We’re All In For A Beating

What Does President-Elect Trump Owe to Canada?

I wrote yesterday about the SMUGNESS of Canada, when it comes to Canadian Perspectives versus American Realities. And LO & BEHOLD, I read today in several Canadian Financial Publications, that there are far more Troubling Times than just somewhat, for Canada’s Near Future . . . Especially with Donald Trump about to Assume the Presidency.

1 – Canada is so far off the Mark from Fiscal Responsibility . . . that all of our Governments’ Hype and Innuendo should be Tagged Criminal, because what they FORECAST is NEVER TRUE, and what they REPORT is almost always a LIE.

2 – Production in Canada is slowing to a GRIND, for which I don’t need the Government to tell me that, just checkout the Restaurants and Retail Stores to see for yourselves. And don’t look at how many people are wondering the Halls of the Malls, look at how many people are carrying BAGS with purchases in them.

3 – ONE THIRD . . . that’s 33% of Canada’s ENTIRE GDP is 100% RELIANT on Trade with the USA. I knew it was high. But I never imagined that it could be this high. In effect, America OWNS Canada, and Canadians don’t even get to enjoy the American Constitution with all the Amendments.

Garret Seinen from Port Alberni, British Columbia Canada wrote in the Last Comment Section . . . “Not you(r) best article. Calling people down simply agitates the mob, but cures nothing.”

I don’t exactly know what Mr Seinen really meant by that . . . but “CALLING PEOPLE DOWN”, especially people who deserve to be “CALLED DOWN” Beats the Hell Out of being SILENT & INVISIBLE.

The BIG Problem with Canada and the Untied States of America, is that our Media hasn’t “CALLED DOWN” the Jerks responsible for spending our Money as if they WON it in a Lottery, or somehow feel that it’s their money to spend as they wish, because all of a sudden, they find themselves at the TROUGH, or have been at the TROUGH for so long, that GORGING themselves on Your Money And Mine is done without conscience, as if it is somehow their due.

SO LET ME “TELL” GARRET SEINEN . . . who wrote the Comment, and I don’t want Mr Seinen to think that I’m picking on him – but I guess I am, because you think that “Calling people down simply agitates the mob, but cures nothing. . . ” is precisely why our Canadian Economy is HEADED FOR THE ROCKS.

OUR MEDIA . . . and those who can make a difference DON’T SPEAK UP OR SPEAK OUT, and saying nothing is nothing short of GIVING ACQUIESCENCE to the Political and Bureaucratic Bastards who are steering our Ship Directly to become a Wreckage beyond all Imagination.

WHEN PRESIDENT-ELECT TRUMP . . . says and writes REPEATEDLY that he is Going To Make America Great Again, I’m not hearing a CODICIL in that, where President-Elect Trump says Canada has any part in Making America Great Again.


What I’m Hearing . . . is that if you want to do business in the United States of America, you BETTER open your Markets up to all Products made in the USA, or forget about getting your Products into America.

FIRST IT WAS CARRIER (United Technologies)) . . . then it was Ford, then it was Boeing (Air Force One), then it was Lockheed Martin (F-35), then it was GM – and now it’s Toyota – Either Build it in America or Forget about selling it in America.

And either HONESTLY Price what you want to sell to the American Government . . . or find another customer, as Boeing and Lockheed Martin have just discovered.

ONLY SCHMUCKS WHO VOTE FOR A DUFUS LIKE TRUDEAU . . . couldn’t see that there are no Free Rides, and that the World Economy is SLOWING WAY DOWN, and has been for years, to the point where the Government has to STOP spending money as if it won it in a NEVER ENDING Lottery, and begin Creating the Conditions Canada NEEDS for real JOBS, or prepare for the ROCKS.

AND IF THERE ARE ANY CANADIANS . . . who DOUBT that President-Elect Trump is going to LEVEL the North American (NAFTA) Playing Field, whether we like it or not . . . STOP DOUBTING, because if President-Elect Trump can stick it to all Powerful Corporations like GM, Ford, Toyota, Boeing, United Technologies . . . and DON’T FORGET ABOUT MEXICO AND THE WALL . . . does anyone with a THINKING Brain who didn’t vote for Trudeau, really believe that President-Elect Trump won’t stick it to us?


I’m certain President-Elect Trump saw the Video which was played Ad Nauseam on all Major American News Channels, when Obama recently visited Ottawa and spoke in Canada’s Parliament, where our FRIGGING IDIOT LEFTIST Members of Parliament, representing 2/3rds of our Government, Chanted Incessantly . . . 4-MORE YEARS, even though Obama’s Second Term was all but done. And the Race was on to Pick a New Presidential Candidate.

So What Does President-Elect Trump OWE To Canada?


Anne and I have several Good Friends who own Dairy Farms, which is I am quite Certain is amongst some of the MOST Regulated and Controlled Industries in the World, where it has become almost impossible to get into the Canadian Dairy Industry, because of GOVERNMENT Imposed Quotas, Rules and Regulations, so much so . . . THAT COMPETITION DOES NOT EXIST.

I would HATE to see any of my Farmer Friends Get Hurt . . . but if Canada wants to sell our Goods into the United States, no matter what they are, Canada just might have to GEAR itself to see the Canadian Farming Industry become Competitive, where GOVERNMENT CONTROLLED QUOTAS on everything from Dairy Products, to Poultry, to Pork will have to Disappear.


Sears, K-Mart and Macy’s in the USA, just announced that between them . . . they will be closing as many as, and perhaps more than 200-Stores. And I’m pretty sure that’s just the Tip of the Iceberg. Does that sound like things are going to be getting Better any time soon?

And as things get tighter in the USA, I CAN ASSURE EVERYONE . . . that President-Elect Trump will do whatever has to be done, not just to make America Great Again, but rather, to keep the American People Working and Surviving, no matter who outside of the USA will suffer.


Unfortunately, all we in Canada have to rely upon, is a Prime Minister and Government, whose biggest concerns are spending OUR TAX DOLLARS and borrowed Money, to show the Globe how generous we are to Third World Countries, Moslem Refugees, Palestinians and the Impending Canadian Marijuana Industry.

This ISN’T the LAST Time I’m going to ASK . . . but certainly, someone out there must have a Couple of Spare Green Cards they could part with.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Where’s the Pope in all this ? and why is he not Leading the Charge and organizing the Next and Final Crusade ?

  2. I hope Canadians will do as we did, and as successfully. I don’t know of an entrepreneur there like Trump is here, but surely there is someone who can lead in Canada in much the same way Trump is doing here. Canadians are as free as we are, although their Constitution (?) may be different. We two nations are unique from one another, but don’t we share the same love for freedom? .. for liberty? I hope so. And if some stores close here, others will start up.

  3. Howard …you really know how to swing your big Hammer!…A N D…every time you Hit the Nail on the Head– Not on the side…BUT…Dead Center.. You predicted this to happen in previous editorials.. ..exactly like it is Happening…

  4. Our lame prime minister will sink us like nobody’s business. Canada will see poor economic times before his tenure is done, and it will be because of him. Like Harper or not, the man was a leader who conducted business and did not pander to poor policies and idiotic stands. Spoiled Trudeau will sink the tight ship that Harper built.

  5. As a small businessman, I implore my fellow Canadians, including my Prime Minister, to “bring to the table” the unique
    Canadian products (e.g.’s: oil, inventions) and work with The U.S.A., our best friend, as a joint venturer.

  6. I find it difficult to understand why people continue to argue that farmers should be subject to the free market when, historically, two biggest costs for farmers has been the cost of capital and petroleum and petroleum related products. The cost of those products are certainly not set in the open market. No one is prepared to take on government controlled central banks or international oil companies or cartels. So let’s beat up on the small farmers when they try to protect themselves from the

  7. I remember years ago there was talk of Alberta seceding from Canada and becoming a part of the United States because Ottawa was treating them badly. I hope that still happens, then it will be a wake-up call for Canadians to see that their politicians are corrupt, lazy and ignorant.

  8. Trump has said it will be Americans first again. It hasn’t been that way for a very long time. Listening to Mark Levin regularly makes me a bit concerned that the free market system will not prevail. That was for along time our hallmark, but maybe Trump believes it is our turn to benefit for a time with a tweaked system until we are truly healthy again. Only time will tell. BUT… let’s not forget the 800 pound gorillas in the room. The debt and deficit and their affects….hummm?

  9. You are absolutly correct on you assessment of how this is going to come down on making America great again. Before this will happen, we will have war. Big banks will lose capitol it will be complete CHAOS. This whole world will be in a world of hurt. You had better be right with your Creator whom a lot of people do not pay allegience.

  10. It will be interesting to see how Canadian Unions will respond to Trumps American policies. Too bad the three automakers just settled their contracts with their union. I am sure that if they were settled today, the Canadian unions would have not made out nearly as well. US manufactures in Canada are going to tell Canadian Unions to shove it or they will go back to the USA. Must be a real worry for UNIFOR.

  11. Having been born and raised on a farm…I know first hand about regulations. We refused to use Genetically engineered seeds for corn, wheat, oats, clover, etc. The SEED companies went ballistic. We produced ORGANIC food before there was ORGANIC food. Horse, cow and chicken manure were the best. We plowed under our corn stalks, etc. Our feed was purchased from those farmers who FARMED the way we did. NO DRUGS or enhancements. Things got TOUGH. We sold out. Not a good time for farmers.

  12. Charles Zittin, no advantage to your suggestion as our politicians are corrupt, lazy and ignorant too. Out of the frying pan and into the fire.

  13. You mention quite often that Canadians elected Trudeau. Only a small number of Quebec residents elected him in his riding. Over sixty percent of us didn’t want the Liberals at all. Most of western Canada voted conservative in the last election. As in the USA, the leftists gather in the large urban centres.

  14. We live in a gated golf community. We have a lovely home and a spare bedroom if you and Anne need a temporary place until getting something permanent. We have a friend who boards horses. This may end up being the last refuge on planet Earth. Better make plans before it is too late and we get our quota and close the gates..

  15. Unfortunately, most near Ottawa have no clue. They reject any information/knowledge which doesn’t fit their thinking. Actually, the truth can cause the source of knowledge to become the enemy. To those who resist, Trump won and will make changes which benefit U.S. citizens. Get used to it.

  16. It’s my understanding that if you come in and claim refugee status, you get a work permit and it takes 6-8 years to the first hearing.

  17. Howard, don’t knock the Marijuana industry. After the Liberals get done destroying Canada’s economy and putting our grandchildren in debt for generations, they will need both Marijuana and Liquor to handle the distress that these buffoons are causing.

  18. Sears, K-Mart, Macy’s and many other stores may close, however; I believe that their customers are like I am and sit at home shopping and comparing items and prices on their computers and other electronic devices. Why take the time running around to stores when you can make a purchase without having to drive there. I did all my Christmas shopping on line. That’s where I shop 98% of the time. And I did purchase from Sears and Macy’s, on line…

  19. Well, Chucky Cheese Schumer told Trump he needs to come over to the Dark Side, so the left is just as crazy in America. Plus we have an innordiate amount of leftist celebs who think what they say matters.

  20. If what I read in the Calgary Sun today, January 5th 2017, is half true. Then we will be flushed down the toilet very quickly. What a waste of a good country!

  21. I’ve been saying ever since the Liberals elected Justin Trudeau as our Prime Minister ……. “He has to go!” He’s spending like there’s no tomorrow, 10 family vacations to fancy places all over the world (at our expense!), trying to be the ‘big shot’ at the UN, kicking our military out of their homes on Canadian bases so the Muslim ‘refugees’ can live in them; putting up other families in hotels ….. spend, spend, spend! At the rate he’s going, Canada will soon be a ‘third world country’!

  22. I am still praying that Trump can turn the US around – But, this may also be similar to Harper’s tenure as Prime Minister – Meaning that Trump may well turn things around, only to have the Leftists Idiots take over again & destroy the USA! The world is on a self-destruct pattern. No one can seem to see anything with clear minds or eyes! It’s all – Give me, give me, give me & I want everything to be free like education, healthcare, housing, food & transportation! Take, take, & take some more!

  23. You are right again. Keep up the good work.
    The problem with Justin Trudeau and the Lieberals is they have this sense of entitlement to help themselves, it started to get worse with Trudeau senior and will end up bringing this country to its knees.

    R Godin Stirling, Ontario Canada

  24. I believe there is a mental disorder with liberals. They see the world through rose colored glasses. When presented with the bare truth and facts they simply won’t accept anything that doesn’t follow their warped agenda. Trump needs to put these people away for good and I believe he will inflict serious and long term damage to the clowns. God bless America.

  25. All we hear lately is Bama going on about his Legacy? Is this a joke? If I had his legacy I certainly would not brag about it on the contrary, I would be ashamed of the mess created. He is such a hoax. His “Library” could fit in a Phone Booth, eight long and costly years that have produced nothing of value only destruction and disaster.

  26. I’m optimistic in spite of obvious economic challenges. While others stoke the fires of social divisiveness with no constructive alternative, a pragmatic businessman is about to become President with the promise of restoring equal opportunities, not equal outcomes. He understands the proper role of government, not as a job creator but as the creator of an environment that encourages self reliance and entrepreneurship. Don’t let government steal your freedom for a promise it cannot keep.

  27. I don’t know anyone who can explain ‘Cap & Trade’ as anything more than a huge cash grab. Does anyone know where the money is going? What we do know is everything will increase in price resulting from the huge increase in cost of gas.
    Two things Canada need to dump: Trudeau and Wynne.

  28. Well Howard, those of us here in the North Country of NYS have a genuine interest in keeping the US-Canada trade lanes open. I have no doubt that they will ultimately stay that way.
    Speaking of ” gorging at the trough”. Our NYS government is pretty darn good at just that, thanks to our crooked governor and the equally crooked majority in the State Assembly chamber.

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