We Have Bigger Things To Worry About . . . THAN FALSE CONSPIRACIES



I really don’t want to read on my Comment Page, or get Emails about using Guns to Even-The-Score. We are much better than that. So I’m saddened when I read from good people who discuss how Black People could be shot in their cars, the way Police Officers have been Gunned-Down. But I am quite certain that is not what anyone meant.

TRUMP WILL NOT LOCK HER UP . . . I understand why, because he doesn’t want to create a distraction while building his government. And most PROBABLY, because Trump and his family are friends with the Clintons, which to me, says that he’s full of BULL, and never had any intentions of pursuing Crooked Hillary for her Lies and Crimes. It was all part of the ACT for him to get elected. And that’s too bad.

BUT WHAT’S NOT BAD AT ALL . . . is that Trump will probably do most of the important things he said he would do. SO WE’VE GOT TO STICK WITH THE PRESIDENT-ELECT!


I am still supportive of the other things Trump said he was going to do. But, as I wrote previously, even before Trump won the election . . . that I doubted he would make good on all of his many promises. Which to me, does not bode well, because as it currently stands, the people have pretty much ZERO confidence in their Politicians, and by giving Crooked Hillary a FREE PASS . . . it is not a good start.


Let Me Perfectly Clear . . . For years – I have been telling Readers of this BLOG, to stop with their Paranoid Conspiracy Theories about Federal Agencies HOARDING Bullets, preparing for a Government Inspired Civil War, because Federal Government Agencies Bought Bullets in the Billions.

I pointed out that even a smallish sized Police Force would go through HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Rounds of Ammunition, if not Millions, just Training. Heck, Anne and I go through as many as 10,000-Rounds per year at the shooting range.

Do the Math . . . and with a Force of just 200 Men and Women, training as much as Anne and I do, which by comparison isn’t all that much – to how much Professionals Train, it adds up to more than ONE MILLION ROUNDS. Now do some more Math, and think about the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Men and Women who serve in one of the Many Police Forces in America, which would include Local Police Forces, Sheriffs, State Police Forces, Federal Police Forces (Marshalls, FBI, ATF, Homeland Security) . . . not including Private Security Forces – ETC . . . and now you could be looking at HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of Rounds, with more likely, as many as being in the BILLIONS.

AND EVEN WITH THIS EXPLANATION . . . People still insist how the Government is about to go to War against the People. And that always bothered me, that people could be so susceptible to Internet BS.


LET’S GIVE IT A REST . . . and stop being so Paranoid. I have no idea how this started, but amongst the Internet Folk, the WEB created NEAR HYSTERIA about the CERTAINTY that Obama was going to Invoke Martial Law so he can stay in Power.

1 – He won’t.

2 – He can’t.

3 – And if he tried, his Sorry Ass would be Behind Bars as fast as you could say SEDITION.

And none of us should listen to this CRAP that Obama Controls the Military, the Police Forces and his Own Private Army. He doesn’t Control the Army or anyone else. YOU AS AMERICAN CITIZENS CONTROL THE ARMY . . . and the Government of the United States of America too.

AND REMEMBER THIS . . . The LAW Clearly States – that the Military can choose to DISOBEY any Order that Actually Contravenes American Values. This was made Especially CLEAR by DEMOCRATS, when Trump said he would ORDER the Military to Water-Board Prisoners, and or kill their Families, to which the LEFT said . . . “NO YOU CAN’T”.


THE EXCUSE GIVEN BY THE NAZIS . . . That we were just Following Orders, has been sent to the Junk File of History by all Democratic International Jurisdictions . . . And so should we.


And even if Obama would try to find an excuse to Declare Martial Law to USURP the Constitution by not Participating in the Lawful Transfer of Power, as was chosen by the People . . . An Excremental Storm Will Fall Upon Obama’s Head.


I am absolutely convinced . . . beyond any doubt, that Obama – the Ultimate Narcissist, will do all that he can to disrupt the Trump Presidency and cause as much dissension on the Streets of America as he possibly can.

Obama . . . the Ex-President, will use his voice WITH FULL MEDIA SUPPORT to cause RACE RIOTS. He will use the Unions to cause Major Disruptions in the Social Fabric. And he will GIN-UP the Students to take to the Streets . . . and Obama will do all that he can to Harm America in the Global Community.

AND WAIT FOR IT . . . Don’t take bets that Obama won’t take a run at becoming the Secretary General of the United Nations, where he can do as much damage to America and Conservatism as he possibly can.

Barack Hussein Obama is not yet done with America and the Rest of the World. And it is up to all of us to stand-up to the MEDIA LIES, and to make certain that Trump STAYS THE COURSE and stays as TRUE as possible to his many Promises.

If we’re not prepared to stand up for our OWN FREEDOMS . . . Who Should?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Chamberlain’s ‘lack of Parliamentary authority’/executive order-like actions, and your scary assemblage of other facts of history notwithstanding, this Hail Mary pass play of Boehner’s – I just don’t buy! Given this RINO’s catering to all things Obamademocrat, and his consistent treasonous actions against America and the Constitution, I’d put it down to him being very desperate – given the results of the Mid Terms, and the RINO’s not turfing him as House Speaker. Dan Mancuso, Chilanko Forks, BC

  2. Obama becoming Secretary General of The U.N. would sure put another very bad mark on that disorganization. I agreed with the U.N. forces in saving South Korea and fought for them then in 1952…now I’m like all of the Oklahoman Rural signs I saw so long ago saying “GET THE U.S. OUT OF THE U.N.!”…and NOW, KEEP OBAMA OUT OF THE U.N. AND the U.S.!
    Bud Farrell, B-29 Gunner 1952

  3. My goodness but you do take things at face value. Could it be that this is to prevent Obama from pardoning her beforehand and also it is the FBI and the DOJ that does the charging anyway. It would not be up to Trump, the FBI is already investigating the Clinton Foundation and we will see where that takes us. Trump already seems to play 4D chess where everyone else plays checkers.

  4. You know what would be even worse than finding a live snake in a commercial airliner during a flight? Obama as Secretary General of the UN and mama Obama in the White House at the same time. The very thought of this makes me want to vomit !!

  5. I think he WILL have his DOJ prosecute her, I think he’s trolling Obama to try and prevent him from pardoning her a la Ford and Nixon. Obama would look foolish if he pardons her now–like he KNOWS she’s guilty–and the optics are WAY bad on that. Trump’s special prosecutor is Jeff Sessions and the DOJ. I’ve got a date with an MRI tube….Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  6. I agree that they don’t want to charge her now because then Obama would see that she is pardoned. They are still investigating the Clinton Foundation and that will be just as rewarding I feel. They have definitely circumvented the law in many ways to the detriment of many.

  7. The muslim obama is a snake in the grass,and yes we have not heard the last of this SOB.For almost
    8 years he has lead us down the path of destroying this country. Have you heard obama say the protesters
    can protest but no vi lance,destroying property or attaching the police,of course not ,this shows you that he is a evil man.

  8. You do have a common-sense way of settling hysterics about “what Obama will do,” while he’s still in office, Howard. You have placed those fears into logical focus, although it sure looks like he’s not going anywhere after Trump’s inauguration, but arrogantly plans on “defending,” as he says, his ideals for America.

  9. Did I miss something? I was not aware Trump said he is not going to prosecute Hillary! Will not be any need to after she is pardoned anyway.

  10. We live in a paranoid world. All of us from the left to the right and even us patriots. It is extremely unfortunate that most cannot sift the BS from the TRUTH. The news media is no longer a purveyor of truth and shows its bias every day. President-elect Trump is going to have a hard time swimming against this current but, as the salmon makes it way upstream so too will he be successful. Loved that he gave my name imposter at CNN a good tongue lashing.

  11. Believe me, I’m not a Hillary fan…. but doesn’t she have to be convicted before she can be pardoned? Ain’t gonna happen in the two months BHO has left on office. Obama and Soros will continue to stir the pot for the left loonies, but Trump will get this country headed in the right direction despite their efforts. It’s just going to take time.

  12. Well said Harold! My first thought on your comment about spreading PooP on the internet, was your blog. But your info is not PooP AND is not on the internet. It does use the internet to send emails and where to find you.

    My bet is that Trump will get things going his (our) STUFF going faster than a lot of people think he can.

  13. Very good & level headed commentary, the very type we expect of you Howard. But the very day many of us might detect that our new U.S. president is Welching on champagne vows made to we who gave him our trust – is the day or moment – he becomes not much better than the utter & contemptible witch he defeated in this to long American political event all of us became very worn out & beyond weary of! As always, thanks very much Howard, owe you for your litany of continued fog cuttings on our behalf!

  14. You are right on Howard! Those of us who have valid carry permits, have to be very careful because at this point, the criminals seem to have more protection than the good people. Of course every one knows you don’t have them just so you can shoot someone. You better know what you have when you take on that responsibility.
    And NO, you can rest assured that Obama is not going to give up the fight. He is a pretty smooth operator!

  15. With all due respect (and that’s a lot), Howard, I do not think Obama will take a run at being Secretary General of the U.N. For one thing, he’s lazy. For another, he doesn’t need the money, and lastly, he’d rather be on the golf course or vacationing, as he has proved throughout both his terms of office. Add to that, I don’t think the world community likes him much. I’d like to see him festering in Kenya for the rest of his life, but perhaps that’s too much to hope for.

  16. Howard you are entirely correct, Obama will continue his destruction as directed when he is out of office. This was his mandate when he sold out to the “Syndicate” in 1989. Get ready for what is ahead with this individual.

  17. Howard, of course we should all give Trump a chance to see what he can do. What I am afraid of is what happens if Trump is disabled and dead before he takes the oath? His V.P cannot take over because he was not sworn in yet, so Obama can invoke special measures and take over 4 more years. Am I dreaming or what? Its possible.
    Steve Acre, Canada

  18. Trump doesn’t have to assign a special prosecutor: the FBI and NY State are already investigating the Clintons. Something is bound to stick. Obama tells his minions to keep protesting, stirring up the pot. Just more of his manipulation and tearing the US apart from inside. Clinton hasn’t say for anyone to stop. Keeping stoking the fires may lead to violence, and it will all be on Obama’s and Clinton’s backs.

  19. Well…… I sure was blown out of the water re Hillary! I’m hoping that DJT doesn’t want to tip his hand, will let his Justice Department handle it and hopefully get through a smooth transition. I truly don’t believe he would back down. I’m hoping it’s that he’s trying to keep the peace and keep Hillary from flying off to some other country. Only time will tell.
    Wishing you and Anne a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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