There’s More News Than Just Trump All The Time


It seems to me, that the FULL Meaning of my Last Editorial about the Media, using Megyn Kelly as an example, wasn’t taken nearly as I had intended, since all the Comments were about Megyn Kelly, which were Extremely Negative about her . . . DESERVEDLY SO.

That said . . . the Editorial was in FACT about the Entire Media. But, how you interpret what I write is entirely up to you, which says an awful lot about the Disdain so many people have for the ARROGANCE of Megyn Kelly . . . BUT ENOUGH ABOUT HER.


And if you watch the News, read the News, and/or listen to the News, its all mostly REGURGITATED BREAKING NEWS, which in reality is the same old same old News, Repackaged to give the News Entertainment Business a Pretend Fresh Face.

So . . . Until President-Elect Trump is Sworn in on January 20, 2017, and unless there’s something that will be really significant, like his naming his Secretary of State, I’m going to be writing about other things that are extremely IMPORTANT, at least to me, and might be just as important to you.


The Stock Market is on a TEAR . . . and is going through the ROOF, which to the Media and Others . . . is a sign of INCREDIBLE TIMES AHEAD. But based on what?

So let me remind you of what it was like before October 29, 1929, when the USA and the Rest of the World EXPERIENCED the WORST Financial Meltdown the Modern World had ever known.

AS A MATTER OF FACT . . . if you don’t know the History of the ROARING TWENTIES, here’s a reminder. Everyone who could, was in on the “GAME”, spending money they didn’t have, living far beyond their means, throwing SOLID PERSONAL VALUES into the Trash Bin, Gambling away their Money on a RUNAWAY Stock Market, INCLUDING THE BANKS, which Gambled Away THEIR Depositors’ Money. I DON’T HAVE TO TELL YOU HOW IT ALL ENDED.

The big difference between then and now . . . is that when it HITS THE FAN NOW, with Computers Effecting Trades at the Speed of Light, the Damage will be done in MILLISECONDS, contrary to all the promises and guarantees of the “Experts”, ‘cause we all know how much we can trust the “Experts”.

HERE’S ANOTHER FACT . . . When the Interest Rates are RAISED, which the Governments will be COMPELLED to do Sooner Rather than Later, whether they’ll like it or not, just to Maintain the Value of our Currencies, and our Bonds, merely to make them a Worthwhile Investment to keep the Treasury Rolling . . . THE STOCK MARKETS WILL COLLAPSE.

And if the Interest Rates ARE NOT RAISED, the Average Guy and Gal on the Street, who do not have the Money to get into the Las Vegas World of Gambling on the Markets, will find themselves without the Means to Survive, especially since the Government will go entirely BROKE, or will have to Print so Much Money, as to Render the Paper they’ll Print the Money-On, not Worth the Cost of the INK to Print It.


THIS SUNDAY . . . TODAY – IS MONUMENTAL on the Global Stage, yet our Media seems not to be all that interested in it.


ITALY IS ABOUT TO START THE PROCESS . . . by way of referendum TODAY, of getting Rid of their DEADBEAT LEFT OF CENTER GOVERNMENT, replete with enough Complications, Incompetence and Corruption to Rival the American Democrats.

The Italian People are being asked to accept a Referendum to Change their Constitution, which will do nothing about Better Government, Jobs and Stability. It’s just a way to keep their Corrupt System on Life-Support, praying for more time, as if more time will make anything better.

And if the Government Loses this Referendum, the Prime Minister has vowed to step down, subsequently getting rid of the Existing Government, of which, I am Certain will TRIGGER a Referendum for Italy to get out of the EU, and to DROP the Euro as its currency, which will be CATACLYSMIC to the International World of Trade, Currencies, Funds & Values.

PEOPLE DON’T REALIZE . . . just how Tied-In all of our International Currencies are to one another, to the point, that if one goes down, especially a Big One like Italy, the prospect of all of them going down is REAL. Why else do you think the EU Panicked as much as it did, when it looked as though such a Tiny Player like Greece was going to Default?

ALSO – To Make Bad Even Worse . . . Four of Italy’s Main Banks Are On The Cusp Of Collapse.

REMEMBER BREXIT? . . . The ONLY Reason the EU didn’t COLLAPSE, when Britain Voted to leave the Union, was because England NEVER accepted the Euro as its Currency, but rather, chose to Stick with the Pound Sterling. This will be different if Italy decides that it has had enough with this EU STUPIDITY, because if Italy Goes, the EURO goes too. ITALY IS THE FOURTH LARGEST ECONOMY IN EUROPE.


What happens when the USA decides to STOP buying so much CRAP from China for any of multiple of reasons, and China Demands Payment for the Money the US owes the Asian Behemoth? Or China decides to DUMP US Bonds, Cash and other Currency Instruments in order to keep its own Economy from Collapsing? I think you can figure it out.

But going back to the United States of America . . . where the WEALTHY are High Rollers on everyone else’s PRETEND PAPER MONEY, built on literally ZERO Interest Rates, just like CHIPS in a Casino, which are nothing more than Pieces of Plastic until you REDEEM them for REAL Money, which is what the Stock Market Is.

And what about those who used to be Middle Class, who are now the Working Poor . . . and I really do mean POOR, when the Interest Matures on their INTEREST ONLY MORTGAGES and the PRINCIPAL PIPER COMES TO COLLECT? Or all of a sudden, the Interest Rates go up a Point or Two, FORCING Payments to go through the roof? IT’S ALL GOING TO BLOW UP.


And as much as I want President-Elect Trump to make it all better . . . I’m not Holding My Breath. And as I wrote BEFORE THE ELECTION, and even before Trump became the Republican Nominee . . . The Damage that has already been done to the USA Economy, dating back SINCE AFTER Ronald Reagan was President, has become so ACUTE, that America has MORPHED into something akin to HUMPTY DUMPTY, where no matter who WON the White House, he or she would preside over a Nightmare most of us can barely imagine.

THAT ISN’T TO SAY THAT MIRACLES DON’T HAPPEN . . . because sometimes they do. But Miracles belong in the Bible, and not necessary in Washington DC, where Rhetorically Speaking, the Disciples of the Anti-Christ seem to Reside Most Comfortably.


UNLIKE OBAMA . . . who claimed from the Outset . . . that he could Reverse the Flow of the Oceans and Control the Rising Tides – Trump is not DELUDED, to believe that he can DO ONLY WHAT GOD CAN DO.

And as much as Trump will try to Move Heaven and Earth to Fix what has been so Horribly Broken in America by Preceding Governments, which I am Praying he Can Fix . . . there’s just so much a Mortal Man Can Do, especially when it includes FIXING what will happen at Home with a soon to be a Downward Cascading Stock Market, the Uncertainty of the Value of the American Dollar, Housing, Interest Rates . . . & THE FECKLESSNESS OF THE EUROPEAN UNION.

MY HOPE . . . is that President-Elect Trump can Cushion the FALL FROM AN ALL OUT CRASH . . . to just a really ROCKY LANDING. Or it will take an UPHEAVAL of EARTH-SHATTERING PROPORTIONS, to set the World Right Again.

There’s a lot of News happening all around. And I’ve just Barely Scratched the Surface. So Where’s The Mainstream Media? Including on the Potential Election TODAY of a Far Right Government In Austria?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. If the liberal left continues down the same path, it won’t be long before the US is rendered a third world country where no respectable person from Canada or any decent society will want to visit.

  2. The leftist media are currently controlling the message, and they hate Trump and are FURIOUS they couldn’t get Hillary elected and that they are now irrelevant. They are laying in the bed THEY MADE.

  3. Your point is well taken, Howard. The bigger-than-Trump news is that the world is beginning to think: at least in The U.S.A.,
    France, Italy, Germany, Austria; even in Canada (“My gawd, what have we elected! We’re paying people not to work! We’re trying to save the planet!”).

  4. When those who have a modicum of commonsense understand the “media” now is in reality, the liberal propaganda press, the content they present can and should be discounted to a value of near zero. If the entertainment value of the propaganda causes one to hoot and to holler, so much the better for the comic relief from the near-disaster of the last eight years directly.

  5. I hope that the faith the people have put in Trump, not just here in the US, but around the world, will support what he/we try to do. The work he has ahead of him is unbelievable – to right the wrongs that have been creeping in and establishing themselves while we the people kept thinking, “this can’t be happening in America.” Sacrifice and rough times are ahead. With faith and the backing of the people, a rocky landing is possible. Faith may not be visible, but it can work miracles.

  6. According to David Stockman, this is the greatest sucker rally of all times. Jim Sinclair recently announced, capitalism has had a cardiac arrest. The markets no longer function as the discovery of price, manipulation of all markets via computer makes trading a game of Russian roulette. China and Russia are buying gold as gold represents the only reliable store of wealth. The world has created a huge level of debt without any form of resolution. This is Trump’s inheritance. God help America.

  7. The way I see it, in my little world, the leftist, communist, socialist, liberal, politicians, media folks have not solved their real problem. Seems they have a plumbing situation. All their commodes are backed up, and not one good plumber in the nations wants to take on the job.. Possible this is what all the stink, crying, bitching is about? I wonder?

  8. History always repeats. Remember the Weimar republic? We should expect hyperinflation.

  9. Like the old saying goes – If you own a gun, you can rob a bank. If you own a bank, you can rob everyone.

  10. Meaningful change only comes about when the pain to remain is greater then the pain to change. As long as governments have the power to borrow and print money, then there will no meaningful change.

  11. I am with you on all you have said. Hopefully Trump is getting enough people who will help him do the job that needs to be done. I am hoping Ross as Sect of Commerce will do as well in govt. as he has done in the past. Also another subject but isn’t it a shame the results of the U.N. gun control was so close? But a win is a win right? 53-46 vote – Over Throw of 2nd. Amendment FAILED

  12. The democrats are setting up; Firsts to deny certification of the electors in Wisc., Mich. and Pa. That takes Trump below 270, throws it to the House and who knows what.

    Second, Democrat installed Federal Reserve chairman (woman) will raise interest rates to denigrate the republicans and Trump in particular.

    The stock market will collapse and blame Trump
    Third, as Trump puts people back to work the unemployment rate will go up due to people coming back into the labor market

  13. I live near Portland, OR–so you can imagine the constant negative articles about DJT. Many of them picked up from leftist Bloomberg. I personally think he got in due to many organized prayer groups. We continue to pray he will receive Gods guidance to get us out of the mess we are in. As he is up against evil leftist who will do anything to hurt him.

  14. Well Austria did not go far left, so relax Howard, and I agree with all you said but can you suggest a solution? like right now!

  15. I just read that the leftists won the Austrian election. Seems as though the Europeans still don’t get it.

  16. James Rickard, author of several financial books and apparently consulted by government on various occasions predicts a huge crash, monumental proportions on 1st jan, 2017. HG or anyone understand or know anything about that?

  17. I make no claim to understanding the stock market . What I do understand is that “IT” is run up in prelude to the year end panic buying of RRSP and similar “tax-saving investments” followed by a downturn so the “real” controllers can make a killing buying back for cheap what they sold for expensive .Makes sense to me . World politics is NOT of interest , what are the Kardashians up to ??

  18. I am not sure that the stock market will crash. Trump does not control the interest rates. Secondly, if Trump lowers taxes, regs, eliminate and replace Obummercare, eliminate the Dodd-Frank act, etc., and frees up our energy, I see the interest rates slowly increasing along with business profitability. Lot of corporations have bought back their stocks and financed with bonds. Bonds may take a hit, for investors, but, corp. will benefit off of low interest long term bond financing

  19. Though it is obvious there needs to be swamp clearing in a number of areas (DC, media, mega banks, Wall Street, Fed Reserve, which is not Federal), I doubt even Trump could do it, especially in 4-8 years. But Washington, DC is the best place to start. I chime in with many others who hope he doesn’t pick Romney.

  20. Thanks Howard for the dome predictins today,i hope you are
    truly wrong.

  21. The media can only be counted on to be present when it comes to bashing Israel. That to them is the holy terror of the world that needs to be exposed before it ruins all of us. The rest of it is a waste of their time

  22. The ‘Sleeping Bear’ has awakened. Other countries SEE what THEY have laid and are reaping. They are now saying ‘NO MORE’. The Media be damned. I am PROUD that Trump is a business man. He knows how to negotiate, compromise and Get The Job Done. The lawyer (liars) in the House and Senate are about to get an education in How to Govern. To hell with their fiefdoms. Hold on, it is going to be a bumpy ride and I am on that RIDE!! AMEN!!

  23. Trump is not God, but millions of people here in the U.S. were praying for Trump to be elected, as we still think that God can work through Trump to bring back a semblance of normalcy and intelligence to the U.S. government. Maybe it will bide us a little time, but Howard you are so correct in your assessment of everything that you mentioned. And the American people are so clueless, unfortunately, much in part because MSM doesn’t tell anyone what is really going on at home or in the world.

  24. Yep!!! After all of Europe falls apart it will be Japan. Billions will have been put in the only “safe haven”…the USA,i.e…temporarily. Then when the world realizes the USA is in just as bad a condition as were the others, we’ll see the big crash. These next five years there will be hell to pay, then it will be time for a reset. Hold your hats? How about holding your everything. The roller coaster is already leaving. There has been talk about this for years, but who listens?

  25. I prayed that Trump would win, but I also voted Trump. I had action with my prayers. As far as the Stock Market, I am far from being an Economist but I even know the higher the market rises, the faster it will fall. The numbers are off the chart & really not right. It’s almost like someone is lying with the market results & numbers. I also remember when Gold was $32 an ounce & was held as collateral for the USA. Not today, though. A sad day for the USA.

  26. Hi Howard:
    Do you have any thoughts on Kevin O’Leary running for the Federal Conservative Leadership?. He doesn’t have pretty hair but…………

  27. We know “what” is going to happen. What we don’t know, is how do we prepare for it? You won’t be able to get your own money from the banks….by the way…speaking of the banks….for those who do online banking… appears to me that all of the online bill payment banking formats are undergoing changes… least with three that I am involved with. The new formats are very confusing Does this speak to the things that are about to happen? Just curious to see if anyone else sees this.

  28. PE Trump has been warning about a crash initially thinking that it would come in September. In a weird way the economy of the USA may be the best of the great nations. Corporate debt in China is over 60 Trillion Dollars, unemployment in Europe is over 10% and the great banks of the world are over their ears in bets called derivatives. Worldwide financial collapse is inevitable. The best thing Trump can do is to reinstall Glass-Steagall and dump the phony Dodd-Hall.

  29. As a long term investor I put only money I won’t need for at least 5 years in stock. I bu only Morningstar funds with a 5 star rating and ten year history of double digit gains from TR Price – very low fees. I sat right through the last collapse and will sit right through the next. Since 1926 the market S&p 500 has averaged better than 10% per year. Long term Trump will be very good for the market.

  30. People are beginning to realize what “Bama the Destroyer” has done to this Country and it is just hitting the fan, wait until Jan-Feb when they get the complete picture…

  31. Howard, NOT complaining, but since you write about various items in your editorials, people tend to select the one(s) which is/are most interesting to them because we’re only allowed 500 CHARACTERS to respond.Re: our Country’s financial status-we can thank Obama for the accumulation of TRILLIONS of dollars in debt–more than ALL the OTHER presidents INCURRED.Trump hasn’t been elected yet, but he’s already moved on with his AGENDA.Also, expect MORE surprises.Love your bank saying, Marty. AMEN!

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