Almost 9-Years Ago . . . Before Obama won the Presidency, I wrote extensively about how Obama will accomplish THREE THINGS . . . he would do if Elected:

1 – He would do Enormous Damage to the American Dream.

2 – That he will be Singularly Responsible for the DEMISE of the Democrat Party.

3 – And Obama would do ENORMOUS Damage to the State of Israel.


AMERICA . . . because of Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Clinton and a BEVY of other LEFTISTS, has been dug so deep into a HOLE, that it will take Generations just to get back to where Obama started from 8-Years Ago.

Because of Obama’s GROSS Anti-American Policies, and his absolute Dereliction of Presidential Duties, and his Extraordinary Doctrine to PROMOTE Moslems, Islam, Purveyors of Poverty, Do Nothing Elitists, and Black Liberationist Americans – Barack HUSSEIN Obama, has all but GUTTED the Heart and Soul of the Democrat Party.


I WAS RIGHT . . . in as much that I knew Obama was an Anti-Semite, Israel Hater, and would do all that he could to DAMAGE Israel.

BUT I WASN’T RIGHT . . . in as much as Israel’s RESOLVE and CAPACITY to Defend itself from Obama. And besides, who in a Million Years, could have foreseen 9-Years Ago, the RISE of Trump as America’s 45th President, and Messiah For Hope, who would Come Over the Rise leading the Calvary Charge for Israel?


1 – Anne and I Recognized the Problem Early.

2 – I had GREAT Surgeons.



LET ME MAKE THIS REAL SIMPLE . . . Barack HUSSEIN Obama, through his Narcissistic and Ignorant Image of his Self-Importance, and his HATRED for Israel, opened the door to the TRUTH, giving all people who care about FREEDOM just ONE OPTION – Either FIGHT for Truth and Justice as they Really Are, or Pretend that Truth and Justice are mere Concepts, which the LEFT want us to Debate.


When I was first Diagnosed with the “POSSIBILITY” . . . that the Tumor I had in my Neck “COULD” be MALIGNANT . . . The doctors suggested that this type of Tumor is at least 80% of the time BENIGN, and was essentially something I should have removed . . . BUT NOT TO PANIC.

I DIDN’T PANIC . . . Anne and I weighed all the POSSIBILITIES very carefully, and considered – what if the TUMOR was Benign? We knew that it would still have to be removed. BUT WHAT IF IT WAS MALIGNANT? How would waiting to do what will have to be done anyway . . . make any sense?

SO WE OPTED NOT TO SCREW AROUND . . . And had the Surgery performed almost within one week of the knowledge that it was a Tumor.

IT WASN’T AN EASY SURGERY . . . and we knew it wasn’t going to be, and we knew that there was a REAL Risk of Facial Disfigurement. It was a huge incision, which was extremely uncomfortable. And when it was done, and I finally came-to, at least enough to meet with the Surgeon, who said the following to me:

This was one of the largest Tumors of its kind that he remembered, BUT NOT TO WORRY; he and his operating Team got 100% of it, and I will be fine. And in his professional Opinion, it was a CLASSIC BENIGN Parotid Gland Tumor, which the Biopsy would confirm. Can you imagine how relieved Anne and I were to have received this kind of Prognosis?

AND ABOUT ONE WEEK AFTER BEING DISCHARGED, when Anne and I went to his office to have the Surgical wound examined and the Stitches Removed, we met with the Surgeon, who had an extremely Concerned Expression on his Face, as he told us the following . . .

AND PLEASE UNDERSTAND THIS . . . This was not just ANY Surgeon. His name is Dr Marty Black, who taught sophisticated Ear, Neck and Throat Surgeries at McGill University. Dr Black was also the Head of this Particular Surgical Wing of the Hospital at the Montreal Jewish General, which is one of the finest Hospitals in the World, who had done more of these Specific Surgeries, than just about anyone else on the Planet, who was also the Chief of Surgery at the Montreal Jewish General Hospital.

And . . . if you need any more evidence of how good, admired and in demand Marty Black was as an ENT Surgeon, it was the Actor Michael Douglas, who could afford to pay any amount of money for healthcare, and could choose any Doctor in the entire World, who chose to have his Throat Cancer taken care of by Dr Marty Black in Montreal.

THE TUMOR EVERYONE THOUGHT WAS BENIGN WAS NOT . . . The Problem, was that there was an extremely AGGRESSIVE MALIGNANT Tumor within the Benign Tumor, which actually shielded me from the Cancer.

And had Anne and I chosen NOT to have the Surgery done without Delay . . . and if the Cancerous Tumor would have escaped from the confines of the Benign Tumor, which was only MICRONS away from Breaking Out, I would not be writing Editorials for anyone to have ever read.


GOING INTO 2017 . . . Barrack HUSSEIN Obama gave the Entire World, but specifically the United States of America and Israel . . . and maybe Israel even MORE-SO than the USA, the HARD CHOICE, between Procrastinating, while hoping for Better Times, OR DOING WHAT HAS TO BE DONE.

THE WORLD DIDN’T LISTEN TO CHURCHILL, when Churchill warned about the Nazis, begging Chamberlain to STAND-UP to Hitler. Instead, England and the rest of Europe chose to wait for Better Times, while appeasing Hitler by throwing Czechoslovakia Under the Nazi Bus.

THE WORLD DIDN’T LISTEN TO GENERAL PATTON, when Patton begged America and England to go at Stalin, right after the War. But instead, chose to DITHER while all of Eastern Europe and a Chunk of Asia lived under the Communist Thumb, while Western Europe Trembled under the Nuclear Umbrella of the United States.


Do we in North America – Most Specifically the USA . . . in the beginning of the Year 2017, choose to Appease EVIL in the Hope of Better Times, as Chamberlain did with the Nazis and FDR did with the Soviets?

OR DO WE FACE IT STRAIGHT-ON . . . & STAND WITH ISRAEL, or do we throw Israel Under the Bus of an Anti-Semitic LEFTIST Europe, and a Hate-Filled FAILED TYRANNICAL Arab/Persian/Moslem Middle East?


There NEVER was, and might NEVER will be True Peace for the Jews of Israel in the Middle East. There was NEVEREVER a prospect for PEACE with the so-called Palestinians. Resolution 242, which came at the end of the 6-Day War, was nothing but a UN Fairytale. And OSLO was NOTHING MORE than a slow-walk to Israeli Genocide.

THERE NEVER WAS A CHANCE FOR A TWO STATE SOLUTION . . . and there NEVER will be a Viable Two State Solution as long as ONE of the Two States is Jewish.

THE WORLD CAN CLOSE ITS EYES . . . all it wants to about the FACT, that there NEVER was a country called Palestine. There NEVER were a People called Palestinians. And there NEVER was a Democratic Election amongst the So-Called Palestinian People.

THE ENTIRE WORLD CAN PRETEND . . . that the So-Called Palestinians will, once they achieve Statehood, create a SHANGRI-LA for themselves, which is more of a Pipe Dream than the Pipe Dream that already exists.


1 – Since Obama’s Latest Decision to Throw Israel Under the BUS, he has in effect WIPED OUT Un Resolution 242 and the Oslo Accord, leaving Israel Naked and Bare in the Neighborhood of the Arab/Persian/Moslem Middle East.

2 – And because of the FIRST Point, Israel no longer has to abide by UN Resolution 242 and the Oslo Accord. Instead, Israel should make its own Declaration, DECLARING that all of the Territory from the Golan Heights and the Jordan River to the Red Sea . . . to the Borders of Syria and Lebanon to the North, and the Mediterranean to the West . . . BELONG TO Israel.


LIFE IS FULL OF TOUGH CHOICES . . . & Putting Them Off – Hoping for Better Days only makes them WORSE. And if the USA really wants to show that it’s BACK IN TOWN, Standing With Israel is the way to do it.

One Hitler and One Stalin in the last 100-Years has been more than enough.

Happy New Year

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, Thanks be to the Eternal One that you took care of the situation at the right time. I do so appreciate your post and know this things are happening as I write this that are crucial to the next three weeks before President Elect Donald Trump actually takes office. Obama is not done yet! He will do everything in his power to keep this from happening. He is showing his colours very clearly so be ye on guard America! Obama is more of a threat to us thant Putin and we had better believe

  2. I’m a 90-year old breast cancer patient. Notice, I did not say victim! We are victims of our own fears, Un-beliefs and lack of resources. Your story about your malignancy reminds me of the biopsies done when my tumors were discovered. The treatment plan did not include radical treatment because of other health issues. Yet that was in 2009 and here I am in 2017
    Doing fairly well. Always follow your best judgment,

  3. We should all be most grateful to Dr. Black. He has given us an enormous gift.
    As for Israel, your last paragraph says it all. Israel is now free of those UN chains. I hope they follow your suggestions. It will be their parting gift to Obama.

  4. SPOT ON!!! Yes, I yelled loud & clear. I have always stood for Israel. Obummer has been told to do all of this, that is right, he was told! I believe that Soros has been behind all of the lousy Demo-rats have done in the past 2 or 3 decades. Soros has already said, that he will continue to sponsor riots, sit-ins, protests & so on!!! Any activity that will disrupt Trump’s Presidency. Soros’s money pays for all of this & this is no different than Hamas paying for suicide bombers! I know I am right

  5. While I would normally not advocate a military solution anywhere it has become too obvious that the only solution in the Middle East is for one side to win, and I do mean win, and the other side to be beaten into submission. The choice of who wins and who loses in such a situation remains on the table. However, the longer we dink around with maybe giving something to someone who never had it in the first place the more likely it is that opportunity to resolve the issue will pass.

  6. Howard, great article and I can’t tell you how much Obama is despised by the majority of the USA. It is absolutely obscene how he foisted his deplorable anti-semitic policies on our country and in the UN. When he first took office, I took a “let’s see” attitude towards him. He has turned into a total disaster on virtually every issue he has been involved with. Other than renaming McKinley to Denali every single of his policies have been 180 degrees wrong for the USA.

  7. I expect that “The Donald” will support “Bibi” fully. I hope that they withdraw the support of The U.N., a hateful and useless entity.

  8. Howard, glad you took quick action, it takes guts. I did the same with a lung tumor & fortunately it wasn’t cancer. I like your “bring it on” comment. The Israel people are very tough and have the one true God on their side. Plus their military is amazing with the best trained fighters in the world! Happy New Year🎉

  9. The term “occupied territory” is a misnomer. There was no nation prior to 1964 called Palestine. What was that area called? “Transjordan”. So there was no nation to occupied. The UN actions to me are null and void. They have no basis in reality. Trump should move the US embassy to Jerusalem and announce to the world that if they support Israel, they should move their embassy there as well. All those that do not move, will show their true intent.

  10. An excellent column & 100% correct Howard. As for the issue of outgoing (FINALLY) Obama. I know I can say for the others as well as myself that after what Americas Communist party (The Demacommies) did to Americans in KNOWINGLY foisting this Turkey Obama on us in the first place – we as a people should NEVER let them (THE LEFT) – have the privilege of the Whitehouse ever again. Happy N.Y. & good health Howard & Anne!

  11. Israel is not a country that any one muslim country or all 0f them will try to destroy because Israel has the N-bomb and will use it. The biggest danger is iraq since obama and kerry made the N deal with them. obamas policy’s have made the
    world a danger place for all,he is the most evil man this country has ever had for president.
    Make 2017 the start of making America great again.

  12. Wishing Everyone a Happy,Healthy and Prosperous New Year. After reading the blog and comments it shows me how tough and resilient a group of people have gathered to Mr. G’s blog. I read every editorial and all the comments. Mr.G you are an inspiration to us all. Thank you for the time you invest in providing the editorials.

  13. The Jews are not “occupying” the land, they OWN IT!!! There has never been a nation, country that the Palestians own. They are the scum of the Arab sects, and that is a low as it gets. All the Arab countries have abundant land to give to this small Arab sect called Palestinians. Give it to them, set them up and shut them up for good and ever. Like all other Arab sects, they will never be at peace. They hate, kill and fight each other.

  14. Another AWESOME column, Mr. HG…..& thank goodness for Dr. Black, who saved your life, with the surgery! Happy N.Y., to ALL of your wonderful followers! I did post your column on my FB Timeline, & I’m hoping that it will draw, as well, + awaken many more people, to the wonderful message of HOPE, FAITH, & AWARENESS to the very alarming situation that Mr.BH Obama has created towards our dear friend & ally, Israel. I have lots of hope, & faith that our Prez.-elect DJ Trump will do what’s right.

  15. HNY and 19 days left. The Heart & Soul of the Democrat Party are the members, who have been greatly deceived of what that party stood for. The DP had already have passed the point of no return and definitely confirmed it by choosing Obama. And to those who left the DP, they need to start another party with conservative values and not be controlled by progressive, liberal adgendas’ & a lying media. And, Trump has to stand 100% with Israel, to show to the world that the USA is, back in town.

  16. I am not Jewish. However my full support has been and will always be with Israel and the Jewish people. I can’t begin to wonder at the idiocy of arabs in general. They should know every time they start something the Israeli’s wipe their collective ar*es in the dirt where they really belong. Stand tall Israel, maybe now America might once again learn how to stand tall under President (elect) Trump…18 days and counting! Best wishes Howard.

  17. There will be no peace until Christ returns. The Bible says nothing about Israel’s or Jerusalem’s destruction in the end times. The Bible says the antichrist will conquer Jerusalem (not destroy) and he’s NOT a muslim. He’s Greek, which poses another problem for muslims. Coming soon.

  18. You were so right on all three….. Praying for Israel and that Donald Trump our President (nineteen days) will surely stand with her. Hoping that he’s very busy the first day un doing as much damage from the big 0 as is possible and the days to come. Happy and Blessed 2017.

  19. The truth has been apparent right from the beginning; remember: “In the same day the Lord made a covenant with Abram, saying, Unto thy seed have I given this land, from the river of Egypt unto the great river, the river Euphrates.” Genesis 15:18 KJV…Coincidentally, in Genesis 16 along comes Hagar and Ishmael…And don’t forget: ” And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed” Genesis 12:3 KJV AMEN!

  20. Very inspiring message, Howard. You are a man of great courage in how you face up to any problem that confronts you. You may not be a religious man but even you must sometimes believe that there is a God. I’m not a religious person normally but I often think that I have escaped many a would-be disaster because of the grace of God. So for all our tomorrows, be they good or bad, let us thank God.

  21. I have mentioned Mark Taylor’s prophecies a number of time here. Its 2011 prediction of a Trump win was correct. It also predicted that Israel will be the top nation in the world followed by the USA. Bibi and Don will rule. Better days are ahead for these two countries, the apples of God’s eye. Keep the faith.

  22. Using your aggressive action in dealing with cancer is a great analogy – I get so frustrated waiting. I want to see what Trump is going to actually do and I want to see what choices Israel will make, but that is life. Let us hope and pray for the best. Until then, we will “Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem”, keep planning our ride across Europe to Jerusalem to ride with Jewish brothers in solidarity and keep serving our military and Overlooked in this nation. Gary Burd, Amarillo TX

  23. Never did understand why Israel did not keep all the land gained in their wars. Would have been a much better outcome than listening to the bullshitting politicians of both countries in congress and the presidents who guided the “peace talks” and then ran off to their own safe retirement.

  24. A Happy, Healthy and successful New Year to Anne and Howard, and best wishes to Donald Trump in his promise to make America great again.

  25. One more “no one listened” General MacCarther, his position on SE Asia, ” you start at the bottom, and go to the top”
    Truman, sent him packing.

  26. My cancer was 100% removed as well, but recurred in 90 days. I went from being “cancer free” in April of 2016 to “You’re going to die in November” by July 2016. Then they tried to sell me chemo which I have continuously refused as 100+ cancer research papers told me chemo was totally ineffective against my kind of cancer–so these “doctors” were eager, willing and INSISTING that I allow them to poison me for no reason other than for them to make a cool half million from my insurance company.

  27. Thank God you are cancer FREE. Happy New Year to you, Anne, the pooch and the cat! My daily prayers include Mr. Trump and his administration and ALL people. As I said previously…I stand WITH Israel and FOR Israel. The tenacity of Israel should be a dictate for us all. I don’t believe it will happen in my life time as I am 76, but we will have a START with Mr. Trump to make America Great Again. I wish Obama would just SHUT UP! Happy New Year to ALL on this blog. God Bless.

  28. Great article. Keep up the good work in the coming year. Should be a very interesting year to say the least. Hope TRUMP is able to deliver on his promises. Wishing you Howard, Anne, Stryker, and April the Cat a wonderful winter in Texas and a very Blessed HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

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