WORDS REALLY DO MATTER . . . So, when I read or hear about atrocities Describing a Genocide as a HOLOCAUST, not only is this a Grossly INCORRECT use of the word, but it is an INSULT To The Memory Of The 6-MILLION Jewish Men, Women & Children, who were Totally Dispossessed, Disenfranchised, Humiliated, Intimidated, Beaten, Raped, Tortured and MASS MURDERED FOR THE SINGLE CRIME OF BEING JEWISH.

And to make it even MORE EGREGIOUS . . . The Jews couldn’t leave Europe and the Nazis, no matter how much they wanted to, because OUR FATE was to be ERADICATED from the Gene Pool of Humanity.

SO I DON’T WANT TO HEAR . . . from the LEFT, or anyone else, and certainly NOT from a Moslem Arab, on how the Syrian People are being MURDERED in a HOLOCAUST. Because, unless they have somehow Miraculously become Jews in this Horrible Time for them, they can easily and honestly compare their Plight to a Genocide, Slaughter, Massacre or anything else . . . BUT NOT THE HOLOCAUST.

BUT FOR MOSLEM/ARABS . . . Who HATE Jews, especially Israeli Jews, and CELEBRATE every time Jews are Slaughtered, same as they DANCED IN THE STREETS at the NEWS of the MURDERS & DESTRUCTION at the TWIN TOWERS & THE PENTAGON ON 9/11, to refer to what their OWN KIND are doing to them in Aleppo and elsewhere in the Arab/Moslem World as their HOLOCAUST . . . IS BEYOND THE PALE.


IN MODERN TIME ALONE . . . there have been so many Genocides and Slaughters, that amongst them, they include the Armenians at the hands of the Turks, The Rwandans, the Cambodians . . . and to many – the plight of North American Indians – BUT ONLY ONE GENOCIDE STANDS OUT FOR ITS UNIQUENESS.

I am not suggesting that the Genocides suffered throughout History are irrelevant, BUT I AM STATING, that it’s far too easy to DIMINISH ONE to support the others.

AND IF THE HOLOCAUST IS EVER REDUCED to the point, where it is measured as JUST ANOTHER GENOCIDE in The History of Mankind, the full Meaning of the HOLOCAUST, and the CULPABILITY of EVERYONE Responsible, from those who did the actual KILLING, to those who supplied the material and services, to those who knew and did nothing – would all become Meaningless . . . AND THAT CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN!

It is indeed Heart Rending to see the Women and Children of Syria, and their whole lives being Laid to Waste. But it is NO LESS HEART RENDING TO ME, to see, read and hear the Syrian Men, Women, and Children . . . amongst a VAST Number of other Arabs when POLLED . . . who freely admit that they think Israel should be WIPED OFF THE MAP, that the Jews in Israel should be PUSHED INTO THE SEA, that TERRORISM Against Jews is Acceptable, and that Jews Worldwide are EVIL.


How are Americans supposed to respond to People Who Hate Americans for Being Americans? And how much sympathy should we all have for a People who are being MURDERED by their own People . . . WHO, if they had a chance, would do it to their enemies, as their enemies are doing it to them?

How am I supposed to feel and react . . . when I read what is being taught to Palestinian School Children about HATING Jews, IDOLIZING Murderers (Terrorists) of Jews, and going to a kind of “Scout Camp” to learn how to Train Children to want to Kill Jews?

AND IT’S NOT JUST PALESTINIAN CHILDREN . . . who are raised and taught to HATE Jews. And it’s not just Arabs and Moslems who are taught to HATE Jews, since JEW-HATRED has been a Global Reality for more than 2000-Years.

And there were very few if any Arabs and Moslems in numbers of consequence throughout Europe during the time of the HOLOCAUST.

So . . . now that MILLIONS of Moslem/Arab JEW-HATERS are Murdering and Massacring Hundreds of Thousands of other Moslem/Arab JEW-HATERS . . . Please Tell Me How I’m Supposed to Feel? And what is my Response supposed to be?

BUT WHAT I REALLY DO KNOW . . . Without Question – is that the Arab-On-Arab Genocide has NOTHING whatsoever to do with the TRUE Meaning and Reality of the HOLOCAUST.

IN 1948 . . . The Arab and Moslem Armies from Asia, Africa and the Middle East converged on the Infant Reborn-Jewish State of Israel, resettled by People who had just 3-Years Earlier SURVIVED THE REAL HOLOCAUST.

And what did the World Do to either Save or Help the Jews, when most of the World were all but certain that the Jews would be ANNIHILATED . . . ? Nothing, Nada, Gornisht.

AND THEN IN 1973 . . . As the Combined Arab Armies and their Accomplices SNEAK ATTACKED Israel on the Evening of Yom Kippur, bringing Jews once again to a HAIR’S BREADTH . . . from being SLAUGHTERED in a Second HOLOCAUST, to the Point that Prime Minister Golda Meir was organizing TERMS OF SURRENDER, in the hopes that the Arabs wouldn’t Massacre all the Jews they could, before Israel could finally capitulate. Where was the world then?


But now it’s the Arab/Moslems turn where the entire West is debating upon ways to stop the Slaughter and stop the HURT . . . and it seems to be a different story.

SO WHY ARE THE Arabs/Moslem Countries NOT stepping up with Money, Services and a Territory, where they could ACCEPT, HOUSE & CARE for the Syrian Refugees?

AND IF ARAB/MOSLEM COUNTRIES . . . want nothing to do with the mostly Arab/Moslem Refugees, why should it be FORCED THROUGH GUILT UPON US?

And after seeing what the Arabs and Moslems have done in “GRATITUDE” to Europe for Taking-In Moslem and Arab Refugees . . . does anyone really think we should do the same as well?

President-Elect Trump has made it Repeatedly CLEAR . . . that America is BROKE, and CANNOT afford to Finance the World’s Miseries, and I will add . . . that this inability to cover the costs of INSANITY must also include MAN MADE MISERIES like Syria, while at the same time, Arab and Moslem Countries throughout the Middle East, Africa and Asia are AWASH IN PETROL-DOLLARS . . . SO WHY AREN’T THEY ANTEING-UP to protect and add succor to their own?

NONE OF US ON THE CONSERVATIVE SIDE . . . should be made to feel Guilty Enough to pick up the Mantle to Defend those who intrinsically want to Destroy us, much less to come to our countries, with which to bring SHARIA, Internecine Hatreds, Hatred of Jews, and Hatred for our Western Freedoms.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I think that the Canadian Snowbird Association should step in and defend the Canadians that vacation in the US for the winter. There are thousands of members of Canadians in the Snowbird Association who are not aware of this situation and it is only right for us to know that we would not be surprised to be turned away at the US border. Canadians should have rights in the US since we are spending billions of dollars to help build the US economy. Our rights should be defended before it gets wors

  2. Howard you are so right, so much of the time….this time you are CORRECT with every sentence. God bless you for your strength of character and humility. You give us all hope that we can be strong and verbal and caring. Thank you, Thank you for this editorial!

  3. I commend you for your knowledge of Islamic “ideology” and practices. I do regret that our mainstream media is either ignorant of Koran/Hadith/Sharia and 1400 years of history or, does not have the courage to address it. Thank you!

  4. Ditto to they lady above.. she just said what I was thinking!! Terrific editorial Howard!! As all of you blogs are!!

  5. I second Kingsley Beattie’s comments. I’m also thankful that Mr. Trump has arrived on the scene … a true leader, with guts.

  6. Not only Mr. Trump personally but his selection of a great Ambassador to Israel will send a strong message to the world re our sentiments toward Israel. Better late than never.

  7. One HUNDRED percent accurate my Jewish friend!
    There is NO COMPARISON between the Holocaust &/or any other terrible mass killing on earth. The Holocaust was meant to be so much more! Thank God the eradication failed!

  8. Its all in the Koran. Hatred for the Jew is in their mothers milk. MOhamet (may his memory be flushed down the toilet) led his firstbraid to kill Jews.

  9. SO WHY ARE THE Arabs/Moslem Countries NOT stepping up with Money, Services and a Territory, where they could ACCEPT, HOUSE & CARE for the Syrian Refugees? Excellent question, Howard!

  10. You always let the truth be known, Howard…..Like a breath of fresh air. NEVER let up!

  11. My heart breaks for all of the people of Israel, for all the lost souls that were murdered because some nut case Hitler hated them and was one himself. As for the people of Syrian be it mean I am mean or not I have no concern for them. I will have to stand before my Lord for being cruel thinking about them. But I have no feelings of sorrow for them. Let Saudi and all the surrounding area take care of their own Muslims let them stop the war that is going on. I feel no guilt I stand with Israel.

  12. I think you should take the catholic, protestant and orthodox churches to task for teaching hatred towards the Jews for sure for over a thousand years, when the very person they so revere was a Jew. Isn’t that the ultimate irony!!!

  13. HG, thanks for once again, shining a light on my innermost thoughts: Since the influx of Moslem refugees, I wanted Canadian interrogators to ask them the following mandatory questions: Do you believe in Sharia law over our local laws? Do you believe genocide is an optional resolution? Do you believe the Holocaust killed 6 million Jews? Do you believe Jews should enjoy equal rights to all Canadians? Their answers should govern whether they stay or go.

  14. I am reminded of a quote; To those who forget and forgo history, they are bound to repeat it. Thanks for the Jewish history lesson Howard. I visited Auschwitz & Birkenau Poland laye 1990’s. Every person on this planet should make the trip, see what demented and deranged people have done to people in the name of religious hate. Not only Jews, but also Gypsies, 150,000 Poles, 23,000 Romani and Sinti, 15,000 Soviet prisoners of war and 400 Jehovah’s Witnesses were slaughtered there in just 4 years.

  15. Howard, not only the use of the tragedy of the Holocaust is abused, but more people than before are claiming that the whole thing was a Zionist conspiracy. As for the Arabs, they will never change. They are brain washed to hate others and the utmost holy thing to do is to kill other people for the sake of Allah. Why on earth would we want to bring such people to our country, when they believe that we are all Infidels, and we should be converted, submit to them or be killed? Steve Acre, Montreal

  16. Excellent Editorial. WHY are other countries NOT asking WHY are the countries in the Syrian region NOT stepping up and taking these people in……these countries certainly have the MONEY. I think I am DONE with being FIRST to assist and the FIRST to be berated by the SAME countries we assist. There is a big world out there….Help your brethren as you expect the USA to do the task. WE ARE DONE. May God have mercy on their souls. AMEN

  17. Dear Howard, of all references from your past editorials NONE has been more relevant and important than today’s excellent description of the Holocaust. It is from ancient Greek and Hebrew meaning a sacrificial fire without remnants.
    Indeed, it is important to differentiate the Holocaust form genocide. It is your lasting LEGACY that I use the PLEDGE OF NEVER AGAIN in all my presentations when I teach about the Holocaust. I address well over 2000 students annually including Moslem kids. Andy

  18. First they try to wipe all the Jews out. Then they get all huffed, preachy and offended when the Jews remember it, stand up to it and decide they will (rightfully) defend themselves to never let it happen again.

  19. All references to other genocides diminish the magnitude of the evil & the slaughter of the Holocaust. This must not be allowed to happen. As a person whose children have Survivor blood running in their veins I say THANK YOU. This message cannot be repeated often enough. Kudos to you, to Andy, to Gary, to Joyce, and all the Pledge Riders, NEVER AGAIN. J & B & some friends are celebrating the Trump victory tomorrow night with a steak barbecue at my house. You, Anne, & Stryker will be missed!

  20. Holocaust or Shoah, is the exclusive province of the Jewish Nation. It was the brainchild of Hitler and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem to make the world Judenrein. Any other mass killings are dwarfed by it. The Muslims are perpetual victims and have been killing one another for centuries. In Syria the Alewites and Shiites are getting back at the Sunni, just because they are different. The “moderate” Muslims in the world cannot or will not speak out against the injustices, thereby condoning them.

  21. This is the Muslim’s knowledge of the our culture – to twist their destructiveness around to put quilt on us and use our cultural beliefs to “make things better for all humankind” – ultimately destroying us with our own cultural outlook. We can no longer be politically correct and to spend money on others who are bent on annihilating us. They will NOT change – it is us who much do the changing – and acknowledge that if we do not protect our selves and our beliefs, ALL is lost.

  22. Howard, as I read your post I felt the same heart wrenching that I also felt watching Schindler’s List. God has brought the Jewish people through so much. Can we, at last, be a true friend to Israel? I sure hope so.

  23. I’m sorry but this blog doesn’t generate the love that Jesus wanted us to express to all people (even our enemies). The Moslem raised people in this country I’ve met may not be on the hate side of their religion. I agree that if people want to assimilate into the western culture and live by it’s laws the opportunity might be there. But when I stand before God hopefully he will judge me on the love (compassion) I’ve shown to otherts who can’t take care of themselves. I see a dead child as a loss

  24. The article you wrote is why we must start educating the next generation. We can not depend on the education system at this time. I do believe Betsy DeVoss will be a great leader in her position and will get educate back into education.

  25. I will agree with you completly that what happened to the Jews in WW2 was a directed on them because of who they were, but the same could be said of the gypsy’s although not to the same numbers( there was not as many though). Arab Christians are being pull out because of who they are with the same results(like the Gypsy’s there are not Arab Christian) should we not have the same feeling of destain for thse murders?

  26. There are Christians in name only like Rinos. It is hypocritical and evil to blame Jews for everything as do modern conspiracy theories do. The NT taught me to love the Jew for the NT was written by Jewish believers in a Jewish Jesus. NOWHERE in the NT or OT are we commanded to hate and blame the Jew for Jesus’ death. The NT says Jesus said that He GAVE His OWN life and NO ONE took it from Him. “Christians” who hate the Jew need to examine the NT Scriptures carefully especially Romans 12.

  27. Kudos to Deborah of MO–it is indeed US who must change how we treat those who would destroy us simply because we do not share their view of Jews—or any other sect that does not go along with the ArabMoslem view. Keep them OUT of our country…we have millions here who need our help. To heck with all who hate Jews & Christians in general. The Lord will have the final word. Thanks, Howard, for your abiding truth.

  28. The muslim sects have been at war with each other for over 2,000 years. What makes us think we can free them and teach them democracy? They are steeped in killing and hate from the Koran from childhood. So, in my opinion, let’s stop sending them money, troups and aid. Let them destroy themselves and their cities. They are no better than cannibals, feeding off each other. Never be fooled that they are peace loving. They’ll cut off your head in a second if given he chance.

  29. Hope its okay to say this to get a good muslem perspective look up Allah divine or demonic

  30. With Trump and his cabinet pro Israel, I believe it will change for the better. What bothers me is the liberal Jewish folks who side with the left world wide. How they can be pro Islam is beyond reason. Let the rich Middle East take in these refugees who hate the West.

  31. my feeling everyone should withdraw their support to the middle east and let them fight it out amoug themselves

  32. Excellent Howard! The time has really come that the USA & Canada re-think their own moral values about Muslim refugees. I personally don’t want them in my neighborhood or town or state! The fact is Georgia has 2 large areas where only Muslims reside. They may even be “NO GO ZONES.” I am not sure, but it really does make me feel very uneasy. The Holocaust was only done to the Jews. Yes, the Nazis killed others but not in the same manner. NEVER AGAIN!!!

  33. Excellant. My solution has been, for years, is to build a 500 ft fence around arab middle east, throw away the jey, and kill anyone who tries to escape. Then come back in 300 yrs and see who is willing to no longer live like “wild asses in the desert,”

  34. I remember when the Munich Olympic massacre took place and the time of the Black September Hyjackings. If they would have been stopped and removed altogether while they were small, where would this world be today?l

  35. In the name of Islam, 260,000,000 have been murdered in 1400 years, plus 20 million of their own. Its a civil war. Crap happens. My father, whom you knew, went to see Shindler’s List with a friend he bumped into in Miami; they originally met in the Camps. The friend was actually on the List. My father said that what the film showed over years was what he saw every day. I still can’t and won’t watch that or any other film about the Camps.

  36. I have often pointed out the world’s hypocrisy when it comes to Jews. To me the world’s attitude with the real Nazi Holocaust, the attempts to wipe out Israel in 1948, 1967 and 1973 are of a piece with the anti-Judaism of hte blood libel, the Dreyfusse trial and thousands of years of persecution. I would say it’s the period at the end of a sentence but it doesn’t stop.

  37. An equally significant and evil genocide was perpetuated on the Ukrainian people by Stalin in the late 20s, early 30s.
    It is referred to as the Holodomor. Somewhere in the range of 7 million starved to death, as well as many sent to Siberian work camps.
    It is not talked about because the Soviet Union until recently has tried to suppress info on it, in an attempt to protect Stalins legacy. He was as evil as Hitler.

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