Have you had enough of Trump This . . . and Trump That? And that it’s All Trump All The Time . . . as if there’s no news anywhere else in the world? Well, welcome to the New World Order – BECAUSE NOW IT’S OUR TURN!

Have you heard enough about the Russians HACKING the Democrats and the Republicans, to which the Republicans swear up and down . . . that they didn’t get HACKED?

Who are we supposed to believe? . . . The FBI says one thing. The CIA says the Other.

OR REALLY – WHO GIVES A DAMN, since each country, Friend and Foe Alike – HACK & SPY on each other relentlessly at home and abroad all the time, which is all just a lot of BS, because the LEFT can’t for the life of themselves come to terms with the FACT that they LOST?

Are you as kind of FED-UP as I am, with the constant BREAKING NEWS, that isn’t really Breaking At All, about the seemingly endless Stream of “CONTESTANTS” coming for the “CATTLE CALL” to Trump Tower – to “AUDITION” for the “ROLE” of Secretary of State?


President-Elect Trump is doing to the Media . . . what he did to the Republican “CONTESTANTS” in the Primary. And frankly, I’m surprised that the Media isn’t getting kind of tired of it. But then again . . . they’re the Media.

I know that it makes for GREAT All News TV Media-Fodder. And it’s the kind of Stuff Radio Talk Show Hosts Eat-Up as part of their Main Menu. And it’s Wonderful, with which to fill Blank Pages and Headlines of Newspapers.

And As For The BLOGS . . . It’s Manna From Heaven. But there’s a lot more to it than the Revolving Door at Trump Tower.

DON’T GET ME WRONG . . . As I’ve written Multiple Times, I really like MOST of President-Elect Trump’s Picks for his Cabinet, and I really mean LIKE, which shows to me, that President-Elect Trump is serious about doing MOST, if NOT ALL of the things he’s Promised and Campaigned to do on his way to the WHITE HOUSE.


I wrote in a Previous Editorial . . . about the TRUMP MAGIC SHOW, where we shouldn’t be Staring at President-Elect Trump’s Moving Hand, where all the Visible Action Seems to be Happening. But rather, we should be paying CLOSE Attention to the Hand no one is looking at, where the REAL Magic Happens.


I’m THRILLED that President-Elect Trump . . . has through his Telephone Conversation with the President of Taiwan, who reportedly Called President-Elect Trump to wish him her Congratulations, really gave the Mainstream Media, and supposedly China, A SERIOUS BOUT OF VERBAL DIARRHEA, which isn’t really the story. But it’s FUN to watch, hear and read nonetheless,

WHAT I SAW IN THIS “INCIDENT” . . . is how President-Elect Trump used this Phone Call to send TWO VERY SERIOUS MESSAGES:

1 – The Message was not only meant for China . . . that President-Elect Trump couldn’t care in the least what the Protocol has been since the Nixon Days – but most likely, how the Rest of the World Better come to Realize MUCH Sooner Rather Than Later, that they too should also expect an entirely Different Global Narrative with Trump in the White House.

2 – The Phone Call from the President of Taiwan, ALSO Delivered an extremely CLEAR Message to Obama and all the Leaders of the Rest of the World – but most explicitly to Obama . . . that EFFECTIVE Immediately, just in case Obama and the Rest of them didn’t already know . . . is that Obama is Yesterday’s News, whose best purpose is like an old Newspaper, to line a Bird Cage to collect the Guano that Falls from the Perch.

SO . . . when Obama’s State Department, or whomever it was from the State Department told the Chinese NOT to worry about the Taiwan Phone call to President-Elect Trump, that it will still be Business as Usual – NOT ONLY WAS THAT AN EMPTY PROMISE . . . it was a LIE delivered by the representative of a Man who had no authority to say so, which the Chinese understood better than anyone, which also made Obama look like the USELESS TOOL he currently is.

It seems to me, that all the Media . . . is so busy NITPICKING about the comings and goings of the SHOW around Trump Tower – that they don’t have a clue about THE REAL ACTION, which is happening right under their collective nose.

Or more likely . . . that they’re so focused on themselves as usual . . . that they can’t see the Forest for the Trees.

ESSENTIALLY . . . Trump is now the President of the United States of America. He might call Obama quite often to “CHAT”, as the story goes, but don’t think for a moment that it isn’t to RUB OBAMA’S NOSE IN IT, and to let Obama know who the NEW SHERIFF IS IN TOWN. Especially, since President-Elect Trump has made it as clear as Crystal that whatever Obama has done, The President-Elect Is Going To Undo.

WHAT WE’RE WATCHING IS THE WARM-UP ACT, which to me means that I can’t wait for when the Curtain Rises . . . AND THE REAL SHOW BEGINS.

In my Forthcoming Editorial, I’m going to be Writing About Israel, European Jews, North American Jews, A JEWISH WORLD IN SERIOUS FLUX . . . and what I believe all of it will mean to all of us . . . Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Moslems, and Others.

ALSO – Because, as the Great Jewish American Songwriter . . . Bob Dylan, who back in the 1960’s wrote and performed this Song, “THE TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGING”, could never have imagined how much, and to what extent his words would mean in the Year 2016. His ICONIC words were PRESCIENT.

If you have a moment . . . Please click on this LINK and listen to all the words very carefully, because like it or not . . . The Times They Are A Changing.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Yes, learn Spanish, forget English. Obummer and Co. are nut cases. This results from low information voters. The problem from LIVs : they vote. All should check out the Canadian Rockies in the Fall, a beautiful trip. Yes, the left-wingers running things here would rather have unscreened illiterates from South of the border (including moochers and criminals) coming in than desirable Canadian$. Canadians always treated us great – I’m ready to go back.
    Marshall Miller
    Lilburn Ga.

  2. If Fake News is reported by Fakers (ie. Brian Williams, NYTimes, Washington Post, Clinton news Network, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC et al.) I gather the liberals feel that two wrongs make a right. Hence, a double negative makes a positive. And that folks, is liberal logic!

  3. Loved it…. put things back in perspective for me! The Russian thing was getting to me, but even the news reports is as “attempted” not done!

    Like you, I can’t wait until 1.20.16 I’m hoping my head will be spinning from all the awesome changes!

  4. Why would Russia do anything to promote a Trump win in the election? Wasn’t it Clinton who arranged for US uranium to Russia? Obama soft on Russia & Ukraine. The traitorous deal with Iran. Seems that the dictators had a good thing going before Trump.

  5. Mr. Trump knows that the media are itching to attack him in any way possible. By creating news, he to a large extent controls what they can discuss. Brilliant! I can’t wait for him to be inaugurated — I really do think he will make America great again.

  6. And let me add my two cents…the whole isis isis issue is creation of the CIA and obama’s regime change in Syria lybia and ukraine US are supplying millions of weapons to the so-called rebels in Syria and Trump already will continue this destruction of Syria. Follow the money………. Israel has already claimed ownership of the Golan heights which has one of the largest oil reserves in the World……..the Golan heights are in Syria and Israel asks Obama if he could give him this

  7. The best editorial so far…I have only been a follower for about two months and this one knocks it out of the park! I couldn’t agree more…I’m loving the fact that the “fake news” complainers cannot get out of their own way in their self righteous, hate spewing, whining and complaining about how we conservatives are the reason HRC lost!!! Payback by Donald is starting to roll!!!!

  8. I’d like to know why my past 3 Galganov newsletters are going into my $pam folder ! Didn’t happen before, just the last 3. Is it your problem or my Time Warner ISP ? Thanks.

  9. Thank you, Howard, for put things into perspective once again!!! You are so right on, about all of this Trump business. The MSM is being played and beautifully!!! My wish is that we stop paying the UN & get it totally out of our country. I know that is a big one, but if you don’t wish big, why bother? So far, I believe Trump is picking an excellent Cabinet. I think Israel is going to be fine, after years of being the underdog & it’s about time! I can’t wait until Jan. 20th myself. Bravo Howard.

  10. I am getting a real KICK out of how everybody realizes TRUMP has added two months to his term and O is on the back nine!

  11. Howard, I home down here in Australia LMAO at the left crap that has been pouring from the mouths of the entire left. Watching You Tube of the bimbos wailing because hilLIARy lost! It also seems that some of those that said they couldn’t exist under President Donald J Trump and they would rather die are remarkable still alive???? And…that the filthy liar obama who promised a smooth transition seems to be doing everything he can to divide America. Now! America will now be great again!

  12. Wow!

    You hit it out of the park … and capped it off with a “back to the future” reference to Bob Dylan’s “The Times They Are A Changing”.

    We have lots of work ahead and I have a lot of confidence that good men and women are up to it and anxious to get at it.

  13. January 20 cant come fast enough for me, then an American will be in the white house. Just think of all the people
    that had that obama ( and Michelle ) made up that no bearing in the running of the government and foremost the group of muslims he appointed. All those in the obama camp are like dogs when the master calls them they lie down,remmber if you sleep with a dog you get up with obama fleas.

  14. Howard, another great one. Trump is sucking all the air out of the leftist room and they are grasping at straws. He is playing them like a fiddle. I’m just hoping he can pull off getting all his picks confirmed. I’m concerned the MSM and Dems will fight him all the way, the sorry SOB’s.

  15. Having Stumped 4 Trump & Voted 4 him too, (Dual Citizen), I too am thrilled about the Elections Result. I do have concerns that DJ Trump may fill his Cabinet with CFR, Club of Rome Types however; may be a story in that for you Mr. Galganov.
    ~ Jerry from Calgary

  16. Great blog, Howard. I tried to listen, but got this message “This video contains content from SME, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.” Times they ARE a changing – we no longer have freedom to express ourselves is one of the huge changes. Thank you for all that you do.

  17. Beth, just look up the lyrics:-) You might want to see Leonard Cohen’s “Democracy” lyrics even more. They should have both received the Pulitzer. Trump definitely has control of the helm of the ship of state…hopefully he steers his elected course while all the rats go overboard!

  18. So far Donald Trump has made a show of himself, to prove more and more to the world that he is’t a politician. He is loading his jet with correct people ready to take off on Inaugeration Day.

  19. Bob Dylan…… in my opinion the worst singer that there ever was. If I don’t hear him anymore I’ll be happy !!!

  20. Is most of America brain dead? Remember Obama appointed Hillary Secretary of State – we knew what she was. He appointed Geithner Secretary of Treasury – he later resigned – he had not paid back taxes for several years, Muslims galore were apointed to places in his administration. A civilian to head up Defense – How dare Trump select a top four star General. Does anyone know we are at war? A NEW DAY IS DAWNING!!! I shook the hand of Trump twice this weekend. He is a brilliant/dedicated man.

  21. US-Taiwan relations: In a sense, you are right in tracing US ambiguity back to the Nixon era, but it is more relevant to point out that it was Jimmy Carter in 1979 that threw Taiwan under the bus. He later arranged with the aid of a grateful Communist China to have North Korea relinquish its nuclear weapons. Oops – that didn’t work out so well, did it?

  22. Assange has re-asserted that the dirt on Hillary was a leak from the inside, not a hack by the Russians. A UK columnist claims to have actually met the source of the leak – definitely a U.S. insider. All of this Russia stuff is just a feeble try to de-ligitimize the election. No proof has been offered that the Russians were involved, and no Russian agents have been deported – a sure sign it’s all a sham. The left is still squalling and trying ANYTHING to throw a wrench in the works. Sore losers!

  23. Yes, yes, yes indeed!!! The scumbags and traitors have been kicked into the gutter, and as usual you have expressed it beautifully, Howard. We have been trying, but we just can’t seem to get the smiles off of our faces. It all resembles Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey. I feel like an 83 year old kid again! 🙂 Have you seen Trump’s proposed income tax form? It’s the size of a golf score card! How sweet that would be.

  24. Before the formal inauguration, Trump has begun to use implied authority, given by the citizens, to begin action toward achieving the promised goals. I love it.

  25. A real show of what is to lie ahead with Trump will be this Wednesday in New York with his Tech Conference with all the big guns in the field in this Country. They all will be attending, they know he means business and they better climb aboard.

  26. “… they’re so focused on themselves as usual . . . that they can’t see the Forest for the Trees.” 100% correct! Ray Hansen mentioned Trump having extended his presidency by 2 months. I agree that is unusual, on the part of foreign powers as well as the President-elect. But it shows he hits the ground running. We’re in for a thrill-a-minute ride with this man I think. Hopefully Hillary voters will become re-educated & find the results of a Trump presidency makes for a better country & life too.

  27. Could the election of The Donald” be “The Second Coming”? It seems like that to me.

  28. If the Liberals feel FRUSTRATED now, wait ’till after Jan. 20th. As some would say, “They ain’t seen nothing yet”! Can’t wait to see that SWAMP ALMOST COMPLETELY DRAINED! The Democrats are still in a STATE of SHOCK and are not about to get over it too soon because there’s just too much for them to absorb politically. EL DIABLO [BHO] has got to be WORRIED about TRUMP’S takeover of the White House where he’ll be able to DECIPHER how BHO really SCREWED UP our Government! AMEN!

  29. After following this latest presidential election as well as our own recent Canadian election, I’ve become more aware of the manipulation and indoctrination we have received over the years, through fake news and those who suggest that their intellect overrides my intelligence. We are reliving history, but I trust we will prevail with blogs such as Mr. Galganov’s. It is wonderful to have a place to connect with people who discern and really get it.

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