Maybe Ivanka Trump Should Stick To Being Daddy’s Little Girl


WHAT’S WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE . . . Are they FRIGGING Nuts, Tone Deaf and STUPID all rolled into one?


FIRST . . . We were led to believe that Ivanka Trump WASN’T just some Spoiled Rich Girl, who lived like a Princess on her Daddy’s Money, because somehow, out the Wild Blue Yonder . . . Ivanka Trump became a HUGE Business Success all on her own.

Maybe that’s true . . . maybe not – but who knows and who cares?


NEXT – WE HEARD . . . how Ivanka Trump was BEST FRIENDS (BFF) with Chelsea Clinton, which reminded me of something my Late Mother Used to IMPRESS UPON ME:

“You can Judge the People you Hang around with by the Friends they Keep”.

She also used to say . . . “Birds Of Feather Flock Together”.

THEN THERE WAS AN OLDER GENTLEMAN . . . who mentored me when I was a much younger man, who said these simple words, which made a serious FOREVER impression on me . . . “Sleep With Dogs – Wake With Fleas”.

AND THEN WE CAN ALL REMEMBER . . . How Ivanka Trump implored her Father NOT to go After Hillary Clinton’s Dishonesty and her Father’s Deplorable Treatment of Women during the First Debate, because it made her “BFF” Chelsea Clinton Sad to hear Trump speak so Disparagingly about her Parents.

And I also imagine that you can probably remember . . . how Trump performed like Crap at that debate, especially when he said he was holding his Tongue so as NOT to Embarrass the Clinton Family.

AND THEN CAME THE NEWS . . . that Ivanka Trump BEGGED her Father not to push for Criminal Charges to be laid against Hillary Clinton, once he takes Office, even if Crooked Hillary SCAMMED the American People for BILLIONS of Dollars, while SELLING-OUT the Integrity of the Office of the Secretary of State.

Which seems to be the Sentiment amongst Really Wealthy Well Connected People: One law for them. Another law for everyone else.

AND EVEN BEFORE THE VOTE . . . Ivanka Trump made it Clear, that she wanted her Father, once he would win, to adopt some LEFTIST policy on Child Educational Benefits, which she would lead, which had already been proven to be nothing other than a FEEL GOOD PROPOSITION . . . which bothered me more than somewhat.


So maybe I’m wrong about Ivanka Trump . . . But I don’t necessarily think so.

AND I’M NOT WRONG about Ivanka Trump being so out of Touch with the People who got her Father Elected . . . by having Conversations with Al Gore, and going so far as Setting her Father up with Al Gore at Trump Towers . . . about how they should Promote Climate Change, is nothing short of SPITTING IN THE FACE of Trump’s Electors.


When did the American People Elect Ivanka Trump to Anything? And when did President-Elect Donald Trump put his Daughter’s name forward for a Cabinet Position on the Environment?


IF PRESIDENT-ELECT TRUMP . . . wants to save himself, his Nascent Presidency, and his RIDICULOUS Daughter from Humiliation from the People who PUT HIM INTO THE WHITE HOUSE . . . He should simply Tell his Daughter to either Shut-Up, or publicly SEPARATE her Stupid Opinions from Himself and his Presidency.


The fact that Ivanka Trump would even consider turning to a Billionaire Fraud, and Huckster like Al Gore, who made his BILLIONS by LYING, who also claimed to have Created the Internet, says wonders about President-Elect Donald Trump’s daughter, who seems to be in Search of Importance.


After Hillary Clinton got her ASS SERVED TO HER ON A PLATTER, opposed to what virtually all the Media, Pundits and Pollsters were absolutely CERTAIN wasn’t going to happen . . . they came-up with several other GEMS OF WISDOM.

1 – That Chelsea Clinton should run for her MOTHER’S New York Senate Seat, as if the Senate Seat actually belonged to Chelsea Clinton’s Mother, and somehow Chelsea Clinton, with ZERO Accomplishments to her name, and seemingly LESS Brains to Boot, would somehow be qualified to be a US Senator, Representing one of America’s Largest and Most Diverse States.

2 – Then there was the REAL BEAUTY . . . that Michelle Obama, who HATED America until her husband was nominated to run for the Democrats, who also said that America is a Downright Mean Country, that she should run for the Presidency, or as some of the Media put-it, MUST Run for the Presidency in 2020, since according to them, she would be a SURE WINNER.

And what has Michelle Obama ever accomplished in her life, which wasn’t handed to her on a Silver Platter, including the Role of First Lady, which she saw as an Opportunity to become Royalty, where she spent and Vacationed the People’s Money away as if she had somehow Earned it?

You also have to wonder . . . what kind of Mental Goons within the Hierarchy of our Media; especially the Mainstream Media – could have possibly come up with this CRAP?

And then you have to wonder some more . . . about how much LITTLE REGARD DO THESE TURD-BRAINS have for the country of the United States of America, and the American People, to ASSUME that choosing the Government of the USA, should be run as a POPULARITY Contest for the Rich, the Famous, and the Well Connected?

President-Elect Trump is far from being a Stupid Man with Bad Judgment, so I hope he REALLY Realizes that the People who put him in the White House don’t want to see another Imperial Presidency, and that they really want the SWAMP DRAINED.

And even if her name is Ivanka Trump, the people have had far more than their share of STUPIDITY, WASTEFULNESS, NEPOTISM, & CONDESCENSION from the Government.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, you have exposed our underbelly. The current potus and his minions, the federal bureaucracies, and the thousands and thousands of liberal employees that self-perpetuate their own worthless jobs, are running and ruining this country now!!! You’ve heard me say it before, “Heaven help us”.

  2. Wow had NO idea about any of this, till I read Al Gore went to see Trump & would return again. What a crock of crap.
    As for the two girls being best friends, that is fine but they should keep out of the way of Donald Trump who we elected to be President NOT THEM.
    Have a great day Howard & Anne. Be safe & keep well out there. Sharing smiles with you both no matter what this nutty country & world are going through.

  3. You said it all Howard. My euphoria on Trump’s election is slowly being eroded daily.

  4. With all due respect to your observations regarding The Donald’s daughter. I am more inclined to believe that while she may be able to get an audience for many with her father that is about the extent of her influence. I remain convinced that while appearing to be accommodating The Donald stays on a path of which perhaps only he knows the direction and boundaries.

  5. I agree, completely, with you – and Karen; my euphoria is about to erode. So sad.

  6. I, too, are really concerned about Ivanka’s seemingly invasive entry into the realm of politics because she is daddy’s girl. She is stepping in and taking control of a proven hoax, which, to me, doesn’t exactly equate with mental sufficiency. If globull warming/climate change are the best she can come up with, perhaps her daddy’s empire is at risk of going the way of the do-do bird!!!!

  7. Question-how did Ivanka suddenly lose her intelligence? Really?- BFF with Chelsea? Makes one wonder what happened here, huh? And Gore? Come on…I for one am sure climate change is a crock! Hope Trump eventually runs him off! Ivanka-stay out of the real world of politics!

  8. Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” should be renamed “A Convenient Lie”. There is another
    one who should be locked up. His lie has caused countless millions of deaths and misery,
    and billions of wasted dollars, around the world.

  9. OMG, where the heck is the media reporting this? Oh, yeah, they are for the liberals and us “little people” don’t matter. I am so sick of being lied to on an everyday basis. None of the Trump family members should be involved in any aspect of President elect Trump presidency. If he wants their advice, so be it, but what do they know about the real world? What “agenda” they want to follow has no bearing at all on the presidency. Spend your own money and NOT the taxpayers. God help us!

  10. Biden in 2020? Trump hasn’t been inaugurated and already the press are having orgasms!What happened to the criticism that Trump at 70 will be the oldest President.Biden would be 78.Why did Biden drop out of the 1988 presidential race? Because he was a liar and a plagiarist. Not as bad/good a liar as Clinton, but a liar. President Obama is the first president to stay in DC after his term since Woodrow Wilson in 1921.Trump will have enough trouble without Ivanka to be picked on by the press.

  11. “When did the American People Elect Ivanka Trump to Anything?” Right on, Howard! Right on!

    It’s always irked me that 1st Ladies, Czars & all these other unelected & therefore “unchecked & unbalanced” advisors have been given more and more influence on the POTUS ever since Hildabeast had such power during her “husband’s” days in the White House.

    Ivanka needs to just shut up & stay in the shadows. The Donald needs to stick to what he told us & stay consistent appointing cabinet to do it.

  12. My heart sank when I read that Trump met with Gore. He should have met with Freeman Dyson or Richard Lindzen…but Al Gore?

  13. I’m glad to see someone with some clout finally exposing this. Thank you Howard!

  14. Only one comment … for damming the media and then writing your editorial based on that media leads me to suspect your validity. Ivanka and her husband are moving to Washington get used to it. I find this base here more fickle than anything I’ve seen in my life. Hang on for the ride..

  15. What a disappointment…..first Mitt Romney and now the despicable fraud, Al Gore, getting the future Presidents ear…..still hoping this is not true….that it’s just a quickly passing nightmare!

  16. Poor little rich girl,what she needs is a couple of ass whippings and a cut off of her allowance, and maybe the crooked clinton’s will support her. If GOD gave chelsea another brain it would still be lonely.

  17. Ivanka’s being a BFF with Chelsea may be MOOT at this time, as “blood is thicker than water”!Trump is NOT one to be CONTROLLED even by his family.He has an AGENDA and appears to be holding to it.Yes, he WILL make some MISTAKES because he’s NOT perfect!It’s been said that Trump’s TACTICAL MANEUVERS are like playing CHESS, as no one knows what his NEXT MOVE will be!Forget GORE..he’s just another PLOY in Trump’s GAMES.There are many different ways Trump can DRAIN THE SWAMP! So far, so good! AMEN!

  18. Howard, spot on article. Ivanka Trump is a liberal feminist-type surrounded by liberal yuppy friends like C. Clinton . She suggested the “babysitting and childcare service tax credit”. Maybe she has a guilt complex because she has to go to business and have a nanny, so with that, special class of taxpayer is created to mothers. I may be old fashioned but what ever happened to sacrificing for the children ? Stay home.. and…How dare she bring that climate scammer to Trump? Lots wrong here.

  19. You’ve been reading my mind Howard! You words=my thoughts! Send it to the White House–they may accidentally read it!
    LaPorte, Tx

  20. Gary, why would you want it sent to the White House, do you want to share with the present residents?

  21. I don’t remember voting for Ivanka Trump. Therefore she should keep her trap shut and let the voted person carry on.

  22. Many of us had misdirected liberal ideals in our youth, but also had intelligent parents and mentors that gave us a logical and common sense education about what is real. We eventually came around. I am speaking for myself, of course, but I believe others had the same experience. Let’s hope Ivanka falls in to that category.

  23. Al Gore, my second most detested U.S. Hypocritical political person on the planet.

  24. His tapping Flynn is a low mark for Trump too. I have seen some of this about Ivanka, and it’s disappointing at best; a friend of any Clinton loses respect for just that weakness, and trying to change her father’s mind about Hillary is almost criminal. But for the most part, Trump’s choices have been good — especially Ben Carson to head up HUD. I also like Pence a lot; he was a good governor in Indiana.

  25. Common sense has left the building!! Don’t get sucked into this inane media/entertainment ploy to detract from the work Trump has ahead! These “HAVE” kids, have probably been tweeting or face booking too many TV unreality programs to even begin to understand what the media are going to do with them. They will suck it up and revel in their own glitz and glamour as if they earned it, like all the other entertainer/actor types. (But then, fathers are usually really easy targets for daughters!

  26. I will start by saying put the Bits in “Then lead”. Ivanka, is doing exactly what Donald Trump our President elect, has instructed her to do. All this hoopla about crossing boundaries. Jumping fences and honoring friendships for favors. Is exactly what I said, Hoopla and Imaginations. Donald Trump is a brilliant Businessman. He Built skyscrapers towers into the skies. In the strictest Building, Environmental and OSIA codes In the world. Where Government projects would belly up under the Pressure

  27. Everyone should take a breath and stop the hyperventilation, nothing has been carved in stone. Trump is a brilliant businessman and exceptionally crafty in diplomacy. He is talking with a myriad of people about a myriad of issues, on both sides of the fence. Since we are not privy to any of these discussions we cannot assume things as fact. Criticism of Ivanka is premature and I think unfair.

  28. We are all living in an age of insanity that began long ago. Now Rham Emanuel is being invited to visit with Trump. Don’t you wish you could know for sure what Trump is thinking? I hope ultimately someone will write our history of these last 100 years accurately so those who follow us can have a good laugh. Once again we have to wait and see. At least we are more hopeful this time due to Trump’s picks for his cabinet. Ivanka needs a brain transplant!

  29. I agree 100% with what Lisa from Montreal said …. Trump is a brilliant businessman, and none of us know why he is seeing Gore, Immanuel, and who knows who else .. I am sure he has some reasons, unknown to us, but judged by us to be wrong! Could he be “picking their brains?” only for later use, knowing what they’re thinking? No one knows. He is not stupid … he knows exactly what he’s doing and why. Same goes for the use of Ivanka in cases he couldn’t reach.

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