There’s No Such Thing As Media Integrity


I read all the Comments and virtually all the Emails . . . which YOU send to me. I might not have the time to respond to all of them. But, if they are not too long, and are not insulting, I do my best to reply.

I’m “TELLING” you this, because I am extremely PROUD that this BLOG has attracted such a Large Number of THOUGHTFUL & ARTICULATE Readers, which is seen with every group of Comments, which accompany my Editorials.


I was asked several times within the last week, for me to comment on the Departure of Megyn Kelly from FOX News. So after thinking about it, I decided to write more comprehensively about all the Media, focusing Primarily on FOX News.


I REALLY DO KNOW SOMETHING ABOUT MEDIA . . . because I spent more than 35-Years of my Adult Life in the Field of Media – Buying and Selling Advertising. Writing, Directing, and Producing Television and Radio. PLUS Writing and Publishing Print Media . . . and this BLOG. Which means that my perspective is just about from very angle.

SO . . . I’m not speaking from what I heard, read, or garnered from a second or third party. I’m writing from PERSONAL FIRST-HAND EXPERIENCE & KNOWLEDGE.

ANYONE READING THIS BLOG . . . probably watches some FOX News, and if you’re at all like me, you probably think FOX News is (was) the last Standing DEFENDER of Conservative Thought on Television, WHICH IS KIND OF TRUE.

BUT, FOX NEWS . . . is like any other Media, where it’s all about THE TWO R’S . . . RATINGS & REVENUE. And make no mistake about it . . . The News Shows have nothing whatsoever to do with HONESTY & INTEGRITY, but everything to do with selling their “PRODUCT”.

And the people who Host the Shows, who we all “BELIEVE-IN” are SCRIPTED & CONTRIVED. And will more or less say anything the Broadcaster wants them to say on any given subject.

AND DON’T BE FOOLED TO BELIEVE . . . that any ON-AIR Host isn’t Expendable if they don’t do as instructed, since they all are, and all can be changed for someone else.

Whenever I felt a bit Uppity as a kid doing a job, my Dad used to remind me . . . “That for every chair, there’s more than one ASS to fill it”. And that’s MORE than TRUE, especially in the Broadcast Media.

ALSO . . . what you see and hear on Television, is far removed from the TRUTH. And as LOVEY-DOVEY as all the Hosts seem to be to each other, some of it might be TRUE, but almost in all Reality, all the Hosts HATE Each Other, because of Egos, Opportunities and Competition.


SOMEHOW . . . along the almost Meteoric Rise of FOX News, the Programmers, Owners, and some of the “STARS” . . . seem to have forgotten how, who, and what got them to where they were. So, just maybe . . . they’re sort of waking-up to the fact that what got them to where they are, might be worth keeping as it was.

WHEN FOX NEWS CAME ONTO THE SCENE . . . Their Competition was the Same Old Same Old LEFTIST BS, which all the Networks tried to Package as being Different. But FOX News really was Different, and took a Hard Conservative Position on Politics and Social Issues, packaging them with Hot Looking Women, with Long Hair, Long Legs, Short Tight Skirts and Beautiful Smiles.

And then they started to become Ordinary, with their Fair and Balanced CRAP, which didn’t please a huge segment of their Audience.


I WAS SAD TO SEE GRETA VAN SUSTEREN LEAVE . . . because she was smart, well informed, tough, articulate, and didn’t make her show all about herself.

I don’t know if she swung RIGHT or LEFT. I kind of assume that she Leaned in Both Directions depending on the Issues, which was part of what made her worth watching. Also, we learned things from her show, since she was well informed. And something else that made her Exceptional, is that she wasn’t a FOX News FLOOZY.

I know what the Media said about WHY Van Susteren left FOX News . . . But I’m not sure that I know the Real Truth, since Van Susteren CAN’T wait to get back on Television, doing the exact show, exactly the same way she did it for FOX News, but, this time on MSNBC, which to me, is nothing more than a FAILED Network going Nowhere Fast, even with Greta Van Susteren on their Air.

SO . . . If the Time Slot isn’t Important to Van Susteren, and if the Show Content will be the same as it was with FOX News – why in the world would Van Susteren have given up FOX News Gold . . . For MSNBC Iron Pyrites?

I have to assume . . . that for whatever reason, Greta Van Susteren probably didn’t leave under her own volition. But who knows if I’m right? But nonetheless, I wish Greta Van Susteren well, because she seems to me to be the Real Deal, who will never get back from MSNBC . . . what she lost by leaving FOX News.


When Megyn Kelly first Burst onto the Media News Scene on FOX News, she was REFRESHING. She was pretty, smart, talented and she related to her audience . . . and then, as if all of a sudden, Megyn Kelly was struck with the SIN OF HUBRIS, where everything became about Megyn Kelly.

AND IT WASN’T SUBTLE . . . her Pretty Long Blond Hair changed almost from show to show, going from the look of the Girl Next Door, to the Punk-Girl you wouldn’t want to see your son going out with.

FROM SPEAKING LUCIDLY TO HER AUDIENCE . . . all of sudden, Megyn Kelly started using BABY-TALK, as if she was speaking to Morons, while Laughing at her own Jokes, which weren’t all that funny.

AND AS FAR AS I AM CONCERNED . . . The two things that actually did Megyn Kelly-In, which finally Sealed the Deal for her EXODUS from FOX News, were how she began Talking Down to many of her Guests, as if she was smarter than them, AND WHAT SHE DID TO DONALD TRUMP ON THE NIGHT OF THE DEBATE.


I don’t for a second believe that leaving FOX News was necessarily the choice of Megyn Kelly, just as I don’t for a second believe that she turned down $20-MILLION from FOX News, just to accept LESS from NBC.

From everything I was able to GLEAN from Limited Research, because the career choice of Megyn Kelly really doesn’t amount to a Hill of Beans to me, so I didn’t waste much time looking, is that she SHOPPED HERSELF to all the Big Networks, INCLUDING CNN, who either didn’t have a spot for her, couldn’t afford her Salary, or just weren’t interested.

AND AS I SEE IT . . . and from what I know about the Media, which is plenty, FOX News was very kind to Megyn Kelly, in as much as they let her hang-on until the end to PROMOTE her Book ON-AIR, which is something they didn’t do for Andrea Tantaros, Gretchen Carlson, Bob Beckel, or Kirsten Powers.

SO BEING COGNIZANT . . . of all the Sexual Harassment Law Suits AGAINST Fox News, and the MEGA MILLION DOLLAR Settlements Fox has already paid to Settle out of court, and away from its Audiences’ Prying Eyes and Ears, what did Megyn Kelly have on FOX News for them to be so kind?

ANY WAY . . . Megyn Kelly won’t be missed, and her Audience is NOT going to follow her to NBC – and within a year or so, much like most of the MEDIA LEGENDS IN THEIR OWN MINDS . . . Megyn Kelly will become a name most people will soon enough forget.


FOX News seems to me, to be RESURRECTING itself as a Truly Conservative Voice, with an Exciting, Fresh, and Conservative LINE-UP during Prime Time, with Martha McCallum at 7:00pm, Bill O’Reilly at 8:00pm, the very EXCITING Tucker Carlson at 9:00pm, and the Very Reliable and Predictable Sean Hannity at 10:00pm.

The FOX News Weekend Shows, which include Watter’s World . . . who is indeed a RISING STAR like none other, and Judge Jeanine Pirro, who is all FIRE & BRIMSTONE . . . offer MORE Red Meat than Conservative News Junkies Could Ask For.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Once upon a time when I first started watching FOX you could depend on the unslanted truth from the likes of OREALLY and Hannity and the girls. But they started firing the truthful girls and Oreally started to slant quite a bit. I think there is a FOX, or government directive to take it easy on the muzzies. Just observing!

  2. I second your comments re Greta Van Susteren, Howard. She never became full of herself as Kelly and O’Reilly have. We may never know why she left FOX, but I’m sad to see her leave. Kelly, on the other hand, cannot leave fast enough to suit me!

  3. Oh Howard, we do love you .. my honey and I .. Great thoughts today, you’re right-on-point!!!
    Nell Hinson .. San Diego, CA area

  4. Amen Bro! shooting at florida airport was whatever Obama wants it to be! Media……. No challenge, its yes boss!

    SHOOTING WAS IS TERROR ATTACK not airport workplace violence.

  5. HG, I used to enjoy Kelly, however, ever since you recommended Tucker Carlson, I watched him and was very impressed! Now that he was chosen to replace Kelly, I’m looking forward to his ratings to continue to skyrocket! Thanks!

  6. No-nonsense print news veteran reporter turned college professor slammed a bulging Sunday edition of the city newspaper down, turned to the class and asked, “What’s the purpose of this paper?” An eager front row student replied, “To fairly report the news.” “BS!” the Prof boomed. Another hand went up, “To balance news, opinion and advertising.” “BS!!!! The purpose of this rag is to make the greedy owners RICH!!!” Of all I didn’t learn in college, I never forgot my first day in J-School.

  7. As always, you are so right, Howard! While I had drifted away from Fox for a while, I’m back in full support now. I agree with all your comments about the personalities, but I have to add my 2 cents about Tucker Carlson. I call him Tucker Cannibal because every show so far in the 7 PM slot he’s invited a liberal on and and then proceeded to eat him/her alive. It has to be the best entertainment on TV!

  8. your are right on that Kelly was/is too full of herself. pleasant to look at, but will not be missed. i second all the positive comments re: g. van susteren. she really knew her stuff and could be believed. she retained her humility which puts her way up in my opinion. i am saddened that fox replaced the likes of tantaros, carlson, and powers with the current crop of flibberty-gibbits they have since hired, many of which are difficult to even understand.
    Jim Connell, Myrtle creek, OR, USA

  9. I love Hannity and Judge Jeanine and their Hard Hitting comments towards liberal politicians and the liberal media, calling out their hypocrisies. It just doesn’t get better than that.
    And you have to Love the “Independent” O’Reilly too! I don’t mind listening to the liberals air out their view points only to run up against some real good Conservative Common Sense …. All on Live TV!! In fact I wish we had more of that. It’s fun to watch Liberals have to deal with real life challenging question

  10. Just love your Dad’s saying about the CHAIR! Totally agree with you re: Megyn K.; she will be NO loss to FOX! Although I really liked Greta, Martha McAllum will do well; she is such a lady. Tucker Carlson will probably do even better in the 9 pm slot. Jeanine Pirro does a great job on the weekend…love her GUTS! Thus far, Hannity is, and has been, my favorite. Yes, you should be PROUD to have such a Large Number of THOUGHTFUL & ARTICULATE Readers. I truly enjoy reading their comments! AMEN!

  11. Megyn Kelley didn’t dress “professionally” in my book! (Depends what “profession” we’re talking about!) Was she going to cocktail parties or out on dates after work? She is “all about herself” (much like many others in our society today)! Megyn has children, so perhaps night time show simply wasn’t convenient anymore? (Maybe money made up for the time she didn’t spend with her children?) She supposedly was going through a divorce (probably spent too much time on her book)! Fox doesn’t need her!

  12. Now, if they will lose Geraldo Rivera and Shepard Smith, they will have a great group of nice, interesting, informed newscasters!

  13. Do any of y’all ever watch Fox Business channel? The best commentator of all is Lou Dobbs. He is just marvelous, conservative, stands his ground & challenges the foolish statements from left leaning guests. Fox Business is channel 359 on Directv. He’s cool like Mr. Galganov!

  14. I do agreed with you about Megan, but I sure would prefer Kirsten Powers to Juan Williams. I certainly do like Tucker Carlson and the fresh approach to his new appointment. I really miss Andrea Tantaros the most. When Shep comes I switch to Fox Business.
    Edgar Sellers

  15. Howard: you are 100% correct on Megan Kelly.She was refreshing and exciting to watch when she started. But she got the big head and started dressing like a floozy. She changed, not Fox. Tucker will fill her spot well and will be very successful.

  16. Right on, Howard. FOX is the only news I’ll watch but VERY LITTLE. I gave up the MSM about 40 years ago. Talk radio is my thing and will continue to be. Over the past 50+ years is has been absolutely enlightening and educational. I just wish I had total recall. It’s tough remembering everything when your IQ is the same as your shoe size. In my next life…………

  17. I could not agree with you more HG ….. FOX is not what it used to be, but it seems it is trying to clean house (or the mice in the house are leaving); hopefully, that will be a positive move. And yes …. hooray that Kelly is gone ….. now I’d like to see Shep. gone too. He is snide with the majority of his comments. I do miss Greta … no short skirts, no painted face, just the real deal … a solid good and fair journalist who did not believe she was God’s gift to the world.

  18. When I read the following I immediately thought the only one I know of who completely fits this is Howard Galganov.

    The point of journalism is to give accurate information, be committed to explore for the truth, speak truth, and do not compromise to make someone else feel better.
    From what you write I love you and Anne. Would feel honored to have known you personally. May your best yesterdays be your worst tomorrows. Have a wonderful year.

  19. Of those who are too full of themselves, I would rank O’Reilly with them. Too eager to shout down a guest. Love the rest of them and goodbye Megyn.

  20. Howard. After reading your evaluation of Fox news and where they are heading I have to feel your on tract. i was looking for an alternative to them. But not doing well at that. I have a hard time listening to O’Reilly, but that is just me so i will continue to watch something else during his time slot. The only thing good about O’Reilly as far as i am concerned it Waters was born there.

  21. I just told someone today….Megan Kelly lost when she asked the first question to Donald Trump at the first debate. I felt she set the stage with that question for what turned into the most contentious campaign I have seen in all my 70 plus years. If she wanted to ask that question of him she should have done it on a one on one interview at a later date. I always wonder if anyone else at Fox gave her the go ahead on that question!!!!!!!!!

    You nailed this entire editorial.

  22. During the Primaries results, I started watching the Fox Business News. I rather enjoyed it. The hosts were fresh & entertaining. Now, I seem to watch more of the Fox Business News than I do the regular Fox News. I love Neil Cavuto & Lou Dobbs. I am not sorry that last Friday was Kelly’s last day at Fox News. In the beginning, I thought she was refreshing, too soon did that pass. I pray that it doesn’t happen to Tucker Carlson. Ratings have been known to ruin a person or two. :O)

  23. Gretta is the best, Kelly, good bye with pleasure. Now we got the “Water Boy” jerk, where did he come from. Looks like Tucker will survive, he tears into everyone.

  24. I imagine that the “Trump train” shook up Fox News and all. 12 days to go!

  25. Howard I love it> For every chair there is more than one Ass to fill it. Add that your only worth what you can go down the road and get and send the memo out to the millennials

  26. I would like to see the show host have a mike kill switch on any guest that talks over other guests and the moderator. Good manners need to be recognized and bad manners silenced.

  27. Well, I gotta admit that Tucker Carlson isn’t as good looking as Megyn Kelly. But he sure does have his head screwed on right. The Fox News lineup is hopefully regaining its reputation as a bunch of stalwart conservatives, and I’m all for it. With luck, it might be an oasis of good sense and truthfulness in the sea of left-wing biased “news reporting” that seems to provide at least 10 minutes of obligatory Trump-bashing in every half-hour segment. The American people deserve better than that.

  28. Howard: I like the way you put in print how difficult it is to span the truth so that your readers understand the fullness of what you are saying. Bringing truth’s to people is always difficult to do without turning them off so they want to turn you off. Education comes by way of communication — people need to know why and how things happen. You seem to have that ability and I appreciate that. Keep it coming! The blog was very good.

  29. I totally switched to Fox Business. I got sick of the ultra left guests on Fox being constantly allowed to spew their lies and talking points. O’Reilly is full of himself and talks down to his women guests whose resumes make him look like a moron. Megyn Kelly is nothing but a bobble head. I love Varney in the morning, Charles Payne, and especially Lou Dobbs! Eric Bolling is my favorite on Fox right now.

  30. Hard to believe that so many of your “comments” absolutely blend in with my feelings about FOX. Megyn was in the throes of becoming a loss; FOX will be much, much better off now and would be light years ahead without (morons)Juan and Geraldo (I hit the remote when they come on). I don’t watch Shepard Smith…I figure that any registered Democrat can’t be all good. I’d like to see more of Ed Henry and Eric Bolling, too.

  31. I don’t know how to spell it, but, “toodaloo”. Can’t wait for Tucker at 9:00.

  32. I stopped watching Fox News except for Van Susteren, Hannity, Judge Jeanine and the weekend business shows. The rest is too opinionated an not conservative as far as I’m concerned. I am SO GLAD to see Megyn Kelly leave – good riddance! I’ve always liked Tucker Carlson, even before he came to Fox; he’s a great asset for the evening line up. With all the changes, I may just start watching Fox more often.

  33. Media companies are no longer in the business of reporting news. They are in the business of manipulating public opinion, and there should be laws against it. For so many years I have heard reporters and media personalities scream “freedom of the press”… “the public has the right to know”. They have abused that freedom, and now it should be taken away and regulated by an independent body. Nothing but glorified LIARS – ALL OF THEM!

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