Applying For Political Asylum


LET ME START-OFF WITH THIS . . . Canada’s Prime Minister, I guess he’s mine too, since I am a Canadian, even though I worked AGAINST Trudeau to keep him from the PMO (Prime Minister’s Office), but whether I like it or not, this piece of Political and Social CRAP is my Prime Minister, because that’s the way it is.

SO WITH GREAT HUMILITY & EMBARRASSMENT . . . I feel compelled to APOLOGIZE to the WORLD for the IDIOCY that comes from the Mouth of “my” Prime Minister, who thinks that a CREATURE like Fidel Castro was anything other than a MURDERING TYRANT.

Justin Trudeau (Canada’s Current Prime Minister) is the son of Pierre Elliott Trudeau . . . Canada’s Socialist Prime Minister from the very late 1960’s through the early 1980’s, with an Interim Political Loss, who HATED the USA, HATED Israel, HATED Conservatism, and HATED Capitalism, even though he was born with a Silver Spoon, and never had a REAL Job outside of Academia and Government.

MORE THAN THAT . . . Pierre Elliott Trudeau had no Problem with the Nazis during World War II, as he rode his Motorcycle on the Back Roads of Quebec, wearing Nazi Regalia, while men like my Father and Uncles were Fighting, Suffering, and Bleeding in Combat on their way across Europe to Liberate the People from the MONSTERS Trudeau Supported.

BUT . . . If Trudeau didn’t support Canada’s War Effort during the 1940’s, and really didn’t like the USA and Israel during his Tenure as Prime Minister – WHO DID HE LIKE?

Pierre Elliott Trudeau LOVED the Arabs. He LOVED South American Dictators. And he LOVED Fidel Castro, even more perhaps than all of them. AND IT SEEMS, SO DOES HIS SON.

It’s remarkable how Men like Justin Trudeau, who has NEVER DONE A THING to Create Wealth or a Real Job with his own Money . . . who has NEVER really held a Job, other than as a part time Drama Teacher, but . . . SOMEHOW KNOWS ALL THAT THERE IS TO KNOW ABOUT RUNNING A NATION. Are we Canadians a STUPID Nation or what to have elected this DUFUS?


BUT WHAT IS MORE INCREDULOUS TO ME . . . is how a Prime Minister with such Negative Qualities as Justin Trudeau, who has TRIPLED Canada’s Deficit in about one year, by amongst other things, giving away BILLIONS of Dollars to other Countries and Foreigners, mostly Bad Actors, while Canada Wallows in Debt, with no shortage of Canadian People who are struggling just to get by, can find such wonderful things to say about a COMMUNIST MONSTER, in the name of Fidel Castro.


1 – Castro WON Power through Revolution Promising FREEDOM & EQUALITY.

2 – Castro NEVER Held an Election.

3 – Castro made it ILLEGAL to have a FREE Press.

4 – Castro made it ILLEGAL for Cubans to Listen, Read or Watch a FREE Media.

6 – Castro made it ILLEGAL for Cubans to own and operate an Independent Business.

7 – Castro made it ILLEGAL for Cubans to hold Foreign Currency.

8 – Castro CONTROLLED 100% of Cuba’s Education, Teaching Communist Doctrine over Real Learning.

9 – Castro made it ILLEGAL to be in Opposition to his Leadership, or to even be critical.

10 – Castro MURDERED or IMPRISONED anyone who dissented against his Governance.

11 – Castro Sent Troops THROUGHOUT Central, South America, & Africa to Foment Revolution.

12 – Castro came close to TRIGGERING a Nuclear War in October 1962.

13 – Castro FROZE TIME & PROGRESS for his Nation and People from the 60’s to Date.


Mussolini made the Trains Run On Time. Hitler Restored German Pride before making Germany the SCOURGE of Humanity. Stalin made all Russians and Soviet Satellite Countries Equally Despondent. According to different Historians, Mao Zedong Murdered as many as 78-MILLION People to win his Revolution. Pol Pot Murdered as many as Two Million of his own Cambodian people, for being Educated and Wearing Glasses, in his Dream and Ruthless push for his Classless Peasant Society.

I can go on and on . . . But you get the point, since I have no problem grouping Fidel Castro in with this Bunch of Despicables.

I will apologize for Justin Trudeau, since he is “my” Prime Minister, whether I like it or not. But I draw the line at TAKING ANY BLAME for the INSANE and RIDICULOUS things he says or does, since I voted against him. And did what I could to keep him from getting elected.

BUT CANADA HAS BECOME SUCH A LEFTIST COUNTRY . . . Educated by LEFTIST Teachers, to the point that the ROT is so DEEP . . . that I bring your Attention to the TITLE OF THIS EDITORIAL . . .

Anne and I CANNOT move fulltime to the USA, because we are NOT ILLEGALS looking to Jump the Line. We CANNOT move fulltime to the USA, because we are NOT Moslem Refugees with Zero Personal History, which Homeland Security CAN Verify. We CANNOT move fulltime to the USA, because we are NOT FREELOADERS looking for FREE Healthcare, FREE Food stamps, FREE Housing, FREE Cell Phones and whatever other FREE Stuff we could get our hands on . . .

And as much as we wouldn’t ask for anything from America, other than a Green Card for each of us, it seems that the ONLY way we could get a Green Card for Anne and Myself, is to open a Business and Employ People in America. But we are in our MID-60’s, and the last thing we want to do is to start-up another Business, so it seems that we’re out of Options.


I’m kind of thinking, that with Trump soon to be the President of the United States of America, who is all about REAL FREEDOM, and supporting the Countries and People who Support America, who aren’t part of the Something-For-Nothing Bunch, how about if Anne, Stryker, April The Cat and I make an APPEAL FOR POLITICAL ASYLUM IN AMERICA, because my Canadian Government Supports DESPOTS & SOCIALISM.

What do you think . . . Do we have a shot?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Well Howard, we were told years ago in while in Canada to “Watch out for the odd rock” as we advised you a week ago …here YOU are 55 years later finding it… in the USA…perhaps “A bad day at the black rock”! Best Regards & GOOD LUCK Bud Farrell

  2. Go for it!! What’s the worst that can happen? They say no, and you try something else. You’re no worse off than if you haven’t asked and you give yourself a 50-50 shot.

  3. Nope! You need to be wearing burqus or turbans and/or your name needs to end with the letter “z”.

  4. You, Anne, Stryker, April, and your self-defense equipment are welcome to come shelter in the Birman sanctuary house for illegal immigrant Jewish rednecks. We have plenty of supplies to feed all of you.

  5. The worst that can happen is to be turned down.
    I for one would welcome y’all with open arms if it works.

  6. Great idea Howard!!!! Let me be one of the first to welcome you to American citizenship!

  7. Howard, I sympathize with your abhorrence of Trudeau. The reason is that there is a strong parallel here in the U.S. where we put up with dumb-ass Barack Obama for 8 years. I’d not want to seek asylum anywhere else, as I believe that despite our horrible “leadership” recently, the U.S. is still the greatest country in the world. Now we have to rebuild it and undo the horrible damage Obama has done. Trump’s just the guy to do it! Hillary and her “recount” be damned. She’s a miserable sore loser!

  8. I do hope you and yours do NOT move to the US, Howard! There are MANY of us Canadians who are NOT AT ALL pleased with the dufus who is our present Prime Minister …. but we can’t all afford to move to the US! We’re stuck here.

  9. I can’t believe some of the comments, especially the gracious ones , that are being spoken about that Dictator Fidel Castro.
    Unbelievable! all the harm and despair he has caused to his people over the years. Disgusting!! They should move there!

    Janet Clement
    Ocala, Florida

  10. That’s what many are saying who come across our southern border from all over the world. You could say you are receiving threatening phone calls and your blog is in jeopardy for lack of free speech. What do you have to lose? GO FOR IT, HOWARD! Those of us on your blog will be the first to welcome you and the familia aboard. 🙂


  12. Howard, if you were to leave Canada because of the PM you have, you’d just be grouping yourself with those here in the U.S. who threatened to leave because of Trump. I understand your disgust with the PM up there, and you’d be welcome here in the U.S., but I suggest you stay in Canada and fight against all that Trudeau stands for, as you’ve done all along.

  13. Howard: You can use me for a reference if that would help. You;re more of an American than most of the people I hear, and read about every day ! Best of luck.
    Bill Verrastro, Plainville, CT. USA

  14. Your comments mirror mine to a ‘t’. Justin Trudeau is an embarrassment to anyone with even a scintilla of common sense. The Canadians that elected Trudeau are of the same ilk of left-wing airheads and crybabies that are mindlessly protesting against Donald Trump as we speak. Time to have our Canadian swamp drained too. Hey…how about some blue ball caps that say ‘Make Canada Great Again’ with ‘In all Thy Sons Command’ embroidered on the back!

  15. Howard, Baby Doc Trudeau dropped out of 2 universities, born with a gold spoon, trust fund and numbered investment corp baby, was a bouncer, canoe instructor, hitch hiked through 24 nations, knows most dictators of the world, and uh can’t string uh a sentence uh together without uh saying “uh” repeatedly. He was elected by the media and 39% of voters, is a puppet run by environazi Gerry Butts and arabist brother Sasha. Dream: seat at UN Security Council & will give away $B to get it. Prince Dumb

  16. again, well spoken Howard Galganov. We would love to have you Anne and Stryker as citizens of the USA.

  17. When I moved to Canada from the states 8 years ago we had just elected a leftist president and Canada still had a conservative PM. I’ve enjoyed my 8 years in Canada. But since Trudeau was elected as PM and Trump has been elected in the states I sort of want to return to the states. That’s out of the question due to my Canadian husband wishing to remain here. Trump’s election has made me proud to be an American again. I hope someday Trudeau is removed from office and a Conservative PM is elected.

  18. Come! I welcome patriots for freedom and voices to help return America to a representative Constitutional Republic . To hell with the democracy push by the Soros communists and the popular vote movement. Americans must wake up and recognize democracy is 2 wolves and a lamb asking for what is for dinner. I want immigrants like Howard and Anne to bring moral character to America. Castro was a murderous dictator and realize we have innocent political prisoners of our own to free ie. Schaefer Cox.

  19. Howard is right….many new and young Canadians have been endoctrinated into a deep socialist thought process through a corrupt educational system, aided and abetted by a highly paid, despotic union leadership with tentacles reaching across the nation. Consequently many of our youth and young educated professionals prefer a socialistic direction in all aspects of their life. We are hopeful that common sense will prevail, if not refugee status in America may be our only option.

  20. Trudeau is in “good” company in his love of Castro as the Pope thought Castro was a fine fellow and is saying a mass for the repose of his atheist soul. Also the Pope last year said a mass in Cuba with Raul Castro in attendance and is encouraging the U.S. to open our borders to any and all, but of course the Vatican is off limits…

  21. GO FOR IT, Howard…you’ve got nothing to lose by making this ‘appeal’! Come and help us “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” Canada is ‘heading’ for what the U.S. has undergone during the past 7+ years—a real disaster. Now’s the time to “make your move”! AMEN!

  22. Howard as usual, RIGHT ON. You and Anne are welcome at our home ANY TIME!!!!!


  23. With Trump moving things in America to normalcy and opening doors for good people to come in again, you all should be most welcome to come to America before long, Mr. G. We should greet you with open arms!

  24. I agree with Teri Newman, you will never know unless you try. Your best bet will be with Trump as prez. The decision is made by DHS these days. You fit some of the criteria based on “Protected grounds include race, nationality, religion, political opinion and membership of a particular social group.” So go for it while here, well before time to go back to Canada – Feb on.

  25. Go for it, only if we in Canada can continue to be part of your blog and hear positive freedom related news and opinions instead of the glorifying most of our liberal media does of our philanthropic bureaucrat PM here in Canada. Hoping for an awakening of the Canadian people.

  26. I agree with so many here. I used to actually think about moving to Canada when Stephen Harper was the PM. But, I endured 8 agonizing years of BHO to finally be rewarded by this last election! Everyone who knows me knows how opposed I am to liberal democrats. And, 8 years taught me well how to argue against them. As welcome as you would be here, I think maintaining yourself as a voice against Trudeau would be good for Canada. Now, if he comes after your free speech, that’s a different story!

  27. May I join you in your quest for political asylum in the United Sates? We have every right to appeal, since we are members of an oppressed minority. Maybe we could use food stamps to pay for our health insurance.

  28. Howard come on down to the Sunshine state ( FL ) we need your family. I’m still waiting to see how many Hollywood persons who talked about moving to Canada but are STILL HERE !!!!!! Wonderful history lesson about Canada most Americans don’t know much about what goes on up there.

  29. You, Anne, and Stryker are certainly most welcome! You can come visit us here in Austin, Texas, anytime.

  30. Well HG good luck and may you pave the way for the rest of us Canadians . Near as I can tell you do not qualify for Political Asylum however as your ass is white , the primary disqualifier for most requests of any sort,to any government in N America .

  31. The Kansas frontier would welcome you and your family. Plenty of land for all your pets, great beer, and a place to plan how you could defeat the idiot in the PMO by running against him in the next election. When you run and win, you could then move legally and claim diplomatic immunity. Might just work!

  32. your commenters here know what the heck they speak of Howard. I’d just like to add that one of the best was from Joel Goldman of Toronto. Big thumbs up from here Joel And the others!

  33. Howard,
    You may want to wait and make sure this Soros-smelling recount crap doesn’t grow legs. But if it amounts to a lot of hot air, then welcome to the warm embrace of your similar species. Best wishes always.


  34. I was in Cuba the summer of 1959. One night I watched Fidel pitch an inning or so for the minor league 3A baseball team on TV. He was pretty good, too bad he couldn’t make is a few years earlier when he was in the minor league trying out for the Orioles. What a different world it would be.

  35. Howard, you and family are welcome to hide out here in my home in Canyon Lake, Texas. I have plenty of room.

  36. I am convinced that the USA citizens will welcome you all. Yet I am not sure that the WW of the E and her Hussein are done yet. As Castro did hold on in power to destroy Cuba, so I suspect the vile duo above will try to complete in the USA.
    Canada will survive the Baby Doc of turn. Canadians have been tough all of their live and one specimen like the VD in question will not crumple that. Success in all you do….

  37. I would be happy if you would become a US citizen.
    Your instincts are amazing. We need more like you.
    Go for it.

  38. Howard you have done a complete turn around on Trump after knocking him for his selection of his
    appointments to offices of the United States. Trump has nothing to do with immigration only with those coming from country’s with muslim having iss,or factions that want to kill Americans. Apply to U.S immigration for permanent residence
    i see no reason that you will be denied.Good luck and hope you will become a citizen.

  39. I would welcome you my brother, along with your wife and family (I consider your dog and cat “family”) and would be proud to stand before any court in the land to vouch for all of you. If I had the money, I would gladly spend it on secure your citizenship here in the USA. I pray God makes your wish come true. God Bless.

  40. Wow…. Sounds just like the US. I pray Canada gets a Donald Trump whenever your next election is!

  41. I am sitting in a coffee place in Atlanta, GA and listening two girls laughing about Trudeau’s view of Castro. I did not tell them that I am from Canada. I am shamed of our PM.
    I am shamed not only because of Castro, but also his view on immigration, economy, his way of trowing money all over everywhere in the world for no reason.
    I am a shamed for his uneducated behavior and daily stupidity.

  42. Maybe an exchange of the Hollywood and the likes of idiots move to Canada, to you and the likes move to the USA. When eventually Canada crashes under socialism and idiocism, the Hollywood and the crowd can move to Europe. Then you and the likes can move back to Canada. Maybe Trump can do a deal for Canada to become the 51st sate.

  43. Now that we have Trump Howard, you, Anne and Stryker are welcome to help us put this country back on track. Hopefully, it will trickle north and Canada will again become a right wing, Godly, and moral country again. The entire world is starting a Trump revolution. The main one to defeat is George Soros and his Hungarian Foundation worth billions. I will smile at his obituary, just like I did at Fidel’s.

  44. Canadians (eastern Canadians) elected this pretty boy, because the Marxist press and state sponsored CBC (Communist Broadcasting Network) worked overtime to paint PM Harper with everything negative they could print and broadcast. He will go down in history as one of the best PMs of all time. Trudeau Sr was an avowed Marxist/socialist/communist who did everything in his power to destroy Western Canada. Sonny is no different, only not as smooth as Daddy. Please God give us a Trump clone for Ca

  45. Howard, Anne, Stryker & April the cat–I don’t have any political pull, but if you need a petition started, I will be the first to sign it!! Believe me, the USA needs you more than you know. Or, maybe you DO know. You are already more of a “TRUE AMERICAN” than a whole bunch of those who live here who Claim to be. You are welcome here.

  46. I will stand as a SPONSOR for you, Anne, Stryker and April. Not a problem. Trudeau and Obama are birds of a feather. The Pope said Trump was the WRONG man for POTUS but he supports Castro…..maybe we need a NEW POPE…(just saying). The Vatican needs to keep its nose out of POLITICS. It has been way too involved for hundreds of years.

  47. Howard,

    Whatever it takes money owning a business in your names I for one would feel it an honor to do whatever I can as an
    Individual. I closed my business last year but still have it registered to the secretary of the state of Texas so I will ask my
    Attorney if there is a legal way to pass the corporation over to you and Ann. The company is debt free and I have transferred the cash assets to me personally and paid the taxes due on the amount. This may be a long shot but I am willing to tr

  48. I think you folks have a good shot. In fact I’m considerably worried about Canada under the permanent adolescent Justin Trudeau. A great many free-loaders and would-be terrorists already in America will probably start feeling less than secure there during the Trump administration. What’s the chances that the dork Justin will invite them all to Canada with open arms, classifying them as refugees from the oppressive Trump government? I may move to the US as a refugee from Justin.

  49. I’ll sponsor the Galganov family to live in America. The problem of getting out from under Trudeau isn’t the gist of the problem. The real problem exist with the people who voted him in office. THAT’S who I’d be wanting to get away from. We can call them Super Idiots. And of course you know this, half of America consist of Super Stupid Idiots. Maybe America could do an exchange of our Super Idiots for right thinking Canadians. Canada would get our brain dead and we’d get Conservative Canadians !

  50. Howard we true citizens of the USA would welcome you, Anne, Stryker and April the cat with WIDE open arms!!! You have had junior “leading(?)” for awhile & you know it’s not good for Canada. We good & true citizens in the USA have had to PUT UP with our incompetent President for 8 years & I can’t tell you how many times I have yelled at my TV because of some stupid or communistic move he made with his Executive actions!!! Trump will not be a conservative President but he is so much better.

  51. Great blog Howard. I feel as you do, that we are belaboured with an inept PM plus a lot of stupid people chosen to be Cabinet Ministers. I cannot believe the Canadian public could be so stupid. His comments re Castro, totally inappropriate, he doesn’t speak for me. I think his goal is to be a world traveler on our dime, luxury all the way. Nice to see you have so many Americans ready to support you and Anne, but you are needed in Canada. Enjoy your time in the good old US of A.

  52. Sure you’ve got a shot Howard. But after January 20th. Right at the moment we’re stuck dealing with our own maggot who has never done a thing to create wealth or a real job for anybody with his own money and, like yours, ours has never really held a job other than community organizer, but somehow knows everything about everything. How about we wait until we’re rid of our current clown, then will give your idea a serious go.

  53. The answer to who voted for Trudeau is answered by who voted for Obama. The other night I saw on FOX an interesting segment on this very issue on college campuses. When American liberal students were asked why they voted for Obama or why they felt that he was a good president all that they could say was, “That he is COOL!” Why did he deserve the Nobel Peace Medal – COOL and on and on he is COOL. Now you know the rest of the story.

  54. Right on. These clowns get elected by a largely ignorant populace and then try to impress everyone with their “intelligence” and experience. Of course hard to get otherwise with elections being little more than a popularity contest. Even here in Belgium I’m getting all kinds of “barbs” from friends over pretty-boy’s comments. Have temporarily removed the Canadian flag off my cars back window. Don’t want folks to think I’m as stupid as this moron.

  55. Been with you now for 6 or 7 years and it is interesting to read the comments and see how the list of subscribers has grown since then. Getting familiar with a lot of the names and locations who regularly post here. Keep the list growing.

  56. I was in Havana on a golf trip in 1958, it was a mob controlled septic tank. It needed a Castro. Much of the blame for what he became is our Administrations fault. They should have tried to seriously work with him not fight him like the Bay of Pigs.
    Cuba had lots to offer at that time and we blew the chance to help and provide direction.

  57. Just come on down to Texas and set up shop Howard. When se achive our independence from the other 49 you will be the same as all the rest of us, A TEXAN and a founder to boot! Bill

  58. Go for it Howard, Anne & kitty cat. I hope & pray they say yes & you see how much you all would be Welcomed.
    As for Castor finally lol lol that is not nice of me to say but what the heck will say it again. FINALLY!!

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