It’s All About Right Or Wrong . . . Good Or Evil – Ours To Choose


I CONTEND TODAY . . . As I always have – that the Media is not our Friend. As a matter of Fact, and as far as I’m Concerned, the Partnership between the Media and Government, especially the Media and the Politicians is a Conspiracy against us.

And if you don’t believe me . . . or if you think that that I might not be entirely RIGHT, think back several Months to how the Media did all it could to REELECT a Democrat, in spite of the overwhelming EVIDENCE about why Crooked Hillary should NOT be Elected, and how all the MISERABLE FAILINGS of Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s 7-Years in Office were swept under the Media Rug.

THE OTHER NIGHT ON FOX NEWS . . . Richard Fowler, who is a Black LEFTIST Political Commentator, who shoots his mouth off like a Machine Gun, spewing a steady stream of LIES and BS, was asked to comment on the Pre-Chanukah SCREWING Israel got from Obama at the UN Security Council . . . I was just about to turn it off, when I decided that I wanted hear how Fowler would deal with this HORROR STORY, and how FOX News would deal with Fowler’s Statement.


Fowler EVADED the question ENTIRELY, and resorted back to the SAME OLD SAME OLD CANARD the LEFT use as their favorite Debating Tool, when they have nothing else of Consequence to say, they revert to the BIG LIE that Barack Obama has been the MOST Pro-Israel President in Israel’s Entire History . . . EMPHASIZING THE BIGGEST LIE OF THEM ALL – that no President before Obama, ever committed as much money to Israel’s Military Readiness, as Obama just did, to the tune of $3.9-BILLION per year over a period of 10-Years.

THE PROBLEM WITH THIS . . . is that Fowler, like all LEFTISTSNEVER tell the Whole Truth. Fowler “sort” of forgot to mention several IMPORTANT things that just slipped-over the head of the FOX News Show Host. So, if you were viewing FOX News at that time, and wasn’t “au courant” with the FACTS, you would say that Fowler’s got a REAL POINT, so what the Hell do the Israelis have to complain about?


1 – How many THOUSANDS of Americans have DIED fighting in the Middle East and Afghanistan, protecting Arabs, Moslems and their Oil Fields?

2 – How many THOUSANDS of Americans have lost their Limbs, Eyes, and God knows what else, fighting for Arabs, Moslems and their Oil Fields?

DO YOU KNOW THE ANSWER TO THOSE NUMBERS . . . ‘cause I’m not entirely sure? BUT WHAT I DO KNOW . . . is that the answer to those Two Questions, as they would relate to Israel . . . WOULD BE ZERO!

3 – How many TRILLIONS OF US DOLLARS went into the Fight for Arabs, Moslems and their Oil Fields, and please bear in mind, that ONE TRILLION is . . . 1,000 BILLION. So, in relationship to how much money the USA spent fighting for Arabs, Moslems and their Oil Fields, the sum is SEVERAL THOUSAND BILLION DOLLARS, while Richard Fowler wants Israel to Kiss The Feet of Barack HUSSEIN Obama, for spending not even a FRACTION of that kind of money on Israel’s Self Defense.

And in the world of accounting . . . the difference between what Israel Received to what it cost the USA to Fight For and Defend Arabs, Moslems and their Oil Fields would be considered nothing more than a ROUNDING ERROR.


4 – How many Military Bases does the USA have throughout the Entire World, to protect the Safety and Integrity of other Countries, such as those in the Middle East, Europe and Asia? And how much does it cost America to Deploy so many people, PLUS the unfathomable amount of Equipment necessary to do the job?

And how many Americans are deployed in Israel to Protect the Safety and Integrity of the ONLY Jewish State in the World, and the ONLY Democracy in the Entire Region . . . ZERO PERSONNEL AND ZERO EQUIPMENT.

5 – How much Top-End Military Technology has the rest of the World shared with the USA, specifically the Arab/Moslem World? If you answered SQUAT, you’d be right.

But . . . how much Israeli Military Technology has Israel Shared with the USA? I could start with the F-35, Iron Dome, and so much more that we know about, and so much that we don’t know about, that I could never finish listing the numbers.

6 – And then there’s all the Conditions Obama has placed on the $3.9-BILLION per year, which LEFTISTS like Fowler don’t want to talk about, such as a huge portion of the money, which has to be spent Purchasing American Made Weapons and Technologies, which is only fair, since the money is American. Which means that a huge amount of the American Money going to Israel, is also going to be coming back to America to create Jobs etc.

But also, as part of this DEAL . . . CONGRESS WILL NOT BE PERMITTED to provide ANY MORE MONEY WHATSOEVER to Israel for Defense over the 10-Year Period.


So . . . As Fowler and all LEFTISTS love to do, they obfuscate and turn the debate around, introducing scurrilous unrelated BS to stay away from the TRUTH. But here’s a TRUTH they can’t stay away from . . .

ISRAEL IS AMERICA’S MOST RELIABLE & LOYAL FRIEND & ALLY . . . not just in the Middle East, but anywhere on the Planet, and JERKS like Fowler want People like you and me to FEEL that Israel should be 100% Obligated and Grateful to the USA, for what in the BIGGER SCHEME OF THINGS, really amounts to Global Pocket Change, for “giving” Israel $39-BILLION over 10-YEARS, while IGNORING THE FACT . . . that Barack HUSSEIN Obama just gave Iran $180-BILLION in one shot, and helped create the Iranian Road Map to a Nuclear Weapon, which Iran will realize, if not sooner, just about at the same time Obama’s Deal with Israel is Done.


I understand that FOX News is a Business, and wants to increase its Market Share by increasing the size of its Audience, which is what they all want to do (CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and NBC). And I understand that FOX News figures they might be able to attract more Viewers from the OTHER SIDE, simply by giving them something to feed on . . . WHICH FOR ME IS A PROBLEM . . . because there just isn’t enough Honesty and Integrity in the Media Today, to simply throw the TRUTH & VALUES under the Media Bus for Profits.

THEREFORE . . . AS ALWAYS – I will do my utmost to write the HONEST TO GOODNESS CONSERVATIVE SIDE to whatever HOG WASH, which is fed to us from all the Media, since people like Hitler, Stalin, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot, the Castro Brothers, and even Women like Eva Peron, have Fed the People a Steady Diet of LIES & DISTORTIONS to get what they wanted through COMPLIANT Dissemblers of the Media.

In this . . . the 21ST CENTURY, during the first week of the New Year (2017), IN ALL CONSCIENCE WE CANNOT ALLOW LIES TO STEAL OUR FUTURE.

If nothing else . . . 2017 will see a whole NEW WORLD ORDER – and whether the Politicians and or the Media like it or not, we will all have a part to play in it.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Your commends regarding naziism in the 30s are right on today as it concerns islam. Europe & the rest of the world looked on as if nothing bad was happening until it was too late. Our Prime Minister is absolutely right about Isis & the other terrorist groups. We must admit to ourselves that these people will stop at nothing to eliminate us. Why won’t the free world wake up and do what it has to do. It’s kill or be killed. The Barbarians are winning the war so far. Ray

  2. This is a little off point, but I wonder why there isn’t a re-counting of the votes cast in states like California, which voted for Clinton — where illegal, undocumented aliens were allowed to vote on November 8th because they were issued a driving license. These votes are illegal and I am wondering how many hundreds of thousands or even millions of illegal votes were counted!

  3. Many Americans have Chosen Evil. Or is just the state I live in, California? That gives me that feeling, that I live in the land of Lilliput.

  4. Nadine is correct, but now that the traitors seem out of bogey-men to blame for Shrillary’s loss, Mr Trump will soon be President Trump (Praise God) and the United States can move swiftly to rebuild our damaged friendship with Israel.

  5. To paraphrase Mark Twain, if you don’t listen to the media you are uninformed. If you listen to them you are misinformed

  6. I have noticed of late, all the “talking head” guests on Fox have a new tactic, OVERTALK the host and don’t stop just get louder. Ignore the “excuse me”‘s, the “However”s, and overtalk the point and press the Democratic Party Line, to the point that you are about ten seconds from having your “mike” shut off!!
    The sad thing is that none of the Fox hosts can, a) recognize the tactic, and b) have a clue how to “de-rail it!
    Name a dictator who did not first Sterilize the news media!!!

  7. One billion seconds is 31.69 years. One billion minutes would take a bit over 1,902 years. While one trillion seconds is about 31,688,738,506 years +. I remember when a million dollars was considered unbelievable, back in the 1950’s the US was millions of dollars in debt. Then sometime in the late 1960’s the US was billions in debt & spending billions of dollars on the US Budget. Then in the 2000’s we were trillions in debt. Sometimes it takes an odd approach to get the point across. :O)

  8. Israel gets 39 billion over 10 years with tons of restrictions. And it’s done during the light of day for our ally. Iran gets 180 billion immediately with Obama’s blessing and bypassing the Senate by not calling it a treaty. And it’s done in secrecy during the dark of night for our sworn enemy. We weren’t even told that if ‘we like our ally, we could keep our ally’! Feel cheated yet??

  9. While I’ll NEVER defend Iran, for the sake of accuracy, we must factor in: the $150 billion was already Iran’s to begin with, just frozen under the many economic sanctions levied against the country.

  10. I suffered through watching Meet The Press Sunday am and watched the pool of self absorbed people trying to figure out why we don’t trust their reporting. They sat there and accused Americans of voting in a sexual predator, then blamed ‘FakeNews’, laughed at Breitbart, and self diagnosed their ills while blaming the Russians for revealing the truth about the Democratic party. I needed no more reminder of how misleading and fake they are.

  11. I have come to the conclusion that 95 % of what the talking heads say is pure bull shit except for a few on fox that speak mostly the truth,Hanity,is one. Tv and newsprint owners dictate what reporters have to say.

  12. Long time big mouth & hard left Fox News contributor Richard Fowler just one of several of Roger Aile’s concept of his warped & unbalanced oxymoron of what ‘Fair & Balanced’ really means. If his naïve view of that concept as per the many lefty Fowler’s trotted out on Fox were not just another outlet for their ilk like on CNN et-al, why have them? we could all just stay with CNN and the et-al’s, 24-7! Many a time I just switched off Fox for Fowler & some of the other ‘Un-Balanced’ they feature!

  13. Thanks to Trump, 2017 WILL see a whole NEW WORLD ORDER! It’s good for FOX to have LIBERALS appear on some programs because of their claiming to be “fair & balanced”. The LIBERALS, however, don’t answer questions TRUTHFULLY, instead they DEFLECT! Speaking of millions & trillions of dollars–Thank You to the Obama family for having spent over $1 Million of OUR money on vacations! Whoopee–17 more days before the INAUGURATION! Too late to paint the White House BLACK which could have happened! AMEN!

  14. Israel has tried to live in peace with its neighbors for decades. Israel has given back territory won, time after time. The citizens are constantly under mortar fire from afar. My policy would be, and within the limitations of IDF, any action against Israel will result in immediate action and at the discretion of Israel, the location from which attack comes will become the limit/border of the state of Israel. Israel reserves the right to defend such border. and will not yield such right.

  15. I used to rely on Fox for news. I stopped watching them because of Megan Kelly and Juan Williams, and I realized they were not a news channel, but rather a sensationalist channel…which is why I never watched any of the others to begin with! I now watch a mix of less-popular networks to get a news mix.

  16. My failing memory seems to recall a Republican Congress restoring and increasing funding above the President’s budgets for Israel facing an ever increasing terrorist and missile threat. I don’t have time to research it right now, but I think I’m right. Anyone else with a better memory or more time than I?

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