Whether In Canada Or the USA – Until I Can’t . . . I Will Always Do What I’m Doing


ANNE AND I ARE VERY GRATEFUL & TOUCHED . . . for the Comments and Emails offering Moral Support from Americans, for us to move to the USA. And especially for the Americans willing to take us in . . . SPECIFICALLY Perry Birman of Boca Raton, who has thrown out the Welcome Mat in a Private Email and on the Comment Page, who describes Anne and Myself as Jewish Red Necks (a label we’re both proud to wear) . . . with our Own Self-Defense Equipment.

I should mention that Perry Birman, and his BEAUTIFUL Wife Marla, too Attractive for him, but that’s for another Story, are FORMER Canadians from Montreal, who moved to Florida Many Years Ago, to build their lives and have their Family in the USA.

Not only are the Birmans our Friends . . . but they are also Two People who made an Enormous CONTRIBUTION in Labor, Organizing, and Funds to our Boca Raton Pledge Ride several years ago.


Bob Ernst of Gillette Wyoming, suggested in the Comment Section in GOOD FAITH I’m sure, that I shouldn’t consider Leaving Canada only because of a JERK Prime Minister, anymore than Americans should Leave the USA because of a DRECK President, which are my words to describe his sentiment.

SO I HAVE TO THANK BOB for his heartfelt advice – But I would NEVER consider abandoning the country of my Birth, because I don’t like the Prime Minister, since Politicians in a FREE SOCIETY, come and go like detestable weather . . . some better – most worse. But eventually they all go.


1 – Canada is a Parliamentary Democracy based upon a “Constitution” that Favors MAJORITY RIGHTS, and the so-called “COMMON GOOD” . . . rather than the Rights of the Individual.

2 – Canada does NOT have the Checks and Balances enjoyed by a Democratic Republic, such as the USA, which Favors the RIGHTS of all of its Citizens . . . BUT ESPECIALLY the Rights of the Individual.

3 – Canada does not have a Simple to Read . . . and Simple to Understand Constitution, which RESTRICTS the Role of Government, while DEFINING the Rights of Government, opposed to just the Rights of People . . . where if it isn’t EXPRESSLY defined in the Constitution as a Federal Government Right, the Government DOES NOT HAVE THE RIGHT AT ALL.

4 – Canada LEANS so far to the LEFT, where the Majority Rules over Everyone, and the Courts are there to Protect the RIGHTS of the Government, and the RIGHTS of Individuals are USURPED by the RIGHTS of the Collective, and what you Earn and Own are the Property of the Government, whenever the Government DEEMS it to be theirs . . . makes Canada extremely UNATTRACTIVE to Conservatives.

Anne and I would leave Canada, not because of the Current Government, or Future Governments, but rather, because the NATIONAL MINDSET of the People from Coast to Coast in Canada, which has become so IMBUED with the Social Aspect of COLLECTIVISM and one World Order Politics, opposed to Canadian NATIONALISM, as in MAKE CANADA GREAT AGAIN . . . that for Canada- there is no Redemption.

It’s easy to fight against specific Governments and specific Leaders, but it’s a DIFFERENT THING ALTOGETHER . . . to fight against an ENTRENCHED MINDSET that will never change, until that Mindset Brings About its own COLLAPSE.


Because Anne and I more or less live in the United States during 6-Months of the Winter, getting away from the Cold, Snow and Ice of Canada – and then when Spring and Summer come back to Canada, we get to live where the Heat isn’t Debilitating . . . is not that Bad a Deal.

AND SINCE WE PAID . . . for most of our lives into Canadian Social Programs like FREE Healthcare, which really isn’t all that FREE, but specifically when Dire and Life Threatening Circumstances happen, we get 5-STAR Treatment without a Medical Bill, plus we get FREE Prescription Drugs, because we’re both over 65-Years Old . . . which is also not such a bad deal either.

AND WHEN CANADA’S SO-CALLED FREE HEALTHCARE . . . is bogged down, as it usually always is, we cross the border into the USA & Pay for what we need.


AND I CAN TELL YOU FOR A FACT . . . and I’m not Blowing Smoke – If the United States ever opened its Northern Border to Canadians, the Continent of North America would TILT TO THE SOUTH, weighted by the number of Canadians who would move to the USA . . . Perhaps not the LEFTISTS, but who the Hell Needs Or Wants Them Anyway?

ALL OF THAT SAID . . . Who knows what will be? But at this juncture in time, it isn’t looking good for Anne and I to become Full-Time Residents of the USA no matter how much we would enjoy that.

But whether we live in the USA Full-Time or not . . . it makes no difference whatsoever about the Things I will always continue to Write About and Fight For in the USA, Canada and Israel.


1 – It seems that there are many people who say that I am wrong about Betsy DeVos, Trump’s Pick for Secretary of Education, for being an Advocate of Common Core, and that she simply sat on some of the same Committees with people who were Common Core Advocates, that I should rethink what I wrote.

And since I have no other information to go on, I will accept this reasoning. Besides, I also wrote that I know she is very much in favor of VOUCHERS & SCHOOL CHOICE, and for also holding Teachers and Schools to High Standards, so I said I would Reserve Judgment. And I am.

2 – I Have-Not changed my mind on Nikki Haley . . . And Certainly NOT on Mitt Romney.


If Trump is going to be able to do the Important Things he said he was Going to Do about Making America Great Again and Draining The Swamp, starting with a KILLER CABINET, followed with a Pick for a REAL Conservative Supreme Court Judge, hopefully in my Opinion with Ted Cruz (Even I’m Allowed To Dream), or someone like Ted Cruz, we all better Fasten our Seat Belts and prepare for a Rocky Ride.

OBAMA IS NOT FINISHED WITH AMERICA . . . and will in my opinion, either Practice Sedition, just on the LINE, so as not to cross it, or FOMENT Sedition amongst the Rabble and Anarchists who live to Destroy and Create Mayhem.


BETWEEN DESPICABLE . . . men like George Soros, and no shortage of others like Soros, who will anti-up the money, Obama will LEAD A COUNTER REVOLUTION to the Values of the American Dream and the US Constitution as it was Written, which will be as DISRUPTIVE and probably as VIOLENT as we can imagine.

Obama will continue to DENIGRATE the United States of America at Home and Abroad. And he will do so WITHOUT MERCY. And as the Outgoing President of the United States of America, Obama knows all the Secrets of America’s Spy Networks, Military Strategies, Strengths and Weaknesses, and where America is most Vulnerable.

ALSO . . . I am more worried THAN JUST SOMEWHAT, that the Moslems and LEFTISTS Obama Placed at some of the Highest Levels of America’s Government will come back to BITE all of us in the Ass.

YES MR TRUMP . . . YOU’VE GOT A LOT ON YOUR PLATE – Including the Hopes and Prayers of the People who got you as far as the White House. And whatever it takes . . . YOUR FIGHT IS OUR FIGHT. And I doubt very much if the Patriots will ever let you down, as long as you don’t let us down either.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. It is possible that it was some genius in the administration, taking a lead from the plan to solve the US budget deficit by increasing tax on the wealthy has concluded snowbirds must be wealthy so let’s find a way to tax them.

  2. Hahahahaha! I stand by every word. You win the bet – but you’ll have to visit the Birman sanctuary house for illegal immigrant Jewish rednecks to collect!

  3. Scary but true about all your views! God Bless America and if we ever needed it more, it is now! Sometimes I fear our present POTUS is the enemy in disguise.

    Janet Clement
    Ocala, Florida

  4. You know our constitution better than most americans to follow it we must abolish the Dept. of education along with others.

  5. Well, one thing Obama/Hillary did was wake us up to our strength ACROSS the country. Thru Trump we have a chance to
    stay aware and mobilized.

  6. You are correct, I have said from the start Obama is a “hired hand.” We have not seen the end of this guy yet he has lots of arrows in the quiver, such as the dim-bulb and her recount funded by his handlers. The deal with her is spend a little on a fruitless effort, pocket the rest.

  7. Many American LEFTISTS are ready to move to Canada.That would be great because as you said,”who the Hell Needs Or Wants Them Anyway?” Obama WILL be prepared to cause TROUBLE for Trump. He may know “all the Secrets of America’s Spy Networks, etc.., but Trump, et al, can/will change many, if not all of his appointments!Also, considering his previous RED-LINE experience(s), should Trump have any reason to FEAR him?Obama had better NOT DARE to THREATEN Trump, as its OUTCOME won’t be pleasant. AMEN!

  8. The USA is not a “Democratic” Republic, it is a Representative Republic. Democracy was anathema to the Founding Fathers. Today we use the terms “Democracy” and “Democratic” to describe the US Constitutional form of government in error. We should always remember, we have a Representative Republic governed by the rule of law in the form of a Constitution that, as noted by Howard, defines the rights of the government and restricts its role in lives of the governed.

  9. Howard, I had the opportunity to live in Texas when I was in the Air Force. Wonderful state and the people are just awesome. Welcome and enjoy your stay in the US of A.
    Politics can be very frustrating but even more so when the media is in the pocket of the left. James Madison once said “a well informed society is necessary to keeping our Republic” and I am paraphrasing but you get the drift. We are still a great nation with many who will fight to keep our Constitutional Republic.

  10. Just in case you’re not ‘locked’ on Florida…, allow me to add another offer to those that are already on the table. Arizona has a better climate in the winter, it is a Red Neck Country and also have a sanctuary for Conservative Jews. Even though we are not friends, yet, my wife and I will be willing to adopt you and Ann in a Jewish second!!!

  11. I’ve lived in Canada my entire life. I gave up on Canada when Pierre Trudeau was elected in 1968. I figured, if the people can be swept up in a tidal wave of far-left Trudeaumania, then there is no hope for my country. That sentiment was reinforced when his son, Justin, proclaimed that he is a fan of the communist dictator Fidel Castro. Whoever supports this selfie-obsessed fascist deserves to be deported to Cuba where he can live out his fantasies in that country’s collectivist utopia.

  12. Howard, as long as the health of Anne & yourself holds up, be content to be a Snow-bird. You wisdom and analysis of US and Canadian politics is appreciated both sides of the border and you can do much to hold the feet to the fire of both Trump and the dilettante Trudeau. T is under fire for his Castro remarks and other things he’s said; it’s time to apply pressure to get him out.

  13. It would please me immensely, Howard, were you to become a US citizen. Is that possibility limited for you and Anne by any financial consideration? If so, I think you can count on a great deal of support toward your path to citizenship from your readers.

  14. Do not delude yourself into thinking that obama isn’t involved in the pay to play scandal that is going to break AFTER President Trump is sworn in. He’s in the corruption up to his JUG EARS. Where’s that 6 billion missing from the State Department anyway? Don’t you think there’d be a heck of an investigation going on if obama HADN’T GOTTEN HIS CUT of that 6 billion? They want to de-legitimize Trump so they can claim to be political prisoners when the scandal breaks. Patterns don’t lie.

  15. Last Saturday evening Hannity had a one hour special on TV at prime time showing the video of Trump making all of his promises to the American people. It was impressive…..the kind of thing that could help hold Trump’s feet to the fire with Hannity’s millions of viewers. He is also the kind of guy who would repeat this video from time to time. Trump has a lot of respect for Sean.

  16. Obama did 2 needed things. He armed the conservative hands with highest sales in guns and ammo ever and showed the USA & world what the left REALLY looks like when you don’t stand with our police, snivel with traitors, have no clue what leadership looks like, and spend money you don’t have or earned. This readership is intelligent, kind, strong, with loads of common sense, is an awesome army. I love reading the comments. Thank you, Howard, for leading this fight, we are beside you. WOW!!!

  17. Howard & Anne, you really have the best of both worlds so keep doing what you’re doing. With such good friends giving you a base of operation in both countries, you really cannot ask for more!! Just keep writing about what’s happening in both countries so that we can share your adventures on both sides of the border.

  18. Howard, You stand as your own man and you are to be admired. Thank you for your concern for the good of our Nations. I have always felt that we are a family of this Continent. I believe the World realizes we would fight as one. Donald Trump needs a show of Unity and a strong vote of confidence for now. He has amazed me what he has bore through this election. His character and demeanor has held a strong resilience through many vicious attacks. We must lend him our support now for a small reprieve

  19. Great insight Howard! And I do agree with you about “Mr. Obama,” — he will continue to destroy as much as possible before we pay him and “his” their undeserving retirement.

  20. I have a serious problem with your blog today. The Problem? How am I ever going to get it down to 350 words for my editorial. Thanks for letting me use your brain. It is so much better than mine. LOL. (Just in case you didn’t know Lots Of Love to you and your beloved and Striker too… By the way you might want to look up, “McCarran-Walter Act Of 1952”. Quite interesting…

  21. As a Canadian, I do hope you remain in Canada, Howard. We need you! Even though most of your editorials relate more to American politics than to Canadian …. we need you to hold Trudeau Junior’s feet to the fire! He thinks he can do whatever he wants simply because of his surname. I can hardly wait until the next election!! I do hope Canadians are intelligent enough to see the gaffe they made in voting Jr. in!!

  22. Politics, my daily obsession though only on your Site. I listened for the local weather on the radio today & heard the Gang at C… talk radio carrying on about Castro. Considering that is the only english talk Show in Montreal, no wonder people are so ill-informed. My answer to that station “click”. People are ridiculously polite, it cost us dearly for such ignorance.

  23. Americans have to understand that obama is a muslim and like all muslims the koran says it ok to lie,every thing that comes out of his mouth is a lie.He is the devil reincarnated. Michelle has had a heart attack now that she will lose her 20 some support staff, of useless 2 million, tax payers, $ payroll. No more momthly vacatios to the tune of over 500 million millian $ 55 more days of this discpable family

  24. OK, if I get this right. The elder Trudeau fashioned what some Canadians call a constitution which means absolutely nothing. How can a new constitution be fashioned? Is there any vehicle for the people to force a convention and how could this be done? Or is the direction of globalism so far down the road in Canada for there to be any correction? I am temporarily living in Canada with my Canadian wife waiting to make aliyah.

  25. Pretty obvious here Howard – you’ve upset the apple cart. Time to fill out papers and await the best time to transfer some funds south – also to sell off Ontario property without a big loss. In the mean time get a hold of a Texas real-estate area pro. Yes, I know – you’re way ahead on all this – good luck & wishing you favorable dealings! We welcome you – really!

  26. The clown prince of Canadian politics will never have his feet held to the fire. He is too busy dancing around for photo ops and acting the part of a complete ass (h—) to stand still long enough to get burned.PET, the commie, did a tremendous injustice to Canada with the “constitution”, a paper created to make lawyers wealthier. With this paper came the dreaded Human Rights Tribunals, a national disgrace for any logical thinking person

  27. Hussein el Barrack bin Obama may think that he is not finished with America, but I have the feeling that America is finished with him and his associates. What he has finished with is with his own race hopes of having a future at leadership if at all.
    Violence. No question about it. Muslims and co travelers with the cult of death, including but not limited to the “media” are violent, deadly. And the American people knows how to deal with that very well.
    Stout hearts & clear minds is the mott

  28. Most Americans don’t know about Canada’s oppressive Bill 101: Other than the province of Quebec, 93% of the Canadian population does not speak French. Yet, all brochures, labels, etc., for 100% of the country must be IN BOTH LANGUAGES. This causes fits to manufacturers who must reduce the size of printing so tiny to fit their space. And end users must keep a few magnifying glasses around the house in order to read them. This also applies to all federal buildings and highways. HOW DUMB is THAT?

  29. John Smith — About as dumb as it is possible to be. JT’s old man did more harm to this country than one can possibly imagine. Couple all you said with the “metrification” of the country including road signs, weights and measures and you have an economic burden that is sufficient to bankrupt most countries. Also, it includes built-in anglo discrimination as now anyone wanting a federal job had better be able to speak french! PET was the single worst thing that has ever happened to Canada!

  30. Howard, our fellow Canadians Jim,John and Len sound the same as myself. I too thought PET was the worst thing to ever happen to Canada. His Constitution and Human rights bill are an abomination. Bill 101 is asinine , this results in us having inept people in government . Trudeau is as corrupt as they come. All this travelling rather than attending parliament and doing what is expected of him. He has long term goals all to do with accumulating cash for his future. He is not rich but wants to be.

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