Will The Democrats Survive?


A great many People seem to think that President-Elect Trump is Running his Transition Monolithically. HE’S NOT. The job of running the BIGGEST of EVERYTHING is impossible for one Man or one Woman to do all by Himself or Herself.

BUT WHAT IS TRUE . . . is that the National and International TONE of where the United States of America is going to go, is indeed set by the President-Elect. But . . . without enormous SUPPORT from the People the President-Elect chooses to carry out his VISION for America, it all goes NOWHERE.

THEREFORE . . . All the people President-Elect Trump Tags to be Within his Multiple Inner Circles, from the Closest to the Furthest from the Oval Office, will be Crucial to his PROMISE TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

And so far . . . so good.


I WAS LISTENING/WATCHING DERSHOWITZ . . . the Famed Harvard Law Professor, giving an Interview this morning on FOX News, who has written a great many Books, who writes a plethora of Newspaper Articles, gives Speeches everywhere, and is constantly on Television sharing his “genius”, usually with Gushing Media Hosts.

Dershowitz was made Famous with his Defense of a huge number of High Profile Cases, where his Clients were not amongst the Finest People on Earth, which with the exception of one, he WON them all, with the most prominent amongst them being Patty Hearst, Jim Bakker, Clause Von Bulow, and OJ Simpson.

Dershowitz’s Fame PRECEDES him into the Courtroom . . . giving him an Edge over his Opponents, whether his Clients are as Guilty as Sin or not. Which also makes him a Media Favorite.


There is no question . . . that Dershowitz is a REALLY Smart Lawyer, and very successful at GETTING PEOPLE OFF, because of his Stature, his Knowledge of the Law, his Understanding of the Nuances of the US Constitution, and his Knowledge of Jurisprudence; but with all of that said – He is NOT the person I would want to be making decisions on how to run a country.

HIS REAL CLAIM TO FAME . . . as far as I’m concerned is in his ability to Bamboozle people on the Juries by Casting Doubt, and arguing convincingly out of both sides of his face at the same time, which makes him the perfect Democrat.


During the Interview this morning, Alan Dershowitz was BEMOANING the Fact that the Democrat Party is about to Nominate Congressional House Member Keith Ellison . . . to lead the Democrat Party, because Ellison has over many years SUPPORTED & DEFENDED the White-Hating, America-Hating, Jew-Hating and Israel-Hating Louis Farrakhan.

Ellison also openly LOVES the Palestinians, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Iran Deal and most probably ISIS and Al-Qaida.


IN ADDITION TO ALL OF THAT . . . Dershowitz was VERY Upset that Ellison has PUBLICLY HATED & DISPARAGED ISRAEL, Spoke Out VEHEMENTLY against Israel’s RIGHT to be a Safe Nation for the Jewish People ON THEIR OWN LAND, and recently Voted Against America’s Financial Assistance to help Israel Build the Iron Dome, which Protects Jews (and non-Jews) in Israel, from Rocket and Missile Attacks from the People Ellison Adores.

BUT . . . Because of Political Correctness, Dershowitz failed to mention that Ellison is also Moslem, who Swore his Oath to Congress and the United States of America on the Koran, which is an ANTITHESIS to the Declaration of Independence, which until Ellison says otherwise, I have to believe that he Pledges Greater Loyalty to the Koran, than he does to the US Constitution.


Alan Dershowitz doesn’t seem to be as bothered all that much, that Ellison is a Moslem who Hates Jews and Israel, as he’s upset that the Appointment of Keith Ellison to HEAD the Democrat Party, will do Extreme Damage to the Party.


In the same Interview, Dershowitz was more upset than just somewhat, that HIS DEMOCRAT PARTY, was moving inextricably to the FAR LEFT, with Bad Actors such as Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. He sort of shrugged-off the reappointment of Nancy Pelosi to once again be the Leader of the Democrat House . . . INSTEAD OF WORRYING about the Direction the Democrats have so horribly been moving America towards in the past EIGHT-YEARS.

SO AS I SEE IT . . . Dershowitz – the Consummate Lawyer, who uses the Law not for Justice or Morality, but rather for Victory, sees the LEFTIST . . . JEW-HATING, ISRAEL-HATING, AMERICA SELF-HATING “COUP” of the Democrat Party . . . as a DISASTER to the Democrat Party, because it will push Democrat Moderates further to the Right . . . FAR MORE than what the ELLISON HORROR SHOW will be to the USA.


The American Democrat Party, under the Leadership of Pelosi, Reid and the Clintons for the past 16-Years and LONGER, has been Metamorphosing into this HATEFUL Anti-Values, Anti-America and Anti-Israel Direction without abatement, to the point, that HALF the Democrat Party Swooned over a 74-Year Old Self-Hating Jewish Communist, while the other HALF Swooned over a LIAR, a CHEAT and a THIEF.


I guess the Bigger Question is . . . Where were the Centrist Democrats like Dershowitz contends he is, while all of this was happening? Or perhaps the BIGGEST Question is . . . is there any such thing as a Truly Centrist Democrat Anymore?


When asked during the interview, who he (Dershowitz) could see taking over the Helm of the Democrat Party if it wasn’t Ellison, to bring it back to the Center, his immediate response was Jennifer Granholm, who was a Student of his at Harvard University.

SO LET ME TELL YOU A LITTLE SOMETHING ABOUT GRANHOLM . . . She was born in Vancouver Canada, went to Law School at Harvard, and eventually became the Governor of the State Of Michigan, at a time when Michigan was still the Automobile Capital of the World.

SHE DID SUCH A HORRIBLE JOB AS GOVERNOR . . . and Lied her way through Office, that when the people finally figured her out, they couldn’t wait to see her leave.

AND IF YOU’RE WONDERING WHAT KIND OF JOB SHE DID . . . as a result of her LIES, CORRUPT Government and INCOMPETENCE, Detroit went Bankrupt, the Auto Industry is pretty much all but gone, Entire Multiple Square Miles of Detroit and Area are ABANDONED and left to ROT, and there’s probably MORE Mosques than there are Churches and Synagogues in Greater Detroit . . . Combined.

And this is who Dershowitz wants to see heading the Democrat Party.

JUST AS AN ASIDE . . . I’m beginning to believe that you CANNOT BE A PROPER DUFUS in Government or in Law, unless you Graduate with a Harvard Degree.

IN A NUTSHELL . . . I don’t see any BRIGHT Future for the Democrat Party. I’m THRILLED that Pelosi is back. I’m Pleased that Chuck Schumer has taken Reid’s Place in the Senate . . . I’m in love with the FACT that Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders have become the conscience of the Party, and pretty soon the Democrats will have at their helm . . . A MOSLEM SUPPORTER OF LOUIS FARRAKHAN.

ALL THAT BEING SAID . . . If The Republicans Get Their Act Together, and DO WHAT THE PEOPLE EXPECT THEM TO DO – I see a Conservative Dynasty in America, with the American Influence Spreading Far and Wide, hopefully to Canada Sooner rather than Later, for a Generation or more to come.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Yes Howard Day Visits do count in the calendar year 2x / week = 104 days for me so I am limited to my stay in Nevada
    HOWEVER were you aware the real people behind this , or in league with the IRS is the Provincial Govs in your own land who want to remove your Healthcare based on Time Spent in USA and of course the Banks , both sides who take our 70 cent dollar and charge us an additional 2.5% for the privilege of keeping our dollar low when we would like to seek out warmer weather …

  2. There’s no question about it now….the democrats are a party divided now. Trump will bring the right together while the left implodes. It’s a win, win combo!

  3. Howard,

    I live in Mi. and lived through Ms Granholm. She was a disaster! In fact we still are saddled with over $7 Billion in concessions she gave to various companies. To create green jobs of course, but few ever did. AND, now way to cancel them.

    Thank You Jennifer!
    Randy McClure

  4. The rise of Ellison is in keeping with the rise of Bernie Sanders (who is only Jewish due to having been born of a Jewish womb) and his anti-capitalist cohort, Elizabeth Warren. It is the ascent of the Leftists, anti-freedom, anti-Israel, anti-American-values.
    I cheer their rise as it is actually a fall – deep into the fiery hell of political purgatory – for the DHIMMI-cRAT Party. This is a revolution happening before our eyes, peaceful and without gunfire – for now.

  5. I hope that a few of them do survive – maybe a half-dozen or so. MSNBC needs a few viewers, and I would be SO sad if that wonderful “news” network doesn’t survive. When I tune in on them by mistake, it’s always good for a laugh for the few seconds it takes me to switch channels before I upchuck.

  6. I think it was former President Ronald Reagan said once, ” I have not left the Democrat Party, the Democrat party has left me.” I think this is true today more than yesterday and what has led to Mr. Trumps victory and the support of some Democrats who feel the same way. GO TRUMP.

  7. Their ship is still sailing on with the same jokers at the Helm, what can change? The majority of Dems are nothing but lap dogs in log step with “Shummer” and Co. they will show their true colors when they try to deny Trump’s selections of great Americans to lead this Country only because he won, they lost.

  8. I can’t add anything more because you are right on and I agree with all you have said. Oh I do have one thing to add ~ the Republicans are in charge now and they had better start acting and doing what is right. They don’t have to agree with the Dems now and need to start acting like leaders (if they can)!!!

  9. As long as Satan is alive and and doing his chicanery we will always have the democrats around. Until those people who support a brain society change their stripes there is not much that can be done.

  10. Many of us hold out hope ( have for a long time) that our leftist brethren – pawns of the left since Kindergarten are finally waking up to what has politically befallen them over the years. . . I for one will ever be optimistic that now especially, ‘they’ have seen the afore of their folly, and are now as we should be – united rather than fractured in this war against various factions Foreign & domestic that daily torment us & and endeavor to further divide us as a people?!

  11. Willard Elliott — your comments remind me of an old truth that goes something like this:
    “If you’re not a liberal when you’re a teenager you have no feeling … and if you’re not a conservative by the time you’re 30, you have no brain …”.

  12. An old saying: “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you always got!” That is the direction and motto of the Dems. They have and ARE dooming themselves to forever spiral downwards -hopefully to oblivion!

  13. This article needs to be saved maybe framed . Loved every bit of it . Thanks to you and all the folks that replied

  14. If Hillary was elected ,thank God she was not,and all the bad actors were in power the demacraps would have taken us
    down the road to the bottom of 3rd world country’s.

  15. I danced in the aisles and did my very best impression of Al Jolson’s “I’m sittin’ on top of the world” when Speaker Pelosi was recently reaffirmed as Minority Leader. You can’t make this stuff up! Toss in a dash of Chuckie Shummer and now Ellison and you have a menagerie worthy of a P.T. Barnum audition. Simply delicious. Great work Howard! Terry Morgan, Concord, NC

  16. Signs point to a dictatorship … a BENEFICIAL dictatorship that, under Trump, would lead to a noöcratic democracy, at last.

  17. Oh the irony of it all. The Dems kept harping that the GOP was divided & would implode. Well, since they always point the finger & accuse their ‘enemies’ of the very things they themselves are guilty of, it seems truth played out for the world to see this time. I agree that their choices will only make the GOP conservatives stronger. The protests, vandalism, etc., in aftermath of Trump win may have awakened Rinos to true nature of those with whom they were compromising & it’s not good for USA.

  18. Most of the smart Democrats have already converted and wanting Trump to make America Great Again. In 6 months the Democrat party will be history and all that will be left is a bunch of sore losers. If Hillary don’t get sent to jail she will just be another old woman for the rest of her life and her 40 years of crime will be history. It might be a good thing not to jail Hillary but just let her suffer as her crimes are all over as she is a nobody now or soon will be.

  19. We can only hope that the things for which we voted come to pass. I doubt that Canada will follow. Ottawa will follow the path to total destruction. Those that I know near Ottawa are so liberal that they refuse to see anything beyond how Canada will benefit from their version of the new world order.

  20. Conservative Democrats are now called by their new name: Republicans. Pelosi is an ongoing GIFT and I cannot believe they put her back in charge–but not my job to tell them what to do. I thought Debbie WhatsHerName Schultz was the ultimate gift that keeps on giving but I was wrong–Ellison is MUCH better. Go KEITH!! Schumer was the 2nd craziest Democrat Senator and stepped right up to Harry Reid’s spot. It’s a good decade to be a conservative. President Trump will Make America Great Again.

  21. Having turned 65 this past year one thing I become more and more inclined to believe is that sometimes you have to just sit back and let nature takes it’s course. When the Demonicrat Party finally sputters and putters to a halt I just hope I’m sitting in the grandstands watching. It will be sight to behold. Nazi Piglosi is dumber than a brick…Chuckie Schumer is a four star fool and this Ellison idiot may one day go muslime and chop their heads off. After all it’s the muslime thing to do !

  22. The Democratic Party was taken over by the Marxists in the 60’s. It was as plain as the noses on our faces…as subtle as a slap in the face. It was not long before a total takeover, and it has ultimately become the essence of evil Marxism. It’s name should be forever changed, and it must be noted it will never return to what it once was, not even close. The fact that “intellectuals” the likes of Dershowitz can be associated with it is just more proof of insanity.

  23. This is why the founders made the electoral college. The Democratic Party was created and stands for the ‘sovereignty of the people’ as expressed in ‘popular demonstrations, constitutional conventions, and majority rule’ as a general principle of governing, whereas Whigs, (later becoming Republicans), advocated the rule of law, written and unchanging constitutions, and protections for minority interests against majority tyranny. Hasn’t changed.

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