Israel Can Be Jewish & Democratic

HAVE A GREAT NEW YEAR . . . and I’ll be writing to you in 2017.


This Photo Was Taken Last Night, Unbeknownst To Me By Anne, As I Pondered The Fifth Candle Lighting Of Chanukah, As Anne, Stryker & I Sat Outside Our RV Last Night In Austin.


John Kerry . . . Perhaps the BIGGEST Self-Promoting SCHMUCK to have ever Climbed to Higher Politics, proving the Peter Principle beyond question, said yesterday . . . “Israel Can Be Jewish Or Democratic. But It Can’t Be both”.

This Jerk Kerry, gives an entire new meaning to the word ASSHOLE, especially when one considers that an Asshole has an Important Purpose, while Kerry’s Purpose has always been to promote his own Self-Aggrandizement.


If it is indeed TRUE, that according to the DUFUS John Kerry, that someone like me . . . Howard Galganov, can’t be Jewish and Believe in Israeli Democracy at the same time . . . THEN IT ALSO HAS TO BE ABSOLUTELY TRUE, that you can EITHER Be A Political Member of the Democrat Party . . . OR A Supporter Of Israel. BUT YOU CAN’T BE BOTH.


Allen sent me a report he read, which asked an incredibly pertinent Question, which at the same time illustrated a QUINTESSENTIAL display in Hypocrisy, and a spectacle of SOFT Anti-Semitism on behalf of Ultra-LEFTIST New Zealand.

New Zealand is a small Island Nation in the Middle of the South Pacific, famous essentially for being in the Center of the South Pacific. A friend of mine, many years ago, was named as the President of one of the South Pacific Cola Corporations (I don’t remember if it was Coke or Pepsi), which gave him a really unique perspective.

I was envious of him . . . Imagine, living the Good Life on a Magnificent South Pacific Paradise Island, where you were essentially the King of all you surveyed . . . BUT NOT SO FAST.

My friend couldn’t wait to get the HELL away from New Zealand, where he made it 100% Clear, that New Zealand was a gorgeous country, with very nice people, who were the least Ambitious English Speakers he could NEVER have imagined.

HE HATED NEW ZEALAND . . . the State of LAZINESS, where everything worth having, was more or less unaffordable, because people preferred to Play rather than work. Where the Government was involved in every facet of the people’s Lives.

I can tell you from FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE, that my friend, who when I first met him was the Vice President of Pepsi Cola in Montreal, was really Smart, very Aggressive, and as Hard Working as you could imagine, who would NEVER Walk Away from a Challenge, who couldn’t wait to RUN AWAY FROM NEW ZEALAND. And this was a guy who Stared the Teamsters Down.

AND IF YOU HAVE ANY DOUBTS ABOUT WHAT I’m WRITING . . . Name just ONE THING that New Zealand is Famous for Inventing or Creating, which has been of Benefit to the Human Race? And if you GOOGLE What is New Zealand Famous For? . . . All you will find, will be a LITANY of BS.

SO YOU MIGHT BE WONDERING . . . why should I be picking on New Zealand, especially if they are so utterly inconsequential? The reason . . . is because this USELESS LITTLE CRAP CAN in the Middle of the South Pacific, LED THE VOTE TO SCREW-OVER ISRAEL.

This Piece of Excrement in the Middle of the Pacific Ocean, which never has to worry about living RIGHT NEXT DOOR TO NEIGHBORS WANTING TO WIPE OUT WHOLE FAMILIES, and never has to worry whether it will be NUKED by a further neighbor, or is under Constant Attack from every Quarter of the World because it’s Christian, or as in Israel’s Case because it’s Jewish, is nothing more than a DISGRACE.

If you take a Pill for most of whatever it is that might AIL YOU, chances are better than not, that there’s an Israeli Fingerprint on that Pill. If you need Precise Diagnostics because of an Internal Health Issue, the equipment that will see through your body and determine the problem will most probably have an Israeli Fingerprint on it as well. When you use your Cell Phone you can thank Israel. When you Surf on Google, Yahoo and other Search Engines, thank Israel. When so much of Parched Africa is now able to Grow Crops, thank Israel . . . AND I CAN GO ON AND ON AND ON, but neither you nor I have enough time in our lives to LIST the Gazillion Things the World can Thank the TINY Jewish State of Israel For . . .

So where does a PIECE OF CRAP like New Zealand, whose contributions to the world amount to a Rack Of Lamb, GET Off SCREWING-OVER ISRAEL, because the NEW ZEALANDERS don’t like the idea that Israel “MIGHT” be occupying the land of the NEVER BEFORE EXISTED PALESTINIANS, even though Jews have been in Israel, with JERUSALEM as their CAPITAL for more than 3000-YEARS?


And here is where my Friend Allen Nutik comes-in with the information he forwarded to me:

If the New Zealanders are so CONCERNED that Israel, with a population of some 6-Million Jews, and about 1.6-Million Arabs, with the balance being Christians (161,000), is OCCUPYING someone else’s land, how can these New Zealand HYPOCRITES explain and justify the Land they CONQUERED & STOLE from the Native MAORIS?

When exactly will the UN Security Council Hold it’s First Session to VOTE for New Zealand TO GIVE THE LAND BACK to the RIGHTFUL Owners?


Over the past while, Alan Dershowitz has been on FOX News Bitterly Decrying how Obama is Screwing-Over Israel. Last night, he spoke on FOX News, of how HORRIBLE his DEAR FRIEND Kerry’s Speech was, and how HORRIBLE was Kerry’s involvement in this UN Travesty. But before making his condemnations of how bad Kerry’s performance was, Dershowitz had to lead with KIND & GLOWING Words for whom he characterized, as his GOOD FRIEND JOHN KERRY.

And the FACT that Dershowitz Campaigned HARD for Obama TWICE, even after having full knowledge of Obama’s DREADFUL Anti-Semitic, Anti-Israel and Anti-White American Associations . . . Dershowitz promoted Obama NONETHELESS, says all that needs to be said about Dershowitz.

Alan Dershowitz is the EPITOME of the Definition of a JUDENRAT.

FOX NEWS . . . for some unfathomable reason has despicable LEFTISTS in their shows to illustrate the BS they’re selling about Fair & Balanced.

I don’t see it as being Fair & Balanced at all. All I see . . . is it being an Insult to the Conservative FOX News Viewers, who put FOX News on the Map. And are the ONLY reason why FOX News is Number One. But that can easily change, if and when another Network wakes up to the FACT that Conservatives are the Audience to have.

So when I hear the Mealy Mouthed WHINING Voice of Juan Williams, the Television either goes MUTE, or I Shut it off. If I want to be insulted with LEFTIST Crap, I would go to another Network.

AND WHEN FOX NEWS . . . has this DISGUSTING LEFTIST Woman, Julie Raginsky, who feeds off the Fact that she’s Jewish, but NOT JEWISH ENOUGH, not to work on the High Holidays, and she doesn’t have the GUTS just to come out and say the things she would really like to say against Israeli Conservatives . . . having her on FOX News is an INSULT TO ME and every Conservative Jewish Person who is a Viewer of FOX NEWS.


On the FOX News Noon Show (Outnumbered) today, there were FIVE People Total, discussing the HORRIFIC UN VOTE, and remarkably, FOUR OUT OF THE FIVE were NOT Jewish, all of whom went to War against Raginsky, the only Jew of the Group, who wanted to find EQUIVALENCE, and NEEDED PROOF that Netanyahu wasn’t LYING about having INCONTROVERTIBLE EVIDENCE that Obama’s White House Orchestrated the Entire UN Resolution.

The Non Jews Were Aghast . . . While Raginsky Didn’t Know What To Say.

And no matter when Raginsky appears on FOX News, or on whatever show on FOX News she appears, I SIMPLY TURN IT OFF. And if FOX News cares to know, the more people like me who turn off FOX News, the longer it stays off, and the less often it is turned back on.

AND IF FOX NEWS . . . wants to purposely paint a Horrible Picture of American Jews to their Conservative Audience, having Raginsky as their Jewish Representative could not be a BETTER CHOICE.

HAVE A GREAT NEW YEAR . . . and I’ll be Writing to you in 2017. And my New Year Resolution is Simple . . . I INTEND TO DO MORE OF THE SAME.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Dear Howard,

    I am following your blog everyday. You are the only person I read right now who shares my opinions and who makes any sense on this. Please continue doing your vital work. I am sending you a contribution.

    God Bless You,
    M. Evans

  2. There was a 1996 Camp David Peace Accord. GREAT!. Within 6 months, the Palestinians started shelling Israel. They don’t want peice. They want Israel dead. Wake up!!! They also want us dead. Only 20% of the Germans were Nazis. If Obama can get enough muslims in here, we are going to be slaves or dead.

  3. As a fifth-grade student, in Miami, FL, I was introduced to the horror of what the Jews endured in Europe, by being able to watch the “raw” footage from our service photographers and film personnel. Yes, the ones General Eisenhower insisted film everything the encountered! Years later ’07, we visited museum at Nuremberg. Guess which images I remember most, Howard? Send me to the UN, please. . . I’ll let them know what the Jewish people survived AND they will survive this latest idiocy! Sheils

  4. Another great article, Howard. It again illustrates the myth that liberals are the compassionate and altruistic ones. They are not the caring, benevolent people they purport to be. Instead, they are closed-minded, mean-spirited, hateful, nasty, and vengeful. And, liberals have an uncanny knack of being able to perceive a situation and seeing it as totally opposite. And they like to act on whims and wishes rather than facts. It’s an unending struggle to fight their stupidity.

  5. Being a Jew you have to fight both mentally and physically against those who hate Jews as I had to do in the military and civilian work place. I won some fights and lost some but I would not back down. We stand alone in this world but there will
    always be a Israel

  6. I suppose you can fix ignorance – just tell the truth and believe that because truth is self-evident, it will finally sink in for those who are just ignorant. Unfortunately, YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID. Those who are STUPID (read: the left, the “progressives,” liberals, the politically correct, and most of all, the Democrats) CANNOT BE FIXED. Fortunately, they can be voted out of office, so those who are better informed as to the TRUTH can endeavor to undo the damage they make. 22 days and counting…

  7. Can anyone imagine if Billary were to have won the election, what depths she and OBummer would have taken the USA to? Bad enough OBummer and his left extreme Iranian advisors and THE AH OF THE YEAR Kerry insulted and stabbed Israel in the back on Friday, they have the gall to expect the US population to believe they had nothing to do with engineering the vote. What really bothers me is I feel they are not done. God help us w/23 days to come. “Friends don’t take friends to UN Security Council”.

  8. I think you hit the nail on the head when you said “Rack of Lamb”!
    I do love watching Tucker Carlson rip new orifices into brain dead liberals, mind you.
    Carry on sir! Cheers from the cold!

  9. Howard, I agree with you 100%!!! ILTV had the former Israeli Ambassador to New Zealand on to answer some questions – He basically hemmed & hawed using ambassadorial speak, he couldn’t seem to say his thoughts in plain speak. Then I watched
    Dershowitz weekly show. It was about Resolution 2334 & he said this was a dumb, a really dumb move on Obummer’s part & it would take years to achieve any kind of peace. Obummer wanted revenge against Bibi & Trump. Obummer is a traitor to Israel & the USA!!!

  10. You are right, Peggy Johns Bland. It is not about peace, land, territories, economic welfare, 2 nation status or any other seemingly-sounding-logical reason. It never was and never will be. It is about the elimination of or sticking it to the jews. Period. No one will ever admit or face that fact, but those are the only reasons.

  11. Lee Kwan Yew, the former PM of Singapore, once made a comment that that applies 100% to Obama – ” if nobody is afraid of me, I am useless”.

  12. Love you folks Just today I said It all made me feel sick and so angry.So very hopeful President Trump will kick the dumbos out or jail them and at this point I think I would enjoy an old western hanging .I keep telling myself God put Mr Trump where he is to do what needs done . Enjoy the warm . Very cold here in Indiana

  13. Ditto on all your Fox News comments. My news channel of choice had been Fox News when it started. I am now down to ocassional viewing, until the leftists on the channel motivate my turn-off. If Fox is not careful, the Left’s desire for their demise will be realized – by Fox’s own hand.

  14. I saw somewhere on Face Book today that the UK admitted to being the ones that drafted the language for that awful vote against Israel…. Of course, I have no clue how true it is just like I have no clue if it’s true that Russia was involved in the election problem. I’m sure you saw that the big 0 threw Russians out of the US! And…. I saw too that there may be more/worse problems for Israel from the UN before the big 0 is done… Not good! Praying for 1.20.17 to come quickly.

  15. This week has once again proved to me how important 2016 really has been. This is the year when stupid went public. No longer is one, guessing who is , they came out! Obama and Kerry have revealed how ignorant they are on the subject of world history. If they had read just a couple chapters of Hebrew history, they would know this. Don’t throw rocks at Gods people. God being God, He already knew Obama and Kerry intimately. He just wanted the world to see just how stupid they really are.

  16. OMG! You are so right about Juan Williams – I also mute the T.V. when he bloviates! And Kerry makes me want to up chuck! Keep up the good work! I enjoy your rants; more of us need to do the same.
    Very best wishes for 2017 and beyond.
    Madelene Gilligan

  17. If ever there was a man too stupid to understand that he actually was stupid, its John Kerry. Take heart, Israel need only weather the storm and suffer this idiot, and his boss, for another 3 weeks, as Donald Trump himself has urged. Comfort yourselves in the knowledge that both of these imbeciles, being merely pimples on a flea’s ass, will soon be relegated to the scrap heap of history. The Nazis couldn’t kill us, nor the myriad anti-Semites that came prior, and so can’t Obama and Kerry.

  18. What does New Zealand contribute to the world: Kiwi’s,(The fruit), and emus. Nuff said.

  19. Now I won’t feel so alone about turning off Witless Juan and Jinxed Raginsky. National Geo has films of far wiser butterflies, and I prefer butterfly commentary to asinine lies and obnoxious arguments out of either of them.
    I recall the hearings where Jerk water John the traitor testified his BS and lies with traitorous Fonda. Muting the TV isn’t sufficient. His chicken manure demeanor is not fit for my weenie dog to see.
    My heart is with Israel, and so are my prayers.

  20. Howard, my thumb is worn out muting and fast forwarding that imbecile Juan Williams. Can you use your influence to get rid of him? He is a disgrace to Fix.

  21. Juan Williams on FOX..WHY??? I have often wondered why he is even there? I have tried for some time for the right words to describe this pitiful loser…and you just did a fine job. I leave the room when he opens his mouth. I also agree with one of your reader’s comment that John KERRY is another useless loser…his words: “too stupid to understand that he actually was stupid” …Just great! As for Israel and those countries that screw with Israel, Donald TRUMP will be changing that fast..

  22. I’m just curious why I got 2 of today’s blog…15 minutes apart ? One at 3:45 PM and the other at 4 PM.
    Happy New year to you Anne.

  23. Juan Williams is pathetic. I don’t ‘dislike’ him, actually, almost feel sorry for him. I sometimes wonder if he, himself, really believes all the stuff he tries to put forth.

  24. January 20th cannot come soon enough for me! I do believe that Donald Trump will correct the atrocities of the Obama Administration and our relationship with Israel. I, like you, find it unfathomable that any Jew can support the likes of Obama and Kerry. As you say, they are traitors to their people and must be identified as such. Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year.

  25. I’ve asked myself why a little democratic, secular, peaceful, country called Israel, “home of the Jews”, occupying only 20,770 sq.kms. of land, is bullied by The U.N., The (current) U.S.A., and people occupying over 15,000,000 sq.kms. It’s mindless ENVY, which breeds hatred!

  26. As usual, my attitude is different. In war, the spoils go to the winner. Israel is daily under attack. Why is it that if a mortar attack occurs from afar and beyond the borders of Israel, and the IDF neutralizes that site, why is it not the new territory of Israel. Why does Israel always be just defensive in the quest for survival. Occupy territory captured. Perhaps the Arabs will finally understand consequences.

  27. Whenever I see the face of Whiner Williams, I think of the smallest sibling in a family who has just had his chocolate chip cookie taken away by an older, bigger sibling and, helpless to do anything, he “puts on a face” and whines. Like Ms. Ash, above, I reach for the remote and deaden the sound, avert my eyes, and more often than not, lately, drop a channel to 359 (DirecTV) and watch Lou Dobbs or Stuart Varney. I have no need for “Fair and Balanced”. I want conservative viewpoints and truth.

  28. Very INTENSE photo! “It’s better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.” We can be THANKFUL that in about 3 wks., President-Elect Trump will be SWORN IN as PRESIDENT.Wouldn’t it have been INTERESTING to be in the SAME room as Hillarious & Barack when they HEARD that TRUMP had won the election?WORDS can’t DESCRIBE their FEELINGS, but their ACTIONS do REVEAL their ANGER!Things will “turn around” for ISRAEL after Trump is sworn in.Kerry & Obama are TRAITORS and a DISGRACE to America! AMEN!

  29. Oh baby….You are so into our heads, it is amazing…… It’s everything we have been discussing and for which and whom we absolutely despise! Just keep letting it rip, Howard. We love it and look forward to more in 2017. NO ONE says it better. All the best in the New Year!!!

  30. Juan Williams used to be a commentator on PBS or NPR-one or the other-or both-of the taxpayer supported very left leaning outfits. Can’t remember why he got canned from them, but I figure that FOX needed a left winger to supplement-or replace fellow lefty whacko Alan Combs.

  31. The Maoris aren’t native to the islands, they migrated from the Cook Islands. They did fight a lot but eventually signed the Treaty of Waitangi which is still in effect, so I don’t see the comparison or the need to insult them? The Palestinians are incorrigible and belligerent but it still doesn’t mean that they don’t have an equal claim also.

  32. Kiwis, “round, brown, hairy fruit ” that come from the asshole of the world. Down under.

  33. My comment on Fox news is that I do feel they involve left leaning views do we viewers can understand how and why they think as they do.Its important to hear views other than your own. We can’t live in a bubble. Listen and decide for yourself based on a compendium of thoughts. Re Obama…. I believe he is a Marxist ideologue, intent on destroying the U.S. he is an Arab at heart, has done all possible to bring their power to fruition through not stopping Assad in Syria.

  34. I certainly understand your perspective on Fox News. However, my take is this, if Fox discussed only the conservative view they would simply be preaching to the choir. Listening to someone like a Julie Raginsky only confirms what I believe to be true: Liberals are brain dead and pass on what they’ve been taught, not what they actually know or experienced. It helps to fortify what I’ve been fighting for and against all my life. I believe it is helpful.

  35. It looks like the Jew-hating Norwegians finally got their money’s worth for that Nobel Peace Prize they gave Obama.

  36. I could never stand watching and listening to that bumbling idiot Kerry, doing the bidding of his master Obama, likewise Samantha Powers. I think Putins silence on Obama’s latest despicable acts says all there is to be said about the worlds opinion and contempt for Kerry and Obama

  37. When you said “…how can these New Zealand HYPOCRITES explain and justify the Land they CONQUERED & STOLE from the Native MAORIS?”, you somehow forgot to include the U.S.A., who CONQUERED & STOLE the land from the Native Americans, as well as so many other nations (including our own beloved Canada) – who did THE VERY SAME…! In just about all such cases, it was somebody ELSE’S land – BEFORE it was THEIRS…!

  38. Only one thing needs to be said about JFK (Kerry): for most of us Vietnam Veterans, he was and still is a traitor!

  39. Howard, I agree with your leftist destain. Unfortunately I live near one of the most liberal (and unchurched) cities in the USA. This latest UN BS & Kerry’s idiotic speech is Obama showing his closet Muslim views. And the left calls Trump anti-Semitic, when he is for Israel. This latest UN BS will take some air out of that ridiculousness. Frankly, all the latest actions taken by Obama are nothing more than a temper tantrum because the Dems lost the election. I wish he would go away & play golf!

  40. Thank all of you and Howard for your insights. I agree totally.

    Let’s look forward with renewed hope to January 21, 2017. May the coming year truly be a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  41. Can’t wait until that traitor Kerry and O are out in the DC wind. Juan W. should follow with Julie. Obama is up to no good now or when he leaves. His arrogance and EGO won’t let him stop interfering with ANY work the Repubs will try to do. Trump must act quickly to wipe out any/every ex. order from O and start building that WALL – are you listening Paul Ryan?! REAL HOPE AND CHANGE IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN BIG TIME AS OF JAN. 20, 2017. I will smile as the Dems wince and worry.

  42. Perfect editorial, Mr. G. Thank You. God Bless and may the WORLD be safe. Obama will remain the A.C.O.R.N. divide and conquer King, he thinks. I can only hope people STOP believing his lies. This man wanted to be KING of the USA. He wants a 3rd term. Happy New Year to you, Anne, the pooch and the cat! As a POSITIVE thinker…We Will see better times. Amen.

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