Anyone Called MAD DOG Is Good For Me


I generally write because I’m Angry and/or Frustrated. But . . . This is a relatively new experience for me, since I’m writing because I’m pleased to see a Light at the End of the Tunnel, which isn’t an Oncoming Freight Train.

It gives me great pleasure to hear President-Elect Trump refer to the Presidential Victory, the Carrier AC Victory, and all the other Victories as VICTORIES FOR US, OPPOSED TO ME.

I don’t hear President-Elect Trump saying I . . . as in I did this. And I did that. I . . . I . . . I which is both Refreshing and Telling.

I didn’t see or hear President-Elect Trump on his THANK YOU TOUR, opposed to a Victory Tour, which we grew accustomed to every time we heard Obama take CREDIT FOR EVERYTHING, where everything in Obama’s Mind was always all about him.

NO . . . what I heard and saw – was President-Elect Trump give the Credit for SAVING More than 1100 Jobs at Carrier to the Management and Ownership of Carrier Air Conditioners.

I saw and heard President-Elect Trump . . . say THANK YOU to the People who Elected him to the Office of the Presidency of the United States of America. But I didn’t hear him ask the People TO GIVE HIM THANKS for anything that happened as a result. NOW HOW REFRESHING IS THAT?


When President-Elect Trump announced his first three Cabinet choices, I was VERY pleased. And as much as I DON’T like Nikki Haley for reasons I’ve already written, I’m certain she will do an Outstanding Job representing Donald Trump and the American People at the United Nations as America’s Ambassador to the UN.

ALSO FOR OBVIOUS REASONS . . . I won’t be Thrilled with Mitt Romney as Secretary of State, if that’s who President-Elect Trump chooses for the Job, but I have to assume at this point THREE THINGS:

1 – Trump would NOT choose anyone he thinks would NOT be BEST to carry-out the Task of Balancing the World to America’s Standards.

2 – In spite of what I think about Romney’s abysmal behavior towards President-Elect Trump during the Campaign, I still believe that Romney is Immensely Qualified to take-on any Task offered to him.

3 – And I believe that if Romney is Tapped to become the Secretary of State, he will be one of the All-Time Great Secretary’s of State.

AND DON’T FORGET SOMETHING ELSE . . . Mitt Romney is no Friend of Russia. And LESS of a Friend and Admirer of Putin, than he is of the Russian State. And Romney has Putin’s Number.


LET ME PUT MARINE GENERAL-RETIRED . . . Mad-Dog Mattis’s Appointment in my own Personal Perspective . . . I would LOVE him to be the Secretary of Defense JUST FOR THE NAME – MAD-DOG MATTIS, even if President-Elect Trump didn’t already choose him.

But . . . Given the things Mad-Dog Mattis has said. And given how he said what he has said. And given that fact that his Marines . . . as I heard it described; Would March Barefoot Through HELL With General Mad-Dog Mattis – IS MORE THAN ENOUGH FOR ME.

HOWEVER . . . Given that Mad-Dog Mattis was chucked out by Barack Hussein Obama, because he wouldn’t Pander to . . . Nor Kiss Obama’s Ass the way the other Generals did, puts Mad-Dog Mattis’s APPOINTMENT WAY OVER THE TOP FOR ME.

AS I SEE IT . . . AND AS I HAVE ALREADY SAID – President-Elect Trump is Creating a WAR CABINET to send as Clear a Message to the External Enemies of the United States of America, same as President-Elect Trump is sending the same message to the INTERNAL Enemies of the United States of America.

PRESIDENT-ELECT TRUMP . . . has also established that he is the TOP DOG ON AND AROUND CAPITAL HILL, and even though the House and the Senate are in Republican Hands . . . President-Elect Trump and his Cabinet are not the kind of people to SCREW WITH.


Republicans lost Election after Election for several reasons, all of which were related to the same theme . . . They were LIARS, INSINCERE & PUSSIES. And even when they won the House and the Senate . . . they were disgraceful in how they Managed their Promises, and Fell like Scared Little Girls to Obama and the Big Bad Democrats who sat in the Minority.


A Rising Tide Raises All Boats . . .

And given the HORROR SHOW of the Reprehensible Republican Senate and House, the People had enough. AND MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT THIS . . . The Republicans kept the Senate, not because the People loved them, or because the Republicans did a good job, which they didn’t, but rather, because they came in with the RISING TIDE for President-Elect Trump.

And even though the House kept its Majority . . . it wasn’t necessarily a sure thing that they would. And the fact that they did . . . and the fact that the Democrats did much worse than most people expected them to do, was also because the Republicans survived with the RISING TIDE for President-Elect Trump.

AND IT IS ALSO SAFE TO SAY . . . that Republicans who Won State Offices, could THANK President-Elect Trump – for many of their victories too.

And now that President-Elect Trump . . . seems to be working 25-Hours Per Day, everyday, and is only a few decisions away from completing his Cabinet . . . It’s Only Getting Better & Better.

AS I SEE IT . . . The Battle Lines Are Being Drawn – and you really don’t want to be on the wrong side.

President-Elect Trump Didn’t Choose A Guy Named MAD-DOG for No Reason.

PS – Even though some our Advertisers are falling to the wayside because of the cost to advertise, which really isn’t very much, but I can’t blame them if they’re not getting sufficient sales to cover their costs.

THAT SAID THOUGH . . . we still have Advertisers Selling Excellent Products and Services, so please – have good look at the Advertisers on the Right Hand Side of this Page . . . and check them out.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I agree with what you are saying Howard but looking at the bright side…….look at all the money that we will be keeping in our own country. Not only that, with our dollar currently being so low, they were saying on the news the other night that many Americans are staying at the local resorts for skiing and snowmobiling. If our dollar stays low, they are predicting quite an influx of Americans this summer to enjoy our great outdoors. I’m sure our Prime Minister appreciates this new ruling.

  2. I agree with all you have said above about the Trump cabinet. I can hardly wait for Jan 21st. We will be seeing America as it should be and hasn’t been for years. The lefties know there will be a big change and they will always be fighting for their way but against Trump it will never work because he doesn’t give up!!!

  3. Anyone that likes Patton is alright with me.” We don’t want territory, we want victory!

  4. If you really think Romney wouldn’t end up stabbing Mr. Trump in the back, then I have a bridge to sell you

  5. I wait every day for your page and enjoy every bit of it. Thanks so much to add so much more pleasure and confidence for our future. I come from Africa where I lived in two African countries, came to America that was a paradise in 1997, became a citizen and watched America going the African way. I speak regularly to Europe, Africa and realize the negative propaganda of CNN around the world, it must be replaced. Hope is very much in the air. Please continue your great work.

  6. I keep hearing about what a bad idea it is for Trump to make his THANK YOU tour. To me, this shows leadership on his part rather than the Obama way which is a VICTORY tour (All about me, me, me). Some are concerned about his cabinet picks, but like you, I am thrilled to death so far. Easy to see that we will soon be back on track to make America Great Again.

  7. Every day–The Sun shines a little Brighter…Its easier to take a deep breath in..and Blessings are a coming!

    Again–another of many… a very well written and Wonderful Editorial…Mr. Galganov you… Rawk!

  8. Maybe Mad Dog will go back to the old name, Department of War, or at least the Department of Offence.

  9. Very good article and well written as always. I just have to throw something out there. I was praying that Mr. Trump would win the election. On the flip side though, I was very afraid that he wouldn’t. So I prepared accordingly with my choices for Senate and Congress. I voted to protect my country as much as my one single vote could by voting for Republicans. I did this to keep, or try to keep, the full power of government out of the hands of Hillary and her democrats if she were to win.

  10. I was so touched by Gen. Mattis’ trip cross country to visit the Gold Star Families of those that were lost under his command! That says a whole lot about this man! They do liken him to General Paton and like you… I’m with him 1000%.
    Now if we can just get the democratic party, the party of hate & evil to stop being so hateful and calling us names that I have no clue what half of them mean.

  11. Right on, as always, Howard! One little piece of info about Nickey Haley. I live right over the line from SC and listen to talk radio from there. Trump’s appointment was brilliant! Haley doesn’t seem to be liked by conservatives in SC and the lt-gov. was a BIG Trump supporter from Day1. Haley’s sent to La-la land in the UN and SC gets a GREAT conservative to be their gov. Win, win!

  12. Glad to see you say all positives about Trump ,he is acting more and more like a president . Trump’s biggest battle will be with congress republican majority, as there is still the old guard and committee heads that ,some democrats and republicans hold to show there power.

  13. From afar in Sydney, Australia I hoped and prayed for Donald Trump to win. I was however in the minority of Australian Jews who wanted a Trump victory, their thinking similar to so many American Jews. This lack of clarity is something that astounds me. After 8 years of Obama mean spirit to Israel one would think enough is enough. I know that America will be Great Again, and the World will be a better place for all good people.
    Lexie Keston

  14. The average happy lifespan expectancy of a Canadian is about 86 years, 18th in the world, compared to The U.S.A., about 84 years (43rd), Japan about 89 years (2nd), and Monaco about 94 years (1st). I predict that, under Mr. Trump, the average happy lifespan expectancy of a “Ustatian” (and , hopefully, a Canadian) will be greater than 94 years.

  15. “Politicians are the lowest form of life on earth. Liberal Democrats are the lowest form of politicians.”

    General George S. Patton

  16. Since there are so many Arab nations in the UN, and their view of women is less than desirable, I wonder if a woman should have been chosen as an ambassador to the UN. How much respect would they have of her? Just a thought. Maybe I need more enlightenment on this. So Glad that Trump is IN!!!

  17. What the Muslims respect is none of our concern. Nicki Haley will handle the UN job just fine.

    My wife and I volunteer every Friday morning at the large Veterans Administration clinic here. Most veterans seen here are Marines (some going back to the early days of WWII) and to a one all the many veterans we spoke to this morning are ecstatic about Mr. Trump’s appointment of our hero, General Mattis, to be Secretary of Defense.

  18. I like what i see so far. The Democrats and Rhinos are starting to sound like they are afraid Trump just might do as he said he would. I hope he knows what he is doing on the trade stuff. I am very involved in agriculture and we are dependent on trade to survive.

  19. MAD-DOG Mattis is an excellent choice for Sec. of Defense! Re: Sec. of State, it would seem that there are much better choices than Romney. Remember, Romney “backed off” re: discussing BENGHAZI when he debated Obama, so now, one wonders if he’d have the STRENGTH to follow through in CRITICAL situations? Also, should he be TRUSTED after his extreme VERBAL attacks on Trump? I guess it’s “keep your friends close, but your enemies closer”. Trump will decide! AMEN!

  20. I have NO complaints on Trump’s cabinet choices. I think the SURPRISE will be Sec. of State who will be an UNKNOWN. Someone NOT considered by Americans at-large. There are already Democrats who have announced they will NOT (allow) Mattis to be a cabinet member. We will see!!! As Mr. Trump said re: Carrier .. he knew that move was in the planning stages for at least 2 years and was quite surprised that SOME concessions by Carrier could be done! AMEN

  21. Trump saved 1100 jobs at Carrier. The main stream media reported 800. Carrier said they were going to spend 16 million on expansion in hopes of hiring 10,000 more. Nothing was said about this on any media, including FOX. They just don’t seem to be able to give Trump all the credit he deserves. It would make them look like the miserable failures that they are and have been for over thirty years. Trump listens to the real people that work and support this government.

  22. Good blog & very informative. I also, like all of Trump’s selection for his Cabinet. I am not too sure about Romney. It is taking a long time “entertaining” Romney for SOS. My gut is saying, this isn’t Romney who he really wants as his SOS. I too, LOVE MadDog Mattis for DS. Tom Price, MD is another excellent choice for HHS! He is an Orthopedic surgeon & has been trying to get rid of Obamacare since it was made into law. I think he will be a great asset for Congress. So far so good, in my mind.

  23. Obama has been very busy during his administration, getting rid of the real warriors in the services who want to lead U.S. forces to VICTORY. Instead, he has installed pussy yes-men and women who are way more comfortable behind a desk than leading in battle. People who will cow-tow to his “supreme judgment” of how our wars should NOT be fought. Mattis is Patton re-incarnated – just the guy to kick our enemies’ asses – and they know it. PERFECT! At last we have military LEADER at the helm!

  24. It will be so refreshing to see the military run military matters and not a bunch of lawyers.

  25. Obama is so scared that his legacy is being destroyed before his very eyes even before he leaves office on Jan. 20th. He is going to stay in DC to protect what he can, but he has an impossible task. I have been around as a child since Harry Truman. As an adult I have read about him and watched the movie of his life. Trump looks like Truman & Reagan combined. Better days are ahead for the USA!! The divine prophecies from Mark Taylor about Trump confirm this. Read them.

  26. Early members of his A Team are already making moves to get things back on track. Major ones to observe will be in the Financial area, simple to correct with the right people. It has taken 8 years of Bama to sink us to this current level. It can be corrected in a few hours.

  27. Every day is revealing The Real President Elect Donald Trump who will make America Great again, contrary to those who said he was unfit.
    O’ if only we could get someone like Trump to lead Canada.

  28. All the little cupcakes and snowflakes et al are saying that the Electoral College system disenfranchises them Let me say this: The millions of us New Yonkers who live outside the City of NY are in essentially in the same boat. We voted OVERWHELMINGLY for Trump, but, because of The City, we are left out. And until we can clean up the mess in Albany, we will continue to be left out.
    I LOVE your editorials !!!

  29. Outstanding. Yes.. Trump has started work on his new $1 per year job and those who wish to see the US prosper know that they got a great bargain. His decisions are based on the likelihood of success toward achieving desired objectives and priorities. Failed actions have consequences. Politicians make decisions based on their political agenda and failure or bad outcome is accepted with almost no consequences until the people finally get enough. The press is still opposed and fighting him

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