Obama Lit The Fuse . . . Now It Will Blow-Up In His Face


Let me say something about Barack Hussein Obama that doesn’t really need to be said, but just in case anyone reading this needs a Primer in what makes Obama GREAT, is that he is a SPECTACULAR FAILURE at everything he tries to do, whatever he touches, and whomever gets close to him . . . WITH JUST ONE EXCEPTION . . . Obama is BRILLIANT at Promoting Obama.

AND LET ME CONTINUE . . . Obama is also GREAT in a MAGNIFICENT way at conning SCHMUCKS, whether they’re US Captains of Industry, the Hollywood Jack-Asses, Self-Centered Academia, the Something for Nothing-Bunch, the World of Black Self-Victimization, & Global America Haters . . . right down to the Nobel Committee for Schmucks Extraordinaire.


“You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time. But you cannot fool all the people all the time.” . . . and whether Lincoln said it or not, it is nonetheless as Right As Rain, and goes Light-Years to explain Barack Hussein Obama and the Jerks he’s FOOLED most of his life.

AND EVEN WITH OBAMA – all things Good & Bad . . . eventually come to an end:

I AM UTTERLY CONVINCED . . . that the United States of America, Israel, and the ENTIRE World NEEDED Barack Hussein Obama, to bring everything we’ve allowed to FESTER so close to the EDGE of ARMAGEDDON, to give us a serious look at just how bad things are and will be, if ENORMOUS Changes Are Not Made NOW!


In Barack Hussein Obama’s LATEST INSULT & CONDEMNATION to Israel and the Jewish People, he STUPIDLY & INADVERTENTLY Lit a FUSE that will absolutely DESTROY whatever Reputation he thought he had, and any LEFTIST ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT program he thought he was successfully imposing upon the World.

Barack Hussein Obama sorely MISTOOK his FAUX ADULATION from the MOB, and his Nobel Peace Price as REAL Accomplishments, which were nothing less than Smoke and Mirrors surrounding the Snake Oil Salesman, in a FOG of his own Ineptitude.


To paraphrase the Words of President-Elect Trump’s Israeli Ambassador-In-Waiting – David Friedman, who made it very clear . . . that in his opinion, Modern-Day Jewish Apologists for Arab, Moslems, Palestinians, and all Elitist Jewish ANTAGONISTS to Israel and Conservative Jews, are in fact no better than the KAPOS of the Holocaust . . . Jews who did the bidding of the Nazis . . . to round-up, torment, beat and destroy the Body and the Spirit of the Jewish People.


FRIEDMAN’S REASONING . . . Was that the KAPOS did the HORRORS they did, in most cases, for them and their families to survive, which included Acts of sheer Horror for which Friedman doesn’t excuse them, but understands . . .

BUT TO FRIEDMAN’S UNDERSTANDING, with which I AGREE 100%, in today’s World, LEFTIST Jews who attack Jews for their Political and Social Beliefs, and Israel for the Benefit of Arabs and other Jew-Haters throughout the World, who have no Business claiming Jewish Territory, or denying that Jews have the RIGHT to Territory, which has been Jewish for more than 3000-Years, have NO COMPELLING REASON WHATSOEVER to do any of what they do, who unlike the KAPOS, who had at least some reason to be TRAITORS to their Fellow Jewish Men and Women . . . makes these JEWS WORSE THAN THE KAPOS.


If I had a Gun with just ONE Bullet . . . and before me stood a Nazi and a KAPO – I wouldn’t HESITATE TO KILL THE KAPO. Not for one Nanosecond, Not with any second thought or remorse. The Nazi would live . . . and the KAPO would DIE. And I would feel 100% Justified.

SO . . . WHEN ISRAEL AMBASSADOR-IN-WAITING DAVID FRIEDMAN, wrote or stated in the past, that he is even more Contemptuous of Today’s Jewish Apologists (Sell-Outs) . . . than he was of the KAPOS, I AGREE WITH HIM 100%.


I HOLD NOTHING IN MY HEART . . . other than utter Disdain for any Jewish Person, who is so Smug, Arrogant, and Self-Centered, who are Contemptuous of Conservative Jews with REAL JEWISH VALUES who are far removed from the ARROGANT belief of LEFTIST Jews, who think they know better than everyone else, that they think because they were born Jewish, that they have the RIGHT to DIMINISH Israel, and remake the Jewish Religion in their SICK LEFTIST MINDS.

And if you think I’m angry about what Obama did to Israel because he could . . . to a great extent because of all the support he received from almost 80% of the American Jewish Community . . . UNDERSTAND THIS . . .


On February 12th . . . I will be 67-Years Old. I still Stand Straight. I am Strong. I Ride Horses. I Ride my Motorcycle, I Walk a Great Deal without getting Tired. I can Handle any Weapon you put in front of me. And I’m going to get back into Martial Arts and Krav Magaw (Israeli Street Fighting), where Anne will train alongside me.

And any Jewish LEFTIST, or any LEFTIST for that matter, who would like to Debate my Position on Israel and Modern Day KAPOS, is welcome to join me here, there or wherever, as long as they’re WILING to do it with BARE KNUCKLES.

THESE MODERN KAPOS ARE NO DIFFERENT THAN THE BASTARDS . . . throughout Europe, who through their Personal LEFTIST Jewish Arrogance, helped CONDEMN 6-MILLION Jews through the Gates of Hell, including themselves and the people they loved.

I HAVE NEVER MADE ANY PRETENSE . . . about my FEELINGS of the LEFT. Nor have I ever held back on my FEELINGS about my LEFTIST Co-Religionists . . . BUT NOW – After this outrage at the United Nations . . . THE GLOVES ARE OFF – AND I MEAN . . . REALLY OFF!


I WILL NOT ALLOW ANYONE . . . even and especially Jews who claim to be so much smarter than everyone else, to AGAIN lead me or mine to the Gates of Perdition, because of their LEFTIST ARROGANCE.

I WILL FIGHT . . . Using EVERY means at my disposal to stop everyone on the LEFT from destroying our Freedoms. I will not Couch my words. And I will not Hide and Snipe from the Shadows. I will stand in the Village Square with both hands Clenched into FISTS, no matter the consequences, because this is where Barack Hussein Obama and the LEFT have dragged us.

I AM WRITING AS A JEW AGAINST THE KAPOS . . . But I’m also writing as a FREE MAN, who just happens to be a Jew, who understands that FREEDOM isn’t tied to any Single Religion or Culture. It is tied to all people who yearn for FREEDOM . . . Jews, Christians, Atheists or Whomever – who are willing to stand together in a FIGHT that is not of our making, but one from where there is no retreat and no going back.


I call upon every person who reads this Editorial, to spread the Word Far and Wide, that FREEDOM ISN’T FREE, and that each and everyone of us has a Commitment to ourselves, our families, and to each other, to do whatever it takes, and suffer any sacrifice needed, with which to win back our VALUES, and put the LEFT Back in the Box where they Belong.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Obama doesn’t even call them ISIL anymore, because he says they are not Islamic – even though IS is showcasing the purest most unadulterated demonstration of what Islam is since Muhammad slaughtered the Qurayshis. Now, Obama calls it “DASH”, as if the libtard US electorate wasn’t confused or gullible enough. More obfuscation. To Americans whose Congressional districts are represented by Dhimmi-crats: CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVES demand they attend Netanyahu’s speech to Congress. They work for YOU!

  2. Teddy Roosevelt said to speak softly and carry a big stick; you speak loudly and your “big stick” is in the power of your rhetoric. Admire your courage and the clarity of your message. Merry Christmas and may all Americans remain on their knees, now and forever, to thank Almighty God for the reprieve He has benevolently granted US.

  3. Howard – you really need not to pussyfoot around so much. Just say what you really feel! You know, of course, that I’m kidding. Your words are as true as a swift arrow to the target. The world needs rebuilding, and fast. The last American election was a good beginning, but there is so much to be done. I hope we both will live to see much more of the world living in blessed Freedom. Keep on your course. Never waver. Your words are valued, respected, and important.

  4. I’m with you, Howard. Israel belongs to the Jews………….period! God gave it to them. No one else has any right to that land.
    Obama is a traitor in his adopted country, and he has a lot of gall to think that he has ANY say in what God has done. What Obama has done, however, WILL come back on him in God’s own timing of matters.

  5. Just when I think you have written your best editorial you do another one! I agree with you, the left needs to be put back in the box where they belong. Obama has done so much damage 1/20/17 can’t come soon enough.

  6. Howard, you say in your editorials and this blog all that many of us think so very often. Thank you for your courage and thoughtful and intense anger…and I for one second it, and agree completely. Bless us all. Happy New Year.

  7. Obamas position of the UN vote should not surprise anyone. He continues to support his brethren. Nothing new here.

  8. The Americans will have change for the good with Donald Trump replacing Obama, that’s for sure!
    I just wish we had someone here in Canada, like “YOU” Howard, replacing our idiot Prime Minister Justin Trudeau!

  9. Christians who don’t stand with the Jews are just as bad as the kapos. Christianity’s roots are deeply embedded in Judaism, from whence our “Christian Values” come. The Old Testament of the bible refers to the 39 canonical books of the Hebrew Scriptures, and don’t forget Jesus, whose birth we just celebrated, was a Jew.

  10. “THE LEFT STARTED IT . . . IT’S TIME FOR US TO FINISH IT” Absolutely, where do we start. Because of those good words about patriots, tyrants and tree watering, there will be blood and death and revolution…more guilt for the moral relativists on the left to own…more pain, suffering and loss for the right. “They will fall by the edge of the sword and be led captive among all nations, and Jerusalem will be trampled underfoot by the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles are fullfilled.”

  11. If Trump just does on thing that he has said he will do it would be better than what we have now. He can start with the EPA, IRS, BLM and clip their wings. Also this giving money to other Governments of the world has to stop, we need to spend money on our roads and bridges instead of giving it away. We also need to stop the Muslims and wetbacks from entering America. Then there is the drug problem to take care of by using more severe punishment.

  12. No Howard, I disagree. If you shoot the ‘Kapo’ with your bullet, you murder someone who has, however small, a pintele Yid locked away (deep inside of them). Despite their deeds, they remain our
    ‘f-a-m-i-l-y’ (even IF they feel it not). G-d affords ALL of us the possibility of ‘redemption’ – yes, even shmuckJews like these. That is what Rosh Hashona and Yom Kippur are all about. The ‘Nazi’ does not merit any such ‘get out of jail card’.

  13. Its not enough to defeat Soros (a kapo himself) and his stooge Obama, we must ensure they never again come to power.

  14. Wow Howard.. You really threw down the gauntlet. I totally agree with your views. The U.S. must stop being the major financial support of the U.N. and remove itself from same. Obama is really showing his colors now. Since he knows that he will not leave a legacy, he is now achieving the legacy of the most destructive U,S. president of all time.

  15. “He continues to support his brethren.” – If ever there was any doubt, I think there’s not a shred now. He hates Israel to the core of his being. This was something he has wanted to do for his whole presidency. I hope this seals the deal on getting the U.S. out of the U.N. Thanks, Mr. G. !

  16. What most people, both Jews and gentiles don’t acknowledge is that in their 1967 defensive war, all Israel did was to win back lands that their Arab enemies stole from them in 1948 when the Arabs refused to accept the UN partitioning which created not only the state of Israel but numerousArab states as well.

  17. The leftist Jewish people in the entertainment industry are the worst of the worst, due to their public influence. I just can’t get my head around why they support the Muslim’s who hate Jews…. Obama just gave Israel a parting finger-putz!

  18. FACTS – Obama is a Muslim. Obamas (both Michele and Barack) hate America (“I am finally proud of my country”). Well, I am not proud of what she and her Muslim husband turned it into in eight years. They both hate whites, christians and jews. He set out to destroy us. He is an imposter. I think this will come out during Trumps administration. Their records will be unsealed and the truth will be known. Meanwhile we have got to work strong behind Trump in getting our country back and great again

  19. With any luck at all, President Elect Trump will remove the US from the United Nations! (I thought that was one of his campaign promises?) Happy New Year Mr Galganov and Family!!!! Looking forward to your continued editorials in 2017, you and Rush give me much hope for the future, THANK YOU!,j

  20. History will put Barack HUSSEIN Obama in the same class as Jimmy Carter. I think that even the sell out Carter would be embarrassed! :o)

  21. Howard, are you related to Judah Maccabbee. Yours are the words that he would have spoken in 167 BCE. The Hellenists were the Kapos of their day dropping Judaism for the Greek perspective of the world. A world of materialism and beauty. A false world lacking morality. Keep up the good words and the follow up actions.

  22. I continue to learn more from you than I ever would in the media. Thanks Howard! On O’Bummer and his leftist team of arrogant AH’s, they set the USA back at least 100 years. There will be an atonement for them sometime from a higher power. In the meantime, it is fun watching the “Dumbocrats” do circles and blame everyone and everything on Billary’s loss. Cannot wait for January’s Inauguration. Go Trump / Pence.., Drain that Swamp!

  23. obama is a legend in his own mind. The U N is as worthless as tits on a bull,with out our financial support it would go down the drain and that’s what the Donald should do.

  24. Maybe, just maybe Obama has just lit the fuse that will quickly bring down the UN with his idiotic nonsense and betrayal of the USA and Israel. It is long past time for us to stop funding this muslim whorehouse.

  25. Thank you…..you also spoke for me, Howard! I have posted your editorial on my FB page. I’m hoping others will read it, & perhaps follow you, along. I also appreciate your other “followers”, for sharing their information and thoughts. I had the privilege of visiting Israel in 1995, & this experience definitely changed my outlook about what’s going on over there, in Israel. I, too, have been angered by Obama’s actions….he’s DEFINITELY on the lowest “rung of the ladder”, even below Carter

  26. I agree with Earl Mann insofar as I would kill the Nazi first regardless of having one bullet or none. Then deal with the kapo secondarily. But having said this Howard, I too am a man in my mid-60’s with a black belt and want you to know that I’d stand with you, back-to-back, to face and fight any libtards, Jewish or otherwise, that are counter-productive to a Jews-first and Israel-first agenda.

  27. I realize what I am about to say goes against the grain of some. But I am compelled to say this one thing.”…but he who has no sword, let him sell his garment and buy one.” Luke 22 : 36 I said this to coincide with what Howard said…we must always be ready to fight for what is right. I once said this off then top of my head and it rings more true today than ever. “I would rather die for what’s right than to live for what’s wrong.” As far as Obama is concerned, he is a sub human mongrel.

  28. oh my gosh you have me in tears reading this one, you bet I will stand next to you are any of my Jewish friends with clenched fists to fight the left people. Great one Howard, thank you as always and I will as always pass your article along.
    Gods blessings to you and Anne. Hope your having a great time here in the states again. Be safe, keep well, be alert at all times. Sharing smiles with you both.
    Jacqueline :))

  29. I stand WITH Israel and FOR Israel and so does Mr. Trump. Well said Mr. G. Thank You and God Bless.

  30. Amen, Howard! The evil of the Left is as evil as you will find ANYWHERE…and especially in the evil hearts of both Obama’s. I recently reminded those on my email list that 71% of Jews just voted for HRC. If that isn’t defined as insanity I don’t know what is. America should dump the UN, kick them off of our soil, then burn down the building. It is a worthless, evil place thanks to the scumbags in it. Trump needs to be tough as nails! Time to grow some big ones.

  31. Howard, now if we could just get history taught once again in our schools, for future generations, and I don’t mean this kind of “history” that comes from the msm. You would make an excellent teacher, through your editorials. Thank you for what you continually do to strike right on the target – now if we could get the world to read the ” right stuff”. Keep up the great work. Merry Christmas, Rosh Hoshana and health and happiness in the new year too.

  32. Barack HUSSEIN Obama will be renowned as the most DISGRACEFUL President ever. He was in office for 8 years and has absolutely NOTHING POSITIVE to show for it. That being said, let us ALL focus on the fact that in 25 DAYS he will NO LONGER be President. PRESIDENT-ELECT TRUMP will then begin to DRAIN the SWAMP–beginning with Obama & “Michelle”–so much for the Nobel Peace Prize! Re: Israel’s issues–Netanyahu will be able to work with Trump to “fix things”. We now have HOPE for our Country! AMEN!

  33. Extremely profound!!! Kudos! Throughout the election year, I often wondered; why no reporter who interviewed Obama or Hillary, asked for their opinion of Saul Alinsky or his book, “Rules for Radicals” or Bill Ayers. The questions are conspicuous by their absence.

  34. Really Barak you are a toy tiger fighting a Lion! You haven’t learned from history. So you are the newest Pharoah. albeit a pathetic one, a Goliath who took on David. This thing received the Nobel peace prize? Wake up security council, you are all pathetic jerks!

  35. i believe that the Leftist Jews think that they are in line with the thinking of Sarte who said in his book “Anti-Semitism’ that if Jews assimilate there will be no persecution. Going along with the NWO is EVERYONE assimilating into Leftist agendas. They believe that if there is a one world order, there will be NO nations, including Israel thus total assimilation in their thinking. They are being mislead to believe that this is a solution to Anti-Semitism. It is really self destruction.

  36. This broke my heart for every Judeo-Christian in this world because when one goes down, the other will be next. Obama is devious/despicable, the poster child for deceit and divisive motivation. You encouraged us to overcome the Leftists in our election- you were our mentor and catalyst for us build the courage and strength we needed to fight back. It is not over but we now have new a power and passion to fight all the enemies. We won’t stop until we get it right, for Israel and for us.

  37. Add an 80 year old Marine to your growing group, Howard! I dearly admire Israel and all she stands for and Mr. Netanyahu is my idea of a great leader of his (any) country. It disgusts me to see/hear the outgoing US president continue to say things erupting from his tortured mind that have no basis in fact, that convince other nations that our friendship is a fleeting commodity. Well, Israel, no it isn’t. God bless Israel and the Israeli people.

  38. It was expected that on the end of his terms he has to do something against Israel and especially against Bibi. He is showing that he “really deserved” the Peace Nobel price. Most what is happening this days in the world is big part of his legacy. If Obama wanted to have a legacy to bring peace to Middle East this vote in UN and USA act is definitely not one of that.

  39. Obama evidently on an Axelrod program told us all today that if he could have run for a third term he would have won. What a pompous ass who doesn’t understand how fed up we were with his policies and attempts to destroy our values, institutions and fabricate our history. Fortunately there were just enough people who saw the light. The war is not over with Obama staying in Washington. Howard keep telling the truth as you know that the media will keep reporting what he says and slant any truth

  40. I am sickened at what the big 0 has done to Israel! And…. what he’s doing with the phone and pen in last ditch efforts to make things more difficult for Donald Trump. I am praying for 1.20.17 to come quickly before there is no America left!
    I am so heartsick over all that is happening in these few short days left!

  41. I have been screaming at the TV since last Friday when Obast**d showed his traitorous colors!!! What he did is not going to be a simple fix, he pulled out a resolution that basically is “foolproof” to undo. However, I believe Trump has the means to get the proper legal advice to undo the damage done by Obast**d. I am there with you Howard and I am “Mad as hell…and won’t take it anymore!”

  42. You can believe everything Howard says and promises, I’ve seen him in action and proud to be a Canadian friend.
    This is one of his finest editorials. Happy New Year and Chag Sameach to you and Anne.

  43. Howard, I agree with you and even if there is only one Jewish cell in the Kapo’s body, that person is still a traitor to all Jews.
    A solution to only having one bullet would be to do what the Nazis did. Line them both up, one behind the other, your choice as to which order and shoot them both.

  44. Howard isn’t it interesting how quickly people want to turn a very impassioned statement into the focus of criticism and steer the dialogue away from the point being made. I am a bit of a hawk so it happens to me all the time. When ever some left winger decides to try to distract me I fall back on the words of a man who has become a hero to the left because the miss identify him as the ulimate pacifist, Mahatma Gandi. He said obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off of the goal.

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