Waiting For The Real Counter Revolution


Obama is NOT going to go away QUIETLY . . . SO WHAT? Neither do Floods, Forest Fires, Flu Epidemics, Twisters, Hurricanes, and other Detestable Acts of Nature . . . BUT EVENTUALLY THEY DO ALL GO AWAY after their nefarious deeds are done. AND SO WILL OBAMA.

As I wrote yesterday, November 30, 2016 – Obama will have presided over the INVISIBLE PRESIDENCY, because once he’s out, and once the Trump TEAM comes in . . . just about the ONLY thing Obama will be remembered for, opposed to SCREWING – UP America and the rest of the World for 8-Long Years, will be for MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!


The way I see it . . . and after reading what I’m about to write, you might see it that way too – that it wasn’t Trump who is principally responsible for launching the CRUSADE to Make America Great Again, it was the DREADFUL Anti-American Policies of Barack Hussein Obama . . . and the LEFT, which Obama encouraged to Run Amock over the US Constitution and the REAL American Dream, who so THOROUGHLY TERRIFIED thinking Americans, that it was going to be either BALLOTS or BULLETS – one or the other to end the NIGHTMARE, which caused the Election of Trump.

ALSO – AS I WROTE YESTERDAY . . . the destruction of the American Dream didn’t start when Obama took his First Oath of Office in January of 2009. The DEMISE of the America, which I grew up knowing, began right after World War II, with the burgeoning Baby Boomers, my generation, where everything was on the table, from Drugs, to Promiscuous Sex, to Greed and Corruption.

It started with Hollywood, right through the Music Industry to Publishing . . . selling a Vision of America, which in all reality was a False Narrative, where America should be more like Europe, because America was too CRASS by far, and Europe was Cultured and Enviable.


It was called the COUNTER REVOLUTION, which for the Life of Me, I can’t understand, since what were we countering? I understand that the Vietnam War was really unpopular, but in spite of what the so-called Peaceniks claimed, the Vietnam War did an awful lot to Halt the spread of Communism throughout South East Asia and beyond. And it also did a Yeoman’s Task of curtailing the Russians and the Red Chinese.

I am also very much aware . . . that the time had come during the 50’s and 60’s to absolutely end Racial Discrimination in the USA, but that wasn’t done through a Counter Revolution, as much as it was accomplished through the Determination of Great Men like Martin Luther King and a serious change in Demographics and a new Philosophy in America.


But Metamorphosing doesn’t Spell Revolution . . . anymore than it does by giving Women the Right to Vote and Hold Power. Or the Right for Jewish People to sit on School Boards and live in the Communities of their choice, which up till the 50’s and 60’s was also frowned upon.

SO . . . TO CONSIDER the changes made in the American Culture, to be a COUNTER REVOLUTION, is nothing short of a HUGE LIE, and a distortion of history and FACT, which ONLY the World of LEFTIST Academia, with the help of Hollywood and the Music Producers could CREATE.

I was Alive, Active and Cognizant during the times of the 1960’s. And to some extent, I even remember a great deal of what the 1950’s were like. I remember most of my school friends (Canadian) running around with Beatle Hats, wearing Beatle Haircuts, and Beatle Boots, knowing all the Beatle Songs, singing with them to the radio, making all the facial gestures the Beatles made. Just as they knew all the words to Acid Rock Bands.

I remember my friends smoking an awful lot of DOPE in the late 1960’s at University, while playing Cards in the Student Lounge, or sewing a Canadian Flag on a Backpack, to be recognized as being Canadians, and “NOT UGLY AMERICANS”, as they hitch-hiked their way through Europe.

I remember really nice High School Girls, the ones you would like to bring home and introduce to MOM, who after High School also Hitchhiked their way through Europe, that when they got back home, they took great Pride in bragging about how many guys they slept with.

But then again, many didn’t have to go to Europe to have Gratuitous Sex, since all they needed was enough Dope, Music and an Acceptable Enough Partner.


THE REAL COUNTER REVOLUTION . . . as I see it – happened at the Expense and Demise of America, caused by GENERATIONS of Young People, who at the BEHEST of their Teachers and Professors, who later became Teachers and Professors Themselves, as well as Actors, Producers, Directors, Journalists, Bureaucrats, Elitists and Politicians . . . who did all they could to live OUTSIDE the Boundaries of Moral American Values.

TO THESE PEOPLE . . . The time of Mom’s Apple Pie was HISTORY. The time when men held doors open for women was HISTORY. The time when men stood when a woman came to the dining table was HISTORY. All of these Values, which included calling your Superiors, such as Teachers – ETC . . . Sir, Mr, Miss, Mrs, or Mam were also HISTORY.

Writing Beautiful Songs without Cursing or DEFAMING Authority and Gender, such as NOT calling Police Pigs and Women Whores was GONE.

Making Movies, where women were not having Gratuitous Sex as part of the Plot Line was GONE. While making Movies where there really was a viable Plot, was GONE TOO. Just as making Movies, where everyone wasn’t murdered in every conceivable way, especially by Dumb-Ass Actors, who away from the Silver Screen make names for themselves by Decrying the Right for Ordinary People to Take Advantage of the SECOND AMENDMENT, as they make MILLIONS of Dollars pretending to be Heroes amongst Murder and Mayhem they cause was also GONE.


PERHAPS . . . The Biggest Tragedy – was that there was no REAL OPPOSITION to this PHONY COUNTER REVOLUTION, but also perhaps . . . IT HAD TO HAPPEN, just as Thomas Jefferson Wrote More Than 200-Years Ago, in his Letter Known as the Tree Of Liberty, about the need for the People to Rise-Up from Time to Time and Respond to Tyranny by Refreshing The Tree . . . willing to Spill the Blood of Patriots and Tyrants in the Cause of Freedom.


What Barack Hussein Obama did . . . was to LIGHT THE FIRE THAT AWOKE THE SLEEPING GIANT of American Freedom.

As I wrote several paragraphs back, it wasn’t Obama who HIMSELF caused the Demise of America. But it was Barrack Hussein Obama who brought it to a head . . . giving the American People a very STARK CHOICE, between EXCEPTIONALISM & PATRIOTISMOR GLOBAL OBSCURITY, where the FREEDOM & POWER would reside in Absolute Contradiction to the American Dream . . . amongst the Elite.

In AYN RAND’S Classic Make Believe World – “Atlas Shrugged”, her World was waiting for John Galt. In our REAL World . . . it seems that we’ve been waiting for Donald J Trump.

AMERICA HAS YET ANOTHER CHANCE . . . to be made Whole and Great Again, in spite of the Past Dark Generations, and the COLOSSUS the American People will face from the LEFT, the American Media, and all the Global America Haters. But at least America still has a Chance, and in spite of everything, America Is Still Standing.

And after seeing how President-Elect Trump is setting-up his Cabinet, and how his disdain for the DISHONORABLE Media continues, and as he is pressing his WAR To Make America Great Again . . . I don’t see him Suffering Fools or Taking Prisoners.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, the six month rule has been around a long time. Probably the filing requirement as well. I would suggest that when you get back home, go to the border crossing that you normally use and stop in. Ask for the CO and sit with him/her and ask what their policy is at that location. It all comes down to that as no one in the state or federal government knows who or where foreign visitors are, how long they have been here, etc. That is a large part of the problem in the USA.

  2. Well done Howard! What will restore our country is to uphold the Eternal Laws of God and drain the complete “SWAMP.”
    Hollywood has glorified the world — human order of things — and our leadership has foresaken the restoration of the Spirit.

  3. The destruction of America started with the 1965 War on Poverty that was supposed to lift blacks out of poverty and did just the opposite–it created generational dependency on government programs and fatherless babies became the norm. I was 7 years old at the time but I remember how upset my grandparents were over it. They were hard-working Illinois farm folk who made every dime they had through hard work and sweat–and my dad at 86 years old STILL sees patients 5 days a week, Dad’s AMAZING!!

  4. I remember reading Ayn Rand’s ‘ATLAS SHRUGGED’ many years ago when it first came out. Powerful. I would love to read it again! I no longer have my copy of it …. I’ll have to check and see if it is in the local library! …. Keep up the good work, Howard! Any ideas on how we can replace our present boy-child PM prior to the next election???

  5. It was those sophisticated Europeans that gave us the Holocaust – 6 million dead, WW I – 10 million dead, and WW II 65 million dead. Untold millions injured, destruction of whole cities. Hundreds of millions killed and imprisoned by communist regimes (creator Karl Marx). Nazism, facism, socialism, communism. Very sophisticated.

  6. Some may recognize the overwhelming policies and executive orders of the last eight years were, based on the actual results, designed to destroy the United States of America. We should remember one bright economic segment of our country which was spurred to eight years of significant growth, the guns and ammo manufacturing companies. We can thank the more than 60 million gun owners for being the barrier any tyrant needs to overcome before our country can be destroyed.

  7. Bravo Howard! Best explanation of the Trump victory I’ve seen so far and keeping faith that Trump will not be overcome by the idiots who will be opposing him!

  8. This was one of your best writings. We are beginning to take back our country and we will try to teach the young what it is to be an American and the wonderful pride one can have in belonging to this outstanding country.

  9. Although the “destruction of the American Dream didn’t start when Obama took his First Oath of Office”, he was very INSTRUMENTAL in CHANGING America [as he promised] where the RULE OF LAW and MORALITY are no longer RESPECTED. We now live in an ANYTHING-GOES SOCIETY–a SODOM & GOMORRAH SOCIETY! Your article also reminds me of the difference between MICHAEL the ARCHANGEL & SATAN [Trump vs. Obama]. Who knows, maybe Obama will move to Hollywood..he’d “fit” right in, because he’s a good actor! AMEN!

  10. HG, if Trump had read this editorial plus a few of your others, I’m convinced he’d feel compelled to find a way for you to be part of his administration!

  11. Give B.H. Obama credit for one thing – by making a bad situation worse, he forced everyone to to finally confront evil and corruption

  12. Yes! Fortunately I do remember the Fifties. To my era and as I look back now it holds a special place in my heart and memories as the last great Decade America experienced
    unfortunately the hippies of the Sixties completely missed out
    and the current millennials (at least most I have seen) wouldn’t
    last 15 minutes in their elitist protests and marches against
    freedom law and order and morals.

  13. The rise of liberal progressive em did not start at the end of world war two, rather with the Wilson administration, just one hundred years ago this year. He was a liberal elite academic that hated black people. The liberals knew thjat the general population would not accept their way so they turned up the heat one degree per yearl. The foklks didn’t notice and in general tought things like social ecurity was good idea, in it’s orginal form. Then along came Obama and turned the curve up and the

  14. I never was interested in politics when I was young as I was 17 and enlisted in the navy ( served in Korea ) rather then being drafted in the army at 18. As reservist at the start of the Viet war I was lucky not being called up. This is when my interest in politics became of interest to me. I have had little faith in the democrats and republicans that have ruled this country
    I will have to see what Trump does to change my opium,so far he is on the right road.

  15. I find it odd that despite his horrible anti-freedom/anti-Second Amendment/anti-firearms bias, it turns out that Obama actually became the greatest gun salesman the world has ever known! During his term of office, gun sales skyrocketed, visible evidence that Americans didn’t buy Obama’s intentions-they bought GUNS like there was no tomorrow, because they detested Obama and his cockeyed ideas! THAT was the spearhead of the Trump victory! Kudos to the NRA for its leadership!

  16. Howard, I remember the Hee Haw show, that had a segment skit where a patient would come into the doctor’s office, which also had nurse Goodbody. The patient would say,” Doc it hurts when I do this!” wherein the patient would move his arm in a strange way. The Doctor would pronounce his diagnosis, ” well don’t do that anymore!” Applying the same diagnosis to the leftest democrats, we could say, instead of looking for excuses to blame for their fall from power, just apply ” don’t do that anymore.

  17. Excellent blog today, Howard!!! So far I see that Trump is selecting good people for his cabinet. I have seen the Lefties getting mighty upset over Rep. Tom Price selected for HHS. Price is going to do a good job. He never wanted Obamacare & fought against it. He’s an Orthopedic surgeon & understands the problems with Obamacare. I personally think it should be completely destroyed & start from scatch. However, I do want previous conditions to be accepted & insurances crossing state lines.

  18. May the Carrier deal jus negotiated by Mr. Trump be the start of many great things to come. At Obama’s town hall back in June he clearly indicated it was an impossibility. Well, it is for a useless knucklehead like Obama. Obviously not for a REAL leader like Mr. Trump. MAGA!

  19. Howard, I could not have said it better. One item that should be included is FEMINISM in the 1960,s. It has destroyed the family and our society in many ways.

  20. Your editorial says exactly how I’ve felt about America’s downfall, including Gary Shotlander’s adding feminism. In 1960 I graduated HS & began working at Pentagon–thot I was in center of history, & kinda was at the time. But the peaceniks, war protesters, the hippie’s “Turn on, tune in, drop out” drug & sex culture all came straight out of college centers–the biggies like USC, UCLA & the Ivy League schools. Part of communism plan to destroy us from within. They now teach; how do we stop them?

  21. I was completely amazed at the young people marching after the election, most of which were white. It shows the complete failure of our college system that has created a generation of ill educated young people, white and black, that are coming out of our collage system. They are brain washed by uber left leaning professors. Now we hear of colleges that want to ban the American flag? We need more screening of college professors than we do congressmen??

  22. If “Gratuitous Sex” was good enough for “Bond, James Bond,” then it was good enough for me. (I wish).

  23. I think America was saved at the last second. It is time to educate our youth of what socialism and communism are all about. Brainwashed by their teachers, lecturers and professors in the beauty of those world curses. Many books have been published by many that describe the suffering of many nations. I am reading one that should be forced to be read and discussed by all in all educational institutions to correct the fallacies “Enemies of the people” my family’s journey to America by Kali Marton.

  24. In our and relatives homes, the name of F.D.R. was not mentioned during the 1930’s. Actually problems go back to Woodrow Wilson, a Fabian. Our schools promote ideas totally foreign to mine. We must gain control of the educational system which is now polluting the minds of the young.

  25. We have been saying for years one of these days Americans will say …enough is enough, but only if we still outnumber the fools. The past eight years it has been looking like a very close race. We knew this would be the election that gave us our answer. The true patriots of America stuck it to the evil bastards on Nov 8th, and we very well know where we stand now. America may be on the precipice of it’s greatest times ever at this juncture. OPPORTUNITY has arisen! Now let’s make it happen!

  26. No one can say it any better, Howard!! The Socialists took Europe & Canada without a fight. They tried to take the U.S.A. too & they succeeded till they came across Trump who tapped into the under-current of rage & understood that “enough is enough”. The socialists high-jacked our educational system & filled our young people’s with so much nonsense that people were reduced to apologetic, weak-kneed, over-sensitive, bubbling fools who wanted to be guaranteed a safe space, protected from words.

  27. After WWII in order to RESTORE Japan we bought everything MADE IN JAPAN. That was the beginning. In college my first required reading was Ayn Rand..Atlas Shrugged. I remember that professor saying….If you do NOT heed these words you will see a profound change in America. That professor was SPOT ON. We have people killing police, rioting & demanding who THEY want with NO knowledge of what is truly going on around them and dependence on gov’t. God Bless Trump. AMEN.

  28. I strongly disagree with your statement on the Viet Nam war. How did the loss of 50,000 plus men stem the flow of communism when we got up and left the country with no victory? No one won in Korea either. This country is famous for getting into unwinnable wars that have no threat to our country. I could write much more on all this so called war stuff but my space is limited. Many 18 year olds died not even knowing where on the globe they were. Much younger I served in Korea, so I know.

  29. I, like you Howard, grew up in the 60’s. It was the best of times and it was the worst of times. The Beatles so influenced me that I went into music and made a living at it for years. Then I grew up. I am now at an age where this quote reflects where I have come from to where I am now….”If you aren’t a liberal by age 20 you have no heart. If you aren’t a Conservative by age 40 you have no brain.” Sir Winston Churchill

  30. Atlas Strugged should be required reading in High School. I read it in 1957 and it made such an impression I could not contain myself but to insist all should read this novel. Where is John Galt? Could we be so lucky to have found a man such as he. I also believe God has a covenant with our land. Let’s prove we deserve his blessing. Billie

  31. Again Howard, you nailed it! However, I disagree with only one point. Ho Chi Minh was a nationalist before being a Communist. Had Russia or China tried to control Vietnam, they would have faced the same confrontation that defeated the French and the Americans.

  32. I’m not so sure that mr. soros and his nefarious gang, the real presidential power, will go so quietly into the night.

  33. What a blog, Howard, & for me it was a stroll down memory lane! I too, read “Atlas Shrugged”, back in the mid-50’s, but need to re-read it!! It scared me then, so is definitely on my re-read list. I enjoyed my Belgium friend’s post, & he definitely hit it out-of-the-park, with his spot-on comment about Mr. Soros!!! Belgium has seen it, first-hand, with the terrorists’ attacks. God help us to heal…..& yes, the enemy is within!

  34. One of your best! I have grieved many a time for being involved in the 60’s movement – oh, I never carried a protest sign, I never smoked pot or took a hit of LSD – BUT I STOOD BY SILENTLY!!!! With my silence I voted! I have chosen to be different this time. I am not good with a pen but I am decent at raising up men and women to rally with me against an evil or as you so well stated, the moral decline in our country. You keep on keeping on and I will keep on keeping on! Gary Burd, Amarillo TX

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