Before Christmas & Chanukah

A Bit Of A News Buffet

We are less than one Week from Christmas Eve, Chanukah, and Anne’s Birthday . . . all on the 24th of December, which gives me great reason to Celebrate and find Joy in the World. But there’s always some misery to write about.


In Fact . . . because there are so many things happening around the World, including in Canada, I’ve decided to touch upon a whole mess of things.

SO LET ME START . . . with some questions I’ve been asked.


I try to include Canada in many of my Editorials, where there is a Confluence of Issues and Events. BUT THAT SAID . . . Since the end of WWII, Canada has drifted so far to the LEFT, that even our SO-CALLED Conservative Parties identify themselves as PROGRESSIVE, such as the PC’s . . . or Progressive Conservatives.

Also . . . because Canada has become such an Inconsequential Player on the World Stage – that where Canada Stands on any Issue is generally IRRELEVANT.

There is also the General Canadian National Mindset . . . established by what I am certain is amongst the MOST LEFTIST EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM on the planet, which has culminated last year, with the Election of Justin Trudeau, the MOST unprepared, unqualified, and most profoundly IGNORANT person Canadians could have ever elected to become our Prime Minister.

CANADA IS ON ROUTE TO BECOMING A MISERABLE FAILURE . . . as the reality of extraordinarily BAD Decisions begin, like the proverbial pigeons, to come home to roost, Canada is going to Fall Apart Geographically, Socially, or Both.

VERY OFTEN . . . The First Step To Recovery Is Total Collapse, which I believe is the Course upon which Canada is headed SOONER RATHER THAN LATER. And who knows what will be the result of it when it happens?


Several Readers recently asked me to write more about George Soros, since he is a Billionaire JEWISH Activist, leading what seems to be the Charge Against the Republic of the United States of America.

I would need to write a book to fully describe Soros, which I am not going to do. But what I will do now, is to write an Abbreviated Synopsis of Soros, which is Public Knowledge.

FIRST . . . DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE of thinking that George Soros is Jewish, because his Parents were Jewish, since SOME OF THE WORLD’S LEADING ANTI-SEMITES have been . . . and are Jewish Self-Haters.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND THIS . . . Soros HATES Israel, he has no use for Jews, and does NOT Identify with Jews in the least.

Soros is a DESPICABLE Man, who takes great pride in the Fact that during the Second World War, as his Jewish Co-Religionists were being rounded up by the Nazis and their Hungarian Allies, Soros’ Family were living the Good-Life by Cooperating with the Nazis, who were Torturing and Slaughtering Jews.

AS FOR BEING A BILLIONAIRE . . . Several Times Over – Soros made his Initial Billion Dollar Fortune by Manipulating Markets and Crashing Currencies, as he did to the British Pound on September 16, 1992.

AS FOR BEING A NARCISSIST . . . I personally heard George Soros, in an interview; speak of himself somewhat as a Deity, elevated above the masses.

In short . . . George Soros is an ANTI-SEMITE, Hater of Israel, Hater of American Freedom, and a man willing to Turn the World to Rubble, just to get what he wants. And as far as I can see, his Surest Path to his Sick Agenda is through the Democrat Party with the LEFT under his Thumb.


Recently . . . there was a conversation between myself and a close Pledge Rider Friend in Georgia, who was locked into an Email Debate with a LEFTIST, who was spewing the usual LEFTIST BS, which was camouflaged in some truth. So my friend asked me, how should he respond to him?

So I did it for him, in just a few sentences, using a Tactic The LEFT don’t quite understand, which boils down to Two Complicated Strategies . . . TRUTH & FACTS.

To which the LEFTIST responded with the usual KEY LEFTIST STRATEGY . . . DEMAGOGUERY. If you can’t beat your opponent with the TRUTH & FACTS, do what you can to DIMINISH him or her personally.

SO HERE’S HOW IT PLAYED-OUT . . . The LEFTIST became acrimonious. He changed the Focus of the Debate to attack me personally, to which I responded by not responding, which is what these BASTARDS can’t stomach the most.


The LEFT intend to become the Third American Party, with Obama at the Helm, who sees that all the CRAP he had foisted upon the American people, is about to be TORN ASUNDER, rendering his 8-Year Presidency, to be nothing more than just a VERY BAD DREAM for the thinking and working people of the USA.

THE LEFT – BY ALL DEFINITION . . . at least to me, are simply Very Bad LOSERS, who aren’t much better at winning, since even when they win, they are SMUG, ARROGANT & ARE DOWNRIGHT MEAN-SPIRITED.

AND SINCE LOSING IS ANATHEMA TO THE LEFT . . . they are desperate and APOPLECTIC about the last election, and in my opinion, they will do everything they possibly can to SCREW-OVER President-Elect Trump and the United States of America, if it can further their SICK One World LEFTIST Government Agenda.

AND THEN THERE’S MICHELLE OBAMA . . . who after her Husband was Nominated to run for the Democrats, said that before the Nomination, she WAS NEVER PROUD IN HER ADULT LIFE OF HER COUNTRY.

And during the Election of 2008, she descried America as a DOWNRIGHT MEAN COUNTRY. And now that the American people have thoroughly REJECTED Barack Hussein Obama’s FAILED Presidency, Michelle Obama, who confused her Standing as America’s First Lady . . . with being the QUEEN or EMPRESS of America, has just said about Trump’s Election to REPLACE her FAILED Husband . . . “Now We Know What Not Having Hope Feels Like.”

Just to think . . . that there are Jerks in the Media, who thought Michelle Obama was going to be the NEXT Democrat to run for the White House, simply BOGGLES the mind.

BRACE FOR IT . . . I am absolutely convinced . . . that Barack Hussein Obama, will launch a 1960’s Type Saul Alinsky Attack on America, creating the conditions to Pit One American Against Another.

And he will STIR-THE-POT amongst the LEFT and Students, to recreate the type of Atmosphere America survived during the the Deplorable 1960’s.

LET THEM EAT CAKE . . . The Good News, is that Barack Obama and his Marie Antoinette Wife, Michelle, will not be spending the People’s Money taking their GAZILLION DOLLAR VACATIONS as of January 20, 2017.


The Republicans In Name Only will for the time being . . . keep their mouth shut, and Snipe perhaps from the Shadows. But make no mistake about it, they are NOT to be Trusted. They are not going away. And they should be replaced ASAP.


The LEFT have so SCREWED-UP our Values, that our Militaries no longer know how to Fight and Win Wars, to the point they are ENDANGERING ALL OF US.

If you really want to know how the Moslems would TREAT US IF THEY COULD, just look at Aleppo.

SO LET ME UNDERSTAND THIS . . . Some Moslem decides to plow a Stolen Transport Truck into a crowd of Christmas Shoppers in Berlin, much like they did in France, MURDERING a Dozen People, while doing serious harm to Dozens MORE, and there are LEFTISTS who are wondering if this was really something Islam can be held Accountable for?

Which shouldn’t surprise anyone, since the LEFT are still wondering how “SO FEW” MISLED people of the Moslem Religion, out of more than 1.5-BILLION, have HIJACKED the “Religion of Peace” (Islam), as they YELL ALLAH AKBAR, while committing their Heinous Acts of TERROR.

ALSO ACCORDING TO THE LEFT . . . we cannot respond to these Attacks Militarily, because some Moslem Civilians might be injured in the Process, even though a huge number of these Moslem Civilians HATE OUR GUTS, our Laws, and everything We Stand For.


The Iranians boarded Two American Gunships, held the Crews under Threat, and FORCED the American Sailors to APOLOGIZE for being in or near Iranian Territory. And Obama gave the Iranians more BILLIONS of Dollars as a Thank you for releasing the American Sailors.

The Russians BUZZED an American Fighting Ship, coming close enough for the American Sailors to read the Numbers on the Russian Fighter Jet(s), and the Americans filed an OFFICIAL Protest.

The Chinese STOLE an American Undersea Drone, right from under the nose of an American War Ship, as it looked-on in the South China Sea, and America negotiated the Drone’s return.

AND ACCORDING TO OBAMA . . . Russia was HACKING American Computers, when Obama told Putin FACE TO FACE, and his own words . . . “CUT IT OUT”. And if you believe that, I have some Prime Vacationland to Sell You on the Moon.


1 – The USA Navy should have sought out the Iranian Ship or Ships, which took the US Crew and BLASTED IT OR THEM OUT OF THE WATER. And then the US Navy should have sought-out an even bigger Iranian Prize, like a Battle Ship, and Sunk that too.

2 – The Russian Fighter-Jet, or Jets, which buzzed the US War Ship, should have been Blasted-Out of the SKY, and posted on YOU TUBE.

3 – The Chinese Ship that took the US Drone, should have been sent to the Bottom of the Sea, with a clear statement to the Chinese . . . that if they really want a FIGHT, let’s stop Screwing-Around and Get To It.

Do you really think the Chinese are in a Military or Financial Position to take-on a PISSED-OFF USA? I don’t think so.

4 – And as for Obama telling Putin to “Cut-It-Out” . . . Face-To-Face, In his Dreams, because, if that had really happened the way Obama said it did, Obama would have been Lucky if Putin didn’t Cut-Out Obama’s Throat . . . Face-To-Face.


As much as I never thought I would say or write this . . . The Arrival of Trump might just be in the Nick-Of-Time. And I fully assume that some Foreign Player is going to pull off some Shtick to see how far Trump is prepared to go. And when that happens, we will see the coming of a WHOLE NEW WORLD ORDER.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. It’s simple, he hasn’t gotten far enough along in the alphabet yet so he can’t spell ISIS…he’s still back on the “57 states”!
    He has copied Clinton so often that he is still on what ‘IS IS”! Bud Farrell

  2. Right now, Israel is the only country in the Middle East where Christians are safe. Christians have been Murdered and enslaved by Muslims throughout the Middle East. The Muslims would be doing the same to Jews if we were still there. Israel is the only country standing up against ISIS and the Islamic Culture War that is spreading throughout the Middle East and Europe and now threatening America. So, Help Strengthen Israel, with the Israel Longhorn Project. (at)
    On, 10/19/2

  3. Canada has gone so far to the Left that it borders on a tyranny, dictated to by the growing batch of Muslim “refugees”
    who, of course, vote Liberal, the party of the ignoranus who is welcoming them. Mr. Trump, you’ll need a wall along the
    49th parallel, I’m afraid!

  4. Soros wants to be in charge of the New World Order of Globalism he’s desperate to foment. There’s been an attitude change in the USA. People are FED up with the liberal BS &elected Trump to fix it& are tired of being marginalized& treated like second class citizens in favor of fringe lunatics THAT WE ARE SUPPORTING since they have NO jobs. The day Trump came down the Trump Tower escalators and announced, I turned to everyone in the room and said There’s the next POTUS& they laughed. Not Anymore.

  5. Right on Howard!!! We need to pray for God’s help to protect us from these atheist leftist. I truely believe that Soros is one of Satan’s minions–pure evil. He along with other the likes of Bloomberg, Bezos, Ochs Sulzberger, Slim, Celebs, etc. are leftist nut jobs. The regular Joe’s need to fight back every day via Twitter, Facebook, etc. Plus contacting Reps to hold them accountable.

  6. let me say one thing…the fact the US armed the rebels in Syria to bring about a regime change has blown up their face…nato commanders have just been captured in Aleppo who were advising the rebels should shed some light on who is keeping the revolution going..its the CIA….if one wants to see the real story go Global….Israel is also supporting ISIS in Syria along with the usual suspects, Sudia arabia , turkey, . Israel’s goal is to claim the Golan Heights…

  7. The election of Donald Trump (finally) has given many people on the right much hope. Maybe some false expectations are mixed in with that hope too. In any event, a lot of pressure on the President Elect…I fear the worst is in store for us if President Trump cannot succeed in his very obvious mandate to clean up Dodge and Make America Great Again! Godspeed President Trump…

  8. Now that we will have a President with real juevos, and a SecDef (James “Mad Dog” Mattis) whose shoulder NO ONE would want to knock a chip off of, I suspect we will have fewer provocations – after the first one.

  9. Re Rinos
    Primaries are the cure for rinos. The Tea party has shown us the way. We can/must purge themfrmthe Republicanparty.

  10. H, reading your blog is like a breath of fresh air. Gives me hope and the strength to look to an American tomorrow.

  11. Christians are commanded to love your enemies and be good to those who persecute you. We must do this and still trust in our Creator to do what we in the flesh cannot do. He will take care of everything in due time

  12. Right on Mr. G.! And the more the media goes after Mr. Trump the more I like him!

  13. 1) Kaboom!!!!! 🙂
    2) Happy Birthday, Anne.
    3) RE: The climate of our planet for those who seek the truth. Check out Dark Winter by John L. Casey. It will knock your socks off….with FACTS.

  14. “Happy Birthday” Anne. Enjoy your Very Special Day. Howard, thank you for your “Right-ON” Editorial once again. May God Shower you with His Christmas Blessings & a Safe New Year.

  15. Only 30 days of Obama’s presidency left. Thank God! Had it been an American ambassador shot dead on camera in Turkey, we would have seen BHO essentially roll over on his back like a beaten dog. Putin, on the other hand, will ensure there will be Hell to pay tomorrow for many celebrating his murder today. At least the American people have hope, finally, that our days of weakness are coming to an end! Thank-you, happy Chanukah, merry Christmas, and God bless you and yours.

  16. Happy Birthday, Anne and may you have many more to celebrate! And “Thank you” Howard for all of your very educational editorials. Merry Christmas and Happy, Healthy New Year 2017!

  17. Anne, many happy returns of Hannuka lights, Christmas cheer and birthdays galore.

  18. Obamas presidency=a waste of 8 years of time for 300 million plus people but it did make his friends very rich.

  19. Howard, a great deal of what POTUS can do will to some degree depend on the folks who represent us in the House & the Senate. Lets make sure that we “ordinary” citizens let them know what we want, OR ELSE!!!! Two years is not that far away.

  20. Happy birthday Annie: Happy Chanukah to you both, you said it right again, the Obammas will not stop,,

  21. Happy Birthday, Anne! The LEFT can be compared to a “bunch of CLINGERS where they can’t LET GO and ACCEPT Trump’s win! Less TALK and more ACTION is needed at this time. President-Elect Trump has already begun to ACT on his AGENDA and we have seen more POSITIVE results than in Obama’s 8 yrs. in office. Let us all thank God that we are heading to a BETTER FUTURE where our Country will become GREAT AGAIN! Obama– please just GO AWAY—you’ll be doing everyone a favor! PEACE & JOY TO ALL! AMEN!

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