This Isn’t Just About Megyn Kelly . . . It’s About All Of Them



IT BOTHERS ME FAR MORE THAN JUST SOMEWHAT . . . how the Media has become in many Cases, Far MORE Important, than the Politicians and the Bureaucrats, since the Media REALLY DOES CONTROL SO MUCH OF THE THOUGHT PROCESS OF OUR SOCIETY.

It is disparaging how the people, especially our younger generation have become so Dumbed Down by the ANTI-VALUES of Television Shows and the Movies . . . that so many of our “Millennials” accept Fiction and Lies over the Truth.


It seems that many are questioning how the Media, including the Media Itself, as they pretend MEA CULPA, in how they got the Election Results So Wrong. But to the Media, they didn’t get it wrong . . . To them it was the Electors who got it all wrong.


Several days ago, I caught an episode of Megyn Kelly on Fox News, shilling for her new book on one of her Book Tours, where she seemed to be overwhelmed by the huge number of people anxiously waiting for her to speak at the Forum set up for her by her Publisher.

And during the Forum, Megyn Kelly expressed . . . that what she did, she did for the People, with whom she could RELATE, and also . . . with whom she believed she had some sort of an Obligation to Fulfill.

Kelly gave the impression that . . . she was Sympatico with her Audience.


Megyn Kelly . . . as you are reading this, is Locked in a Contract Dispute with Fox News, where she reportedly thinks that she MUST be Paid MORE than $20-MILLION Per Year for what she’s doing.

NOW IT’S TRUE . . . that Kelly’s Show earns a Ton of Money for Fox News, but how is that her business? What about the Guy or Gal on the Assembly Line, who helps his or her company make a lot of money too? How does that make him or her a Partner in the Company’s Revenue?


I have no Problem with Megyn Kelly earning $20-MILLION Per Year. I wish I was earning that kind of money. And I don’t have any problem whatsoever if Megyn Kelly Earns $20-BILLION Per Year, if the people at Fox News want to give that kind of money to her. BUT HERE’S WHERE I DO HAVE A PROBLEM . . .

The Average WORKING North American Family . . . taking in everyone, earns about $50,000 Per Year. And That’s Before Taxes.

Let’s assume the average NON CIVIL SERVANT worker, starts his or her Working Life at 25-Years Old, and ends it at 65-Years Old, which is more or less the way it really is. SO WE’RE LOOKING AT A 40-YEAR WORKING CAREER.

So . . . Let’s take 40-Years and multiply that by $50,000, as if the working person started off at $50,000 right from the Get-Go, which I’m sure very few if any have. But, I’ll be generous, and say that this is accurate for the purpose of this Editorial.

40 TIMES $50,000 (BEFORE TAXES) is $2,000,000-DOLLARS . . . for a Lifetime of Work. In Megyn Kelly’s Case, she earns TEN TIMES THAT AMOUNT IN JUST ONE YEAR, and that seems to be NOT ENOUGH FOR HER, which doesn’t even take into account what her Husband earns, and brings into the family.

While it is also True that Megyn Kelly earns more in the Media than the Average Journalist, Pundit – ETC, it is equally True that the people who are better known as Writers, Opinionates, Hosts (like Kelly), Producers and All, do earn SUBSTANTIALLY More than the Average North American. And I do mean SUBSTANTIALLY MORE . . . Which I don’t hold against any of them.

So how does Megyn Kelly have the GALL to suggest that she can RELATE to her Audience, which struggles everyday just to keep it together, when $20-Million Per Year isn’t enough for her?

Does Megyn Kelly worry about mundane things like . . . keeping an Average Roof over her and her Family’s Head? Does she worry about who will take care of her and someone she cares about if she gets Injured or Sick? Or about how she is going to afford to pay for the God-Awful Obamacare Premiums? Or where she will get the money needed to cover the DEDUCTIBLE if she or someone in her Family needs Healthcare?

Does Megyn Kelly . . . at $20-Million Per Year, really need to worry about what would happen to her and her Family if she loses her job at FOX News? Remember Gretchen Carlson? When she left Fox News not that long ago . . . her Severance Package was $40-MILLION. That’s TWENTY TIMES what the average North American Family will EARN OVER A LIFETIME.

And what about the growing cost of Food at the Supermarket. How much impact do you think that has on Megyn Kelly?

AS I WROTE IN THE PRECEDING . . . I don’t begrudge these Monster Salaries to the “ENTERTAINERS” who consider themselves Journalists of one sort or another . . . BUT WHAT I DO BEGRUDGE – is when they pretend, or are so DELUDED with themselves as Megyn Kelly seems to be in one way or the other . . . or both, that she thinks she can actually RELATE to her audience, and has some kind of an OBLIGATION to the people who FAWN over her, when a salary of just $20-Million Dollars Per Year Isn’t Enough!

AS I WROTE IN THE HEADLINE . . . This Isn’t Just About Megyn Kelly . . . It’s About All Of Them – All the High Profile Media Types, who Rake-In EXORBITANT amounts of Money, who try to convince themselves as well as all of us, THAT THEY FEEL WHAT WE FEEL . . . which is nothing more than Sanctimonious BS.

And somehow . . . they seem to believe that what they’re doing is because they feel some sort of Obligation to the people who Listen, Read or Watch what they have to Write or Say, as long as they’re getting paid the Really Big Bucks to Write or Say whatever it is that puts the BIG MONEY into their Bank Accounts.

PLEASE DON’T GET ME WRONG . . . There are many RICH Media Types who I Truly Believe have an understanding and compassion for the “LITTLE PEOPLE”, but they are far and few between.

Think about this the next time you’re debating where you’ll take the Family for Supper, whether it will be to MacDonald’s, Red Lobster or Applebee’s . . . and where the Wealthy Media Types will be Dining, at Restaurants where the Meal Check would cost most people a Week’s Income.

I don’t have a Problem with that . . . BUT:

WHERE MOST OF US WILL GO TO EAT . . . we’ll see people just like us, Hard Working Folk enjoying a simple night-out, feeling BLESSED for the privilege, studying the menu to make sure we can afford what we want to eat, unlike The Media Types, who are Rubbing Shoulders with their Friends who generally are their Media Counterparts, and the People they WRITE or SPEAK About, such as the Politicians, Handlers and Lobbyists.


Anne and I have lived through some Horrible Financial Times, as we were trying to Find Ourselves after Marriage, while we were building our business and LIFE TOGETHER, driving a Jalopy, while eating Hamburger Helper. But we also lived through some Wonderful Prosperous Times, where we flew First Class and Dined At The Ritz. SO WE’RE NOT STRANGERS TO BOTH EXTREMES.

And Now . . . We’re content to live within our means like MOST People, feeling Blessed for what we have, SEEING THE WORLD THE WAY IT REALLY IS, while enjoying the relatively modest things we can afford, but always still worrying about tomorrow, since all of us are always just one step away from ruin, because of so many factors ranging from Money to Heath to Occurrences Beyond our Control, which is Pretty Much why I write as much as I do.

SO WHEN THE MEDIA . . . Especially the DIVAS in the Media, tell us what to think and why. And try to pass themselves off as one of us . . . the ONLY thing I See and Hear, is how much THESE LEGENDS IN THEIR OWN MINDS have forgotten what the Media used to be all about, when it really meant something, and how each of them has CONTRIBUTED to the MESS our Countries (USA & Canada) have become. So they can earn the kind of money that separates them from us.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard:

    This Obama Byzantine Bureaucracy could care less about anything including the American people. His proposal to tax U.S. based foreign corporation 14% on their overseas profit and 19% a year is insane. He should tax 10% to repatriate those profit back in the U.S. and then no taxes after that. The current tax rate is 35%+. He wants to prevent Central Americans from coming to the U.S. by giving them $1billion in aide, but, to build a wall, that is stupid.

  2. The media didn’t get anything wrong. They were fully aware of how the majority were thinking. The media, being puppets to the ultra rich who own all the outlets, spew the line that their owners wants put into print in the hope of influencing the electorate. The owners didn’t want Dr. Ben Carson. Without major financial backing coming his way, he was dead in the water. With Trump, they didn’t want him but he had the money to run his own campaign. He won despite their efforts to stop him.

  3. I liked Megyn when she was first on but as time goes on she shows that she is “it” and no one is better than she is. She does get good people but something has happened to her from the first show to now. I like a lot of the other women better and if she left they could fill in nicely. I understand that CNN is offering her more than 20 million to be on opposite O’Reilly. It will be interesting to see what she decides. Neither O’Reilly or Hannity like her!!

  4. Howard, “Sanctimonious BS” is a great description of Megyn! The COMMENTS in articles relating to her leaving FOX & going to CNN are quite NEGATIVE.People want her to LEAVE FOX!There are many others who are “waiting in the wings” who could REPLACE her at any time and be more LIKABLE.Her COCKINESS is just plain IRRATING.I DO still record her shows and FAST-FORWARD when needed!This ‘story’ will DRAG ON because her contract only EXPIRES in JULY 2017, unless there are some UNKNOWN ACTIVITIES! AMEN!

  5. I would be happy as a clam if she jumped ship & move on down the road to CNN. She has gotten too big for her britches (no humility in her) & is too smirky & condescending for my taste. Very liberal to boot. No tears will be shed here if she leaves FOX News. Sooner the better. They have much greater talent who can easily hold their own in her time slot.

  6. The blogger from Salt Lake City posting on 12/03 has it as right as anyone including you Howard. Kelly has grown into this arena of entitlement media folks who have lost their connection to real people while espousing she is just like us. B.S.!!! I used to watch her show, but now turn her off. O’Reilly is moving towards that dark side also. Hope Brett does not loose his commonness and connection to us. Hope too Trump pursues Hillary and gets her to prison. Nope, I have not forgotten his pledge.

  7. I object to the manner in which the women newscasters on Fox News and other channels dress when reporting the news. Most of them are very attractive with perfect hair and makeup, but their attire suggests that they are attending a cocktail party or other social event. How can they be taken seriously when their short skirts and crossed bare legs leave nothing to the imagination. The men are wearing suits, white shirts and ties and appear very businesslike. What a contrast. I’m not a prude.

  8. Right after her arrogant attitude in the first GOP “debate” I decided that if I were to continue to support her show I would be selling out everything I believed in or said that others should believe in too. Results? No more heart burn from her arrogant attitude and mannerisms. Feeling of intellectual superiority that I had the good sense to recognize over priced but well packaged mediocrity. And last, perhaps best, realizing that I too can shut off stupidity with the click of the dial.

  9. Amen ! to everything Chris Hilton said. My wife and I stopped watching this silly, snarky, full-of-herself, arrogant woman a long time ago and now use that hour to watch Lou Dobbs, who we recorded earlier. She will be right where she should be with the Clinton News Network !

  10. To me the definition of rich is when you can say you have enough money then you are rich. I assume Kelly makes a substantial salary now. If she still thinks she have more, then I can only feel sorry for her

  11. Dear Howard,
    you wrote …..sanctimoniousnesss, oops that is as much of my $20 million salary as i can allow. maybe next time..

  12. I couldn’t spend the interest on the interest of 20 million a year. I’m ridiculously frugal on most things to the point where my husband shakes his head. My beloved 2004 Town Car has 180K miles showing but it runs great and looks new because I take care of it and it’s paid off. I keep my weight down so my size 8 college jeans are still wearable and have no holes! I buy good shoes because they last and I use coupons and stock up at sales. I hear Megyn’s ratings are way down and she’s on thin ice.

  13. Not soon enough, I stopped watching her some time ago and don’t trust her. I now enjoy Lou Dobbs, he was at CNN and I think he felt out of place there as Kelly feels about being at FOX.

  14. The old adage applies; “In politics and the media, ‘Truth is irrelevant’ !”

  15. Down to one or two days of Oh Really a week, only for Watters. Will not watch the rest with idiots like Jerry and Waun.

  16. The best way to explain the media is the old monkey picture. “see ,speak hear no evil ” There are a few fox shows I trust Hanity,O’riley plus a few more but never Kelly. There is al so fox pro republican and cnn is demacrap.
    LETS MAKE AMERICA GREAT just don’t expecxt the media to help out there.

  17. Thank goodness for you, Howard G. ……..I SOooo look forward to what each of you share, & this definitely is a bright spot in my day! I too, have been a Kelly watcher, off & on!! I too have heard that she was heading for CNN, & @ this point, I could really not care one way or another. She definitely has gotten “TOO BIG FOR HER BRITCHES”. The book deal she is touting is something else. Thanks for putting everything into perspective for me, my friends! Have a wonderful day, everyone!

  18. Way back when I started watching FOX I thought Kelly was OK slowly I didn’t agree with her much and to me when she cut her hair everything changed, to me. I put up with most of them even the 5 some of them. I agree with Teri about being a careful shopper but now that I’m 82 and went thru a touch and go “thing” in hospital I’m enjoying life more AND spending more. Will be looking for my third Mercedes…. and as Howard said I did work a bit more than 40 years.

  19. I am in 100% agreement with every one of these comments. I no longer watch Kelly either …. she is a full blown narcissist as I’m sure it’s evident to every professional watching. And as for O’Reilly, same as the other writer, I watch it only when Jesse Watters is on. For my money I enjoy Watters and Tucker Carlson.
    Sure are a lot of them either jumping ship lately (women particularly), or getting fired …… interesting. Only one I miss at all is Greta …. she was a journalist!

  20. Right it’s like Hollywood every night. They even call themselves “shows!” Journalist or news actors? Actually Actors!

  21. Great article. Don’t watch Megan Kelly anymore. Too stuck on herself. We like you have sometimes lived with more than enough and many years not nearly enough. But, we lived with what we had and were happy doing it. Either way we were blessed and our needs were met. Will always remember Lucille Ball’s movie Stone Pillow when she said “we are all one day away from sleeping on a stone pillow.” Don’t know how some would get along with that. Thanks for all you do. Hoping for a great 2017!!!!

  22. Howard, Its not only Megyn Kelly who thinks a lot of herself. How about Anderson Cooper? I will never forget the 2 hour show he put together on how Hillary was the greatest woman on earth and she should win the Presidency. It was dripping molasses. I don’t trust these guys with a 10 foot pole. As far as I am concerned they are not worth the 20 million or more per year. Steve Acre, Montreal

  23. It’s why we don’t listen to the primadonnas. They are easy to spot. Anyway….what makes their opinions more valuable than our own? For us it is decades of talk radio that has provided much of the honest info, along with this blog….of course! 🙂

  24. Self important & extremely disgusting Megyn Kelly, plus Juan Williams and Geraldo are just three. I could name others frequenting Fox News programing all to regularly – that recently convinced me to drop my $90 a month TV service provider! No more thanks of their supposed ‘fair and balanced’ knot-head liberals in this house thank you! Fox News has some decision making to do – if you ask me!!!

  25. As I see it, any raise should go to Megyn’s makeup people. As they improved her appearance. she began to feel self importance and the likelihood that I would watch diminished.. Now I have no clue of her schedule and if surfing, come across her, likely i am gone quickly. If she leaves, I doubt that much of her following will go with her.

  26. As others have expressed, when Ms. Kelly was an unknown, I admired her good investigative journalism. As time went by and she became the “It Girl”, my opinion of her descended and now I only watch Sean Hannity. O’Reilly is another blow-hard I have grown weary of. I still give high marks to Greta van Susteren and will watch any show she hosts in the future.

  27. Kelly has already made a comment about possibly going to another channel. I personally think FOX does not think she is worth any more and maybe not even 20 million They may be ready to ditch her and get Greta back. We all loved GretaWe don’t watch her and non of our friends will watch her. We switch to War Stories or Hallmark or other worthwhile entertainment rather than tolerate her ego and her liberal bias..

  28. Kelly is useless. I don’t watch her. Check out Lou Dobbs on Fox business. He only has conservatives on. You don’t have to listen to idiots. Charles Payne on that station is also excellent. Trump is going to go around the leftist media, ignoring them, straight to the people.

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