Trump . . . NAFTA & The UAW


If you’re Wondering what America would have looked like with Crooked Hillary as the 45th President, to carry-on at least 4-More Years of Obama’s Policies, and their mutual vision of A ONE WORLD GOVERNMENTRead The Following & Wonder No More.

STARTED ON THE FIRST OF JANUARY 2017 . . . all Canadians are now paying a FEDERAL “CARBON” TAX on everything from Automobile Gas & Diesel, to Home Heating Oil, which was created to convince Idiot Canadians, that it will actually do good for the Environment, because ONLY Idiots could possibly believe that paying MORE for something that has NO EFFECT WHATSOEVER on the purpose for which it is being touted, could really make any difference at all.

BUT THAT’S CANADA FOR YOU . . . If the Government says it’s good for us, then it MUST be good for us, because why else would the Government of Canada FORCE a TAX on the people who NEED Energy to Travel, Heat and Eat . . . not to include a whole host of other important CARBON FUEL ENERGY MUST HAVES just to get-by?


SO . . . As the TWERP who is Canada’s Prime Minister (Justin Trudeau), INVENTS ways to TAX Canadians to the Bone, to pay for his LEFTIST FOLLIES; America will soon have a President who has already KICK-STARTED America’s Economy by announcing soon-to-be VASTLY REDUCED Personal and Corporate Taxes, SMALLER Government, LESS Regulations & SERIOUS Penalties to Manufacturers, which produce their products OFFSHORE to ship back to the USA.


President-Elect Trump made it Clear . . . that NAFTA will have to be RENEGOTIATED, which could include everything from changing a Comma here or there, TO SCRAPPING THE WHOLE THING. And I don’t believe Trump Intends to Quibble over Commas.


Canada has always been somewhat SMUG & ARROGANT, when Canadians compared ourselves to the United States of America, because Canadians always saw themselves as being Morally and Socially Better than Americans.

And for some Ridiculous Reason, it was also DRUMMED into us by our Teachers, that Canada was CULTURALLY SUPERIOR to the USA, because we shared strong ties to England and France.

THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH IS . . . That Canada has always been America’s WEAKER Cousin, Riding on America’s Coat Tails for EVERYTHING from Culture, to Fashion, to Music, to Business, to Industry, to Broadcast Entertainment, to Movie Production . . . AND ON AND ON AND ON.

AS A MATTER OF FACT . . . If it wasn’t for our Trade SURPLUS with the USA, which is approximately 100% of all the Money Canada Earns each year ONLY from our Trade with the USA, we would be nothing more than a Third World Country on America’s Northern Border, rather than being a Third World Country on America’s Southern Border vis a vis Mexico.

And who knows . . . instead of Trump needing to build a Wall just on America’s Southern Border to keep deprived Mexicans and South Americans from entering the USA ILLEGALLY, that if the USA should decide to CUT CANADA LOOSE, Trump might have to build a 5500-Mile Wall between Canada and the USA, just to keep Canadians from Entering America ILLEGALLY.


With costs going through the ROOF throughout Canada, MOSTLY because of Government Taxes, Canada’s Utterly STUPID Climate Change Regulations, the WEAK Canadian Dollar which makes everything in Canada unaffordable, the American NEED NOT TO BUY Canadian Oil, Social Services Run Amok, and Canada’s Wildly EXCESSIVE Regulations . . . where does Canada begin to compete with the USA?

Because of the North American Auto Pact, which PRECEDING NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), came into effect on January 1, 1994 . . . Canada used to have a ROBUST Auto Industry, mostly because . . .

1 – Our Workers were Reliable – But so were the Americans.

2 – Canada heavily SUBSIDIZED the BIG THREE . . . GM, Ford and Chrysler, which the Americans didn’t. And paid enormous sums of Tax Dollars to Retool Automobile Assembly Plants.

3 – And Canada provided FREE Healthcare, which the Americans couldn’t come close to matching.


President-Elect Trump has made it CRYSTAL CLEAR, that America will no longer SACRIFICE American Jobs, certainly not for Products Sold and Consumed in America, so other Countries could prosper . . . AND I HAVE TO BELIEVE THAT MEANS CANADA TOO.

FROM WHAT USED TO BE AN ENORMOUS INDUSTRY IN CANADA . . . The Canadian Auto Industry since NAFTA, is now REDUCED to just Two Locations Sandwiching Toronto (Oshawa to the East and Oakville to the West), which could easily become more Cannon Fodder for Trump’s PLEDGE to Make America Great Again!


WHILE OUR JERK PRIME MINISTER JUSTIN TRUDEAU . . . Who Prior to becoming a Member of Parliament, NEVER held a real Job, other than being a Part-Time High School Drama Teacher, Part-Time Nightclub Bouncer and Ski Bum, who’s Claim To Fame was his SOCIALIST Father, whose policies from several Generations ago are still Destroying Canada, dithers like the useless FOOL that he is . . .

. . . President Elect Trump is MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, “CONVINCING” Giant Corporations to “RETHINK” and Change how they do Business when it comes to the BETTERMENT of America, and working OVERTIME, while being surrounded with the Greatest Corporate and Banking Minds in the World, to make America AFFORDABLE and ACCESSIBLE to the People . . .

Trudeau is SPENDING MONEY as if he has a Printing Press in his Basement, forgetting where the money really comes from, while he’s DOLING-OUT Money to Third World Nations and Bad Actors all over the World as if he’s Santa Clause, as he’s Raising Taxes as Fast as he and the NUMBSKULLS who surround him can DREAM-UP Stupid Reasons why to do so, while he is TOUTING his Latest and Greatest Gift to Canada . . . LEGALIZED MARIJUANA.

Pretty Soon . . . Neither Anne Nor I Will Need Green Cards To Live In The USA, since all we’ll need is to seek Refugee Status, as VICTIMS OF POLITICAL STUPIDITY.

And if you’re wondering whether it can get worse for Canada than it already is . . . YOU BET IT CAN – AND IT WILL.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Great Editorial—Until our government starts FACING the TRUTH instead of using euphemisms and/or POLITICALLY-CORRECT language, nothing will be accomplished. Then, you have the ZOMBIES who don’t even know what’s going on around them, so THEY are certainly NOT aware nor concerned about what ISIS is doing and/or accomplishing.

    “Diplomacy without force is like music without instruments.” AMEN!!!

  2. “#3 – FREE healthcare”? We didn’t have to compete with it. We, at that time, had the best healthcare in the world. NO ONE was turned away, even those without insurance coverage. Government offered Obamacare is atrocious and must be totally repealed and totally replaced by something designed within the free market, i.e., if a majority of members of the 115th Congress are something more than Socialists led by a hopeful free market Capitalist by the name of Trump……..and that is doubtful!

  3. President Trump is beginning to get more and more support from Congress, Unions, Industry etc. They realize he is all business and not for parties and vacations as his predecessor. It will be America First, but I am sure he will be fair to
    our neighbors and their interests. One of the first efforts is to reduce our pay out to the “Useless” Nations to the level
    of what everyone else is paying or better still tell them to move to Syria.

  4. I’m in awe that the electoral college saved our country from the wicked witch of Washington!! I think a fair amount of the left loonies will finally come around when this country gets back on track. You know that I’ve already declared you an honorary “Texan”. If you need a sponsor to become a citizen here, I’ll bet there will be a long line of volunteers. I’ll be at the front of the line!!! Hope to finally meet you this winter.

  5. You are so right Howard, we are experiencing full bore, what our American friends and cousins would be in for if the US had elected Hillary Clinton. The socialists have seized control in Canada. Many Canadians are not aware of how horrific the future they have chosen, will be. The socialists have created a dumbed-down population through our education systems and have now added marijuana to the mix. Unless a miracle occurs there is little hope now, or for our future generations.

  6. I totally agree with you Ben. I believe a majority of Canadians have no idea what they’ve done by electing Justin Trudeau. For goodness sake one elderly woman said she was voting for him because he had great hair! He sold the last of our pitiful gold reserves last year. He finally authorized 2 pipelines so Alberta will have the money to send their transfer payments down east. Where do the liberal voters think the money for social programs comes from? Academia?

  7. Isn’t it amazing how much greater walking in hind sight is than walking in “faith?” In past years, while I was with the “Original” Frontier Airlines Inc., used to be able to visit Canada on just showing my drivers license. My how times have changed! I loved Canada and still do. Good leadership is so important!

  8. Well HG other than you and I , Canadians ( at least all my neighbors ) think Trudeau is Ca.’s saviour and furthermore if the rest of the world would just get on board with his plan we would all be so much better off . LOLOLOLOL
    Obviously you and I never profited from proper education in the past 30 years . We need to spend more time in class and smoke more “gangia” Modern Canadians=Uneducated Sheep Fuel is up 11 cents / liter in 24 hrs. ( 43 cents/ US Gal)
    I feel so much cleaner !!

  9. After 01/20/2017 Trump can really operate. Trump has an ego to not back done on most anything he says and Trump is not even the President yet and Americans are thinking Trump will make America great again, he will. The people of America are more than ready for Trump and want to help. Of course we do still have those who are on the take like some still in our Government and those who don’t want to work, but will have to in time. By the end of this year there will be more jobs than people to work.

  10. 16 days to go! Sock it to us, Donald, big time! We have to learn a lesson or two; the hard way, I’m afraid.

  11. I was in Montreal over Christmas. When I arrived gas was 1.15 a litre or $4.62 a US gallon. When I left after Christmas it was $1.22 or $4.90 a US gallon. Today it is now $5.06 for the equivalent of an American gallon.

  12. I think you already have refugee status, fill out the paperwork and come south!

  13. Howard, One of the reasons that teenager Trudeau got the job, is because our then Prime Minister Harper did not want to listen to anyone but himself. Thus he let the bus run without a driver. People also run to Trudeau because of his looks and did not want to bring in a worse socialist Mulcair. I am sorry to say that we Conservatives lost because we were not able to convince Harper to resign in time and let someone else steer the ship. Steve Acre, Canada

  14. Howard, I know you & Anne love Canada, but if things have gotten that much worse since “baby” Trudeau took office, I cannot imagine that either of you could stay in Canada. Poor things— come on to your new “home.” At least you know you have thousands of supporters here! We welcome you with open arms!!

  15. Trudeau is a total disaster! He is giving Canada away to his ‘friends’, and the ones who haven’t actually moved here from different countries, Trudeau is sending Canadian money to these other countries to show how wonderful and generous we are!! He is doing absolutely NOTHING FOR Canadians! I wish we could just throw him out of office! He is a disaster …. I don’t know if we can survive until the next election!! It certainly wasn’t ALL Canadians who voted for him!!

  16. Well H.G. you’ve done it again-‘out of the park’! What all fellow Canadians have said above and far more. There’s just not enough room here to tell you how accurate your analyses are and how satisfied I was to see that Trump won. His approach, providing he keeps surrounding himself with the best qualified people he knows, will be our only chance out of this whole ‘blind canyon’ that the ‘banksters’ and friends have manipulated us into once again. History shows how they fixed it in the past!!

  17. Socialism has a 200 year record of failure, wars, genocide, and poverty – Hitler, /Stalin, Mao and many more. Unfortunately there is no known cure for stupid.

  18. Trudeau & Obama…2 peas in a pod. How ACA/Obamacare will be ‘dismantled’ and replaced with Insurance Companies working in accord will not be accomplished in one fell swoop. This will be VERY time consuming and SOMEONE at the helm had better be able to work WITH the insurance companies. Having worked at BC/BC in the claims division and worked with doctors, patients, employers and our insurance underwriters I can tell you it will be DIFFICULT, but not impossible. MYPOV

  19. Three decades ago I served two terms in Parliament due to my concerns about the danger of deficit budgeting and the lack of investment in science and technology, (the very future of our kids). I headed a committee on Hydrogen fuel (no carbon) to inform the government on how to eliminate the 40% of all pollution caused by carbon fuelled vehicles. Neither issue has been addressed by Canada or the US, yet we still elect uninformed people to run our countries and dangerously overspend our money.

  20. Regarding smug and arrogant, I saw this constantly until my ties with those near Ottawa were cut. One such idiot posted on F.B. that he saw nothing in the U.S. Constitution which allowed us to burn fossil fuels. (To those who understand, no explanation is necessary. To those who do not understand, no explanation is possible.) Most are too busy cutting the US to think. Free health care??? Nothing is free. Neither government is a profit center.

  21. You’re absolutely right Howard, Trudopians are IDIOTS! I say Trudopians because Canada is long gone, never to return. Dumb Juthtin’s Father destroyed Canada and imposed his own warped ideological State. Trudopia is an artificial construct, everything about it is artificial and obscenely expensive, “multi-cult”,” Bilingualism” (forced french) are all social engineering constructs of Dumb Juthtins vile Father and they cost an absolute fortune. Trudopia is a country of fools governed by idiots.

  22. In business, science, healthcare, energy, industry, etc. Government never created anything of any magnitude except misery.

  23. Come on Down Anne and Howard. We need more of your kind of legal immigrants to help us make America Great Again. My husband and I married over three years ago. He is a California lawyer. When he started getting serious, I said I could never live in Calif. He said “I am ready to get the hell out of here. It is going to Hell in a hand basket”. Just look at news about San Francisco, etc. UGH!!!!

  24. George Soros smells a country in trouble since he didn’t get what he wanted with Obummer & Crooked Hillery, he sees a country that at this rate will be too far in debt for anyone to bail it out. That’s where he’ll come in and work his wicked deeds. God help Canada………..

  25. Not you best article. Calling people down simply agitates the mob, but cures nothing. I am hugely disappointed that my fellow Canadians saw fit to elect Mr Trudeau to lead this country was it due to stupidity or misinformation? Respectively, hitting them with a stick changes nothing.

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