. Entertaining yes, that’s it!Or is it? Well it should be!

  29. Well said Howard. The Mosque: we haven’t heard anything about that in Canada, nor do we expect to. Trudeau has our media gagged on anything about Muslims or Islam. Maybe when Canadians hear that Americans are waking up there will be some action here. Meanwhile the state of apathy and complacency in Canada is pathetic.

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