Lately . . . I’ve received more Criticism than usual for the things that I write. One person actually accused me of watching FOX News All Day, and then rehashing whatever was Reported and Said on FOX News, literally accusing me of Plagiarism, and having not a PERSONAL OR ORIGINAL THOUGHT IN MY HEAD.


I was 11-Years Old . . . And I would get out of bed at around 5:30 in the morning, before the sun rose, and whether it was winter or summer, I would take my BIG Newspaper Carry-Bag supplied by the Montreal Gazette, and deliver the Morning Paper to about 80-Homes, making several trips each morning to replenish the Carry-Bag, for a few cents for each Paper Delivered, and Tips on Collection Day.

By the time I was 12-Years Old, on the weekends, I organized a group of my friends to help me wash windows in the neighborhood, which worked out pretty well until summer came, and nobody wanted to work.

From Window Washing, still at 12-Years Old, I got a Summer-Job assembling and repairing bicycles for a small Sporting Retail Store (Cougar Sports), which worked out really well, since the owner asked me to stay-on and work after school, once the school year started, which was fine with me.

By the Time I was 13, I was running the store, while the owner was busy Scuba Diving, which was a tremendous amount of responsibility for a “KID”.


At 15, I became a Life Guard with the RLSS (Royal Life Saving Society). And by the time I was 16-Years Old, myself and a French Friend, who was also a Life Guard and Older than me, both got our RLSS Instructor’s Certificates, and formed a Life Guard Training School.

I convinced my High School to allow me to form a Life Guard Training Club, and posted signs around the school offering Summer Life Guard Jobs to the Students who took my Course and passed. My French Friend, convinced the City of Laval, where we lived and worked to hire the Students we Trained, who were accredited INDEPENDENTLY from us, by a Certified RLSS Examiner.

And by the time I was 17-Years Old, I was working at Several High Rise Apartment Buildings, running their Swimming Pools, while Finishing High School at Night.

By 18-Years Old, I entered University (Sir George Williams University) as a Night Student, while I worked Full-Time during the Day, selling Commercial Office Paper Handling Equipment for an American Company called GBC (General Biding Corporation).

And even though I had very little time to do the things young people did at my age, I never stopped moving, and still found time to Coach Minor League Football for the City of Laval (Chomedey Blues Football League), and sit on their board of Directors.

And I was more concerned than just somewhat with Political and Jewish Issues, to become very much aware of Canada and America’s Political Processes, and about RANK Anti-Semitism, to the point that I joined the Montreal JDL (Jewish Defense League), learned how to Really Fight (Krav Maga), and went on to compete at Karate Tournaments.

I also served for a year as the Sports Editor for the Sir George Williams University Day Student’s Newspaper (The Georgian), and as a Sports Writer for the Sir George Williams University Evening Student’s Newspaper (The Paper).

AND BY THE TIME I WAS 19-YEARS OLD . . . I was busy doing Promotions, while still working for GBC . . . for the CFL (Canadians Football League) – Montreal Alouettes Football Club, where I met with the incredibly wonderful owner of the Team . . . Sam Berger.

MR BERGER . . . was willing to give me a shot at promoting his Professional Soccer Team, but I was ONLY Interested in FOOTBALL . . . so I said to him, why can’t I do both. And his response has stayed with me till this day and always will:

Sam Berger was a MULTI-MILLIONAIRE many times over, and a very Generous Man to his Team and to the Community, who was also the son of a Rabbi, who said to me in YIDDISH, which I will translate . . . “With One Ass You Can’t Dance At Two Weddings”.


I TOLD YOU THIS STORY . . . because, by the time I first met Anne, I was 21-Years Old, Anne was 20. We met again when I was 22-Years Old, and we Married when I was 23.


Anne was the PERFECT Daughter, Sibling, and Student, but all the same, because of a Dysfunctional Family, she had a Difficult Childhood . . . while I spent my Childhood Working and Worrying to help my Parents Financially.

For us . . . Life was always a CHALLENGE, mostly Financial, but nonetheless, Life was a Serious Pile of Crap that would have TESTED even the Strongest Relationship. And even though it seemed that LIFE for us would NEVER be worth Living Together, we NEVER once thought about giving-up on each other . . . NOT ONCE!

And When We Finally Hit Our Stride . . . and our Businesses were paying-off, and Life became a Bowl of Cherries, I got into a Civil Rights War against the Separatist and Racist Government of Quebec . . . In Defense of Freedom of Expression. Which is a Story and a Half all on it’s Own.

NOW LET ME TELL YOU . . . During all of this, I still had time to Ride Horses, spend almost all of my spare time fishing and living under the Stars in the Far North In the Canadian Bush.

And after Anne and I married (May 1, 1973), she too became active with me in the Canadian Bush, on Horses, and in my Business Ventures, which inevitably became OUR Business Ventures.

NOW . . . Believe it or not, I just told you what amounts to nothing more than the Tip of the Iceberg of my Life. And the reason I’m telling you this, is because when I hear the LEFT, including RINOS speak about 26-YEAR OLD AMERICANS, who have DONE NOTHING with their Lives, as they’re still referred to as “CHILDREN” . . . to stay on their Parents’ Healthcare Plan . . . I shake my head in Sadness.


BY THE TIME I WAS 26-YEARS OLD . . . I was already losing sleep over a Failing Business that ultimately went Bankrupt. There was no Safety Net for Anne and Myself. And we took whatever jobs we had to take, just to survive.


IT’S ABSOLUTELY TRUE . . . Failure Creates WINNERS. Failure is a Learning Experience. And Failure is HUMBLING, which is something we all need to have if we ever hope to be Decent Human Beings.

IN THE LONG RUN, after more CHALLENGES & FAILURES than I care to Remember, Life for Anne and Myself is Really Good. We’ve done a lot. We’ve seen a lot. We’ve met wonderful people. And we can easily differentiate between BS and the REAL MCCOY. And we’re not done yet . . . NOT BY A LONG SHOT.

WE KNOW VALUE IN PEOPLE WHEN WE SEE IT . . . And nothing gives me Greater Pleasure than knowing that the People who Read and Respond to this BLOG give me APPROBATION to my life experiences.

SO . . . To the people who want to be critical of meTAKE YOUR BEST SHOT, because I know the Difference Between Failure, Success, & NOT TRYING. And I know the Difference Between a Politician and a Bureaucrat who has Substance . . . and a Politicians and Bureaucrat who are in it for the FREE RIDE.

And I’ll keep Writing and Calling it as I See It . . . and for those of you who want to criticize me, be my guest . . . but just ask yourselves . . . WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?

Best regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Right on, as usuual! The distinction between ISIL, and ISIS in my mind is even simpler than most folks. ISIS (Islamic State in Syria) limits them and ignores any Caliphate, whereas ISIL (Islamic State in Levant) allows O’Bummer to classify Isreal as part of the problem, vs. a profoundly resolute theocracy, willing to work with everyone for peace, BUT not by rule of offense, but defense. As Churchilll once said “the middle east has two countries, Isreal and Egypt, the rest are simply tribes.

  2. Your comments today remind me of something I was told when I first went into business for myself 41 years ago. I was told, and I am sure that these are not the exact words, “you don’t know how to win until you have lost and then tried to play again.” Have won, have lost, but never have forgotten that losing was only a momentary trip during the walk of life.

  3. You sound like the real type of guy I like. My life is kind of a parallel of yours. I am pushing 80 and have enjoyed the ride all along. We have had our ups and downs also and are now enjoying the fruits. I left home at age 15 and have been on my own ever since. Immigrated to the US at age 23 after finishing my education in the farming field and became a restaurant owner at age 26. Have had several types of businesses and sold them. Still running two businesses. Would never think of stopping

  4. Howard, Keep on keeping on.

    Jimmy Finlayson, Waleska, Georgia, USA

  5. Howard, I would say you were had/have wonderful work ethics! We grew up poor but never really knew it until the basket with the Turkey and side dishes arrived at Thanksgiving and Christmas. But I started “gramma sitting” while in high school and never stopped until I married and had kids. The gist of all this is that kids today are given “participation trophies” and never learn work ethics or having pride in achievement. Best to you!

  6. Howard, I believe you to be a very intelligent and “savy” person. I do not know — nor neither do you — as to how God is leading you and direciting you but it sounds like He has been very busy in your life. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out. God does hava a plan we just need to “listen,” and act accordingly. Keep on challenging us in the New Year!

  7. Been working since age 8. Retirement is not in my dictionary. ‘Children’ are considered legal ADULTS at 21 so how can they be ‘children’ at age 26? More evidence of the topsy-turvy thinking of Obamacare. Why do parents tolerate or accept responsibility for their ‘adult’ children – only delays maturity which is in short supply with the so-called millineums. Unfortunately- many parents have not ‘matured’ themselves!!
    Right on Howard.

  8. The way I see it is someone has to dig the ditches by hand, the educated won’t, the ones on Government handouts won’t, so this leaves the ones with maybe a high school education and not on Government handouts to dig the ditches. When you find a person who will dig the ditches without bitching, these are the ones who elected Trump, real people from America.

  9. You keep striving ahead, Howard. You’re an inspiration to us all!! May the New Year bring you many blessings and excellent health.

  10. Howard. The Conservative Party of Canada is looking for someone to replace Stephen Harper. I don’t really like any of them. Why don’t you run. It would be good for all of Canada.

  11. I’m a lot older than you, but, my story is much the same…. Milkman’s helper at 12, peddling the Warrendale Courier at 13, selling the Detroit News, Times and Free Press at 14, playing my accordion at 15,16, 17, 18, at benefits, weddings, Top Hat Teen Club in Garden City, MI, Performing on Saturdays at the Roller Drome Dances in Detroit. 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 working in retail grocery as Dairy boy, stockboy, floor manager, head cashier, assistant manager, auditor, 18, 19 20, 21 attending WSU.

  12. Very well said. We have raised a bunch of spoiled, whinning, sniveling, lazy, pampered 20 yr old babies. They need to be weened and taken off their parents insurance, table food, car and gasoline, roof and any other enabling that the government and parents are gving them. Grow up, or shut up!!..I was born in the 1940’s depression years. Times were tough, but we created the “World’s Greatest Genertion” Now it is de-generating.

  13. So true Howard, I was brought up by a single proud mother who was deserted by my worthless father. My mother always made sure we were clean and fed (even though she wasn’t). We couldn’t wait to get jobs and help take care of the family. Not realizing it then, but what a gift our childhood was. None of the 5 of us has ever been in trouble or on welfare. I would know how to survive if my comfortable life style ever went away. Thanks for your great blog.

  14. The main reason I’ve continued to read your works isn’t because I agree with you always. I’ve continued because there has always been meaning and conviction behind your words.

  15. To say you are an inspiration to “we the people” is understating the term a bit. You say it like it is and “we” see you continuing to do so.

    As “we” support you, you support us. And “we” appreciate it!

  16. I put myself through school slinging hash at Waffle House on midnight shift. No one ever drowned in their own sweat; according to my dad–who is a doctor–and still seeing patients 5 days a week at 86 years old. He’s my inspiration and always has been. We don’t always see eye to eye but every disagreement we ever had we resolved quickly and he’s still the coolest dad EVER!!

  17. Keep up the good work !!! Or as they sometimes say “nil illegitimus corborundum” (Don’t let the bastards grind you down)

    Ken Adams. Dewey AZ

  18. I am told that the average life of a democracy is 200 years. The U.S.A. is “overdue”, being around 250. Canada is only 150 years old and, without some leader like Trump or you, Howard, is past its “best before” date, having lost its work ethic.

  19. My Life in a nutshell: Born & Raised in Texas on a farm walked to school each day regardless of weather after school change into coveralls go to cotton field with cotton sack pull cotton until supper after supper do homework @ 11 years old running Allis Chalmer tractor in the field. By 12 years age, running first self-propelled combine a COOP built in Canada from 13 until entering Army@ 18 ran a Custom Harvest crew for my G.F. & Father Now 78 years and would not hesitate to do it all over.

  20. Howard, this story resonates with so many. I’m grateful for your honesty and your ability to inspire each of us to ask “what can I do to help my country?”

  21. Howard,
    With me it was the DesMoines Tribune and I started at age 10. It too was tough, but wouldn’t change a bit of it, and neither would you. How could we enjoy what we have today, if there hadn’t been some difficulty in obtaining it? Hang in there and we shall also.

    I’d REALLY enjoy meeting you and Anne someday. (One can never have enough good friends.) Two of my most significant lifetime friends are Canadians. Canada has “built” some great people!!

  22. I would like to “second” Jock Macrae of Oakville suggestion that you run for leadership of the Conservative Party here in Ontario. We really need someone like you!

    Ted Walker

  23. Howard, you epitomize the old saying. If you want something done ask a busy man. Keep up the good words.

  24. Howard, Although I knew quite a bit about you when you lived in Quebec and the skirmishes you had with the French Separatists, I learned more about you today and the challenges that you had to conquer. I take my hat off to you. You had more challenges than mine, even though I had to escape from Baghdad in 1949 to be able to survive. Be well and God Bless. Steve Acre, Canada

  25. in ’88 I entered/completed the longest x-c ski marathon in the world. I raised $$ for cancer research in the event. Nobody was invited to raise $. I asked the event to welcome the participants to raise $$ as the warm feelings that I experienced were worth sharing. The organisers were not cooperative. I became a ‘charity activist’ and embarrassed them a great deal. I came up with 2 fundraising ideas that went on to raise many millions of $$. My activism also raised millions. Humanity!! :o(

  26. Love your story! For various reason’s I learned to take care of myself early on to. Paid Rent during High School out of necessity. Wasn’t moms fault. Put myself through College though I was given $1000 for 3 years of college from my dad. Suffered serious health issues when our healthcare system let me down and made the situation life-changing worse. Only those who are forced to fight understand REAL life in a way most don’t understand. All I ask now is keep taxes low so I can take care of myself

  27. Dug many ditches by hand in 100plus degrees and yes I voted for trump. I have a feeling that Trump also dug a few ditches.

  28. As the song goes…..”I never promised you a rose garden.” From reading all of the above, it becomes evident we have all been tested one way or another. All of it builds character and it is why everyone enjoys your words of wisdom, Howard…..EVERY DAY. Whatever comes along….. keep the faith and keep passing it on! And for sure don’t take any crap from the losers along the way!!! You and Anne be well in this New Year.

  29. Between the 30’s and 60’s I do not know of any child in NA that did not strive to “leave the nest” and become independent. We all followed a similar path to yours, whether “mic, mac, spic, heb, wasp, frog, newfie, (one not PC) or whatever handle applied at the time, we all strove to leave the nest, work hard, and make the future better than what our parents had to suffer through. We did that! Now, they give that tree a hug and light up their weed!!! DUMB!! All wasted!!

  30. Seeing your story is a lot like ours. Married at 18 and told we would never make it. Milked cows for years and did whatever else had to be done to put food on the table. Have raised kids who all know how to work and look for more work when they need to. Don’t know what the whiners today will do if they have to make it on their own. Blessings to you and Anne for a job well done. Keep on telling it like it is. OH-STILL WORKING AT 71- and thankful we are able to.

  31. Howard, you have my greatest admiration. Can’t wait for your next Editorial.

  32. My favorite quotation (by Albert Einstein): “Great spirits have always received violent opposition from mediocre minds!” Many our age “grew up” to become mature, educated, responsible adults. “Uncle Sam” has intentionally “babied” (“dumbed down”) everybody younger to “Middle School Mentality” (especially “liberal” voters)! We simply can’t all be “equal” mentally- that’s impossible, since most Jews are “smarter”, but “mediocre minds” resent this! Remain our “light” in the “darkness” of USA MSM!

  33. Howard, continue what you are doing. Those who think you would plagiarize anything, are simply baiting you. I have learned many things from you. Mainly, the need to have “sticktoitiveness!” in the political platforms, as well as other things in life. The will to survive is the driving force for any human but the need to speak up for that survival is truly a gift. You have that gift & I am so lucky to read about your passions of fighting for the right to free speech & so on. Thanks! :O)

  34. A bit of criticism (unjustified) to bring out such a wonderful story. A story full of life’s lessons. Took me back to my childhood and summer days. I picked fruit at 10, gathered and sold cracked walnuts by the bag at the local chicken ranch…made lots of kid spending money. Baby sat for four kids and made dinner and helped with homework for the whole summer one summer when 13. Got enough to pay for all my own school clothes, which I got to pick out myself! I was happy and proud! Kay

  35. Howard, your comments about your life experiences remind me of myself. I worked as a child, picking strawberries in the farm fields in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, USA. What was I expected to do with that piddly amount of money earned? I bought some of my school clothes! Also worked as a housekeeper in a hospital while still a teenager. Life hasn’t been easy, but like you, I have known the value of hard work. I wish the under-30 crowd could be so “blessed.”

  36. Howard,
    Carbon tax in AB just pushed natural gas up 33%.
    Another’s one coming from Trudeau.
    I would like you to start writing about how we Canadians can mobilize to make sure both Trudeau and Notley are defeated in the next election cycle.
    Canada can’t take anymore Marxist/socialism or we will be a 3rd world cou.
    Please HELP!!

  37. Fear not the descenters and the critics for when the flack is at its heaviest, that’s when you know you are over the target.

  38. As the saying goes, ‘been there, done that’, Howard you don’t have to justify anything you write, say or do. Anyone who reads your editorials knows it takes hours of research, deep thought, and lifetime experience to present the facts to those of us appreciate your work. Regarding the person who made comment on Fox News, ignore him/her and Illegitimi non carborundum

  39. A nice summary of the earlier parts of your life story.
    I have worked hard for at least 54 or 55 of my 71 years.
    Hard work never did anyone any harm, that’s for sure.
    All the best Howard and please keep your editorials coming.

  40. Howard, you and I are close to the same age and I understand exactly what you’re talking about. You can neither win or lose unless you get in the game. Kids today are for the most part pathetic. They have been, and in some cases, been spoon fed all their miserable lives. My daddy told me many times..”Boy the world doesn’t owe you a living.” As far as folks criticizing you, I’ve learned this…”Some people find fault like there’s a reward for it.” And the ones who find fault have never done much!

  41. The statement to which you referred, “What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger” was featured on the cover of the magazine, The Saturday Evening Post, May 23, 1953. It was taken from a painting by Norman Rockwell, titled “The Shiner” of a young girl, maybe 12 yrs. old, sitting on a bench in a doctor’s office, sporting a black eye and a huge, smirking smile on her face. I have a postcard of that painting which I’ve stuck on by bedroom mirror. It’s a classic, as are all of Rockwell’s paintings.

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