Barack Hussein’s Legacy


I’ve been giving a great deal of thought to what I think Obama is planning on doing after January 20, 2017, when President-Elect Donald Trump takes the Oath of Office, and sends Obama to the Trash-Bin of FAILED History.

I AM CERTAIN . . . 100% As Positive as I can Imagine – that once Obama is out of the White House, he will not surrender the Trappings of ADULATION that feeds him like Manna from Heaven. Nor will Obama let go of his Anti-American Globalist Dream to make America Equal and ORDINARY amongst Nations.

I BELIEVE THAT OBAMA . . . will use all the knowledge he’s gleaned in the White House over the past eight years, to use against President Trump’s MISSION to Make America Great Again.


Even though Barack Hussein Obama, was one of America’s MOST ACTIVE Presidents of Change, since the days of FDR’s New Deal . . . once President-Elect Trump GETS DONE WITH DISASSEMBLING virtually everything Obama has put into Law, especially the Obama Laws through Executive Actions . . . Obama’s ONLY real Legacy that will be left, will be that America will have Paid a SEVERE Price for electing a LEFTIST PRO-ISLAMIST FRAUD, who will be remembered mostly for being an EXTRAORDINARY Nightmare . . . that once the people awoke in the knowledge that it was over – all they had to show for it was a Horrible Headache.


Over the past few Generations . . . certainly SINCE Ronald Reagan was the President, with all SUBSEQUENT Presidents, INCLUDING the Presidencies of the Two Bush’s . . . the American Dream for EVERYONE, where America was founded on a MERITOCRACY, where people were once encouraged to benefit and enjoy what they’ve earned, and where . . . since the end of President Reagan’s White House, the US Constitution has been Steadily Slipping Away . . . THE WRITING WAS ON THE WALL.

BECAUSE OF A GLIB EMPTY SUIT LIKE BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA . . . and the consternation he brought to the American People, especially to the People who REALLY COUNT, opposed to the Academics, the Entertainers, the Insiders, the Politicians, the Bureaucrats, the DUMMIES and the Something-For-Nothing Bunch, it was like THE CHRISTMAS STORY, where the American People, and People from around the World got to see America Past, America Present and America Future, which wasn’t what the People ever wanted to see.

The Presidency of Barack Hussein Obama . . . DID MORE TO FOCUS the Reality of how far America has fallen over the generations, which SCARED THE HELL out of enough REAL Americans . . . that they rallied behind a Leader who PROMISED to Make America Great Again by reversing the SLEW OF HORRIBLE Actions that has near Bankrupted the USA Financially and Morally.

BUT . . . On the way to wiping out just about all of Obama’s Anti-American and Pro-Global Initiatives, President Elect-Donald Trump will also find himself coming FACE-TO-FACE with the policies of TAX, SPEND, & REGULATE of the FOUR Presidents who have preceded him (Republicans and Democrat), all of whom were guilty of growing the size of the Government, including Obama, Bush 43, Clinton and Bush 41.

SO AS I SEE IT . . . President-Elect Donald Trump, if he is to really succeed will have to reach way down deep inside the SWAMP to find the DRAIN PLUG, if America hopes to have any chance of BEING MADE GREAT AGAIN.


Obama will become the Unofficial Face of a not so New Movement on the LEFT, as the Democrats try to decide where they stand in America, and what they stand for.

I believe the Democrat Party . . . at this Time & Point in History, are as done as Burnt Toast, as they are being pulled from the Inside Out, and in every direction we can imagine, by a BEVY of Bad Actors vying for Control of a Corpse, which seemingly makes Obama someone to be reckoned with.


BEFORE BECOMING PRESIDENT . . . what was it that made Obama a Real Player? What did Obama accomplish of any significance, other than to have other people get him elected?


THINK ABOUT THIS . . . Obama has spent an enormous amount of his Presidency on the Golf Course. He spent an inordinate amount of time JETTING around the World and America on Air Force One at the expense of the People, giving Speeches, attending Fund Raisers, Schmoozing and Vacationing.

I imagine that Barack Hussein Obama . . . was probably the Laziest President to have ever occupied the White House in our time, and the only way he was able to get the things done, was not through hard work and negotiations, but rather from Executive Actions, because, as he said – “I have a Pen and a Phone”.

Obama also surrounded himself with a Mean Spirited and Dishonest White House Staff and Cabinet . . . who did his Bidding, and the Bidding of the Power Brokers Behind the Throne, while Obama gave great-contrived Speeches written for him, to a FAWNING MEDIA, Greedy Insiders, and an Ignorant Population.

After January 20, 2017, Obama can take his Pen and his Phone, and shove them where the Sun Doesn’t Shine. And after the people who served him in the White House and on his Cabinet finish Shredding Papers and WIPING OUT their Computer Records to cover-up all the things they pray will never see the light of day, Obama will go back to being the FLIMFLAM-MAN . . . he always was.


In the first Several Months of the Trump Presidency, Obama will be there to STIR THE-POT & GIN-UP the JERKS. He will be somewhat successful through the Failing Media to remind everyone who he once was. But after a reasonable period of time, especially if President Trump does many of the things he’s promised to do, and GOVERNS America with RESPECT for the INSTITUTIONS and the CONSTITUTION as he promised, the people will soon enough forget the LEGACY of Obama, who will have as much power as a FART IN THE WIND, who will forever see himself as a Legend in his own Mind, while America becomes GREAT AGAIN.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. This has been the law for twenty plus years. The same law apples to US citizens in Canada.

  2. Howard, what a great commentary to begin my day! You have summed it up perfectly. Amen!

  3. You’re far too kind for not including the long list of four letter expletive labels that scum bag, phony, narcissist deserves.

  4. obama’s legacy is the destruction of America from the greatest country on Earth to a third-world banana republic with crippling debt, a destroyed economy and doubled the amount of illegal aliens sucking the taxpayers DRY. He’s the worst POTUS in history and a disgrace to the office and to America.

  5. “Democracy … authority of the crowd” (Plato). It’s the same in Canada: the “crowd” keeps changing and learning the same
    old lessons again and again …

  6. My thoughts on the AFTER OBAMA PRESIDENCY exactly. The pot stirrer will TRY to keep the POT boiling, the hordes marching and protesting…AND he will continue to POINT FINGERS at our Police and Military as well as TRUMP. Bush did NOT fight back (smart move on his part). Trump …. we shall see! Obama thrives on confrontation–even when there is NO confrontation.

  7. Your comment about Trudeau was spot-on as evidenced by this commentary: “Justin Trudeau: Baby-Faced Commie Apologist Unmasked”, found on Townhall this morning.

  8. In my humble opinion, your best ever by a LANDSLIDE. I want the dirty scumbag to be remembered FOREVER, in much the same fashion as the world will never forget the evil DESPOTS who visited nothing but cruelty and misery on the populations of North Korea, Venezuela and Cuba.

  9. Superb article, Howard! I just posted it on my Facebook page for others to read. BRAVO!

  10. Obama will do what he has always done. He will (community) organize, gathering the takers and immigrants together to vote for Democrats in the next election. He will stir the BLACK LIVES MATTER POT as well. Make no mistake he is far from gone in American politics.

  11. Great editorial… Trump and Pence are already saving jobs, and surrounding themselves with advisors that can make a difference in this country. Seems the left has quieted down a bit already…. huuummm?

  12. In light of all you write Howard, I have to surmise in a perverted sort of way, that maybe – – just maybe, Obama was what it took to shake America to its senses. A day or two before Election Day Obama scolded us that “his legacy was on the ballot”. Well, we heard him loud and clear and sent him and his ‘legacy’ packing. It will take some role-up-your-sleeves hard work to undo it all, but we WILL come back stronger and better for our miserable 8-year nightmare. Our forefathers are smiling.

  13. Howard, a great biography of Obama during his eight phoney presidential years. Now write one for our Drama Prince Trudeau please.

  14. Howard, Obama still has a rabbit or two up his sleeve. One would be either to vote for or abstain from stopping a UN Security Council vote against Israel. Another would give pardons to people he knows will be sunk once he is gone. He is already hinting that a “smooth” transition should include keeping the people the Dems put in place, ergo torpedoing the Reps. The crooked press still keeps attacking Trump, now going after his youngest son, and praising Obama.

  15. The democrat party is a party of hate. Just listen to what Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Clinton and other leftists/socialists have said about America and it’s people over the past eight years. Currently they are moving further to the left and we can expect an increase in hate for those who reject their philsophy.

  16. O’Bummer never was the driving force behind the madness. The elites’ whom truly control this country are the real threat to America & our freedom. Will they allow President Trump to drain the swamp or return the power back to the citizens? NEVER!!! We the people must stand together regardless of age,gender,color,nationalities,left,right,center,etc.. Until we realize the old method of divide and conquer is being used against “We The People” then we will always be on the short end of the stick.

  17. There is a reason why Obama will be living in Washington, DC, after he leaves office: he will continue to insert his opinion and his influence in any way he can, to try to neutralize Trump as president. Obama will not “go gently into that good night”, since he is a narcissist and needs adulation. More than likely the MSM will continue to fawn over him.

  18. Now THAT’S an editorial ALL Americans can live with. Great writing on this one Howard. But as I have said from the beginning Obama is a world class liar. “He who permits himself to tell a lie once finds it much easier to do it a second and a third time, till at length it becomes habitual: He tells lies without attending to it and truths without the world believing him. This falsehood of the tongue leads to that of the heart, and in time depraves all it’s good dispositions.” Thomas Jefferson

  19. What a great description of the moron’s achievements. Let’s remember that the narcissist, by nature, has to make himself the most intelligent and has to be surrounded by more morons than himself. That explains his administration’s achievements. Only morons don’t see it and would vote for another Barak Hussein in a jiffy that would continue the America’s demolition. Trump will put America back to the greatness that it was and hopefully keep it that way for ever after.

  20. Like the many great Americans I met when I did some consulting in the US a few years back, there are many great Canadians that have had enough. We have been, up to this point, kept so busy just trying to make ends meet we have been paralyzed into political inactivity; with only a few small victories against the Left and Ultra Left. We have an Ultra Left Government in Alberta, it was the best thing that could have happened! Many people’s eyes were opened and NOW we are ready to make changes.

  21. Forever and ever and ever going forward into the halls of history he will be known for keeping the oceans at bay, the sea waters did not rise and consume us doing his eight years on top of the Resolute’s Desk, and by throwing the bust of Churchill overboard he keep the ship of state afloat. Bill in the Texas Republic

  22. TRUMP is not even President yet and has already surpassed Obama!It IS very sad to see that Obama never took his presidential opportunity to help the Black population whom he represented.Instead, he chose to RUIN and DIVIDE AMERICA and GOVERNING it as a DICTATOR–THAT will be his LEGACY!He and Crooked Hillary are of the same MOLD–they will ‘go down in history’ with NO POSITIVE LEGACY! The White House has been CONTAMINATED with RADICAL VIEWS, etc…, and this SWAMP needs to be drained ASAP! AMEN!

  23. Do you think Michelle is going to want to give up all her ladies-in-waiting? The parties, the servants, the clothes, First-Class on the plane? I think not. That will also be a fun show to watch.

  24. The most important legacy left by Hussein el Barrack will be set against his own African American people who will have a major problem to soon again be elected for high office. And about his out of office continued sabotage of the USA and its elected government. I doubt he will be given latitude to do that…

  25. Obama knows his presidency will go down in history as a bust. If you notice all his recent speeches, including those while campaigning for Clinton, were all about the great things he has done. To paraphrase Margaret Thatcher, if you have to tell people you are great, then you are not.

  26. Trudeau looks as if he doesnt have a full deck of cards from pictures I have seen. Him, Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Reid should be put on a boat and set adrift.

  27. Death and destruction will be Obama legacy. America was hood wink by a muslim in sheep clothing ,I never considered him
    as my president and hope he and michele have lots of luck, all bad. The democrats have reelected nancy policci as house
    minority leader,she is the wicked witch of the west and a proponent of san Francisco as a safe house of illegals.

  28. How much time do we really spend thinking about past presidents, not much, the Democrats live on reflections of the sainted JFK, avoid reflecting on Jimmy C and LBJ and will do the same with Obama, more of an embarrassment than the latter two. The Clintons push themselves like no other exes but they’ve used up their time, thanks to both her futile effort to impose herself on us again and Trump taking her measure. As a cult figure Obama will fade sooner than later.

  29. I think you are right on! However, it remains to be seen. We are in a very dangerous transition period of time and all of this is contingent upon what support we receive from the countries around us. I see dangers in our monitary and social systems. Just what is a head of us? It will be interesting to see how it all comes to pass.

  30. Thank you Howard for a very informing blog!! Alvina and I “Barry” read your well informed comments every day! We know that you speak from the Heart and that every comment you you make, has been deeply researched before you put them in writing!! We both can count on you for the facts!! Even if it hurts sometimes!
    Our Thanks to you!
    Barry and Alvina

  31. We are all in for a rude awakening if anyone thinks Obama is going to be GONE…I for one hope PResident Trump never, never, never calls him for advice…keep him out of the white house, not even a visit. If he needs any advice, I pray he contacts only those who supported him, and who know what they are doing…I would like to see Petrais as Secretary of State. Mitt will not be loyal to Trump. Keep praying for this country and Isreal, who Obama abandoned. Mary

  32. Obama will fade away like “a fart in the wind,” as you say, and “he will forever see himself as a legend in his own mind.” Terrific commentary, Howard; (I’m screaming!) let’s hope it all comes to pass. Again, you have said it like it is, reflecting our own sentiments using your descriptive and hard-hitting words. Love it!

  33. Howard, I couldn’t have said it better myself. The more power to you.
    Steve Acre, Montreal

  34. Excellent as usual, Howard. Obama will ultimately dwell among the other evil scumbags who have inhabited this earth and as Mike Tyson has said…..”end up living his life in Bolivia”! 🙂

  35. The whole Obama failure was summed up in the Carrier save. While BHO is planning his Christmas mega $ vacation, Trump and not yet legal, saved the day. Just another failure for a failed person, the list is long. For some reason the Dim-Bulb doing the recall, I feel is being financed by the same people that funded BHO. She will follow him, not deliver and pocket a bunch of money.

  36. I like the idea of Obama’s legacy of just being a fart in the wind. Great article today as usual. Edgar Sellers

  37. Trump’s victory is vindication for years of anguish held by more Americans than I could have ever imagined. And, I’m actually ecstatic that Nancy Pelosi won House Leadership again! This means the dems continue down the same road that lost them the house, the senate, and now the presidency! Tim Ryan scared the crap out of me (a democrat that actually seemed reasonable).

  38. What a great read! Left me feeling optimistic! Obama scares me – even after he’s out of office. I needed this little breath of cool, clean air today.

  39. Part of Obamas legacy will be how he taught the US population “Politics 101” and Accounting for profit. He leaves a 200k house in Chicago and 8 years later moves into a 5.75 million mansion in DC. Same is true with Clintons, left the WH broke but paid 1.5 million for the Chappaqua house a year earlier. Give me one of those jobs, please.

  40. Howard, Iwatch with interest the activities of the slime balls of the world and I notice with some trepidation the fact that joe biden is going to be making an official visit to Canada on Dec 8,9 2016 and will attend a dinner in his “honour” term used undeservedly, Hosted by prime minister turdo. I have a real suspicion that he will be acting on ulterior motives for obama since I don’t know of anything important enough for it to require a state visit this late in his administration.

  41. Howard, good blog!!! I have been reading all of the comments & had several good laughs from the descriptions written about Canada’s PM. Sounds like he needs to be ousted himself. I like his nicknames Drama Prince, Turdo & Baby Face Commie Apologist. The last one would be good for Obummer, too! I thank G-d daily that we do NOT have to look at or hear Hildebeast!!! Praise the Lord & Pass the Ammunition!!! Good ol’ Southern expression. :O) :O) :O)

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