It Isn’t A Living Document . . . Any More Than Is The Bible Or The Magna Carta


Canada’s Constitution was created by a LEFTIST . . . One World Government Globalist Prime Minister . . . Pierre Elliott Trudeau, in 1981, which was ratified into Law in 1982, to be a SUGGESTION of RIGHTS, to be determined in the Courts, which to me, makes Canada’s Constitution a nearly WORTHLESS Collection of Words and Useless Ideals. WHICH IS WHAT AMERICA’S LEFT WOULD LIKE TO DO TO THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES.

The Canadian Constitution was NOT Drafted to Protect Individual Rights. But to the CONTRARY. Canada’s Constitution was Created to Protect the Rights of the Majority under the guise of the COMMON GOOD, which also included the RIGHT of the Government to RULE over the People, opposed to the People who should be RULING over the Government.


There is no shortage of Canadian Academics, who will passionately argue against what I just wrote; but they would also no less argue about HOW MANY ANGELS COULD DANCE ON THE HEAD OF A PIN. In general, they are useless as Teats On A Bull, who live their lives CLOISTERED in the Make-Believe World of Academia or Public Service, where they are shielded from the Truth and Consequences of the REAL WORLD.


There are THREE Publications which have changed the World for the BETTER, the Torah, which has led to Several Variations of the Christian Bible, since the Birth and Death of Christ, the Magna-Carta, which laid the Cornerstone for Freedom From Government, and the US Bill of Rights, which gives an Uncomplicated GUARANTEE through the Constitution of the United States of America, and all the Amendments thereof, to the Concept that Government . . . is created to Serve the People, opposed to the People Serving the Government.

The American People Start The Definition Of Their Country With These Incredible Few Words Which Defines EVERYTHING:

WE HOLD THESE TRUTHS TO BE SELF-EVIDENT, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

IN CANADA THE EQUIVALENCE IS . . . Law, Order & Good Government. Now how sick is that, when one compares the LIVING CODE of the American People, to this Canadian DICTATE, which Favors the Establishment over the Will and Individual Freedom of the People?


BY 1984, The Canadian People were so upset over the Direction of Canada’s FLIPPANT ACADEMIC Marxist/Leninist Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, who detested the USA, Israel and Conservatism, that we elected a Brash Corporate MILLIONAIRE with an incredible “GIFT OF THE GAB”, to win the Single Largest Percentage of Federal Votes in Canadian History.

PRIME MINISTER BRAIN MULRONEY PROMISED US . . . the Stars, the Sun and the Moon. He promised us a RETURN to Canadian Values, a Warm and Renewed Friendship with the United States of America. And a different and very Positive Position on Israel.

ON THE USA AND ISRAEL – MULRONEY DELIVERED . . . On everything else, he ran Canada as if he was running a Corporation, almost as if his Election gave him some Imperial Privilege, appointing High Profile Quebec Nationalists (Separatists) and others to his Cabinet, who were there not as much for the People, than as much for himself. BUT WE GAVE HIM THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT, because we wanted to believe.

I’m not going to delve into the Many Horrors and the Arrogance of Mulroney’s Tenure as Prime Minister, other than to say, by the time he came up for his 3rd Term, he resigned as Prime Minister Months before the Vote, because he knew how much the Canadian People DISDAINED him, only to have Canada’s Conservative Party under a replacement for Mulroney, SUFFER THE GREATEST LOSS IN FEDERAL CANADIAN ELECTORAL HISTORY.

BECAUSE WE DESPERATELY . . . wanted Mulroney to undo the grievous decisions of the Trudeau Years, we gave Mulroney a FREE RIDE right from the beginning, and in a different way from Trudeau, Mulroney did as much damage to the Fabric of Canada . . . as Trudeau did from the other side.


BRAIN MULRONEY MADE MANY PROMISES . . . and then did whatever the hell he wanted to do, basically saying SCREW THE PEOPLE, for which the people not only paid for it from 1984 to 1993 . . . but between Trudeau and Mulroney . . . WE CANADIANS ARE STILL PAYING THE PRICE.

SO PLEASE . . . DON’T LECTURE me about giving Trump time to get organized. And don’t REPRIMAND me for wanting to HOLD TRUMP’S FEET TO THE FIRE, since not only have I seen it all before, I’ve lived it before!


BRAIN MULRONEY . . . WON HUGE IN 1984 (203 Seats), because he said EVERYTHING the people wanted to Hear. He won again in 1988 (169 Seats), because he ran against a WEAK Opponent, but didn’t win nearly as big, and with almost no enthusiasm

But by 1998 . . . after 7-Years of BS – The Sheen Had Worn Off.

Does this sound kind of familiar?


For all the people who are criticizing me for writing that Trump MUST LIVE UP TO HIS PROMISES, and that Trump has to stop the Cat & Mouse Routine in terms of picking his Cabinet, specifically his Secretary of State, and stop making it look like an episode of the Apprentice . . . WAKE UP AND REALIZE . . . that Trump is not an Emperor nor a Member of Royalty, BUT RATHER . . . he is your ELECTED Servant who answers to you . . . NOT IN 30-DAYS . . . NOT AFTER HIS FIRST 100-DAYS . . . BUT NOW! Right Now from the GET-GO, before America has Buyer’s Remorse.

ALSO . . . For the People who have cautioned me “TO CHILL”, what would they prefer I do? . . . Would they prefer that I keep my Mouth Shut and simply wait for things to turn out the way they will, and hope for the best? ‘CAUSE THAT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

Our Countries are MIRED in Trouble because we always keep our Mouths Shut, and place our TRUST in the Process and in what the POLITICIANS Promise . . . so let me say TWO THINGS THAT MIGHT OR MIGHT NOT SHOCK YOU:

1 – In spite of the Hype . . . Trump is a Politician.

2 – All Politicians LIE!

And if you’re offended by the way I write, and the things I “say”, and the FACT that I don’t TRUST any of them, and will do everything I can to keep all of their FEET TO THE FIRE, Including Trump, than perhaps it’s time to start reading some other BLOG, because Politically Correct, Trusting, and Silent is NOT who I am.


1 – Former Canadian Prime Minister Brain Mulroney Hates Trump, because Trump has sworn to dismantle NAFTA, which was Mulroney’s Crowning Achievement. But that said . . . Mulroney also doesn’t believe that Trump will actually do it.

And I tend to Agree with Mulroney.

2- After the 1995 Quebec Referendum to SEPARATE Quebec From Canada, mostly because of Mulroney’s FECKLESS Government Policies, Mulroney was so panicked, that one of his CLOSEST Advisories and Personal Friends reached out to me to create the situation for one Member of the US Congress to have special Meetings with me in Washington DC, to publicly declare that if Quebec leaves Canada . . . all US/Canadian Treaties will be opened for reconsideration.

HOWEVER . . . What I also learned from that first meeting, which I had with Congressman Tom Campbell, but rather from a HIGHLY Placed member of the Quebec Government, which proved to be true, which was unknown to all Canadians, except for those in the Innermost Mulroney Circle, was that NAFTA wasn’t just a Signed Agreement between the USA, Canada and Mexico . . . but was actually a Signed and Negotiated Agreement between the USA, Canada, Mexico, AND QUEBEC. So the threat to REVISIT Treaties was empty.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov.

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  1. Howard,
    You just don’t know how to play the game. It’s easy:
    1. Take a trip to Tijuana
    2. Select a good Latio-Hebrew name such as Josestein
    3. One dark night just walk north until you are in the US
    4. Turn yourself into the border patrol
    You and your family will get the royal treatment – free food, housing, medical care – and
    you’ll even get to vote in US elections.

  2. We do not know what we do not know until we know it.What Trump states he will do versus what he will do is unknown. At present,reading the tea leaves,one could be concerned with Trump. Only time will make it known.Miracles do happen every day.Let us continue to pray for truth and honesty.If a politician is honest and truthful then that is truly a miracle.May God start with each one of us and cause a miracle to occur in our own hearts and minds. We should demand the same of our political leaders.

  3. You’re right, Howard. The Canada Constitution is a piece of gobbleygook: 147 “sections”, and 6 “schedules, but nowhere
    does it enunciate the overall objective for Canadians. (“Peace, order and good government” doesn’t cut it.) It’s a field day for the “snake-oil salesmen”. So we have 19 federal political parties, none of whom enunciate it, but argue how they will achieve “it”. If we weren’t rich with natural resources and situated next to “Uncle Sam”, we’d be toast.

  4. I also want to see if DT’s feet are made of sand.Yes keep on challenging.If we had challenged Bush on Iraq rather then accepting on weapons of mass destruction we would probably not be in in the situation we are in today. i was mesmerized by Colin Powell’s presentation at the U.N.I accepted LBJ on Tomkin Bay .You are correct in that politicians do lie to us.As of now there are questions on how DT and the republicas plans for Obamacare will be handled. CHALLEGE!!!
    Bill Buckingham Houston,TX.

  5. I agree Howard that Trump has to earn my (our) trust. But we also have to give him a chance to do it! i personally have no way to hold his feet to the fire that is why I tell or send a link to everyone I know about this blog I read. Maybe together we can make a difference!

  6. One of the original intentions of the 1867 Canadian Constitution WAS to protect what was to become provincial minorities (there were no provinces before 1867) and there are numerous provisions that gives Ottawa a veto power over provinces that use the tyranny of their majorities against their minorities. Sadly, these powers have not been used even once since 1867 to protect these minorities. And the hapless 1982 Charter of Rights, as Howard indicates, does not come close to doing the job.

  7. Truer words were never spoken. Politicians are like roaches they will always be with us. Billie

  8. I voted for Mr. Trump. In doing so, I voted against Mrs. Clinton. In my view, an unknown Mr. Trump is far, far better than a known Mrs. Clinton. She would have completed the destruction of the U.S.A started by Barack Hussein Obama. How? In her appointment of a Supreme Court justice. With Mr. Trump, we at least have a chance.

  9. I’d sooner trust a snake than elected officials and those career bureaucrats. Snakes act like snakes, which makes them somewhat predictable. When confront human beings as I am one it’s a crapshoot during Q &A time. Everyone’s had a hand in the cookie jar, then claimed they did not.

  10. The late Justice Scalia gave a speech on the American Constitution, “Words Have Meaning”. It is on line and worth reading.

  11. I have served in two different military services and swear to protect the united states against enemies with in and out side
    the country,and protect the constitution.. There is also to accept the president as commander in chief of the military.I refused to accept obama as C.I.C as he disregarded the constitution. Until Trump does not follow the
    constitution he is my president and will support him.

  12. I understand you worries about Trump but we have to understand that until January 20 2017 the only power he has is to form his government. So far he is ahead of his predecessors. His choices are good and confirms his campaign. After his inauguration it will be the right time to start criticizing for his actions. Lets wait for his government that I believe should be great. I am worried if about Romney, he shouldn’t touch him with a ten foot pole. As for Canada, why all the wrecking socialists?

  13. We all know he lied. He said what he had to say and do to beat HRC. If he doesn’t keep all his promises,(which I hope he fights to do) I have to believe he’s better than HRC would have been-for the US and the World. Yes-by all means “hold his feet to the fire.” We don’t dare let him think he’s coasting along. He’s got 4 years of hard work ahead of him to undo what Obama has done and not done to/for the US. I don’t want him to give away his plan of attack while BHO still sets in the Oval Office.

  14. You have it right talking as you do about PET. If I can be allowed, my judgement of Canadian PMs starting with the worst. Trudeau Sr. and Chretien are in a tie. with Mulroney coming third. Mulroney is to get moved to fourth as the drama queen we have now, I am sure with become #1 when we finally boot his “selfie”, sorry little ass out of office. His latest photo ops out of Africa are pure unadulterated bull dung. But he has nice hair. BS. Note all of the bad ones are from Quebec. Nice

  15. The only question about a politician is “Will he stay bought?” We’ll see in the near future.

  16. Thanks for the platform Howard – and I’d just like to say a REALLY BIG AMEN to what William Laux a commenter here from Fairfax, Va. said about our recent U.S. election. At least with Witch Hillary now out of the picture – we do have a fighting chance for restorations to what’s left of the tattered remains of our republic. this said, we also know that our U.S. leftists – ever scheming, will fight tooth and nail against all conservative measure to heal the Marxist Obama works 8 yrs in the making!

  17. Trudeau ruined our country . We were better off with the British North America Act. Now the courts tell us what to do and we are slaves off the government. It tells us what rights we have . We have no property rights at all in Canada. No politician whats to change that. Canadians are clueless. Time to wake up if it’s not already to late!!

  18. Having served my country during the tenures of Eisenhower, JFK, LBJ, Nixon, Carter, Reagan, and Bush Sr I can say from the viewpoint of the common soldier that only Reagan and Bush, Sr truly appreciated the military. The others said they did, but acted otherwise. I have long been of the opinion that no-one should serve an elected office unless they have been a member of one of the military forces. As Mac Arthur said, “Duty, Honor, Country. Politicians would do well to observe that.

  19. Howard, why is it the Charter of Rights only? How about some Responsibilities to go along with it? The Charter is the second worst thing to happen to Canada.

  20. Once again I will respectfully ask Howard Galganov and family to become American citizens. And I read between the lines when you write about going to Texas and living for a time. Secondly I wish everybody would go to You Tube and and listen to what George Carlin says about government. Another person with a gut feel about politicians is Gen. George Patton. “Politicians are the lowest form of life on earth. Liberal democrats are the lowest form of politician.” Make the move to America Howard !

  21. Howard I must disagree Trump is not a politician he is a business man and always has been. He has had to deal with politicians his whole business life and I think he holds them in disdain but knows the game well. I still say he has no motivation not do what he promised. Politicians are liars and business men are shrewd. Keep his feet to the fire but better hold on cause we’re going for a great ride on the Trump train.

  22. No, Howard, we need you here in Canada! You would make a MUCH BETTER PM than our present selfie-taking narcissist. A big-time spender gallivanting all over the world on Canada’s dime, doing nothing for Canadians! I can hardly wait to see the last of him! I hope I live that long!

  23. Howard, you are spot on in regards to Trump! We definitely need to keep Trump to his promises. We the People have that right to demand that those we elect to be beholden to the voters & the people they represent. Right now, US Senator David Perdue who is a businessman is doing well overall. He gets it about the spending. He likes to make have his videos put on YouTube & I saw one where he simply said on the floor of the US Senate – We Can’t Afford It!!! He is right & his voting record shows it.

  24. HG, I must admit, I was one of those who urged you to take a chill-pill until he’s in office…until today’s editorial. So, MY BAD. In my youth, I was ignorant of politics and my parents ORDERED me to vote Liberal, because “they’re the only Party that supports the Jews”. Due to reading your blog for at least a decade, I, as many of your brilliant readers did, predicted a Trump win. (Posted On: 11/7/2016 9:24:19 PM John Smith, Toronto) Knowledge is power. Thanks for the power!!!

  25. We elected Trump with hope he would keep his promises. Hold his feet to the fire? If we end up not liking what he does, all we can do is vote him out in four years. Howard, you know how much respect I have for you; it’s over the top! But I truly believe the only influence we have over Trump is through the ballot box. Meanwhile…… Let us pray. 🙂 So far he has sent Hillary to the land of disappointment where she belongs. That was a helluva start.

  26. Our system works if & only if, the majority of the people, electorate & elected ARE moral & ethical, have integrity, say what they mean/mean what they say; whose actions are consistent/consonant with their speech. However, it seems enough people in our country, USA, especially the elected, are NOT any or much of the above AND enough of WE the people seem to have abdicated our responsibility to, as you put it Mr. G, hold our elected officials feet to the fire. Agree w/Eddie R & Michael S.

  27. Howard
    You are so right. As in raising a child or a puppy. You do not wait years to begin discipline or accountability, you begin DAY ONE! Keep up the great work.

  28. It is a well-known fact that the 1982 Canadian Constitution was a badly constructed document that started Canada down the destructive road of Socialism. Every country that has followed the dictates of socialism has ended in economic disaster. Venezuela is the most recent example – that country had vast oil resources just like Canada. Without any restraint on extravagant social-service spending, that country is now totally bankrupt. Canada will be another example of the failure of socialism.

  29. I was asked what I really expected President Trump to do while in office. My answer was simple. If he does NOTHING at all for 4 years it will be light years better than what Hillary would have done to us! Hillary is dangerous and until she moves on to the next world she will remain so. I do think Trump will do some great things while in office. His ego won’t allow him to be a failure. We don’t have a filibuster majority in the Senate which means we’ll need help from some democrats.

  30. Howard, I have a personal policy when it comes to elections. I work hard to put the best candidate in and then as soon as he’s elected I work hard to take him out because non of them is good for a second term. There seems to be some sort of dread disease they seem to catch in office perhaps from the burocracy that never changes so there’s always more of the same old BS from people who feel entitled and above the law. Of all the worlds documents only the US Constitution uses the word FREEDOM.

  31. I came across a news article that states, “Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s chances of becoming the next secretary of state may have taken a turn for the worse, as Kellyanne Conway, senior adviser to President-elect Donald Trump, appeared to join the chorus of conservatives opposing the appointment.” The fact of the matter is that Trump had-not yet, made his decision. Keep him accountable but, when he does something right, praise him for doing it. And also, keep our eyes on CONGRESS.

  32. Trump is a businessman. That takes great knowledge for the “Art of the Deal”. This makes him look like a politician. He loves this country or he would not have taken on this MESS. He knows he has to negotiate and cannot have everything just the way he wants it. However, Howard, he will do the best he can for Americans and that is good enough for me after what we have gone thru for 30 years.

  33. Howard I am one of those who asked for your Support for Trump. Long before you chose to. I also asked that you wait till his hand was on the stern prior to your expectations of his ability to Captain the ship. Again I urge you, quit suggesting that Donald Trump is just another Politician. We American Citizens Chose Donald Trump. Not as a Politician but a successful man of Leadership . Which was by his own accord and gift of God. Not a Given leadership granted by the power of men. We look to God.

  34. “IF A POLITICIAN’S WORD MEANS NOTHING . . . THE POLITICIAN IS WORTH NOTHING:”–very well said, Howard.Thus far, Trump has done a pretty good job with his APPOINTMENTS.The only one in question NOW is whether he will appoint ROMNEY, which would be a GRAVE ERROR!Even his closest advisors are against this move!Trump is the President-Elect and should be given a chance to prove himself, and not be judged too quickly.It won’t take people too long to realize whether he’s on the RIGHT TRACK or not! AMEN!

  35. Many politicians make and then violate their oath to “preserve, protect and defend” the Constitution as soon as their right hands come down. Obama was one, as was Hillary. Millions of men and women who join the armed forces take almost the same oath, and with that oath, volunteer to give their LIVES for it if necessary. I was proud to be one of those. To me, there is no statute of limitations on that oath. That’s why I voted for Trump – to place strict constitutionists on our Supreme Court.

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