CASTRO IS DEAD . . . But Communism in Cuba is still ALIVE – and the USEFUL IDIOTS like Kaepernick and Beyoncé, who are wealthy and FREE beyond measure, can mourn the Dead Communist Bastard all they want, which only goes to show how UTTERLY STUPID they are, and how much they DO NOT DESERVE to be Citizens of the Greatest And FREEST Country the Modern World has ever known.

WHAT IS SICKENING ABOUT THESE TYPES . . . like Kaepernick and Beyoncé, is that not only are they STUPID and IGNORANT, they are Role Models for Millions of young people who get to VOTE, who don’t have a CLUE as to what or whom they are actually voting for.

When I watch Jesse Waters of Fox News, and others like him do on the street interviews with Young People on Civics, Politics, and Social Issues . . . like Smoking Dope, I can do all that I can – not to weep.

The Parents of this Millennial Generation raised a Generation of ungrateful unpatriotic IDIOTS. But that being said, the Parents were IDIOTS TOO. And so probably were the Generation before them.

It seems to me . . . that it began with my Generation of Baby Boomers, who for the first time in the History of the Modern World, had Opportunities that made all of us Pseudo-Rich, whether we had the money or not, with Credit aplenty to Travel and get Government Financed Student Loans for far too many useless College Degrees, while many, if not most, lived off the Hard Work and Successes of their Parents.

It was slightly before 10:00 am Eastern Time Saturday Morning (November 26th), when I saw the LEFTIST former Congressmen Dennis Kucinich interviewed on FOX News, who effectively said that we should show Respect and Feelings for the loss of Castro to the people who LOVED him.

SO I HAVE TO ASK THIS LEFTIST WHO IS A FRIGGING IDIOT, if he would say the same for the Death of Hitler, since there were, and still are, no shortage of people who loved, admired, and supported Adolf Hitler too, many of whom I am certain were devastated and still are by his death or disappearance?

AND BEFORE ANYONE . . . thinks that we can’t compare Castro to Hitler – THINK AGAIN, because both men imprisoned and murdered their perceived enemies, and FORBADE the Free Exchange of Debate, Information, Education and Political Will through Honest Elections.

THEY AND THEIR KIND . . . are all Monsters, Regardless to their Degree of INHUMANITY, which seems to be a Blind Spot to the LEFT.


Please DON’T Confuse the NEED FOR ALL OF US to hold all of our Politicians ACCOUNTABLE, so as to avoid Buyers’ Remorse, since I would much rather ERR ON THE SIDE OF QUESTION AND CAUTION, than wake up to the knowledge that we fell from the Frying Pan into the Fire.

BESIDES . . . Every Politician MUST ALWAYS FEEL THE PRESSURE from the People, or we are no further than a Stone’s Throw Away from the life that is experienced in Cuba.

And if you think I’m WRONG, think about the likes of Beyoncé, Kaepernick, and a Politician like the LEFTIST JERK Kucinich, who generally thinks America is always WRONG, while they think the Rest of the World, including COMMUNISTS (Socialists), are always RIGHT.


LET ME DRAW YOUR ATTENTION . . . to the American Millionaire Communist Bernie Sanders, who NEVER made a real living outside of Politics. Who never created a Real Job that wasn’t Financed with Tax Dollars. And who never paid a Salary out of his own Pocket, who has an enormous following of people who have ZERO INKLING ABOUT WHAT COMMUNISM (SOCIALISM) REALLY IS, and the enormous pain and suffering Communism (Socialism) has caused Worldwide.


If you care to know why I am so critical of Donald Trump, and why I want to Hold His FEET TO THE FIRE NOW, it is because the World CANNOT AFFORD for Donald Trump to Screw-Up.

Because . . . If Trump Screws-Up, I assure you that at least half of America and MOST of the World who want to see him FAIL will pounce on him . . . AND IT WILL BE CURTAINS FOR ALL OF US.

The World Dodged The Bullet by Millimeters, which is an extremely Small Measurement, this Past November 8th, because Crooked Hillary could just as easily have won. And had that happened, we would have probably sent a FULL CONTINGENT of America’s Highest Placed Government Officials to the Funeral of Fidel Castro, which would have said everything . . . that would have needed to have been said, of the Direction America would have been Traveling.

WE ALL GOT REALLY LUCKY . . . But we can’t Build our Hopes and Dreams on Luck. And even now, as I write this and you read it, there are MASSIVE FORCES at work to DERAIL Donald Trump and the Bright Light of True Conservatism.

THE MEDIA IN PARTNERSHIP . . . with Billionaire SCUM like George Soros, will Do, Write, Say, and Broadcast anything they can to GIN-UP the Uniformed Idiots and the people who want Something-For-Nothing.

REMEMBER THIS . . . Had the Bernie Sanders’ Supporters come out to Vote for Crooked Hillary. And had the Jerks and Anarchists who were too LAZY to come out to vote, had actually come out . . . It would be Madam President-Elect – NOT PRESIDENT-ELECT TRUMP.

So . . . before you think we should all take a Deep Breath, and give Trump a Free Ride until he figures things out, just think about the Alternative, which was far closer than most people can imagine. And even now, the LEFT is doing all that it can to DISRUPT & DESTROY the Process that got Trump to the White House.


I am very HIGH on Trump’s First Three Picks. And I am EXTREMELY High on his Choice of KT McFarland.

But I’m pretty much disappointed with his choice of Nikki Haley as UN Ambassador, not because I think she can’t do the Job, or wouldn’t do it well . . . but because of what she did against the SOUTHERN CULTURE of South Carolina by burying the Stars & Bars in order to Curry Political Favor with the Madding Crowd.

I’m also really disappointed with Trump giving Haley this Gift, because she was very much against him from the beginning. But not so much against Trump when she needed his Money Multiple Times Before he got into the Game.

I also have some Reservations about Betsy DeVos, who Trump chose as his Secretary for Education, who is a Big Time Proponent of Common Core, but also really supports School Vouchers and the RIGHT for Parents to choose to which school, where to send their children. For this choice . . . I’ll hold my Judgment until we see where she will Steer Educational Funds and Grants.


Had Romney Won the White House in 2012, I am quite certain he would have been a Very Good President, although, I doubt very much if he would have made any attempt to have Drained The Swamp. BUT HE DIDN’T WIN.

BUT WHAT ROMNEY SAID AGAINST TRUMP IN 2016 . . . Is nothing short of UNCONSCIONABLE & INEXCUSABLE – And No Matter How Hard Romney might try to Walk it Back, Explain it, or Apologize for it . . . some things are just UNFORGIVEABLE.

AND FOR TRUMP to even Contemplate Picking Romney for Secretary of State, which to my mind is the Most Important and Most Public Cabinet Position, is BEYOND ME, especially since Trump has at his Fingertips at least THREE extremely Loyal and Competent People who would each make a TREMENDOUS CHOICE . . . in the names of Rudi Giuliani, John Bolton, and Newt Gingrich.

TO CHOOSE MITT ROMNEY OVER ANY OF THESE THREE . . . would be nothing less than a Slap in the Face against the Loyal Men who stuck with Trump Through Thick and Thin . . . opposed to all the Fair Weather Supporters.

AND MORE THAN THAT . . . If Trump picks Romney – Trump will seriously divide his Party, pitting those who were most Loyal to him when it counted, against him when he will once again need them most.


The time to Hold Trump’s Feet to the Fire is NOW! Not after it might be too late.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Ha ha ha! Howard, all you have to do is quit your job, run out of nickels to rub together, go on welfare, sneak across the border, lose all desire for self-betterment, shout down the “Oppressive, Imperialist System,” become a handout recipient (heck, maybe even commit some crimes) and you’ll be welcome there all 365 days a year. You might even find yourself a US citizen before long.

  2. Howard, I heartily agree that Romney would be the WORST possible choice of the few that Trump is considering for Secretary of State. My personal choice would be Newt Gingrich. Although he has some baggage, he is fiercely smart, logical, articulate, and a devoted student of American history. His “contract with America” while Speaker of the House was masterful in getting Republicans elected then. I think that Trump could ask for no better man to give him advice on foreign relations and more.

  3. Well, the Cubans are glad he’s gone; you would think this would impress our people, at least to some degree. That it doesn’t just adds to your words, Mr. G. The “dumbing down” of America has gone on for too long. Two generations have been afflicted by it. I wonder if we’re too late trying to reverse it. I hope not.

  4. RIGHT ON HOWARD. We too watch Watters and Fox and wonder who in the world raised these kids. Sad to think they are the next generation. Hope there are others out there with more sense. Anyway, hoping Trump does what he promised and the USA will again become the great country we remember. Keep up the good work and THANKS!!!

  5. You haven’t read Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s statement yet on the death of Fidel Castro!

    Warning, it might cause a heart attack, I almost had one!

  6. I would like to take this opportunity to unequivocally state to the entire world that I am truly sorry for the comments made by my prime Minister in regards to the death of Fidel Castro. They are truly sickening and come from a high school educated moronic imbecile. He has absolutely no understanding of the evils of communism nor does he care to. He has lived life in a protected bubble and as such his statement is an insult to all Canadians with at least half a brain in their head.

  7. Betsy DeVos in her own tweet said she is NOT a supporter of common core and she provided a reference. Romney as Sec of State would be an abomination. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen but then maybe it’s the Donald’s way of getting him out of the country!!

  8. With your resources, find out and report who is giving up to $5 million to the green party candidate to do recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. I suspect George Soros is behind it. But why?

  9. DeVos has fought Common Core tooth and nail. She likes national achievement standards, but says CC curriculum is crap and is a huge opponent of it because it’s false history and junk science and math. As for Nikki Haley, she deserves to be exiled to the UN hellhole of nonsense as it pulls her out of the 2020 election–and there’s no worse place to work than the UN with their cadres of liberal idiots, can you imagine? It’s brilliant. You couldn’t make me go there at gunpoint!!

  10. It was my understanding that Betsy DeVos was not a supporter of Common Core. After reading your article, I did some research on her and she unequivocally states she has never been a supporter of Common Core although she has been a part of some organizations that do support it. Willing to give her a chance at this point since she is very conservative on other issues.

  11. I agree with John Ross of Ancaster, Ontario. How dare Justin Trudeau speak on behalf of Canadians on the death of Castro. Just shows his stupidity AGAIN!

  12. Romney is, at best, a temporary fill if appointed to State. Why? Tough to push for power when your military needs a couple of years of rebuilding. Romney will be someone who will do nothing to up set the apple cart and then, within two years, be replaced by someone who can and will put into motion with a strong supporting military arm, what we need to do. You simply do not do everything over night especially when you need some missing parts. I may be wrong but…

  13. I agree with you 100% about Romney. It will drive a wedge in between party members and disillusion supporters. It will also send a signal to America’s enemies that Trump is not as tough as he appeared to be during the campaign. The lefties of course will weep in their soup over Castro’s death, especially Justin Turd-O whose dad was such good friends with the commie rat. Lefties are definitely afflicted with an incurable brain disorder. No hope for them.

  14. Your comments are right on with Castro and the thought of turdo praising him are sickening. But that is all you get with under-educated fop. With regard to Nikki Haley, I for one thought it was brilliant, it gets her out of the Governors mansion and puts the Lt. Governor in charge who has always been a Trump supporter. Betsy DeVos has never been a Common Core supporter though some organizations have been that she has been a part of.

  15. KUDOS!!!
    Fast forward 9 months,…that will be the final judgement point!
    I concur on Romney,and Newt is “losing brain cells”, Bolton impresses me as a “no nonsense dude”! That’s what we really need to complement Donald.
    Florida is still nice!!

  16. The lovely Trudy issued a letter of sympathy to the world on Castro’s death which was an embarrassment to all of Canada and the USA. How much longer can we suffer these jerks?

  17. As usual, your comments are insightful and intelligent. Bolton or Guilani would be equally up to the task of Secretary of State. Keep Romney out of there…he is not only NOT worthy, I feel he is somewhat of a “cry baby.” We need to be sure Trump does the right steps in Cabinet building.

  18. Thousands, maybe millions, were astonished with Colin Kaepernick, even more astonished when the league, the team, or any big faced democrat, stepped up to a mic and voiced any words of admonishment. So the logical deduction? So this is the leftist, socialist, non-patriots, democrat idea of America? Many attached Kaepernick to Clinton, and Sanders. One stupid football player helped seal the deal for conservatives . Then daily the roaches crawl out in the daylight. Actually it’s a good thing.

  19. I tweeted President Trump asking him to not choose Romney as SOS, anyone can tweet him, and I think they probably look at what’s coming in. Castro — I lived in Miami for 22 years, ask any Cuban about Castro — and why they risked their lives to come to the US. You’ll hear about their confiscated property, guns, physical torture, killings, jailings with no trial and maimings at the hands of Castro. I saw many physically scarred – many died in the water, eaten by sharks escaping to the US.

  20. From the beginning I was a Trump fan. Many of us don’t have a clue why he even talks to Romney. I believe that Trump has, in his mind, a very logical reason for everything that he does. That is how he built on what he borrowed. He doesn’t surround himself with stupid, incompetent people. There is some unknown reason why he even talks with Romney that only he could explain. As I see/saw it, he saw his beloved country sinking to third world. He answered the call to reverse the direction

  21. I would say no to Rudi Giuliani, John Bolton, and Newt Gingrich. they are all old time politicans and say yes to Cruz for his knoledge of the Constitution.

  22. While I am disgusted with Mittens Romney, a failed (politically) rich brat cry baby, I have to agree with John Dalton’s assessment that Mr. Trump has a very logical reason for mentioning Romney as a finalist for SOS and possibly the nominee for that position. Mr. Trump is no fool and we are premature to second-guess his nominating process.

  23. Howard; of course then we had our drama teacher Justin praising Fidel as his father was in bed with him.
    We are in big trouble with this ass for sure.

  24. Howard, Turdo has only been a year in office and he’s already destroyed the reputation of the Canadian people.this faux pas is only the latest of many not the least of which was a couple of years ago when he publicly complimented the Communist Chinese government saying he had respect for the way they govern their people and in spite of that they laughed it off and elected the jerk any way. Most of my military career was served during the cold war and I can tell you I almost puked when he said it

  25. Re: ROMNEY–could it be that the President-Elect is “playing games with him”? Romney is receiving many NEGATIVE comments regarding the Secretary of State position and no doubt, doesn’t appreciate being portrayed as “NOT BEING FIT” for that position. Just can’t imagine how Trump could ever TRUST Romney, hence the “game-playing”! AMEN!

  26. From what I heard from our clown prince regarding Castros riddance, I take it as nothing more than a reflection of his Commie father. I guess like father like son fits for this duo. The clown princes photo op in Liberia is the epitome of his mental capacity. All show no go. Should be in kindergarten, not teaching it.

  27. A thought on why Trump picks Nikki Haley as UN rep…. Haley was/is not a Trump supporter, she is a RINO..,.. am very confused why he picked her….

    Trump doesn’t think much of the UN, so maybe this appointment is political strategy, removes a diversity button of the left, satisfies some of then never trumpets on the RINO side…….
    and also it was to elevate the Lt Gov McMasters to Governor…a big time Trump supporter…. this in effect would block Trey Gowdy and Tim Scott (Rubio supporters)

  28. Howard good blog! In regards to Trump’s selection for his Cabinet, technically we are being “back seat” coaches. We really don’t understand what Trump is thinking or what advice he has been given. This is a new gameplay for him & he will make mistakes. I honestly hope that Romney is NOT in the final mix!!! Canada’s PM sounds as idiotic as our President. How in God’s creation can anybody lament the death of that heinous dictator??? When my Hubby told me – I said, “GOOD!!!” It was how I felt.

  29. Living in s.florida with about 750,000 cubans I hope the hard core (mostly older men ) will go back I am tiered of there protest ,blocking roads claiming the Cost Guard for send back those they intercept at sea and mostly benefits that Americans can not get. Stop the wet foot dry foot policy ,these thousands that come to this country every year are illegals.
    Nothing will change with castro dead it will be a commie hell hole..

  30. While we roll in the smoke caused by Muslim arsonists burning major areas of Israel, we have another worry as well.
    What are the chances of the Husseinites and Clintonites stealing the election via destructive “recounts”?

  31. Trump has proved to me he is smart like a fox and the reason he has not made a choice for Secretary of state is he wants to hear all the feedback on the choices. I think we can count on him to make the right decision and that is not Romney, Maybe White House Dog Catcher would be more appropriate for Romney.
    I personally like Newt but Rudi would be appropriate as well.

  32. Romney would be a terrible choice. Cuba is still Communist. I agree with your choices for Secretary of State. The Mass Media is and will remain manipulative. Obama will make life HELL for all of us. And Stein teaming up with the Clinton’s for a recount is truly SLIME in the first degree. Praying Trump is only MENDING FENCES with Romney.

  33. Dear Howard, I have to totally agree with you about Nikki Haley and Mitt Romney. Neither would be a good choice in my opinion. Newt would be my first pick, then Rudi. I thought Betsy DeVos was against Common Core so if she isn’t, I wish he’d choose someone capable of completely dismantling it!!!!

  34. A Canadian friend visited Cuba about 4 years ago. When asked what it was like, he replied “dirt poor”.

  35. Agree with your assessments & those of most comments (Romney=cry baby), tho still have my own thoughts. Personally wish retired Judge Andrew Napolitano were a part of Trump’s cabinet or SCOTUS. The man is a walking Constitutional wizard and a true patriot. Really liked Cruz until the mess in Iowa when he failed to step up & take responsibility for wrong doing. BUT he is a force to be reckoned with. Am holding to Trump’s love of country being at least equal to self-interest to motivate decisions.

  36. He showed true character reaching out to Romney. He now should be removed from the Dance Card. The best one of the bunch should be Gingrich, I remember how he worked with the Dems and Bill C. to balance the budget. Highly intelligent and knows his way around the block. Bolton should have been the UN pick.

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