If you think it is UNKIND of me to derive ENORMOUS Pleasure (Schadenfreude) out of the intense DISPLEASURE the LEFT is experiencing at the SUCCESS of Conservatives, then I am as UNKIND as anyone can imagine.

I never realized just how many LEFTISTS read this BLOG, until Trump Won, and some are removing themselves from the Galganov.com Directory, not many, but enough to attract my attention with every Editorial I Write and Publish, which is too bad, since I love Rubbing the Loss in their collective FACE.

I CAN’T GET ENOUGH . . . of the Hollywooders, who are keen to whine and moan like spoiled children, who can’t get his or her own way. Even Stryker, our Gorgeous German Shepherd, who is a BIG-TIME WHINER when he can’t get all the cookies he wants, can learn a thing or two about whining from these Hollywood & LEFTIST Schmucks.


LESS THAN 40% . . . of the Canadian Voting Population elected Justin Trudeau to become our Prime Minister, who is without any question or exaggeration, the MOST UNQUALIFIED PERSON to have ever won such an important position.

Yet, there were no Demonstrations by Conservatives against the outcome of the Election. There were no RIOTS. And I don’t remember any Conservatives holding CRY-INS . . . and other such nonsense.

I Also Remember how America’s Conservatives reacted TWICE, to the Elections of Barack Hussein Obama, when Conservatives were really upset, but not at Obama or the Democrats, as much as they were really PEEVED at the Republicans, which ran such DISMAL Campaigns, certainly the first campaign in 2008 with John McCain at the Helm.

Then too . . . Unless I missed something – I don’t recall Conservatives taking to the Streets in Protest. I don’t recall High Schools, Colleges, and Universities creating Safe Spaces, where Students could congregate to Commiserate the loss of their Candidate.


I couldn’t give a RAT’S ASS how badly the LEFT feel, because at least for the next 4-Years their Free Ride Will Be Over. I am deriving far more than my FAIR SHARE of Delight watching the LEFT trip all over itself . . . as they themselves Contradict everything they claimed to have stood for in terms of what they considered to be an Honest Electoral System; that is until they LOST.


The LEFT are all “A TWITTER” over what they perceive the Trump Presidency is going to do, or might do; but imagine how they’ll react when this Trump Presidency starts doing what the President-Elect has not only Promised to do during the Campaign, but is actually REITERATING TO DO NOW . . . ON HIS THANK YOU TOUR.


Think about this . . . If President-Elect Donald Trump wasn’t really serious about Draining the Washington Swamp, why would he be staffing so much of his Cabinet with NON-GOVERNMENT BILLIONAIRES, who don’t need the corruption of Washington to get Rich, because they’re already there?

Or GENERALS, who at the last count numbered FOUR, who have proven themselves to be REAL Generals, opposed to Paper Generals like Obama wanted around himself, who are more Political than Military, but in the case of President-Elect Trump’s choices, these Generals REALLY understand the concept of Loyalty and Patriotism over all else?


OH YEAH – JUST WATCH HIM . . . This ISN’T Washington As Usual, where everyone PLAYS NICE to keep their special GOODIES, where if you Scratch my Back I’ll Scratch Yours. These Cabinet Picks of President-Elect Trump don’t need anyone to be Scratching their Backs, since these Wealthy Men have spent their Lifetime Scratching the Backs of the Politicians through their Lobbyists to get RICH, or even RICHER, just as Trump had done before entering Politics.

Maybe I’m being somewhat NAÏVE, but, I can’t help but to believe, that even in these days of Corporate Greed and Dishonesty . . . there are still Men and Women who really do care for their Country, and are willing to do what it takes to GIVE BACK some of what gave them their Wealth and Lifestyle in the First Place.

WE KNOW . . . That the Great Philanthropies throughout our World, were Created by Men and Women of Spectacular Wealth, specifically in Legacies after Death, which Contributed Enormously to the Benefit of Mankind, in the Sciences, Arts, Medicine, Engineering, the Pursuit of Law, Order and Justice . . . ETC.

What President-Elect Trump is doing . . . is LITERALLY giving this very Wealthy Group of Men and some Women, the Rare Opportunity to GIVE BACK IN LIFE, what Men and Women of this Caliber would otherwise need to Give Back in Death, to add to their Legacy. But in this case, they will live to see it through and bask in the results.

THE OPPORTUNITY TO CHANGE THE DIRECTION OF THE USA . . . back to what INITIALLY MADE IT GREAT, is beyond the IMAGINE & REACH of whatever anyone, even of their Stature could imagine, which is what President-Elect Trump is offering to his Billionaires and Generals in his Cabinet.


By the Day President-Elect Trump stops being President-Elect, and becomes PRESIDENT TRUMP, on January 20th, President Trump’s Cabinet will Hit the Ground Running at FULL SPEED with ZERO Concern over what the Politicians and Bureaucrats will have to say about Restoring America to COMMON SENSE.

Who Knows . . . Maybe President Trump Really Can Restore The American Dream?

In the meantime . . . I’ll sit back and enjoy the Schadenfreude.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Learn spanish. Forget how to speak english. If you come across from Canada, speak only spanish. they’ll let you stay as long as you wish, and you won’t have to spend your own money either. they’ll supply you with everything you need. god bless their hearts.

  2. If you want to have a look at the direction of the Trump team, start with an article on watts up with that (a blog by a “climate denier”) The article looks at the very hard questions his team are asking the Department of Energy. This is going to be a long four years for the greentard sycophants. I am very excited by this. I wish I could post the link, but cannot.

  3. “Schadenfreude Galganov” has outdone himself, once more, and I have already read your Libel three times. I am concerned that the commie forces who already have been in power for centuries (France, since the Revolution) and/or decades (almost 85 years in the US, when Roosevelt took office in 1932), that these powers will relentlessly continue to try and scuttle the Trump Revolution of 2016…
    Happy Hanukkah, dear Howard, and may you stay healthy and alive forever.

  4. I read this morning that the Trump people have asked for all of the names and society affiliations of the workers at the EPA who have worked on Global Warming and Climate Change. Hah – Hah!

  5. One not small point: Donald Trump has appointed the most pro-Israel cabinet in the history of the United States. Bibi Netanyahu is quietly doing cartwheels (He’ll be on 60 Minutes tomorrow night. Attention Mr. Abbas, Mr. Rouhani, and the powers who pull your strings: There’s a new Sheriff in town. Go ahead Mohammed. Make my day!

  6. Howard, I guess there are many UNKIND PEOPLE who feel as you do, and I’m one of them! As said before,”There IS an END to EVERYTHING”! Hence,YOUR PM will be replaced just like BHO was, and if you think you feel UNKIND now, wait ’till THIS happens!!! The TIDES are TURNING and CONSERVATIVES will soon begin to get THEIR FAIR SHARE! CROOKED HILLARY and her COHORTS are SQUIRMING over Trump’s newly appointed staff AND seeing the SWAMP BEING DRAINED! America has already begun to be GREAT again! AMEN!

  7. When to you suppose “they” are going to realize the representatives we elected to manage our country, and who have so miserably failed, is now in the hands of an eminently successful businessman who has pledged to restore our country to greatness once again?

  8. Howard,
    You are right on…Keep up the good work…I love to see the lib’s whine…

    Grant Crawford
    Los Lunas, NM

  9. I can’t wait for Trump to reinstate the original permitting for the Dakota Access Pipe Line, and see the whining, wailing, and gnashing of teeth by the left.

  10. Howard, how right you are…and I pray that our boy Justin will be cast out like the child he is. My God can you imagine the little dilettante going up against Trump. This should be a sight for the ages.

  11. I read on a blog that the Catholic priests are being encouraged to talk about global warming from their respective pulpits. This suggestion (edict?) came out of Rome, it self. The Pope has been chirping about this subject. (I did not know he was a meteorologist.) If my pastor or one of his assistants do that, then good bye to him and my monthly contribution to the church.

  12. Howard, I am not ashamed to admit that I actually cried when it was clear that Trump had won. With great joy, might I add. Our country is going down the tubes with Obama running the show, so the thought of Hillary as President was pretty scary.

    All the points you made in this post are spot-on.

    Trump’s appointments are EXCELLENT and I relish watching the reactions of the LEFT after each is announced. I can’t wait to see what Benjamin Netanyahu has to say tomorrow night on 60 Minutes.

  13. Howard, I am worried that the Electoral College, which votes in a few days, may pull a number and vote against Trump. The way things are going in the US politically, I would not be surprised. Upset, but not surprised. I keep hearing about “fake news”, but only directed at Trump; not a word about Hillary, CBS, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, NPR, etc. Why don’t they admit that the loser lost no matter how they tried to direct the election and move on, keep quiet, and see how things go before complaining.

  14. You don’t have to have brains to be a Liberal, in fact brains are a no no. Want proof? Canadians elected the “charismatic” moron with the name Trudeau and a large block of morons elected Kathleen Wynne to a majority in Ontario. I rest my case. The biggest problem that comes from this, and the electorate don’t see it, is the socialist are winning more morons over to their side with all of the demonstrations going on and all the crap in academia.Total BS

  15. David Gilbert:
    God is my Weather Man, always has been, always will be!
    Lamar Michael Krueger (mistershinola)

  16. Howard another one right on the “money” this is better than sex this man is loading both barrels. He’s the only canadate that could have beaten Hillary and the only one can get got the job done. I’m glad that you have both feet on the Trump train. Keep it up we need your amazing ability to see in black and white.

  17. I earned my schadenfreude privilege from work done from a sickbed to get Trump elected I spent what I believed was the LAST six months of my LIFE working non-stop to get Trump elected. I cast my vote for Trump in IL primary believing I would NOT live to vote for him again in November and I did it because I love America & chose to help the country to which I owe everything I have and this is why I believe Trump ran 4 POTUS: Love of our great nation and disgust at the corruption and mismanagement.

  18. Our prayers were answered. Trump’s election was the only way we could get our country back to the Constitution. Now we must retake the educational system and the minds of the young.

  19. “Fake News” – it’s what the Leftist propagated and spewed forth for the last year plus – hacking away at Trump, the RNC, Israel, etc and now they are complaining about “fake news” – you have to be kidding?? They invented and glorified it. They obviously don’t see how stupid this makes them look or maybe they actually believe we, the people, are so stupid that we didn’t know the garbage they put out was bogus? Trump winning should have told them something? Obviously not . . . .

  20. Amen Howard! It is one of the greatest pleasures of a long lifetime. We feel confident Trump will keep his word. For us it feels like we have almost come full circle. It won’t be long before we see it in full screen! 🙂

  21. Oh! Howard (I am much older than you so I feel comfortable calling you Howard and you can call me Mrs. Punkin) Hope you have a sense of humor.
    I agree, I agree and I also agree with your every word. God taught me through His word to love everyone and I have made it my life’s work to do that. However I do not have to like or accept everyone’s behavior.
    I can’t help but wonder how the leftest persons can actually believe the stuff they think or spout out of their mouths.
    Thank you for your wor

  22. If the Trump Administration is able to get term limits passed then swamp will be become less and less crowded in a few years.

    As long as the Dems and Rhinos keep whining they will not realize why they lost; Socialist policies of the Obama Administration; no real love and respect for our Constitution; Apology tours by Obama; neglect of our Military men and womwn; Va scandals and nothing done to correct; the most transparent administration in history? LOL. Politicized IRS; and many more I am to

  23. Amen !! RE: Draining the Swamp…The bureaucrats (federal employees) will be a problem. They don’t get FIRED. I have no idea where these folks can be TRANSFERRED that would NOT cause an uproar but it should be down to a FILE ROOM where there are NO phones allowed and each piece they file is counted and they MUST file 1,000 pcs. daily minimum and accurately or take a step down in the wage scale!! Works for me! 🙂

  24. The wailing, finger-pointing, gnashing of teeth and moaning of the disenfranchised left amuses me, also. They show themselves to be nothing more than the spoiled children they are, screaming because mommy would not buy them candy while they went to the grocery store. I think we have to show them tough love – we already set the example when we endured two elections of Obama without riots, calls for recounts, threats of assassination and wearing of a “special” color. GET OVER IT! You lost. Tough.

  25. Brilliant analysis of the LEFT and their behavior, much of which is a result of: spare the rod and spoil the child, which has deprived a few generations of a back bone…leaving us with too many bone-heads. It does not take any smarts to rampage, scream, and destroy. And YES, I am deriving mega loads of entertainment from watching them pull their hair out, whine and cry. TRUMP, already working hard, is a FREIGHT TRAIN coming their way Jan 21, 2017. Thanks again H.G.

  26. now if we could only get some guts out of our politicians both provincially and federally, it feels to me we are in the back waters of progress

  27. Howard GREAT blog!!! In taking back our education, we have to clean the swamp in our universities & colleges! Most of the academia needs to be booted out!!! Our children need to learn & say the Pledge of Allegiance every day at school. Teaching them respect for our flag & why it is a symbol of the USA. I was taught all of this, when I was in elementary school, back in the 1950’s! I want our future voters to truly understand why there is a separation of church & state, which means TRUE history!!!

  28. There are 3,141 counties in the
    USA. Trump won 3,047. Hillary won 57!! The counties in the NYC area and Los Angeles, California are where she picked up the 2 million more popular votes. Our founding fathers were GENIUSES for creating the Electoral College, preventing only 2 or 3 States to dictate what the other 48 must adhere to! We don’t see this in our media! VERY INTERESTING!!

  29. Thank you for that data, Gary. It proves, as you note, the incredible prescience of the “founding fathers”. I need to pass those stats on to all my friends, ASAP. Very graphically provides a rebuttal to the nitwits who claim that a simple majority should decide our national elections.

  30. Howard, an amazing post. The left just can’t get over this loss and keep calling Trump supporters racist. Regarding the MSM & celebs, ~50% of their fans (or x-fans) are conservatives. Just look at how Fox is dominating the news biz. The left loses have just begin, as Trump’s successes will be the final nail in their coffin.

  31. ‘I love the smell of the Schadenfreude in the morning…’

  32. I’m not a Godly person but at the almost last minutes of the election Trump pulled ahead, maybe God had something to do with this and then maybe not. I think what happened is that the American people finally woke up to the fact that we all were in trouble and more trouble if Hillary was elected. Trump has done more for America in the last 30 days than Obama did in 8 years. In fact America would of been better off if would of had no President for the last 8 years. Obama wanted America destroyed.

  33. First class summation of how things are going. Trumps Cabinet choices are a mirror of his promises and intent to show the people he really means to keep them. Wow, this has to be the first most talented Cabinet ever chosen to make America great again.

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