Be Careful What You Write


Someone wrote in the previous COMMENT SECTION . . . “The only Good Moslem Is A Dead Moslem”. IT WAS REMOVED! And if anyone ever writes anything like that again on this BLOG, his or her Address in the Galganov Directory will be REMOVED FOREVER!


I believe in Freedom of Expression, even if that expression emphasizes ANGER, as long as it is justified. But, to make a claim such as the one that I just removed, is nothing other than an EXPRESSION our enemies would use, which is nothing more than a thoughtless glorification of the type of HATE, which supersedes who we are as a Civilized People . . . and what this BLOG stands for.


During the 1930’s and throughout the War Years . . . and even today – there are plenty of people who would be only too pleased to say the same thing about Jews . . . That The ONLY Good Jew Is A DEAD Jew.

SO – IF ANYONE . . . wants to play in this RACIST PIG PEN – do it somewhere else, and not on my BLOGNEVER!


To those many people, most of whom are Kind-Of-Heart and well intentioned, especially Christians, who quote what they think Christ would do and say . . . THINK before you write, RESEARCH before you make comments and UNDERSTAND that the World isn’t what you WOULD LIKE IT TO BE . . . BUT IS IN FACT WHAT IT IS.

I understand that you feel HORRIBLE that children are being MURDERED in Syria, but not just in Syria, but all around the world . . . And when you say that the death of one innocent person is no different than the death of any other innocent person, especially a child, therefore we have to reach out to everyone . . . would you say that if that one child who would be MURDERED would be your child, simply because your child was Jewish or Christian?


In this GLOBAL WAR . . . it is THEM against US, which is not a War of our making, but rather of theirs. And unlike us, who have been raised on a steady Diet of Law and Order, Decency, Caring, Multiculturalism, Respect and Understanding for other Races and Religions . . . THEIRS is a culture based on a 6th Century Religious Cult of CONQUER & CONVERT.

We used to pride ourselves on welcoming IMMIGRANTS to our countries, while introducing them to our Lifestyle, Culture, and Morals . . . But somehow, through the SICKNESS of our LEFTIST Educational System, we convinced ourselves that everyone else’s Culture, which they bring with them to our country, is either EQUIVALENT to ours – or BETTER than our own . . . even cultures that are ANATHEMA to our own, which uses a “RELIGIOUS” BOOK for all Laws and a Sick Moral Code, written 1400-Years ago, by a man (Mohammed) who took it upon himself, through WAR & SLAUGHTER, to become the SELF DECLARED SINGLE Messenger of his God (Allah), preaching MISOGYNY, HATE, VIOLENCE & WORLD DOMINION.

We in the WEST did not ask for this WAR, but INVITED it into our Countries and our HOMES, by accepting a Ridiculous DEGREE of Equivalence between Cultures, because of our Generosity and our NEED for their Petroleum and VAST WEALTH, which most of these Moslem Nations Garnered from the Oil and Gas, which lay beneath their feet.


But it doesn’t have to be TOO LATE for us in Canada and the United States. Our Politicians could STOP THIS NOW . . . simply by declaring that our countries are based upon JUDEO/CHRISTIAN VALUES, and our Laws are based upon our SECULAR Constitutions, which are FREE FROM RELIGIONS . . . and in our Countries, Canada and the USA, there is ZERO TOLERANCE for Sharia and Islamic Laws, which run counter to our DECLARATION OF INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS.

And as such . . . I would Ban the Construction of Mosques and Madrassas (Islamic Schools) in North America, and the Teachings of Mohamed.

UNDERSTAND THIS . . . In MOST Islamic Countries – the Teachings and Outward Religious Expressions of Judaism, Christianity and other Religions, which are not Islam, ARE NOT ONLY BANNED, but are practiced at the RISK of Arrest, Torture and Death.


Just Two Generations Ago, before the Rapid Spread of Islam to Europe and North America, we practiced Christianity by a Factor of more than 90%. A small minority practiced Judaism. And an even smaller minority professed other Religions, or no Religion at all. And life was GREAT.

TWO GENERATIONS LATER . . . Christianity is being DISPARAGED throughout North America. Jewish Students are being BULLIED and TERRIFIED if they appear to be TOO Jewish or Pro Israel in a HUGE Number of North American Colleges and Universities. And Islam is on the RISE everywhere, to the degree that some of America’s Major Cities, like whole Sections of Greater Detroit, are more Islamic than American.


We have real Problems . . . Problems which I fear, that in the not too distant Future, we will have to face either Armed on our Feet, or Subservient on our Knees, because one Country or Continent isn’t BIG ENOUGH for the oncoming Clash of Two Civilizations, when one of those Civilizations exists to Proselytize itself to Conquer all others.

SO DON’T BE A FOOL . . . and let’s not hand the Islamists a VICTORY by giving them and their USEFUL IDIOT LEFTIST SUPPORTERS, who are Jewish and Christian alike, a debating point away from the REAL ISSUE by making empty statements as a call to arms.

ALSO . . . DON’T THINK FOR A SECOND, that every Moslem is IRREDEEMABLE, since we in the WEST, especially in North America, have a WEAPON SO POWERFUL, that all the weapons the Islamic World Have Combined, CANNOT come close to match our own. And the WEAPON we have . . . is a combination of the TRUTH, FREEDOM, and the Constitutional Ability to Disseminate Both Through OUR FREE PRESS.

SO AGAIN . . . Do not take away from our WEAPON . . . by Diminishing our TRUTH.


IT IS 100% TRUE . . . Christians are being Murdered in Syria and other Moslem Countries by Islamists. Moslems were murdered in huge numbers by Serbs in Bosnia. Millions of Ukrainians were murdered in the Holodomor. More than one Million Armenians were murdered by the Turks. More than one Million Cambodians were murdered by Pol Pot. Almost a Million Tutsis were slaughtered by Hutus . . . AND ON AND ON. And now we see Moslems Slaughtering Moslems by the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS.

THE ONE DIFFERENCE . . . between these Gross Acts of Genocide and the HOLOCAUST was (is) this . . . In every country or region, where one culture murdered another, even in mass circumstances, like the Massacre at Srebrenica, it always has ONE OBJECTIVE, which is to either DRIVE OUT the Weaker Culture entirely, or Rule it under an Iron Fist, and in the case of the Bosnian/Serbs for example, the term that was coined during the Bosnian War, IS ETHNIC CLEANSING.

IN THE CASE OF THE HOLOCAUST . . . The Nazis and their European Supporters, which also included plenty of North American Cheerleaders, didn’t want to DRIVE THE JEWS OUT. What they wanted was the COMPLETE ANNIHILATION of what the Nazis considered to be the JEWISH GENE.

In other words . . . there was no attempt to make Europe JUDENFREI (Free Of Jews) by driving out the Jews, except at the very earliest outset before the War, when Germany offered to Trade Jews for products of Value, which EVERY Major Country Rejected, including the USA and Canada, even knowing what was going to happen to the Jews if they were left in Europe.

SO . . . For all of you who can see some comparison between the HOLOCAUST and all Genocides, understand this . . . THE JEWS HAD NOWHERE TO GO AND NOWHERE TO HIDE . . . Every Jew in Europe, where the Nazis were in control, were being rounded-up, TATTOOED like Animals, and Entered into the First Mass Databank Courtesy of IBM . . . to make Certain that EVERY last Jewish Gene would Cease to Exist.

BUT IT WAS ALSO MORE THAN THAT . . . Jews were used as Human Guinea Pigs for every Morbid Experiment the Nazis and their Collaborators could conceive. Jewish Infants had their heads Smashed against Stone Walls to save on the cost of bullets. Jewish Men were forced to watch as their Wives, Daughters, Sisters and Mothers were Raped and Subsequently Murdered.

Grinding the Jews into the GROUND wasn’t enough for the Nazis and their Collaborators, the Jews had to be Torn apart Emotionally and Humiliated Publicly.


The HOLOCAUST was Europe-Wide, and next to the Actual War Effort, the HIGHEST Spending Priority by the Nazis and their Collaborators, was the EXTERMINATION OF ALL JEWS IN EUROPE.

Next to the War . . . The HOLOCAUST was Europe’s single Largest Industry, giving Employment throughout Europe and Beyond, to the point, that there were no shortages of North American Individuals and their Companies who got Rich, or RICHER off the Slaughter of Jews.

AND ASK YOURSELF THIS QUESTION . . . Conservative British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill knew all about the Holocaust while the War was Raging. So don’t you think LIBERAL President FDR did too? So, why, when Churchill BEGGED Roosevelt to Bomb the Rail Lines carrying Jews leading to the Death Camps, did FDR REFUSE, saying that America couldn’t spare the Planes or the Bombs?


During the War, one of Hitler’s Great Friends and Admirers, who spent plenty of time with the Nazis in Berlin, was the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, who was also Yasser Arafat’s Uncle, who . . . along with the Nazis, drew-up Plans to Exterminate all the Jews who lived throughout the Middle East, who at that time numbered close to a Million . . . after the Nazis FINISHED with Europe’s FINAL JEWISH SOLUTION.


DO YOU THINK . . . that the vast Majority of Arab/Moslems wouldn’t HESITATE even for a Second, to do to Israeli Jews what the Nazis and Most of Europe did or allowed to happen to the Jews just 70-Years ago?

IF EVERYONE IS SO UPSET WITH PRESIDENT-ELECT TRUMP, for his statement to Ban Moslems from coming to America, who come from Hateful Countries is so wrong . . . then what about the part of the Palestinian Constitution (for whatever it’s worth), that makes it UNEQUIVOCAL, that NO JEW will ever be allowed to live in the State of Palestine?

And what about Saudi Arabia . . . where it is ILLEGAL for a Jewish Foot, to even Touch Saudi Soil. Where’s the LEFT’S OUTRAGE against the Saudis or the Palestinians?

THERE IS JUST ONE WORLD . . . THE REAL WORLD – and then the Make Believe World, which the LEFT would have us believe is REAL. But I am certain beyond question, that the VAST MAJORITY of the people who read this BLOG Know Which is Which.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Retirement? Not biblical, if you can work, then work. Those who do not, do not eat. Those who cannot work and are in need, let us help them, not government. Does not the Bible teach socialism, from those who have to those who have not? No. The Book of Acts is talking to the Church, not to the Roman government.
    Regarding the U.S. government domestic policies, the “feds” have so much statutory, regulatory and discretionary power, they can get anyone on any given day on multiple felonies.

  2. Many Americans know a “Good Muslim” But they are wrong they know a “Bad Muslim” a Bad Muslim is a Good human. A “Good Muslim” would be following Sharia Law, killing and raping you. Islam in America is weak once it becomes strong many Bad Muslims will be become Good Muslims. Bill Warner, Center for the Study of Political Islam.

  3. Way too many Americans/canadians are too complacent and think this could never happen here. If this continues, we will wake up too late. Our saving grace, I believe, is Donald Trump. He gave up his lavish lifestyle without worry or stress to take on the mess this country has been put into and has allowed and voted itself into.It is middle America, Godly Americans, working Americans who put Trump in office, not the elitist and millionaires/billionaires. Let’s not let go of our grip.

  4. Anyone who denigrates an entire demographic deserves a good dressing down.

    Islam though is not a race but a political ideology. If you read the Constitutions of Shariah compliant countries you will see the governments are guided by Islamic doctrine and theology.

    I analyze Islam as I would communism, socialism, marxism, or any totalitarian dictatorship.

    On that level one would be on safe ground analyzing Islamic Doctrine

    Thank you

  5. Another expression of reality which our media refuses to address. I know the my own efforts to get the Ottawa press to publish letters referring to content of the Islamic Tripod have never been printed. We North Americans owe you, and a few other individuals, our sincere gratitude for your efforts to inform our people. Do you know why no effort has ever been made to apply existing Anti Hatred Legislation to the mosques and madrases which preach and teach “hatred” of the evil enemies of Allah.

  6. I think that most of us hate hatred; and many, if not most, of us feel sorry for those who show hatred of their fellow human beings. Often that hatred springs from envy and/or ignorance.

  7. Why, if FDR would not bomb the rail lines carrying Jews to the death camps, did not Churchill have the British do it? Not a WWII fact buff….

  8. In regards to the HOLOCAUST, I have a friend who was a photographer in and during WWII. He took pictures of the horror of the war including what was found at the death camps etc, etc. He said General Eisenhower said “take pictures a lot of pictures in case some son-of-a-bitch comes along and says the HOLOCAUST did not happen”. There have been a few who have said it never happened. Long live GODS chosen people. If the USA does not support ISRAEL we are doomed.

  9. Too many non-Jews cannot understand why this message has to be reiterated as often as it is. It is truly amazing how clueless some folks are. I don’t think we will have to hope and pray Trump will have his priorities straight. Beautifully stated, Howard. Keep the faith. Wishing you, Anne and the tribe a Happy Chanukah and a wonderful New Year.

  10. Your blog is a continual educational course for me. Today I wish I had not learned this much.

  11. Thank you for all the history you provide for us. Only hope and pray our world would not witness these acts again. We must stand for what is right and for PEACE. May God Bless you, Anne, and your loved ones this Christmas season. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

  12. A lot of Christian churches in the U.S. are now taking in refugees from Syria hoping that the refugees will show their appreciation by converting to Christianity. Conversions to a religion other than Islam does occur but is rare as the Quran commands that conversion to other religions, especially Christianity, is punishable by death. A former Muslim friend has received death threats after converting to Christianity.

  13. It is estimated that more than 50% of Muslims have been radicalized according to some studies. Without the ability to truly determine who is and who is not, I am in full agreement with Mr Trump’s position that all Muslim immigration must be halted, not only to the United States, but to North America. Furthermore, all Saudi citizens should be disallowed any form of entry into this country, as it has been proven that this country is the primary source of support for radical Islam.

  14. The koran states 28 times that it is the duty of a Islamic believer to kill the infidel.Of course one must inquire as to whom is an infidel. An infidel is anyone not a believer in Allah.The koran also states it is allowable for an infidel to convert into a believer of Allah.Also,a tax or a price can be extracted from the infidel and then allowed to live.However,now that the infidel has lost all their wealth, they are sure to be murdered the next time around. In short, Islam is a religion of hate

  15. Islam is the problem, it says so in all their books, and all their actions. Therefore, without exception, all Moslems are the enemy to everyone else on the planet…Worldwide Caliphate, jihad and Sharia Law – or else!? Islam is NOT a religion, let alone ‘of peace’. It is a theocratic construct and a military doctrine of world domination. It comes from a primitive, savage and bloodthirsty culture and should at the least be contained in one geographical location – completely contained!

  16. Howard, after WWII the Jewish organization of I believe Simon Weisenthall, I may be wrong, went after Nazi people that were involved with killing or being involved in the death camps etc.

    I as others on the Internet have been led to believe that a billionaire by the name of Soros was involved with the Nazi regime and made his fortune during that time.

    My question is the, “why was he never prosecuted or arrested for crimes against the Jewish people”? Thanks for answering if you know or c

  17. Howard: I read your blog with great interest and agree with most that you write. At 80 years old I have been there and done my share. I’m still of the generation that was brain washed in the movie cartoons during world war ll. They left us that way. Thank God for that, we love our God and country and many have died for that love. But in todays Blog you committed an omission that most if not all Jews constantly do. Please pay respect for the other five or six million slaughtered in the prisons.

  18. Personally, I would love to see our young PM be removed from the office of Prime Minister, because I don’t believe he has the ‘smarts’ to do the job properly. As well, he has made the decision to import hundreds of new immigrants who will vote for him! If that is indeed his agenda, he is not fit for the job the Liberals voted him to do. He has no experience whatsoever to ready him for the most important position in Canada! I fear for Canada and Canadians under his watch!

  19. I would hope that one quick way that Trump can start closing the doors to the vast need of their petroleum, of which there is an enormous amount right under our feet. And like them, adhere, to the law of-this-land, our-land, not theirs.

  20. Howard, I read your blog all the time and like what you write but….
    You did not answer Oswald Ziesmann question why was Soros never prosecuted or arrested for crimes against the Jewish people. You just told us readers everthing but.

  21. Yes a tragedy and while not to the magnitude of WWII it continues today around the world and IMHO in the USA most sit by and say or do nothing. The election of Trump is a start but we the people must not stay silent and sit by watching as we may never have this opportunity to make real change for the West. There are plenty of RINOS who are / were more than happy to go along with the Liberals as long as they got what they wanted too. Washington works for us, we must hold them accountable

  22. Our Liberal bleeding hearts do not see and believe the evil of Islam. They only see more votes. We need a strong leader to run in our next election, who shuts the door to anyone coming from a Muslim country. If we don’t stop it now, our beloved Canada will be another Europe. Some European countries are starting to wake up. But those who oppose Muslims are targeted for death. Geert Wilders in Holland needs 24 hour security, because he is braves enough to tell the truth.

  23. @Alan Fox – Soros was a teenager when WWII was going on. Yes, he is considered a collaborator because he sided with the Nazis. He would help them with communicating by getting papers from one office to another, usually to Headquarters. What I think happened after WWII, the English & Americans thought that young Nazi collaborators were just “young & stupid.” Plus, Soros is a Hungarian, not a German. Wrong move on that thinking. Soros is a MAJOR problem today!!! Good one Howard!!!

  24. I of course appreciate your history lesson and your passion. I do have a stake in this as my father is buried at the American Cemetery at Normandy. The issue today for me is what should our role be when civilians are being murdered? Do we try to stop it? If we don”t, like Obama’s policies, it comes home to us. We should be concerned and proactive for the loss of any child, no matter what religion or nationality? (note the question mark) Your wisdom would is sought.

  25. Palm Beach is the perfect spot for the Winter White House. Security is easy, water on two sides, and bridges that go up at a moments notice. Trump’s residence has lots of rooms, no need to do a Clinton and build a home for Security at our expense. Airport is minutes away and the Police Force in Palm Beach is the best and plentiful. Frankly, since he is at the South End of the Island, we don’t even know he is here. Big savings over the Vacationer in Chief that will depart soon, hopefully.

  26. VERY INTERESTING comments, to you blog today, Howard! Thank goodness, the Electoral College came off OK, yesterday, & Mr. Trump is NOW the USA’s dually-elected President, & Mike Pence is same, for V.P.!! I think it is so sad, that the Libs can’t just accept things, & move on! It really is sad what out country has come to, & may God continue to bless our Canadian friends! You have your own problem with the Lib’s up there, too, with your PM.

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