The Meltdown Of A Narcissist:


Obama isn’t just a LAME-DUCK President, who should be tying up loose ends and setting the process in order for a decent and seamless transition from his Presidency to the Incoming Presidency of Donald Trump . . . He is in fact NOTHING MORE THAN A SAD UNRAVELING CARICATURE of the Dog who caught the Bumper of the Car, and then had no idea what to do with it.

If I wasn’t so thoroughly ENJOYING the Spectacle of Obama Coming Apart At The Seams, it is possible (not really), but perhaps very remotely possible, that I could feel sorry for him.

But . . . Obama has caused so many REAL problems at Home and Abroad, which Includes – pain, fear, anger, anguish, division, racism, confusion . . . ETCETERA, that for me to feel sorry for him, would be tantamount to me feeling sorry for the VIRUS that Causes the FLU.


Even though Obama BURST onto the scene in 2008 . . . as the BLACK DEMOCRAT MESSIAH with the MOSLEM Name (Hussein), who by his own words was going to Reverse the Tides and Heal the Planet . . . all he did was to make what was GOOD . . . MISERABLE and what was BAD . . . HORRENDOUS.


The fact that Obama took his 2008 DEMOCRAT NOMINATION VICTORY BOW . . . Standing between MASSIVE GREEK COLUMNS with Theatrical Lights and Staging, Sufficiently Outstanding to make a BROADWAY Producer Blush, that it didn’t Scare the Hell of all the People who showered this Narcissist with their votes, says far more about the IDIOTS who voted for Obama, than about the NARCISSIST Himself.

AND NOW . . . after 8-Years of Abysmal Failures at everything Obama Touched, America and the LEFT are paying the Price. The Democrats have become Political Lepers . . . and for all of them, it will only get worse. And even the Mainstream Media, which sold their Journalistic Souls for Obama, have become little more than a Running-Joke

IT GIVES ME GREAT PLEASURE . . . to bear witness to the DEMOCRAT/LEFTIST CIRCULAR Firing Squad, as they lay BLAME for their never-ending political Defeats as they Train their Guns on Each Other.

THE FACT THAT THE PEOPLE REJECTED THE LEFT . . . according to the LEFT, is the Fault of the Russians, James Comey of the FBI, WikiLeaks, Fake News, FOX News, the Alt-Right, Rigged Voting, the Electoral College . . . Etc, Etc, Etc.

BUT IF YOU LISTEN TO THE LEFT . . . the Crushing 8-Years of one Defeat after another for the LEFT, have had nothing whatsoever to do with Obama’s Policies, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Crooked Hillary, and/or the BEVY of LEFTIST Political Liars, Thieves, and Scoundrels who have been ROUTED like SEWER RATS.

SO WHAT DOES OBAMA DO TO MAKE THINGS BETTER? . . . Instead of making things better on his way-out . . . Obama makes them WORSE, so much WORSE, that if there was any opportunity whatsoever for him to redeem even one SCINTILLA (Obama’s Word) of Presidential Respect for his White House, in this, his latest STAB at Israel and the Jewish People . . . HE’S SCREWED THAT TOO.


YOU HAVE TO KNOW . . . that just because it is said in the Media, it doesn’t make it TRUE. And as the Media love to do so much, especially when it comes to Israel, they PUSH equivalence. And in this case . . . It’s not that Obama doesn’t Like Israel or Conservative Jews – It’s just that Obama and Netanyahu simply don’t like each other. AND THAT IT’S AS MUCH NETANYAHU’S FAULT AS IT IS OBAMA’S . . .

. . . Which is an Outright Lie and Contortion of the Truth Beyond the Veil:

LONG BEFORE OBAMA BECAME PRESIDENT OF THE USA . . . his closest Political Allies were Israel/Jew HATING LEFTISTS. There were Palestinian Apologist Extremists who were routinely part of Obama’s sphere.

BEFORE BECOMING PRESIDENT OF THE USA . . . Obama and his Despicable Wife attended the Black Chicago Liberationist Church of Jeremiah Wright, who OPENLY and AGGRESSIVELY assaulted the United States of America, Jews and Israel.

AND IN CHOOSING HIS AMBASSADOR TO THE UN . . . Obama chose the ULTRA-LEFTIST Samantha Power, who is FAMOUS for saying that American or NATO Troops should OCCUPY Israel to PROTECT the Palestinian People.

SO ANYONE WHO IS “SURPRISED” . . . with the way this Obama War Against Israel has been developing in the last few weeks of the Obama White House, is an outright FOOL, or a WILLING JEWISH IDIOT, to whom I ACCUSE of being no better than the JUDENRAT, who were Elitist Jews, whom the Nazis used to help carry-out the Holocaust, simply by stroking their Jewish EGOS as being smarter than all the other Jews.

I DON’T CARE WHO THE JUDENRAT IS . . . whether it’s Barbara Streisand, Steven Spielberg, Rahm Emanuel, or MILLIONS of others who have gone so far as to Campaign for Obama, to as little as simply voting for him . . . because you supported the man who Hates Conservative Jews and Israel.

And Whatever Bad That Might Happen To Israel . . . IS ON YOU!


I listened to John Kerry . . . Obama’s Secretary of State, SPEW UNADULTERATED BULL-SHIT, laced with LIES, HALF-TRUTHS, DISTORTED HISTORY, and CREATED NON-EXISTENT FACTS.

Kerry was a TRAITOR to his OWN Country and Fellow American Warriors during and after the Vietnam War. So what else can anyone expect from a PIECE OF CRAP like John Kerry?


THE COMEUPPANCE FOR THE UNITED NATIONS . . . and all the LEFTIST Jew Hating, Israel Hating, and Conservative America Hating Countries and People . . . is now ASSURED because of Obama and the Bastards he has surrounded himself with.

Because Obama Finally Dropped The Gauntlet, which I believe he now regrets, NOT BECAUSE HE DIDN’T MEAN IT, but because it has so BACKFIRED, and is so BLOWING-UP in his FACE, and the FACE of anyone who supports him, INCLUDING the Democrats, that there’s nothing left for Obama but SHAME in what he’s done to America, SHAME in what he’s done to America’s Friends and Allies, and SHAME in what will be the most FAILED LEGACY IN AMERICAN PRESIDENTIAL HISTORY.

January 20, 2017 . . . Can’t Come Soon Enough.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard I had almost forgotten about Rev.? Wright and the shameful show captured on tv. America should have known what kind of Pres we would be getting.

  2. I would not worry much. Most of what those two items have done to harm the US and others can be erased in a short time. The real danger is that such specimens reproduce or may even be cloned by one or another of the “scientists” part of the “globular worming” secret labs. Decontaminating the WH and State Department shops of horrors will also be highly dangerous.

  3. Howard: There is only one thing to say about today’s post: it was a thing of beauty!

  4. I have to disagree. He knows Israel has the proof he is just covering his tracks. Remember the Iran deal and Benghazi? He never thinks he is wrong. I think-he has talked himself into believing his actions were for peace. I truly hope Mr. Trump cuts the funds to UN.

  5. Many years ago….I Laughed and learned a verbal Ditty—-That went like this….If at first you don’t succeed ..keep on sucking…till you do Suck a Seed!!………….. In Obama case–and as Written within this editorial—This Poor excuse as a President of the USA.. just plain out Sucks at everything hes done!!!.. NO Success!!!…other than making a Mess out of everything he Touches.. Howard—Your editorial are Awesome , Entertaining and Enlightening..Have a Wonderful and Healthy New Year.

  6. Howard, in the 6th paragraph you forgot to include “and some left leaning Republicans” like Corker and Alexander, both from Tennessee. Both of them pandered to Obama more times than not. I only point this out because you have cited them (and others) in more than one blog.

  7. I am so sickened by the hate and evil from this administration! The democratic party has done nothing for America for the past 8 years. I cannot believe what has been done in the last days to Israel… it is so WRONG! 1.20.17 Can’t come soon enough and I pray our new President, Donald J. Trump can heal the wounds and mend the fences and undo all the damage that has been done by the party of hate & evil. It will be a long time before they win an election!

  8. Howard,
    Right on target! Obama is the most vicious anti-Semite ever to occupy the White House. The leftist Jewish supporters are still in a state of denial.
    Alan Ageloff, Jupiter, FL

  9. Mark Steyn best explain the UN resolution- the Secretary General call all the nations together and suggested they form one world soccer team. When asked who they would then play. The answer was Israel of course.

  10. Howard, I am so amazed by how close to the truth you are. The thing that scares me the most is that here in Canada, Obama’s Identical Twin survives as our Prime Minister “Justin Trudeau” When will Canadians wake up and get rid of this Narcissist PM. He like Obama is in bed with the UN.

  11. Obama doesn’t realize that he is helping to carry out Bible prophecy! Zachariah 12:3 speaks of the time when ALL nations will be against Israel. Then in Ezekiel 38-39 when Israel is attacked, Israel will realize that GOD ALMIGHTY is with her and HE will destroy these nations!! But even when a person “helps” along a prophecy harmful to Israel…woe to them for doing it! HIS ways are not our ways. It all means we are very close to the return of CHRIST!! Hallelujah!

  12. “He is in fact NOTHING MORE THAN A SAD UNRAVELING CARICATURE of the Dog who caught the Bumper of the Car, and then had no idea what to do with it”. Unfortunately this could describe his entire presidency, the man-child is in fact the worst example of a president I could ever imagine. I almost break out into hysterics when someone says that Trump has no political experience and I want to say to them are you kidding me. What a complete waste of 8 yrs.. The liberals are scared to death of Trump.

  13. Fabulous article. It expresses so well what so many of us are thinking! Some day I would like you to explain why it is that when liberals look at good, they see bad, and when something is bad for society they see it as good. Why is their moral compass always 180 degrees out of sync?
    Best regards
    Joe Leach

  14. I personally think Obama and Kerry designed this UN fiasco to stab Israel on the way out because Israel rejected all their cockamamie, unrealistic peace plans. Their egos and pride could not handle this obvious failure and humiliation, so they decided as a last step to show Israel who is boss and they did so in a completely underhanded, sore-loser way. Their timing and act are too convenient for anything else.

  15. January 20th can’t come fast enough. Great article. Keep up the good work and THANKS!

  16. A narcissist never sees the trail of tears that he leaves behind. If he does look back… it’s not his fault. Others are to blame for the destruction and chaos he has caused.

  17. One simple question Mr. Kerry and President Obama; If the UN bill was so good why didn’t your vote for it instead of abstaining?

  18. I am very grateful that Obama will soon be out of the white house, and Trump will be sworn in as US president! He will be a breath of fresh air after Obama! However, as a Canadian, I sure wish we could get rid of baby-face Trudeau, who has absolutely no clue what he’s doing, before he totally gives our beloved country away to his friends!

  19. I have never in my life found enjoyment in someone’s failures. Obama has changed that. He needs to pay with what may be equal to a death penalty to a narcissist, having his ego shattered by Humanity as a whole.

  20. Obama is the follow-up/follow-through from Carter’s presidency. Carter wanted even more concessions/diminishing of Israel. He was supposedly a Christian. Descriptions (in comments too) of narcissist behavior fit all Democrat politicians in DC circle; think Marion Berry (former DC mayor), Kerry, Hillary, Pelosi, Reid, etc. They all behave the same way-it’s everyone else’s fault but theirs. Media TV & Hollywood personalities are all same as well. Look’g forward to positive change by Trump.

  21. I pray, and expect, that Trump will repair relations with Israel. BHO was a disaster for the middle east.

  22. Beautiful, Howard. As usual you have hit the nail on the head again. I do, however, wish you would agree that the Scumbag Obama, like ALL Democrat/Communists and RINOS, has no shame….ABSOLUTELY NONE…AND NEVER WILL. These are extremely mentally distorted people for whom there is no hope. They will forever spew their evil hatred and sickness ’til their dying breath while blaming others. It is in their DNA as is the hatred of the Muslims for the Jews. It will NEVER EVER change.

  23. Howard, you didn’t fully describe Power. Samantha Power, the US Ambassador to the UN, is not American. She was born in Dublin, Ireland an Irish citizen. She is antisemitic and is married to Cass Sunstein, Obama’s regulatory czar, who himself has strong communist leanings.

  24. As always you are spot-on.
    But, you must “o” credit. He has done a super job of planting the destructive (cancerous) seeds of Islam into every state via his Refugee Resettlement programs — using our tax money! Long term, 4-5 generations, he may go down in history as one of the most effective Muslims since Mohammad as those cancer cells take root and the blood flows. E.g., look at Europe —- this is coming to America, and soon. In fact, it is already taking place. Lee Norman, GA

  25. I will agree completely with Jo Holland Daout. There things that are being set in motion that many of us really don’t understand or don’t want to understand. Time for each of us to listen to what our Almighty God has told us! Be ready and get right with God! Accept what Jesus has done for each of us!

  26. All you say is right on and now saying he is taking measures against Russia for meddling in election. What a joke has he never heard of root cause, nobody can screw with you unless you let them and the Demorat security was so lax it allowed that to happen. I have been in the Telecom Business for some 50+ years and the rule now and forever is “Don’t say anything on the telephone you don’t want somebody to hear and don’t write anything in an email you don’t want somebody to read”.

  27. No question about it, history does repeat itself. And ignorance in the electorate is the root cause. Obama mirrors so much Nero of ancient Rome, and also he and Michelle – the more recent pair – Juan & Ava Peron of Argentina who were masters at manipulating Argentina’s ignorant masses. Leaders like these deserve eternal damnation, but so do the disgusting enablers! Ignorant pie in the sky gimmy crowd always looking for the free stuff – God knows what to do about their useful idiot voting numbers

  28. Since o’s so-called ‘skills’ are in ‘community organizing’ – where he will be able to incite more anarchy, he might be more dangerous after he leaves office. Phyllis

  29. I said it years ago on my radio station, and now I hear Dr. K on Fox repeating it…”the UN will make a great condo complex” when Trump stops paying them to stab us in the back and all the elites go back to where they came from!! As usual, another great read!

  30. Besides not throwing money into the UN anymore…lets not forget about all those parking tickets. I agree, a great building for a Trump condo. Suz

  31. Twenty-three days and counting! Tick, tick, tick… Obama and his minions will be GONE and there will be a new sheriff in town who will do his best to clean up 8 years of malfeasance. Like most of those here, I can hardly WAIT! I firmly believe that Trump will kick ass and take names! The Trump train is in full motion, and Obama has no way to stop it. Oh joy!

  32. O is trying, once again, to be tough…Never tough, just tough to digest. He is a fool cutting off his nose to spite his face. His legacy was so important to him that he said his name was not on the ballot but his agenda was. We the people did not want any more of it!. I guess he thinks if he cannot be the best he will try for the worst. He has succeeded. No shame here because he HAS done what he planned to do…bring the US to her knees…but not for long. FAIL !

  33. Yes, Mr. Logan, Kerry is a great buffoon, but in his defense I will mention two positive aspects of Mr. Kerry; he has great hair and he marries well.

  34. Just a note Kerry said “israel cannot be Jewish and democratic both. They have got to choose”. Have they all gone crazy? Is that like American can’t be Judeo/Christian and be a democracyy? One thing for sure, proven for 2,000 years, you can’t be Muslim and democray. They have NEVER assimilated with other cultures and other countries without taking them over an installing Sharia law. The Palesians are the scum of Arabs. That is why no Arab country will give them land. They want Israel.

  35. Those who bless Israel will be blessed. Those who curse her will themselves be cursed.

  36. Barack had better BRACE himself because on January 20th, SAMSON [President-Elect Trump] will be “knocking down” his MASSIVE TEMPLE COLUMNS! “Like begets like”, so Barack & J. Kerry go very well together! How Barack could even BELIEVE that he would have won against TRUMP is LAUGHABLE! Barack is a very good ACTOR and should move to HOLLYWOOD on January 21st…AND bring HILLARIOUS with him. One person who exposed Jeremiah Wright and Barack’s SOCIALISTIC VIEWS in 2008 was Sean Hannity. AMEN!

  37. Jan 20 can’t come fast enough. Donald Trump will start WWIII before the end of 2017 and we’ll all be dead. Even my right wing (nut job) friends north of the boarder aren’t safe. The residual effects from nuclear war travel far and wide.

  38. My God we need our Canadian citizens to step forward and let both levels of government know we are very unhappy with the continuing BS spuing out of their mouths

  39. Alan and Jo , U are on the right track. Unfortunately, Many do not believe in God but God exists and God has a plan and despite the gift of free will that plan will evolve. God has chosen the Jewish people and God will never abandon those who are truly faithful to Him and even when we neglect God, God is faithful because God never goes back on His Word. Israel is chosen by God.

  40. I have nothing negative to say. I can say with a smile on my face that I am looking forward to our tomorrow’s instead of floundering in yesterday’s sorrows created by the idiots at the helm. God bless Trump; God bless the believers who can now say God’s name without the souls suckers breathing down my neck. See you in church on Sunday! Bless be the ties that bind!

  41. It was known to the CIA in 2007 that Obama was the “Manchurian Candidate” and would do his best to destroy America……..

    Marvin Levant Ra’anana / Calgary

  42. Want some enlightenment? Google ‘Word 4 Today’ Rapture. ”God said to him: “Your name is Jacob; YOU SHALL NO LONGER BE CALLED JACOB, BUT ISRAEL SHALL BE YOUR NAME.”… THE LAND WHICH I GAVE TO ABRAHAM AND ISAAC, I WILL GIVE IT TO YOU, AND I WILL GIVE THE LAND TO YOUR DESCENDANTS AFTER YOU.”  (Genesis 35:10-12)
    So, we know how this ends. Good (God) wins.

  43. The losers will never know how lucky they are that HC lost, DT won, and Obama will be a tragic moment in American history.

  44. Yet to be seen, I predict, is Obummer fading into the night like the Chicken Pox, and resurrecting like the Shingles. If I could whisper into Trump’s ear, I would suggest MASSIVE investigations for TREASON into O, Kerry, Hitlery, Pelosi, Reid, SOROS and the like, then cut them off at the knees putting them out of commission for future damage. Another GREAT BLOG, Howard! Your readers (mostly) offer excellent commentary, too. Praying for Israel and a once-again STRONG USA and CANADA.

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