SCHADENFREUDE . . . is a wonderful German Word, which essentially translates into receiving GREAT JOY at the Failure or Embarrassment of someone you don’t like, or who really deserves a swift KICK or DOSE of Ridicule.


MORE THAN 30-YEARS AGO . . . Anne and I used to Host Elaborate Media Parties for our American Media Clients, either in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, or Quebec City, where we would entertain our Favorite Clients as an Expression of Gratitude for their Business, and for how Generous they were to us while doing Business.

IT’S IMPORTANT TO NOTE . . . that some 30-Years ago, Anne and I were still LIBERALS, at least we thought we were, while MOST of our American Media Clients from Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse were Rank CONSERVATIVES.

And inevitably . . . our ALWAYS enjoyable Banter came around to Politics, where I would be pleased to set my Conservative Friends “straight” about responsible Liberal Socialism, which predictably ended up with them calling me a Communist.

AND THEN THEY WOULD SAY TO ME . . . That like it or not, from the conversations and debates we had, that I was far MORE OF A CONSERVATIVE than I was a Liberal.

And Looking Back At These Memories With Fondness – They Were RIGHT.

I think that there are many people today in Canada and the United States, who for one of many reasons, think they’re Liberals, who are really far closer to being Conservatives, than what they would like to believe.

THERE WAS A TIME . . . Not that long ago, when a Leader Like John F Kennedy, who was a Democrat, was also not that far removed from someone today, who is a Republican. Ronald Reagan was a Democrat before he discovered that he was Really a Conservative, same as I foresee many within the Democrat Party doing the same.

The Problem as I see it in this day and Age . . . is that the LEFT HIGHJACKED the Democrat Party, making Liberalism into a Dirty Word.

DON’T GET ME WRONG . . . I’m NOT a Liberal, and probably never was, and I don’t have a Liberal Philosophy, but there is also a huge number of Liberals who DON’T have a SOCIALIST Philosophy either, as does the current Democrat Party . . . AND THEY DON’T KNOW WHERE TO TURN.


Until Trump came on the Scene, the Republicans were also plenty SPLIT on a myriad of Issues, and still are, because they too lost their way. And because of the Media and the Lobbyists, Politicians who thought they were Republicans, or claimed to be Republicans, were actually nothing of the sort . . . by and large, they were OPPORTUNISTS who were more than Ready, Willing and Able to do, say and vote in any direction they thought would win them MONEY and subsequently VOTES.


SO HERE COMES DONALD J TRUMP . . . A RECOVERING Democrat, with plenty of his own Money, plenty of his own Ideas, who seemingly owes NOTHING politically to ANYONE, who at first unwillingly attached himself to the Slogan of DRAIN THE SWAMP, which since its introduction on the Campaign Trail, has become the Conservative Nation’s BATTLE CRY.

AND EVEN WITH ALL OF TRUMP’S WEALTH . . . and Strengths, all of us are very often moved in Directions far beyond our control, where President-Elect Trump finds himself today.

I TRULY BELIEVE . . . that much of Trump’s Campaign BLUSTER, was just that; him saying things he might have believed-in somewhat, but were said most likely because those were the issues that resonated with the People.

But . . . the more Trump talked about Draining the Swamp, Building the Wall, Bringing-Back American Jobs, and Making America Great Again . . . all to the DELIRIOUS DELIGHT of at least half of the American Population . . . the MORE Trump began to SELL HIMSELF on his own HYPE, to the point, where I really believe those are the ISSUES, which from now until Trump is done, will DEFINE his Presidency and Leadership of a Nation, during which he will Actually MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.


No one – myself included, could have ever dreamt that a Blow-Hard Narcissist like Donald Trump, could literally come out of NOWHERE, with the LEAST Likely Criteria and Credentials to become the Leader of the Free World, could ever UNITE the Nation of the United States of America in a Common Cause, to REKINDLE A DREAM the entire world used to look to for Inspiration, which the LEFT all but snuffed-out.

WHILE THE REBIRTH OF AMERICA . . . is happening before our eyes, even before Trump is sworn-in, the Republican Party is taking careful stock of who it is, and whether it wants to get on the Trump-Train with the American People, or get left behind on the Station Platform, while holding the Bags of the Lobbyists.

What I see, is the realignment of the Political Stars on the RIGHT, as more and more Republicans are seeing their FUTURE Flash before their eyes, in ways they never before imagined possible before the election of Trump.


The Democrats have DESTROYED their Party, and any chance they had at forming what they Considered to be a Liberal Society, since they’ve TOTALLY surrendered their VALUES to the LEFT, on the Alter of Obama, George Soros, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and the Clinton’s Idealism of a SOCIALISTIC ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, where they would be the ones to Govern, is now nothing more than just a bad memory never again to be resurrected.

I HAVE OLDER FRIENDS . . . who have told me repeatedly, that they only want to live long enough to see the Day, when the LEFT will get their Comeuppance . . . WELL CONGRATULATIONSTHEY’VE MADE IT. Now all they have to do is STICK AROUND a while longer to see what a Real Conservative World will look like, which will be a Value Laden Meritocracy with a Heart.


It is written in the Talmud, that it is sinful to rejoice in the hardship of others. Well – if this will be my BIGGEST Sin . . . in the words of Crooked Hillary“DEAL ME IN”.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Millions will have to perish before the US and the West wakes up. It is OK to laugh at this statement but until I see a complete turn-around to the non-stop APPEASEMENT coming from the West I will stay with this number.
    Laugh if you want but the slaughter continues daily and getting worse and we act as if it is all just OK and so cool.
    The US loves ISLAM so much we are willing to be enslaved by it!!!!!!!!
    Oh, I forgot…that can never happen here.

  2. Doubts often have been expressed about Mr. Trump’s true conservatism and I admit to having been a doubter throughout the primary campaign. Since winning the presidency, Mr. Trump’s conservatism may be judged on his selections for the cabinet and chief advisers. If these selections to not spell “Conservative”, I would be very surprised. I think Mr. Trump has showed his true colors and they are red, white and blue! Pass me a little schadenfreude, Howard!!

  3. I believe the Democrats, leftists and mainstream media (that last one is redundant) are absolutely delusional. They have fallen into the trap of actually believing the crap they spout. I no longer am tempted to watch “Meet the Press,” which I have renamed “Meet the Mess.” Chuck Todd is so biased he turns my stomach. I have renamed the “Rachel Maddow Show” on MSNBC “The Rachel Madcow Show” for her shrill ravings. The mainstream media has been replaced with the social media. Good riddance.

  4. 17 days… Lets allow the dust to settle and enjoy in the meanwhile the slow disintegration of the false democratic party occupiers. Remember that what we see is not the real thing there. Many say that it will take along time to crush the unknown origin fellow’s destruction and sabotage. I do not think so.

  5. Amen. Having lived through the Reagan years we have known what is possible for America. It wasn’t perfect, but NOTHING is…..However it was outstanding, and it still amazes us how effective the Marxist/Democrats have been to demonize its success thanks to their holding the cards in our educational system. At our age it is nice to be around once again to possibly see another positive and prosperous time in America. May the Marxist/Democrat politically sick and evil ideology die a rapid death!

  6. Happy and healthy New Year. I am with you a well as many others in the “SCHADENFREUDE”. I am enjoying it so much and want it to last for ever.

  7. Trump loves America as we all do. He has plenty of money and was, like many, dismayed at what was happening in the America his children and grandchildren would grow up in, and he decided to make the sacrifice to bring America back to her former glory. I think you will all be surprised when Trump turns out to be one of the truly great presidents in the history of our country, and I hope to live to see it in the history books. 17 days to Bingo.

  8. Many moons ago, I wrote that the President really needs to be able to see & listen to all sides of any issue, to make a sound decision. Pres. Reagan was able to do that. I did oppose Trump in the beginning, though I really loved what he said, but thought him a blowhard. I now see that he seems to be getting good solid advice & listens. When JFK was Pres. there were still many conservatives within the Dems party. It was the party that left them, as Reagan said. SCHADENFREUDE!!!

  9. I have only been excited about presidential elections 3 times in my life, John F. Kennedy in 1960 when I turned 18, Ronald Reagan in 1981 and now best of all the Donald! I believe God is giving the U.S. a final chance to save the nation with Trump and if Hillary had won we would have been on the final Road to Perdition.

  10. The liberal progressives in the democrat party continue their demise with the reelection of Pelosi as house minority leader and naming Schumer in the senate. A trifecta would be making Keith Ellison their leader of the democrat party. Even staunch liberal Alan Dershowitz has sworn he will leave the democrat party if Ellison is named party chair. Get out the popcorn, this is going to be fun to watch.

  11. The DNC is positioned to elect Ellison, a known Muslim sympathizer, as their leader. That should tell you where the Democratic Party is headed and who wil be their leaders. I have met trump and shaken his hand. I am a certified counselor and do not agree with your narcisist label or that he has an ego. Obama fits that. Trump is very sure of himself and grounded and knows what he can do. Congress better get on board!!

  12. My parents were Republicans, so of course I called myself a democrat, but in the 70’s I never went on their protests or hated my country and realized that I was a DINO. As I matured and thought and watched and listened I realized I was conservative. I have had no doubt since the early 80’s. Glad to be on the “Right” side. Glad to see the changes coming our way. I am (and have been since the beginning) ALL FOR TRUMP!!!

  13. It is not sinful to rejoice when good triumphs over evil! So celebrate away!!!

  14. Trump fans are really like Children waiting for Christmas. All U hear is X amount of days until the inauguration. Isn’t it great !

  15. We continue to witness the extreme left say they will challenge every and all conservative proposals starting with the cabinet nominees. Have they not yet read the book ‘The Electorate Has Spoken” published last November?

  16. HOWARD — News this morning is that our Manchurian Candidate President has U.S. troops on the Russian border. Several years ago I wrote he would do anything to remain in office. Now this. What say you?

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