Don’t BELIEVE It Just Because The Media Says So



I believe strongly in Image, Perception and SHOWING HONOR, especially when it comes to something as KEY to the History of a Nation, in this Context, to the United States of America, which was caught by surprise . . . by the SNEAK ATTACK ON PEARL HARBOR on December 7, 1941 – by the Japanese Imperial Navy.

TO ME . . . Not having the Current President of the United States of America, who seemed to have NEVER turn down an opportunity to travel somewhere for a Vacation, a Ribbon Cutting, Glad Handing, or to accept some kind of Adulation, says all that NEEDS TO BE SAID ABOUT OBAMA, who was “Reportedly Born” in Hawaii, who was nurtured by his White Grandparents in Hawaii . . . THAT HE DID NOT END HIS PRESIDENCY BY PAYING REAL TRIBUTE – To The Memory Of America’s DAY OF INFAMY.


I ALSO HAVE TO WRITE . . . As you know, from reading this BLOG, that I’m critical of just about all the Media, and have not been particularly kind to FOX News either. BUT THAT SAID . . . If you have an hour to kill after the 6-O’clock News on FOX News, treat yourself to watching Tucker Carlson, who STICKS IT TO THE LEFT with Class, Facts and Truth, showing NO MERCY, which ALWAYS leaves them in the Gutter where they belong. IT REALLY IS A TREAT TO WATCH!


Think about this for a second:

1 – Obama ran Two Massive Campaigns on Hope and Change, which to him meant Destroying the American Dream the way Americans knew it from about 250-Years Ago.

2 – Obama Toured the World several times, APOLOGIZING for America, accusing his own Country of being Aggressive and Unfair.

3 – To my knowledge, Obama became the HIGHEST Taxing & HIGHEST Spending President America has ever Known.

4 – Obama’s QUEST to Fundamentally Change the USA, included Wiping out the Coal Industry, Restricting Exploration and Production of Gas and Oil on all Public Lands, and Empowering the EPA to literally Destroy Businesses, Farms, Ranches, Fishing and all sorts of Commerce and Personal Enjoyment of the Country, just on their SAY-SO.

5 – Obama’s UN-RATIFIED by Congress PARIS DEAL on the Climate Change Agreement, which isn’t worth the cost of the Paper that contains Obama’s Signature.

6 – Obama’s Foreign Policy that FAVORED Islamists like the Moslem Brotherhood over more Secular Moslems like Egyptian President El-Sisi. And treated Israel and Netanyahu like the Bad Kids in the Household, who from time to time needed a Public Spanking.

7 – Obama’s other UN-RATIFIED by Congress Deal with Iran on their Nuclear Objectives, also, because it was not Ratified by Congress, and is OPPOSED by most of the Members of Congress on both sides of the Political Divide has the value of a Fart In The Wind.

8 – Then there’s the Trans Pacific Partnership, with as much chance to become viable in the USA, as a Snowball’s Chance has in Hell.

9 – And what about Obama’s PROMISE to close Guantanamo Bay?

10 – Obama also Pressed with everything he had, to OPEN America’s Borders to all Types, and reward ILLEGAL Immigrants, most specifically Mexicans, with Amnesty.

AND THEN THERE’S OBAMACARE . . . Which has created such a mess in the American Healthcare Industry, but specifically to the Middle Working Class, where affordability has become an Impossibility, and just about all Working American Families, with the Exception of Public Sector Workers, Politicians and Bureaucrats, literally have no Healthcare to speak of, because of the GENERAL COSTS, and the CRIMINAL COSTS OF THE DEDUCTIONS.

And even though I listed 10-Major IssuesPLUS Obamacare . . . these Preceding Obama Policies were ONLY the Tip of Obama’s Entire Agenda, which was to Strip America from its Global EXCEPTIONALISM, making America more or less, just like any other Country in a One World Government, which has been the DREAM of the LEFT for MORE than a CENTURY.


DOES IT SEEM TO YOU . . . that it would be Normal that the Man whose DREAM is being ENTIRELY SHATTERED on the Rocks of Hubris . . . AND I DO MEAN “SHATTERED”, would be an Affable Loser, when his (Obama’s) Entire History shows that he is a Vindictive and Mean Loser, ESPECIALLY when he doesn’t get what he wants, or loses what he has, to be GRACIOUS to the man who is in the process of WIPING OUT HIS ENTIRE DREAM?

So what we are seeing on Television . . . and perhaps reading in the Newspapers about the AFFABLE Transition from Obama to Trump, in my mind is nothing but BS.

I’m sure you all remember how AFFABLE Obama was, when he won the Presidency for the first time in 2008, where he CRAPPED all over Bush 43 for 4-Years, Blaming and Belittling George W Bush for everything but the Bubonic Plague, even though Obama didn’t run against Bush, and won the Election of 2008 DECISIVELY.

DO YOU REALLY THINK . . . this Transition is at all Affable as the media wants us to think, because if you do, you must also believe that all the people who voted for Trump are Pro-Nazi, Deranged Gun-Nuts & DEPLORABLE OUT THE WAZOO?


While President-Elect Donald Trump is Hosting his Live On-Air Cavalcade of Cabinet Wannabees and “A” Listers, the likes of Al Gore and so many other LEFTISTS like Rahm Emanuel, I kind of think, at least I’m hoping, that it’s all part of the Trump Magic Show, where we’re all looking at the Moving Hand, while the REAL DEAL is happening with the Other Hand no one is paying any attention to.

AND WHILE PRESIDENT-ELECT TRUMP . . . seems to be playing nice with Al Gore, Mister Global Warming/Climate Change, who also according to himself Invented the Internet, to the Chagrin of Trump’s Supporters, literally the Next Day, Trump announces the Appointment of Scott Pruitt, who happens to be the ANTITHESIS to Al Gore . . . to head the EPA.

AND WHEN WE THINK . . . that Trump might not be as serious as he led us to believe he was about Border Patrol and Homeland Security . . . HE APPOINTS YET ANOTHER GENERAL, this time John Kelly, to become the Sharp End of the Spear to Protect America.

SO I’M LEARNING ABOUT TRUMP . . . Don’t pay all that much attention to what it seems to be, rather, than what it is at the end of the Show.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, you seem to forget the most importan difference between the Latin illegals and Canadians. The Latinos will vote, legally or not at some time in their lives and will vote Democrat. Canadians vote in Canada!

  2. Methinks “The Donald” might have been giving the lefties like Gore and Emanuel a tongue lashing of just how things WILL BE! Now the can face the public humiliation they are so deserving of!

  3. Howard, well said as usual. I actually applaud Trump for nominating retired Generals. They know how to get things done. I have high hopes that Trump will follow through on his campaign promises as we have been lied to enough. We are a nation that no longer respects or honors our past (maybe because it isn’t taught in schools anymore?) or our military, and especially our vets. Trump can change that and I pray that he does.

  4. Tucker Carlson will become a star if he continues to challenge with plain talk, logic, and facts the left’s ideologues who spout pure nonsense. It is especially enjoyable to see him laugh at some of the positions these people spout.

  5. Agree 100% about Tucker. I had cut back my daily Fox habit by a lot (Juan Williams is an annoying moron so The Five is gone) but I now record Tucker daily. How does he keep his cool as he eviscerates one “progressive” after another? Just afraid he will stop getting these morons as they will be afraid to appear. Keep up the good fight Howard.

    Robert Turnbull
    Richmond BC

  6. Howard you left out michelle obama ,the African queen, that had so many vacations ,some under the guise of reping the U.S and taking her 20 some assistance’s and other family members to the tune of 1/2 billion dollars. The obamas are nothing more then a crime family and belong in prison a good rica case.Good riddance on Jan.17 and send them to hell.

  7. You commented you are critical of the media, it is rubbing off as I just eliminated another blog (conservative) I used to listen to as they too are painting something that really stretches the story they are trying to tell. It is getting harder and harder to get someone who literally calls a spade a spade, and if it is a spade, that is what it is. Thank you, it is refreshing that you are not hesitant to admit ‘as far as I know’. Thank you for your insights and accuracy in reporting……

  8. Howard, you didn’t go far enough about Obama. Mainly to me, you forgot the UN’s Small Arms Treaty. That has GOT to be stopped, ASAP.
    Other than that, right on.

  9. Another great editorial Howard, I look forward to your editorial every day!

  10. Unfortunately my wife believes EVERY WORD spoken by NBC & CNN and disbelieves every word spoken by Fox News. Perhaps the fact that she is a native of Massachusetts explains at least some of this.

  11. I have my own twist on the title of your editorial today.
    It’s a sad state of affairs but one that is “mostly” true.
    DON”T believe it if the (mainstream) media says it’s so.
    They think they’re the story and that their opinion is more important than the truth.

  12. I am beginning to believe that in addition to getting a President, we got a super behavioral scientist. He seems to know how people of all types react under any circumstances. Thus he sets them up if they oppose him. He did it in making deals and will do it to the benefit of the people. Al Gore got his chance to scientifically prove climate change. Al Gore apparently failed miserably. Rahm Emanuel got his chance to present his case. Hopefully, Trump learned and will destroy both.

  13. According to Bill Penny of Penzy’s spices in a Facebook rant, we deplorables are homophobic and probable pro-Nazi, gun crazies.

  14. This is one of your best. Please keep up the good work. I’m with you 100%.

  15. Oh, don’t worry Howard….O will make an appearance at the WWII Memorial in Pearl Harbor at the site of the ARIZONA…..while vacationing for a few weeks during the Christmas Holiday and playing golf. It won’t have anything to do with remembering the pain of the attack, or thanking the vets (the ones he said should GET OVER IT). Just another photo op for this miserable supposed American!

  16. Note to John Morgan, Al Bore didn’t totally fail. He became a billionaire off of junk science he sold. Probably got some of your money as his friends in government are known to “give” to worthy causes, no matter the causes are not worthy. We have a peach just like him up here. Want to learn about a real junk science peddlar? Google David Suzuki.

  17. Tucker is refreshing! I know photoshop well and can tell you-when I examined O’s certificate-for SURE it could EASILY be doctored to display ANY info.Anyone half-way competent could do that. Maybe it will come out someday. In just four weeks, Trump has lifted the very dark cloud over conservatives heads. Let’s remember – the ‘Generals’ he has chosen are now private citizens (with military experience) so they qualify easily for their new positions. Go Trump. Thanks Howard.

  18. The generals Obama relieved because they did not endorse his fairy-world concept of how the military should be, now get the last laugh – they will be leading the charge for Trump to get things turned around – and FAST. I especially like “Mad Dog” Mattis. I listened recently to a speech he made to the Heritage Foundation, and he really knows his stuff. He’s a perfect choice for Defense Secretary and restoring morale to our fighting forces.

  19. Superb sibmission, HG! And the Left plus MSM never talk about some other failed policies, like Cash for Clunkers, Shovel-ready jobs, Solyndra, etc., etc.

  20. Loved what you said about Tucker Carlson! He’s always been one of my Fox favs, but his new show is even better than I expected! He always has what I call the “Tucker Cannibal” segment where he just eats someone up with his superior knowledge, wit, and acumen! Someone tweeted out recently that he should have his show extended up until Hannity starts. O’Reilly and Kelly will soon be the demise of Fox if they’re not careful.

  21. Obama is the devil himself. Destructive, manipulative, liar, backstabber, contemptible and egotistical. He will NOT stop AFTER leaving office. He WILL continue his Saul Alinsky indoctrinations. Trump has dealt with a multitude of personalities and I believe he has learned how to DEAL with each, in turn. Trump will NOT be easily fooled. And he has experienced advisers for additional input. I approve of those he has chosen for his cabinet, thus far. I believe Trump TWEETS, not MEDIA!!

  22. I, too, have gotten a bit anxious when Mr. Trump invited Al Bore and Mittens Romney to his office during the time of selecting the cabinet and other high office holders in the Trump Administration. On reflection, I think that was Mr. Trump’s version of “smoke and mirrors”, as you say, Howard. I look at all the nominees to date and am very impressed. Mr. Trump is doing the unthinkable; he is living up to his campaign promises and masterfully so.

  23. trump will talk to anybody….he is at his core a tactician…hear out the enemy and then do the opposite..nothing wrong with that….romney looks like a fool now after the awful things he called trump….any person with real integrity…(.i forgot romeny is a politician first who will jump at any political opportunity)….would respectfully decline trump’s offer to meet.but no he actually thinks trump might give him the secy of state job.trump might but i doubt it.romney wont fit i wont fitn

  24. Howard, I’m glad you mention slight of hand. I’m presently bothered by the fact that the most anti gun liberal vice president in american history is up here schmoozing with turdo on an official visit. What is he doing here this late in the most reviled administration ever. Is it social or is he acting on behalf of his boss hoping it won’t be noticed. They don’t have enough remaining credit to do anything important. Maybe obama is checking potential residency for exiles.

  25. Howard, your comment re all the travelling done by BHO is being replicated by Trudeau. He has been on one glorious holiday since last October. I think he was starved of traveling for a long time. Now he has his own personal jet he can go anywhere. There are few countries he has yet to visit but he will do his utmost to see the world on our dime. To add insult to injury he drops bundles of cash in third world countries, neglecting the needs of Canadians. Really enjoy your blog.

  26. I so appreciate that others also know what is going on! Trump is dumb “like a FOX!” When he speaks well of Obama, what can the liberal media say? He is beating them at their own game. Obama can only play the RACE card in making excuses for the last 8 years. That he can no longer fly around on AF1 must be killing him! No more vacations and travel trips on the tax payer dollar. He is still a deceiver and Trump must remain on guard. A snake never changes.

  27. All has been said. Well done Howard and everyone on this blog. I applaud you all. With all these “smarts” running around, AND Trump soon in office, I believe we really do have a chance to Make America Great again!!

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