If You Want To See EVIL . . . Look To The LEFT


As our Collective Heads Spin, always trying our Utmost to Differentiate between the Good Guys, The Not So Good Guys, and the DOWNRIGHT BAD GUYS . . . it seems that the Categories are always in FLUX – But in all reality, I’ve discovered after writing THOUSANDS of Editorials and Comments on the Subject, that it really isn’t Complicated at all.

IT SEEMS . . . to me at least, that when I write about the BAD GUYS, it always comes down to just a few BASICS, which can easily, in my world anyway, be differentiated between the LEFT and CONSERVATIVES.


I prefer to use the WORD CONSERVATIVE, since the LEFT has so thoroughly BASTARDIZED the word RIGHT, with Propagandized Definitions, such as the New ALT-RIGHT, with which to Demonize Conservative Values, that they have so MUDDIED the Waters, that the meaning of CONSERVATIVE to define who and what we are . . . does just fine.

TO THE LEFT . . . In their constant effort to CAMOUFLAGE who they are by creating the MYTH of who we are, they’re constantly LUMPING Conservatives with people and groups we Conservatives have nothing to do with. Nor do we want to have anything do with . . . AS EXAMPLES IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER:

Timothy McVeigh . . . The Oklahoma City Bomber, who was touted by the Media as a FAR RIGHTWING CHRISTIAN, was actually not part of Any Vast Rightwing Conspiracy.

IN TRUTH . . . Timothy McVeigh was part of a Small Fringe Group of Nut Jobs, who had a Conspiratorial Beef with the Government, whose group were neither Conservatives nor Proponents of any Real Political or Religious Doctrine.

LYNDON JOHNSON – LBJ . . . The Democrat who was acclaimed for Bringing About the 1964 Civil Rights Act, where in TRUTH, LBJ voted against Equality of the Races as he sat in the Senate. It was actually Republican Conservatives who pushed LBJ to Sign the Civil Rights Act into Law.

The KKK, which is always touted as being part of the FAR RIGHT, was actually a creation of the LEFT, led by Democrat Politicians . . . INCLUDING the once Revered Democrat Senator Robert Byrd, who the Clintons (both of them) held up as a GREAT American Champion.

BUT THE REAL LIE SURROUNDS THE NAZIS . . . who are ballyhooed as the Poster Child of the FAR RIGHT, which is not just RUBBISH, but an exaggeration that should be considered Intellectually Criminal Beyond Dishonest.

THE ACRONYM – NAZI – STOOD FOR . . . “Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei” – or in English, THE NATIONAL SOCIALIST GERMAN WORKERS’ PARTY, with a heavy EMPHASIS on SOCIALIST. So where does that mean Conservative to you?

DEMOCRAT PRESIDENT FDR . . . Has always been accredited with helping to Defeat the Nazis, and bringing the War in Europe to a close. But, what the LEFT don’t want people to know, or to have their teachers teach in American Schools, is that FDR was no Friend to the Jews, and time again REFUSED to order American Bombers to blow-up Nazi Rail Lines, which brought Europe’s Jews to the DEATH CAMPS, even at the Personal Requests Of Sir Winston Churchill to bomb the Rail Lines.

IN CANADA . . . Our LIBERAL World War II Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King, supported the OFFICIAL Jewish Immigration Policy, Before the War, During The War, and even After the War, that . . . “NONE IS TOO MANY”.

AND THEN THERE’S MARGARET SANGER . . . If you look up Margaret Sanger on the LEFTIST Search Engine Wikipedia . . . you will see her described almost as a Saint, where in all reality . . . Margaret Sanger was a BUTCHER, who believed in EUGENICS and the Unfettered Abortion of Black Babies.

Yet, in spite of all the Evidence pointing AGAINST her, Sanger, who was a RANK Socialist, and the MOTHER of Planned Parenthood, designed originally to Abort Black Babies and the Babies of the LESS Intelligent is an Icon of the LEFT to look up to.

What is MOST Remarkable about Margaret Sanger in this Day & Age . . . is how she is REVERED by the LEFT, which includes Ultra Liberal Feminists such as Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and the Disgraced Debbie Wasserman Schultz to name only three.


I CAN GO ON AND ON AND ON . . . but I don’t have to, because you’re all SMART enough to see the TRUTH for what it really is. But, one CANNOT write or speak about the EVIL of the LEFT without defining their use of EQUIVALENCE.

FOR EXAMPLE . . . A group of murderous Arabs (Palestinian) BREAK into a Jewish Home in the Israeli West Bank, or anywhere for that matter in Israel, in the Darkness of Night, and Slaughter a Sleeping Family . . . Mother, Children and Infants, which actually happened when I was in Israel.

The Israeli Authorities Tracked Down the Arab Murderers in their own Village, and Killed them in a Shootout, where the LEFT condemned the Israelis, claiming EQUIVALENCE . . . one ACTION being EQUAL to the OTHER, which is not even remotely similar.

BUT I’LL TAKE IT EVEN CLOSER TO HOME . . . A Black OVERSIZED TEENAGED THUG, Roughs Up a Convenience Store Employee, while Stealing something off the Display Rack. When Confronted by the Police, the Black Thug Attacks the Officer and TRIES TO TAKE HIS GUN from his Holster. In the ensuing Confrontation, the Black Thug decides to Finish his Fight with the Cop, where and when the Cop shoots the approaching THUG multiple Times, killing him.

From this Confrontation . . . The LEFT spin it, so that the COP should be held GUILTY for a provocation, from there, the LIE IS BORN that the Black Thug had his hands up in the air to Surrender, and was even on his Knees with his Back Turned to the COP, when the COP Gunned Him Down For No Reason.

RIOTS ENSUED . . . Some people are murdered as a consequence of the BIG LEFTIST LIE, buildings are BURNED, Ransacked, and Looted – TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS are spent policing the Riots, Cops are Injured trying to do their JOBS as delicately as they could, Black LEFTIST Politicians are caught FABRICATING, LYING & STIRRING THE POT – and from all of this TWO EGREGIOUS MYTHS ARE CREATED:

1 – Hands-Up Don’t Shoot . . . is portrayed on WHITE Major and Minor Media Stations, such as CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, and MSNBC, by LEFTIST News Hosts, who are more than EAGER and WILLING to PERPETUATE and DISSEMINATE the LIE, by holding their hands into the air, while Promoting the MYTH, as so many Major Black Athletes TOO are anxious to do the same at Professional Games like Football and Basketball.

The Internet . . . Web Sites, Face Book and Tweets are going Wild with this Hands-Up Don’t Shoot BS.

2 – And from these LIES about Hands Up Don’t Shoot, and Open Season on Blacks by WHITE Cops, the BIGGEST LIE of them all is born in the BLACK LIVES MATTER MOVEMENT, which has proven itself to be nothing more than a Super LEFTIST, Anti-White, Anti-American, and Anti-Semitic horde of MOSTLY Black Racists, Supported By White Liberal Useful IDIOTS.


I can’t “Speak” for History that goes back THOUSANDS of Years, but I would NOT be surprised in the LEAST if it was no different then as it is now. But I CAN & DO Speak and Write as ARTICULATELY as I can about what’s happening HERE & NOW.

I WILL NEVER FORGET THE FAMOUS WORDS OF EMILE ZOLA . . . “J’Accuse!” – Which have haunted me from the time I understood them, when a man in the Late 1800’s, with Infinite Writing Talents, took it upon himself to DEFY the French Authorities, at the expense of PRISON, to tell the TRUTH about the DREYFUS AFFAIR, when no one else gave a Damn, or had the COURAGE to come forward with the Truth, Except Emile Zola, who had Nothing to Gain . . . and Everything to LOSE in his pursuit of HONESTY IN THE MEDIA.

I DON’T care who the President is of the United States of America, or who is the Prime Minister of Canada, or the Leaders of the House and the Senate. I don’t care who controls the Media, Google, Yahoo, You Tube, the Internet, Face Book Or Twitter, since all have their Prejudices, and all have to eventually Answer to the Piper . . .


The Greatest Freedom we all have . . . is the FREEDOM OF KNOWING THE TRUTH, which in the United States is GUARANTEED by the First AmendmentONLY because of the Second Amendment. In Canada, we have no Second Amendment, and we have no REAL GUARANTEE OF A FIRST AMENDMENT.

TO THE CONTRARY . . . In Canada, it is our Parliament and the Courts, which decide upon what is ACCEPTABLE to Say and Write, which to me, is NO FREEDOM AT ALL.

I would like to think that I would have the COURAGE to do what Emile Zola had done if a similar situation was ever forced upon me. I know that I stood up to the Authorities in the Province of Quebec, and DEFIED Canada’s Parliament in my very Public Fight for Equality in Freedom of Speech. And as a Result, Anne and I lived with ARMED BODY GUARDS, off and on for a Number of Years at our own expense.

Anne and I, because of my Steadfastness to defend FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION in Canada, spent Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars, which we barely had and could scarcely afford to finance amongst many other things Court Challenges all the way to the Supreme Court, knowing in out Hearts, that we Most Probably would NOT win, and even if we did, we would win PYRRHIC Victories.


I know that in Less Than Two Weeks, we will all be Celebrating Christmas and/or Chanukah, which also means that I know Money will be Tight . . . BUT:

I’M NOT EMILE ZOLA – But I would Pray, that if it ever came from Push to Shove, I would Act No Differently than he did, but one never knows what one would do until he or she is CALLED-UPON . . . but what I do know, is that I am much like Don Quixote, who became FAMOUS for Tilting at Windmills, knowing that in all probability he couldn’t DEFEAT them, BUT NEVER STOPPED TRYING.


AS I WRITE ONCE EVERY MONTH . . . ONLY if you can AFFORD to help Support this BLOG. And if you think that what I write, say, and always try to do has REAL MERIT & VALUE . . . your support for Galganov.com does help make a Substantial Difference.

NO ONE IS GETTING RICH PRODUCING THIS BLOG . . . And let me tell you this. Since I’ve decided to make Writing this BLOG My Full Time Passion . . . In Reality, Freedom Isn’t Free, but I also don’t want to get Poor Doing What I Do.


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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. US Gov cuts off its nose to spite its own face, lying thru its teeth, writing ambiguous “laws” they themselves can’t understand (Pelosi: “You have to read it to know what’s in it”), never honoring a treaty (Native Americans), and to selectively apply same laws to voting constituents they prefer (liberal biases, Latinos/Muslims get preferences). Anyone (US citizen or other) who earns/contributes/obeys laws is targeted by IRS/NSA/DHS–watch your back! You’re likely under surveillance like us.

  2. When I discuss your pieces with my liberal associates I constantly tell them that I, too, am a “liberal.” When they question that statement in light of my “conservative” positions I clarify my statement by saying that I am a “Jeffersonian Liberal.” Then I send them to the history books to better understand what a “liberal” real should stand for and what a “conservative” does stand for. Actually have moved several of these folks to think for themselves. One small step for man…

  3. Great Editorial and very EDUCATIONAL! The LEFT is in a state of AGONY, as the CONSERVATIVES are now in COMPLETE CONTROL of our Government’s future re: trying to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! CROOKED HILLARY and her COHORTS still CAN’T believe that they LOST! Their ongoing LIES are now above and beyond BELIEF, but we know that “DESPERATE people do DESPERATE things”! Again, can’t wait for January 20th when the “lights are turned back on again”. The TRUTH SHALL CONQUER! THANK GOD! AMEN!

  4. The ONLY thing I would add to your commentary is the murder of police all over this country DIRECTLY RELATED to the media lies about Michael Brown and the rest of the dead thugs. They are complicit and I hold them personally accountible for the deaths of the assassinated officers! There has been no apology, no retraction, nor a correction of their leftist narrative against police. They are trash and can all go straight to hell.

  5. I notice and wittness a lot of the crap of what LBJ did. Especially in Vietnam. The Democrat were the good and in the spotlight, but, where the Republican? I hardly or never heard of them doing anything thing. The history of this country that I then grew up with, I didn’t like, BECAUSE IT WAS A LIE, with many missing links! I just saw “Hillary’s America”, and it opened my eyes to even more of them. If more people would know & accept the truth of our country they would be free from bondage.

  6. There is no question that the Left is EVIL. If you will forgive my scriptural reference, Jesus, in His struggle with the Pharisees, said this to them: “You are unable to hear what I say. You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desire. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.” Thus is the Left of its father, the devil

  7. One of your best articles Howard. I wish your writings could be syndicated for the whole country to read!

  8. The REAL TRUTH would destroy the Dems, liberals & progressives. Spent 3+ hours listening to conversation of recent college graduate. It was obvious she was so indoctrinated in her ‘beliefs’ because no matter what logical/common sense statements were given, even if she seemed to begin to agree, she would hesitate then repeat same argument, word for word, like it was rote. Were she to ever accept the truth, she would not know who she is. Those tenants have defined her. Happy Chanukah to you&yours.

  9. “…we have a REAL & DEFINED Enemy, who will NEVER STOP their War against our FREEDOMS…” It wasn’t clear to me exactly who that ‘enemy’ is. Is it the socialist/Globalist cabal running things now, is it Islam or is it the MSM…or can the fault lie with all the useful idiot dupes and drones who buy into the lefty/liberal/progressive BS without question or query? When you get backed into a corner there’s only one place to go…

  10. The Left in its modern form is the most hateful, fascist, immature and uncompromising political movements/ideologies that exist today. It is seemingly nothing but hate-mongering, spite, vengeance and below-the-belt attitudes and tactics from spoiled, closed minded people who have little grasp of reality and no tolerance for differing opinions. And it all done under the auspices of peace, human rights, open-mindedness and progress.

  11. Thanks, Howard for revealing the truth. It MUST be told and retold, never to be forgotten….like the Holocaust. The Left is made up of nothing but lies. No one will ever alter my opinion that to be a Lefty you have to be unhappy, hateful or evil…..or ALL OF THE ABOVE! And you continue to express it so eloquently! You have that gift along with integrity and you are using both to their fullest. God Bless!

  12. I agree with all you state in your editorial. Why does the Republican Party not broadcast the truths that you just told ? Why do they not champion the values so dear to most conservatives ? Why have they been so weak and just give-in to the liberals when in the majority ? Why are we still hearing from Rino’s like McCain, Lindsey Gram and other progressive’s ? Please Mr. Trump drain the swamp, start with the old windbag turncoat republicans.

  13. You know i am a loyal supporter and full time reader of your blog. Apart from the content of this one you said ‘If you look up Margaret Sanger on the LEFTIST Search Engine Wikipedia’.
    I have been suggesting that to my cronies for several months but had no more than angry suspicions. Can you give me any back-up to this comment?

  14. I wish I had a nickel for every time I’ve asked a liberal to look up the history of liberalism to show them that even what they call themselves is a lie.

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