Israel And The Jewish People Are In The Cross-Hairs


WE ALL REMEMBER THE FAMOUS DIRTY HARRY LINE OF 1971 . . . “Do You Feel Lucky Punk?” As Clint Eastwood, with an Empty 44-Magnum, Stared Down a Punk Lying on the Street, who was ready to reach for his rifle.

As you read further into this Editorial, I think you will appreciate the Logic of my using this Quote.


Let us for a moment set aside all the domestic Razzmatazz of the Forthcoming Trump Presidency, and also forget what all the Media seems to be talking about, in terms of President-Elect Trump Draining the Swamp and Rolling Back Regulations.

Which Are All Great And Necessary Things To Do – But . . .


There are so many Hotspots everywhere in the World, whether it be Russia in Ukraine, Crimea, Syria, or the Chinese in the South China Sea . . . It’s hard to know where to start.

The other 800-Pound Gorilla in the room is Iran, Hezbollah, and Turkey, especially Turkey, which seems not to be too certain where they stand . . . whether they really want to be a part of Europe, or REVERT back to being a Moslem State, with Sharia Law, perhaps mixed with some Democracy, which could be the governance of the day.


THE FACT THAT PRESIDENT-ELECT TRUMP . . . has Filled his Cabinet with Serious FIGHTING WAR GENERALS, especially his Secretary of Defense (Mad Dog Mattis), IS NOT BECAUSE President-Elect Trump couldn’t find Qualified Civilians to do those Jobs . . . But Rather – It is because President-Elect Trump is sending a SCREW-YOU MESSAGE to the whole world, that if anyone wants to TEST this President’s RESOLVE, they will be TESTING the WRONG GUY.

UNLIKE . . . Obama as President, the Iranians and the Russians had a Field Day Screwing with Americans on the High Seas. In Iran’s case, it meant Boarding American Gunboats, and keeping American Sailors as Hostages. In Russia’s case, it meant coming PERILOUSLY Close to American Warships, while BUZZING them with Russian Fighter Jets.

WOULD ANYONE WANT TO TAKE A BET WITH ME . . . that if either instance, such as the Above Mentioned were to happen again after President-Elect Trump is Sworn In, there would be Dead Russian Pilots and Dead Iranian Sailors?


I am convinced that President-Elect Trump . . . is finally going to MAKE GOOD on an American COMMITMENT, signed into law through Congress (The Jerusalem Act) on October 23, 1995, to MOVE the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, while Recognizing TWO KEY PROMISES:

1 – Israel is a Jewish Nation.

2 – Jerusalem is the UNDIVIDED Capitol of Israel.


1 – President-Elect Trump is sending the Clearest Message of all, that he is not about to play like a PANSY when it comes to Israel. And anyone who wants to tell me that Bush 43 was a GREAT FRIEND to Israel, just ask yourself this . . .

If Bush 43 was such a good friend to Israel, as he and so many others would want the world to believe, why didn’t Bush 43 move the American Embassy to Jerusalem in the 8-Years he was in the Oval Office?

2 – The Palestinians would get the Message . . . that their time of Playing for CASH and Benefits from the Rest of World is up. And they will either REALLY Negotiate Fair and Square with the Jewish State, or they can watch their SHAM DREAM of a SHAM STATEHOOD disappear before their very eyes.

PERSONALLY . . . I Hate the Idea of a Two State Solution. And for every American and Canadian LEFTIST who thinks this would be a Fair and Equitable Solution to a MORASS caused by the Arabs and Jew-Hating United Nations; how would the LEFTISTS feel if the UN and Europe decided to make North America into two Multi-State Nations, between the American NATIVE Indians and the White people who Stole their Land?

OR HOW ABOUT . . . A Two State Solution that would give Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California to the Mexicans?

OR WHILE I’M AT IT . . . How about giving Gdansk (Danzig), Alsace Lorraine, and Sudeten back to the Germans – and Finland back to the Swedes, which are only the Tip Of The Iceberg if you want to get SERIOUS.

3 – Europe, which is a HOTBED of Jew-Hatred, and now with President-Elect Trump soon to take the HELM as President of the USA, Europe will once again become a HOTBED of Anti-Americanism, which has to force all of Europe to take a Long and Hard Look at their Prospects going into 2017.


But for some of us who might need a refresher, CASUS BELLI is a Reason To Go To War.

In the Case of Vietnam, the CASUS BELLI was the Gulf of Tonkin Affair, where an American War Ship Allegedly came under Attack from North Vietnamese Forces.

In the Case of the Second Gulf War . . . it was the knowledge – True or Not, that Saddam Hussein Harbored Weapons of Mass Destruction.


IT’S NOT THAT I BELIEVE . . . President-Elect Trump is looking to go to War, which I am quite positive he isn’t . . . BUT WHAT I DO BELIEVE, is that there has been so much DOOM & GLOOM surrounded with the Prospect that the ENTIRE WORLD WILL IMPLODE if the Americans Actually Made it OFFICIAL, that Jerusalem is the UNDIVIDED CAPITAL OF ISRAEL AND THE JEWISH PEOPLE . . . to the point, that it will be a CASUS BELLI.

TO MANY . . . It will be either WAR, which I very much DOUBT. Or it will be that the Entire World will be shown to be Full Of Beans, so as to Moan and Groan their Displeasure, until they quickly come to TERMS, that the UNDISPUTED RETURN of the American Cowboy Is Back In Town.


The Late and Great President Ronald Reagan made it absolutely CLEAR to the entire World, at Home and Abroad, but especially to the Iranians and the Soviet Union (The Evil Empire), that from the GET-GO, Reagan and America DO NOT BLUFF, and that HE & AMERICA are not to be Trifled with. And from HERE ON-IN, with Reagan In Charge, America’s Allies could once again Count on the USA . . . Whenever and Wherever.

I personally Believe that the Israelis are going to be Blessed with President-Elect Trump, giving the Israelis what has been Israel’s, and has been denied to Israel FOR MORE THAN 2000-YEARS, while President-Elect Trump looks at the Arabs, Persians, Asians, Africans and European Capitals . . . saying – “Are You Feeling Lucky Today Punk?”


There’s A New Sherriff In Town & The World Would Do Well To Take Notice.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I was in the US (in TX) for 12 years and was able to be there because the border could not track you until Jun 28 of last year. Since that time, the US and Canadian commuters are now linked…they hand shake and count the days. I was told it was a max of 180 days a year you could be there and to be careful and count accurately because their computers were. If you are out of the country without a visa for over the 180 days, the Canadian government can be a penalty/embargo (contd)

  2. No doubt there were millions of folks who breathed a big sigh of relief when Trump won but I doubt no one anywhere had a bigger sigh of relief than Benjamin Netanyahu. How he put up with Obama for 8 years is beyond me! Hopefully, Trump will follow through on his pledges so the world will finally, after way too many years, know that when America speaks we mean business. No more ‘woosy’ crap!

  3. Bravo Zulu*, Howard! (*Navy talk for “well done” or “well put”.) “Little” Israel, an underrated democracy, that has been
    the target of hatred by envious people the world over, will finally get its just place in the world!

  4. Howard, you have made my day. I am proud to be a Canadian, proud to be a Jew, and proud to be a Zionist. Golda Meir once said that when the Arabs started loving their children more than they hate the Jews peace could be achieved. Lets hope and lets give Trump a chance!

  5. If all of the Arab states cared so much about the Palestinians, maybe Saudi Arabia which has a tremendous amount of land, give some to the Palestinians for their own state. Then, as the lead singer of KISS who stated to Bill Riley and I paraphrase, “once the Palestinians have their own Country, the first time they send a rocket into Israel, Israel should declare war on them and then annihilate them and their new country”. Bill’s mouth dropped open and was speechless for a moment or two.

  6. Lovely, well stated!
    Much as we hoped for years to crush the self destructive layer of elements that took over, infested the USa with intent of destroying it, so did Israel prepare herself to do the same here and in the region. President Trump will not be prevented from office and anyone trying further may well find themselves in a very bad spot and soon. It is not just a swamp, iy is veritable sewer sump that must be drained and it will be, everywhere. G.d willing.

  7. Regardless of what the dolts on the left think, Donald Trump was sorely needed and is just what the doctor ordered, for the health of America as well as for the survival of the rest of the free world. Hail to the Chief! Now all we need is for someone with a real spine to run for Prime Minister of Canada against the narcissistic selfie-loving dweeb and Obama-wannabe that now prances the globe chanting about hope and change in the name of a fake image of what is the real Canada.

  8. Very much appreciate what you have to say on all points made here Howard. And yes, there’ll be a ‘new sheriff in town’ soon, and thank God! We – not only here in the U.S. – but also the world dodged a large caliber bullet November 8th! There are so very many issues (hang fires) needing a strong and reliable hand on the tiller that it just boggles the mind! very many of us are hoping with Donald Trump at the helm that at least near the agenda top will be getting the XL pipeline completed ASAP!

  9. Well what makes me feel so much better is that in the bible God said, Israel was the apple of His eye and I think it would behoove us to pay some attention to this. He will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who don’t sooooo maybe this is better than we think. Just sayin!

  10. With Trump’s pro Jewish posture, it schocked me how many Jewish people, especially NYC, voted for crooked Hillary. She would have followed Obama’s negativity towards Israel. Also this Steven Bannon stuff is total BS by the left. I’ve never seen such nonsense in my entire life. And the leftist celebs and MSM are just loons. Pray for Trump, as he is up against a leftist tsunami of biblical proportions.

  11. BHO has been the WORST and most DECEITFUL president ever. We also know that no other president has ever been as INVOLVED in a presidential campaign as BHO was for Hillary’s. It was for his OWN PURPOSE, however, and with very good reason! He truly FEARS what President-Elect Trump will DISCOVER about him and his DEVIOUS tactics via his ACCESS to CONFIDENTIAL matters! Re: Israel—BHO treated NETANYAHU in a very DEMEANING manner. January 20th can’t come fast enough! It will “MAKE MY DAY”! AMEN!

  12. Trump moving the USA embassy to Jerusalem is an awesome move and I hope he will let nothing get in the way of accomplishing this and like you say this will get many people and nations looking cross eyed but it will bestow a blessing on the American people. Not like our own PM “Joe who” who backed out of doing the same thing after having made this one of his election promises and know doubt him backing out was the cause of his short tenure as PM. You don’t play with the apple of His eye.

  13. Yes, we definitely need to pray for divine protection, and not just for divine guidance for Trump and the administration that is coming. The gates of evil have been open for a while and the minions of Lucifer hate what they see. They only love themselves and their own power, as we have all seen over these last forty years. They are not going to give up without an incredible fierce and hateful fight.

  14. The day before the election, I put on my tefillin and prayed to Hashem that Trump would be elected. I still pray for him, his safety, the people who serve under him, the citizens of our country and the free world, and that Hashem guides him in his decisions. I feel blessed that Trump is our President. G-d Bless the USA!

  15. Speak softly and carry a big stick would be a good start for any problem country. Two factions that are very profitable in wars oil producers and arms manufacturing, The down side is death and destruction but politicians care less
    they don’t get their hands dirty.

  16. “…the Entire World will be shown to be Full Of Beans, so as to Moan and Groan their Displeasure, until they quickly come to TERMS, that the UNDISPUTED RETURN of the American Cowboy Is Back In Town.” Bingo Howard. And in the other venerable words of Dirty Harry: “Go ahead Mohammed. Make my day.”

  17. Larry B. I would like the Donald to Tweet softly and carry a big stick

  18. The Jews and Israel are ALWAYS in the crosshairs. And the world is split into two groups; Those who recognize and understand the Jewish plight and Jewish contributions to the world and stand behind them, and those who don’t know or don’t care and stand against them.

  19. Howard, another winner !!! Phil mentioned Golda Meir brings back memories. In out companys office there was a poster with Golda sitting at a desk underneath it said “but, can she type” I always enjoyed seeing that poster.

  20. AMEN!! Come January 20, 2017 at 12:01 p.m., it will be “Hello World. America is BACK!”

  21. Wow….Howard This/Your Editorial is Great…. That said–Reading all the comments from the Bloggers TODAY…. is just as good and Great today..Way to write–and Learn from…-ALL of you!!!!

  22. Look at the Camp David Accord in 1996 (?). It solved the problem between the Jews and the Palastenians – for a few months and the Arabs were back at war with the Jews. When will be wake up. The Arabs hate each other. One sect kills another sect. They are destroying their cities, their people and their county. Let’s protect Israel and let the rest of them self destruct!!!!

  23. Hi Howard
    Interested in addressing the Canadian CPP?:-))
    Most Canadians have no idea what it is and where it goes!

  24. Halleluja Howard, you said it far better than me. How about Russia taking over a number of Japanese Islands in August of 1945 and never returned them? How about China invading a whole country Tibet and still occupies it? The time has come to say to the so called Palestinians, enough with the charade and the lies of so called refugees after 68 years? Who are you kidding? I take my hat off to Trump and wish him a Merry X-Mas and a happy and healthy New Year. Steve Acre, Canada

  25. Howard I am embarrassed to admit how much I knew about Israel and the Jewish people before I started reading your blog. I thank you for the knowledge I’ve gained by just reading your thoughts. Edgar

  26. Excellent Editorial. With so many hotspots…let me make a pronouncement. If WE want to understand HOW ISIS, Taliban, Hezbella came into FULL GEAR ACTION….please read (Charlie Wilson’s War by George Crile) Turkey is now supplying these terrorists with munitions and weapons at MAX WARP SPEED as of today. Mr. Trump needs to be aware of WHAT is going on in OUR government & its appropriations. Sooner rather then later. We ALL need to be WATCH DOGS.

  27. HG. so right, reminds me of WHY President “Ike Isinhower” was Elected.

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